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					                           MMA’s Members Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding
                                         Newport News
                                       February 16, 2010

         The Members of the Marine Machinery Association met at the Virginia Advanced Shipbuilding and
Carrier Integration Center (VASCIC), 2401 West Avenue, Newport News, Virginia on February 16, 2010.
Present were: Jack P. Janetatos, Chairman of the Board; Jim Collins, Aqua-Chem, Inc.; Jim Stouch and Earl
Newman, Precision Custom Components; Jim Baur and Rick Molloy, Jo-Kell, Inc.; Gary Schettler and David
A. Wujick, DRS Power & Controls Technologies, Inc.; David Rathburn and Mike Miller, US Joiner; John P.
Koempel, Paul Trenholm and James R. Hamel, Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Co.; Roland Doktor, Colfax
Defense Products; Bob Bergman, Robert Hennig and Jim Vause, Moog Flo-Tork; Darrel Vertanen and Dale
Carrick, Hunt Valve Co.; Kevin Cantrell and Terry Ripich, American Tank & Fabricating Co.; David Douglas,
Howell Laboratories, Inc.; Elliot Wiener, Juniper Industries, Inc.; John Prusak, Northrop Grumman Marine
Systems; Tony Sabatino and Brion Sabatino, Bogue Systems, Inc.; John M. Rhatigan, The Entwistle
Company; Bob Kirst and Kathy Keiser, Global/SFC; Fred Shortts, American Warming & Ventilating; Mark
Haller and James Thomson, Tri-Tec Manufacturing, LLC; Mickey Fedorko and Daren B. Pietsch, Jered LLC;
John C. Mackercher, Jr., Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine.
        Scott Stabler, Sector Vice President for Supply Chain Management, Northrop Grumman
Shipbuilding, welcomed the group to Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding’s Newport News facility. He discussed
the need for stability and predictability in the shipbuilding business.
        Ms. Drue Branche, CVN 78 Construction Director, gave a presentation covering issues and
challenges arising from the incorporation of new technology in building aircraft carriers such as the transition
from hydraulic to electric control and activation of machinery.
        Alma Fallon, Director of Supply Chain Procurement, gave a presentation in which she discussed the
challenges and goals of Integrated Supply Chain Management and asked the MMA members to advise her on
how NGSB can be a better customer.
        Larry Horne then lead the group on a tour of the shipyard.
       Kevin Dudley, Supply Chain Planning Analyst, gave a presentation on supplier training and
development, describing in detail NGSB’s Online Automated Supplier Information System (OASIS).
        The group then went to a working lunch where Jack Janetatos thanked the members for attending,
thanked the NGSB personnel for their hospitality and gave a brief description of the upcoming MMA

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