; Political Prophecy: A 2008 Slam-Dunk for Blogs
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Political Prophecy: A 2008 Slam-Dunk for Blogs


Despite massive efforts to bury them deep, newspapers are not yet ready to write their own obituaries. With print ad income generally flat, papers around the US have been letting veteran staffers go. The press is famously seeking alternatives to itself; big-name papers have for the past three years been pushing their blogs with shameless fervor. The message to those in public relations who live by the word is clear: Get with the future; it's here now. Cyberspace journalism offers vast opportunities for the innovative public relations practitioner. Radio and television remain the preferred outlets for many on the outside trying to get a word in. But watch the power demonstrated by blogs this year and next, as the would be presidents, their rivals and a host of lesser politicos vie for power in the make-or-break-reputation world of cyberspace.

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