Notice_Sellers_Archibald by jeffbustraan


									May 28, 2010


In order to effectively address the allegations against me, I feel that it is critical that I
do so separately from the University and the basketball staff.

I have been proud to be a part of the University of Connecticut and I want Coach
Calhoun and others to look at my contributions in that same way.

Coaching is my passion and something I have spent many years of enjoyment doing. I
want the record to reflect this and for people to see the respect and integrity that I will
show toward this process in the months ahead.

Thank you to Coach Calhoun and everyone in the UConn community for the time that I
have spent here. I will never forget it.


The allegations brought forward in this NCAA review are very serious and deserve and
demand my full attention.

In order to best meet that demand, I think it is necessary for me to leave my position
with the University and the basketball program.

I have loved my time at UConn as a player and as a staff member. It has been an
incredible opportunity to be a part of this championship program under a hall of fame
coach. I am grateful for my time at UConn and it has always brought me great pride. I
wish everyone the best in the future.

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