10 Things You Don't Say At A Job Interview by BrittanyGibbons


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									                         10 Things You Don't Say At A Job Interview
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      I know my resume doesn't make much sense but I can assure you either does my life!
      So your what your telling me is that if I were to get one of my fingers cut off in that big machine
       over there, I would be able stay home and still receive my pay checks?
      So what is your company policy about having sex with the other employees... do you encourage
      It's a good thing I got this interview, the utilities got cut off and I haven't had a shower for almost
       three weeks.
      Say...you're pretty hot! Do the other female bosses look as good as you do.
      So what your saying, is that if I were to borrow some of the stores products, even for a week or
       two, you would consider that stealing?
      I would just ask that you don't call any of my references... or my last five employers!
      Does your company offer a drug treatment program, if I decide to start taking drugs.
      When you call any of my three references on my resume, you will get a switchboard. Just ask for
       "Solitary" and get one of the guards to drop a message.
      I realize it seems odd that I have had only one job lasting only three days in forty-one years, but
       honestly nothing really jumped out at me!

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