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Winged Defense: The Development and Possibilities of Modern Air Power-Economic and Military


Cambridge University Press, 2001, editors MacGregor Knox and Williamson Murray observe that revolutions in military affairs require the assembly of a complex mix of tactical, organizational, doctrinal, and technological innovations to implement a new conceptual approach to warfare or a specialized subbranch. William Mitchell's book Winged Defense, originally published in 1925, reads as a smartly articulated, remarkably detailed, passionate, and persuasive argument for the US government and military leadership to recognize airpower as a necessary revolution in military affairs with monumental economic application: "Those interested in the future of the country, not only from a national defense standpoint but from a civil, commercial and economic one as well, should study this matter carefully, because air power has not only come to stay but is, and will be, a dominating factor in the world's development" (p. 119).

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