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AREA                        OVERVIEW                     SLaM UPATE                    FURTHER ACTION                SLaM LEAD

1. PATIENT ADVICE AND          Provides confidential       PALS Service                 All staff to receive an   HEAD OF PALS
LIASION SERVICE                 advice, support and          launched January 2004         introduction to PALS in
(PALS)                          information for             Service based on a            Corporate Induction
                                patients, families and       telephone call centre        Rolling programme of
                                their carers                Publicity for service         outreach work with
                               Aims to resolve              emphasises its role as        clinical teams and
                                problems and concerns        a conduit for ideas and       service user/carer
                                quickly                      suggestions as well as        groups
                               Explains complaints          helping with concerns
                                procedures and puts          and complaints
                                people in touch with
                                someone who can help
                               Gives information on
                                how patients can get
                                involved in their own
                                healthcare and the
                                NHS locally
                               Working to core
                                national standards and
                                available in every NHS
                                trust and PCT
                               Aims to ensure user
                                feedback is used to
                                improve services

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Graeme Kerr, PALS

AREA                        OVERVIEW                      SLaM UPATE                      FURTHER ACTION                SLaM LEAD

2. INDEPENDENT                 Support patients             ICAS in South East             Liaison will continue     HEAD OF PALS
COMPLAINTS                      making a complaint            London is provided by          New complaints
ADVOCACY SERVICE                about the NHS                 Bromley Citizens                procedure likely have a   HEAD OF COMPLAINTS
(ICAS)                         Independent of the            Advice Bureau                   significant impact on
                                NHS                          Initial contacts have           ICAS role
                               Confidential service          been positive though
                                available across              the service is still at a
                                England                       very early stage.
                               Monitored by and
                                working to core
                                national standards set
                                by the Commission for
                                Patient and Public
                                Involvement in Health

3. PATIENT AND PUBLIC          Set up for every NHS         SLaM‟s PPIF has                To develop working        HEAD OF PALS
INVOLVEMENT FORUMS              trust and PCT in              recruited its first seven       and communication
(PPIF)                          England                       members                         links with PPIF
                               Supported by Forum           Contact has been
                                Support Organisations         made with the Council
                                commissioned by               for Ethnic Minority
                                CPPIH                         Voluntary
                               Help patients get views       Organisations
                                about health services         (CEMVO), the “Forum
                                fed into the NHS              Support Organisation”
                               Look at health services       and we will be
                                patient‟s point of view       presenting PALS PPI
                               Recommendations to            activities to them in the
                                NHS managers about            near future
                                changes to services
                               Made up of volunteers
                               Independent of NHS

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Graeme Kerr, PALS

AREA                        OVERVIEW                     SLaM UPATE                     FURTHER ACTION              SLaM LEAD

4. COMMISSION FOR              Independent of the          Contact has been              As above with PPIF      HEAD OF PALS
PATIENT AND PUBLIC              Government                   primarily with regard to
INVOLVEMENT (CPPIH)            Remit to ensure the          the PPIF
                                public is involved in       Awaiting clarification
                                decisions about NHS          from CPPIH on
                               Has set up PPI Forums        guidance for PPIFs
                                across England               and their inspection /
                                through its 9 regional       oversight / consultation
                                offices and Forum            remit with the Trust
                                Support Providers
                               Funds, supports and
                                monitors PPI Forums
                               Advises and makes
                                recommendations to
                                the government and
                                NHS about patient and
                                public involvement

5. COMPACTS                    Agreement between           All NHS trusts to sign        Sign up to Lewisham     TRUST PROGRAMMES
                                Government, Voluntary        up to at least on local        Compact                 CO-ORDINATOR
                                and Community sector,        Compact by March 31st         Sign up to Lambeth,
                                to improve their             2004                           Southwark and
                                relationship                Service Directors              Croydon Compacts on
                               Contains 5 codes of          Executive has                  courtesy basis
                                good practice:               recommendation that           Embed Good Practice
                                Funding; Consultation        SLaM sign up to the            Codes from Lewisham
                                & policy appraisal;          Lewisham Compact               Compact in Trust work
                                Volunteering; Black
                                and Minority Ethnic,
                                voluntary and
                                organisations; the
                                Compact itself

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Graeme Kerr, PALS

AREA                        OVERVIEW                        SLaM UPATE                     FURTHER ACTION           SLaM LEAD

6. OVERVIEW AND                OSCs et up in local            Service directorates          Develop links with   SERVICE DIRECTORS
SCRUTINY                        authorities with social         contributing to local          OSC‟s locally
COMMITTEES (OSCs)               services                        Overview and Scrutiny
                                responsibilities with the       Committees
                                power to scrutinise            Communications
                                health services                 Department supporting
                               Scrutinise major                directorates regarding
                                service changes and             duty to consult on
                                also the ongoing                „substantial variations‟
                                operation and planning          in health service
                                of services                     provision
                               Can require NHS
                                managers to give
                                information about
                                service planning and
                               Make
                                recommendations to
                                the NHS locally
                               Can refer contested
                                service changes to the
                                Secretary of State for

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Graeme Kerr, PALS

AREA                        OVERVIEW                      SLaM UPATE                  FURTHER ACTION                  SLaM LEAD

7. CONCORDAT                   The concordat, Making        Awaiting further           To develop this work        SERVICE DIRECTORS
                                Partnership Work              guidance from               through participation in
                                (MPW) is the health           Department of Health        local Compacts.
                                element of the Local
                               Intended to articulate
                                how the Compact can
                                be adopted within NHS
                               MPW as a proposed
                                strategic partnership
                                agreement was sent
                                out for 3 months
                                consultation by
                                Department of Health
                                in September 2003

8. MENTAL HEALTH               Part of a rolling            Participated in 2003       Address areas of            SURVEY CO-
PATIENT SURVEY                  programme of patient          pilot survey                concern from pilot          ORDINATION:
                                surveys across NHS           Results discussed at        survey: (1) service         HEAD OF
                               Managed by the                Directorate Clinical        users who reported not      COMMUNICATIONS
                                Commission for Health         Governance                  having access to Care
                                Improvement (CHI)             Committees                  Plan (being addressed       CO-ORDINATING SLaM
                               Survey developed by          2004 survey currently       by Service                  RESPONSE TO SURVEY:
                                NHS survey advice             underway                    Directorates) (2) lack of   ASSISTANT DIRECTOR,
                                centre                       Core sample of 850          information to service      CLINICAL GOVERNANCE
                               Aim: to get first hand        service users from          users regarding
                                feedback from people          CPA register will be        medication (steering        LOCAL ACTION
                                to find out what they         used for national           group established by        PLANNING:
                                think of the NHS and          benchmarking                Clinical Governance         SERVICE DIRECTORS
                                how it could be              SLaM sample size            Sub Committee)
                                improved. Results feed        increased to 2000          Report and action plan
                                into national report on       service users               for Trust Board on
                                mental health services                                    2004 survey (results
                                across the country                                        due in May)

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Graeme Kerr, PALS

AREA                        OVERVIEW                      SLaM UPATE                      FURTHER ACTION                 SLaM LEAD

9. SERVICE USER                Strengthening                Policy developed and           Deliver PPI training       TRUST PROGRAMMES
INVOLVEMENT IN SLaM             Accountability (DoH)          ratified by Trust Board         provided by                CO-ORDINATOR
                                states::                      in October 2002                 Modernisation Agency
                            -   Patients and the public       following 3 consultation        to Clinical Governors
                                are entitled to be            events in 2002                  advisers
                                involved wherever            Policy updated July            Clinical Governors         ASSISTANT DIRECTOR,
                                decisions are taken           2003                            Advisers to work with      CLINICAL GOVERNANCE
                                about NHS care               Baseline Assessment             CG leads in teams to
                            -   The involvement of            carried out identifying         improve capacity
                                patients and the public       areas of local good             among staff
                                must be embedded in           practice                       Set up Good Practice       TRUST PROGRAMMES
                                NHS structures and           Service User                    Forum to share best        CO-ORDINATOR
                                permeate all aspects of       Involvement in Training         practice among front
                                healthcare                    and Education (SUITE)           line staff
                            -   Health care                   provide support for            Each service stream to     CONNECTIONS PPI
                                professionals must be         training for service            develop local PPI          LEADS
                                partners in the process       users to build skills and       strategy in consultation
                                of involving the public       knowledge to become             with service users,
                                and patients                  involved in Trust work          carers and the public
                            -   Mechanisms for               Service user                   Set up PPI database to     TRUST PROGRAMMES
                                involvement should be         involvement in                  measure and monitor        CO-ORDINATOR
                                evaluated for                 research and audit              PPI activities across
                                effectiveness                 happens through                 the trust
                            -   Public and patients           Clinical Governance            Develop evaluation         TRUST PROGRAMMES
                                should have access to         and Service User                methodology for PPI to     CO-ORDINATOR
                                training and funding to       Research Enterprise             ensure effectiveness of
                                allow them to                 (SURE) and South                PPI approaches
                                participate fully             London User Research           Annual report on PPI,      TRUST PROGRAMMES
                                                              Project (SLURP)                 December 2004              CO-ORDINATOR

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Graeme Kerr, PALS