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									   What are Giraffes?
 A large animal that lives on land
 A male is 18 feet tall and 4,200 pounds
 A female is 16 feet tall and 2,400 pounds
 Lives in Africa south of the Sahara
How do giraffes survive in the wild?

Predators          Prey
                   1. Insects
1. Lion
                   2. Flies
2. Hyena
                   3. Nets
3. Crocodile
                   4. Other insects
4. Leopards
                      that hang on
What do giraffes look like?
 Has their own distinct coat pattern
 Each giraffes coat is tawny
 A male may be 18 ft (5.5 m) from hoof to crown
 Their neck is up to 7 ft (2.1 m) long
 body is relatively short
                                Fun Facts
   The average lifespan of a giraffe in the wild is 25 years

   Male giraffes are called bulls

   Females are known as cows

   baby giraffes are referred to as calves

   black tongues that can extend approximately 20 inches

   A female giraffe gives birth to a single offspring after a gestation
    period of approximately 15 months

   Females give birth standing up

   Baby giraffes are 6 feet tall and weigh an average of 150 pounds when
    they are born.
Tawny-adjective 1. of a dark yellowish or dull
  yellowish-brown color.
Distinct -distinguished as not being the same;
  not identical; separate
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