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Students at
   Risk of
Becoming        Creating a
 Victims of      School
  Violence      Culture of   Creating a
                  Calm          Safe
                             Passage to
                              and from

              Safety and Security
50 Fewer CPS Students Shot This Year
                  - 50                          - 40
   Students Shot           Aggravated Battery
                              w/ Firearm

                                                                        - 10
                                                         Homicides By

 YTD May 25   YTD May 25    YTD May 25   YTD May 25    YTD May 25   YTD May 25
   2008/09      2009/10       2008/09      2009/10       2008/09      2009/10
Students at
   Risk of
Becoming        Creating a
 Victims of      School
  Violence      Culture of   Creating a
                  Calm          Safe
                             Passage to
                              and from

              Safety and Security
Probability Of Being A Gun Violence Victim*
          Risk of      # of
          Being       Current
 Group     Shot      Students         Interpretation

 Ultra                          Model predicts that ~200
 High     20+%        ~200      students have a greater than
 Risk                           20% chance of being a victim

 Very                           Model predicts that ~1,500
 High    7.5 - 20%    ~1,500    students have a 7.5 to 20%
 Risk                           chance of being a victim

 High                           Model predicts that ~8,500
         1 - 7.5%     ~8,500    students have a 1 to 7.5%
                                chance of being a victim

                                Model predicts that ~100,000
 Lower    Minimal    ~100,000
                                students have minimal chance
                                of being a victim <1%

                                * Over the next 2 years
Mentoring Very High-Risk Students
YAP mentoring 200 highest-
risk students
                             20 Community & Faith-
                              based Organizations

RFP to provide mentoring
services to 1,500 to 2,000
Expanding Services for At Risk Students
 Blue Ribbon Panel selected to evaluate
 mentoring RFP

    Miguel del Valle       Carl Bell
    Terry Hillard          Rev. John Buchanan
    Rev. Ruben Cruz        Pastor Darrell Griffin
    James Montgomery       Felipa Mena
    Annette Holt           Rita Fry
    Mike Ivers
Students at
   Risk of
Becoming        Creating a
 Victims of      School
  Violence      Culture of   Creating a
                  Calm          Safe
                             Passage to
                              and from

              Safety and Security
6 Pilot Schools Selected
  Develop pilot deep-dive school culture
  transformation plans
  Remaining 32 highest-risk schools enacting
  CAO-led transformation plans

                                 6 Schools Piloted
Culture of Calm Vision
      A safe, stable, supportive, and engaging environment
                                             Attendance and Discipline
      where students excel academically.     Office
                                                  Clear behavior and discipline
Classrooms                                         framework is in place and enforced by
 Teachers have high academic and                  all staff
  behavior expectations for students              Clear procedures and protocol are in
 Students are on time, prepared,                  place for student absence, discipline
  engaged and eager to participate                 referral, and positive behavior
 Classroom rules are posted and                   reinforcement
  Visible                                         Alternatives to expulsion and out of
 All teachers consistently enforce                school suspension are advocated
  rules and reward positive behavior
                                                  School has formal alternatives to out
 Classrooms are well managed                      of school suspension (e.g. in school
                                                   suspension, community service,
                                                   parent shadowing)
Entrance and Exit
                                                  Rigorous data collection and analysis
 Students are enthusiastic to come
  to school
 Administrators, teachers, and                   Hallways & Cafeteria
  security staff greet students as
  they enter and send-off students                 Students treat each other and adults
  as they exit the building                         with respect

 Students feel connected to the                   Hallways and cafeteria are clean,
  school and at least one adult in the              bright and adorned with positive
  building                                          displays and signage
 School values and student                        All security staff is trained in de-
  expectations are clearly posted at                escalation techniques
  the entrance
                                                   Hallways are empty during class and
 Building is well lit, clean, and                  orderly during transition
 6 Pilot Schools: ‘09 vs. ‘10 (Jan-Apr)

        7%                        14%

                            Fewer Students with
                                D’s and F’s

       77%                        46%

Fewer Serious Misconducts   Fewer Students Shot
    Per 100 Students
 Culture of Calm Activities

 Discipline                                                   Staff
                Management                     Community
Procedures                                                 Engagement
                  System         Social

                Professional                                 Data
     to                                         Parents
                 Development                               Collection


                 Summer                         School       Data
                 Training                      Buildings    Analysis
RFQ Components/Outcomes
                                               • Staff, students, & parents have complete clarity of school’s
                      School-wide Classroom      behavior/discipline policies and non-negotiable expectations
                                               • Staff directly manage majority of undesired behavior; fewer office
Staff Development

                         and Behavioral          referrals required
                          Management           • Clear consequences for undesired behavior enforced consistently

                                               •   School leaders hone strengths in strategic planning, budgeting,
                       Leadership Training,        staffing, leading teams
                      Coaching, and Change     •   School leaders equipped to lead large-scale change effort
                                               •   School leaders have ongoing support in strategic decision-
                          Management               making

                                               •   All staff recognize when aggression & conflict levels are rising
                        De-escalation and      •   All staff are equipped with actionable steps to effectively calm it
                                               •   Fewer office referrals are necessary
                        Conflict Resolution    •   Clear next steps are in place to best address root causes

                                               • Student play an active role in school’s culture transformation
Student Development

                                               • Programming is effectively integrated into school structures
                      Student Leadership and     (advisory, suspension alternatives, student assemblies, etc)
                      Character Development    • Students trained to serve as peer mentors
                                               • Self-responsibility, positive values, civic engagement, etc taught

                                               • Students needing multiple interventions assigned case managers
                                               • Case manager coordinates, tracks and assesses intervention
                        Case Management          effectiveness
                                               • Students linked with community resources for additional supports

                                               • Intelligence on developing & retaliatory student violence is rapidly
                         Student Violence        shared so that adults can intervene
                                               • Community and parents are trained with on how to effectively
                            Prevention           intervene and prevent student violence
                                               • Student-focused training provides practical alternatives to violence
Students at
   Risk of
Becoming        Creating a
 Victims of      School
  Violence      Culture of   Creating a
                  Calm          Safe
                             Passage to
                              and from

              Safety and Security
Ensuring Safe Passage To and From School
 CPS, CPD, CTA and local elected officials, established
 safe passage corridors at 12 high-schools in high-crime

 In February, CPS released an RFP seeking partnership
 with local community and faith based organizations to
 provide personnel along the safe passage corridors

 16 community organizations are currently being
 evaluated to provide student safe passage for the
 upcoming school year
   Expanding Services for At Risk Students

                     Mentoring/Advocacy        Safe Passage            Culture of Calm
                          Services          Program – 2 Phases
Brighton Park
Calumet Heights
East Garfield Park   Target Population:           First Phase       Target Population:
Near West Side         2,000 CPS High       Target Population: 13     38 focus high
South Lawndale         Risk Youth              High Schools           schools
South Shore
Washington Hts                              Funding: $3M per yr
West Englewood
West Town            Funding: $5M per yr        Second Phase        Funding: $10M per yr
                                            Target Population: 10
                     Eligible: Community,      High Schools         Eligible: For-profit &
                        Civic and Faith-    Funding: $3M per yr        non-profit orgs.
                        based               Eligible: Community,       providing staff &
                        Organizations        Civic and Faith-          student
                                             based Organizations       development
Student Safety Center

 Established the Student Safety Center at CPS

 One Single point of Contact 24/7

 Provide and receive information from Principals,
 Security Officers and School Administrators

 Provide and receive real time information with CPD on
 incidents taking place in CPS

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