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Preparing PR Students for the Brave New World: Students' Perceptions of Problem-Based Learning


This study on students' perceptions of problem based learning (PBL), as a tool for teaching public relations was part of a larger university-wide project on planned application of innovative teaching methods in a wide range of academic disciplines in a medium-sized public Midwestern University. Sixty undergraduate students in three public relations courses participated in this study and duly completed the questionnaire at the end of the semester. The students worked in groups of six, acting as public relations agencies for university offices and departments and a few businesses in town. The results show clearly that most respondents have clear perceptions of the use of PBL in teaching public relations courses, as evident in the cluster of responses for first, second and third level results. The final picture that emerged from the results showed that students felt they learned a lot from the use of participatory teaching methods.

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