New Realities in Corporate PR by ProQuest


Caution -- smoke filled rooms may be dangerous to your corporate health and wealth. So may even rooms that are entirely smoke-free, after the coming elections, if the rooms are occupied by legislators and aides deciding what government should do to make good on campaign promises. The importance of your PR work now and in the months ahead is enhanced by the strong preference each major candidate has announced that "lobbyists and their contributions" should not be as influential as in the past. But the voice of the people will be heard, and PR opportunities you use now may importantly influence what the voice of the people tells legislators to do. Here are three PR opportunities that may deserve your attention: 1. Protect your organization now with reputational armor. 2. Protect your organization by reducing the spread of untruths and half-truths. 3. Protect the public by getting or averting a law.

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