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									                                                                                                      The following information is strictly confidential
                                                                                                              and remains the intellectual property of
                                                                                                                                     Nedbank Limited

                                                                                                                          NEDBANK SOCAM MEMBER

                                                                                                                                                                                Augustine Mumba
                                                                                                                                                                                   Head of Sales
                                                                                                                                                                                    April 30,2010

                              The following information is strictly confidential, is to remain in-house at Nedbank Group, is for in-house purposes only, and may not be disseminated to outsiders .
Attendees and staff members are reminded that they are legally bound by all constraints imposed upon them in regard to privacy of Bank information whether in terms of their contracts of employment including the declaration of
                                      secrecy , and/or any and all codes and policies relating to conduct, including those restrictive as to share dealings, and in particular insider trading ."
Nedbank SOCAM Member Loan and what it can do for you:

      Inside all of us there is that inner voice urging us to move forward, to
      make a change and make things happen.

      We understand that every single person has their individual
      aspirations and therefore Nedbank has introduced the SOCAM
      member loan that offers you exceptional flexibility, accessibility and
      is cost effective to ensure that you realise your full potential.

        As long as you are a SOCAM member you may apply for a
         SOCAM member loan to use for anything as you see fit*

      *terms and conditions apply
What documents do we need from you when you apply?

        Documents Required from you when        Personal       For business
        applying                                               use
        Loan form                                          Y          Y

        Cover letter                                       N          Y

        Statement of Assets and Liabilities                Y          Y

        Personal Bank statements                           Y          Y
        (of only the last three months)
        Business Bank statements                           N          Y
        (of only the last three months)
                          as you see fit*
        Cashflow projections with assumptions
         apply for a SOCAM ember loan to use for anything  N          Y
          As long as you are a SOCAM member you may
        Source of repayment                                N          Y
Terms and conditions

    Minumum Facility Amount – MK250,000
    Maximum Facility Amount – Negotiable
    Facility Type – Loan
    Purpose – As you may see fit*
    Tenor – negotiable
    Pricing – negotiable however our basic rates are as follows:
            1. 1.5% arrangement fee payable up-front (minimum MK7,500)
            2. Interest at 3% above base rate currently at 19.5%
    Security – Unsecured
    Upon approval of loan you are required to sign a credit life insurance policy
     which shall cover the facility in the unlikely event of disability or death i.e. this
     policy will cover any outstanding amounts so your loved ones do not suffer.
    Premium structure for credit life = initial loanx0.30%xterm of policy in months
              e.g. Loan of MK500,000 for 12 months = K500,000x0.30%x12 =MK18,000 premium
    Current account through which monthly loan installments shall be recovered
     to be opened at Nedbank
*terms and conditions apply
Apply for a SOCAM Member loan

      Visit your nearest Nedbank Branch to apply for
      your SOCAM member loan, or for further details
      please contact a Relationship Manager:

      Douglas 0888832322
      Joyce     0999287857

      Mwayi    0888201931
      Frank    0888204177
Bank on our service promise

       We promise to:
       •Treat you as an individual
       •Treat you with respect at all times;
       •Acknowledge your requirements and take them seriously; and
       •Continually strive for service excellence

    If you feel that we have not lived up to this promise, please let us
   know by telling the manager at your nearest branch, emailing us at or calling us on 01822730 or 01771955
The A to Z of Nedbanking:

       The A to Z of Nedbanking is a reflection of
       Nedbank’s philosophy – of the values,
       principles and attributes that we believe should
       be fundamental to everything we do.

       We have made a commitment to uphold those values and
     principles in all our dealings and the services and products we
  provide, and to strengthen our relationship with you by treating your
      personal banking needs with empathy and professionalism.
Alignment of Nedbank solutions to our clients
     Strong          Internat-           Strategic         CSR              Customer          Products         Our
     Brand           ional               Partner-                           Service                            Brand
                                         ships                                                                 Promise

   Well             Benefits:           Resulting from:   Nedbank cares    Nedbank takes     All the banking   Make things
   recognised and                                         about you; the   you and your      products and      happen
   respected        No loaded agent     Our deeper        communities      banking needs     services you’ll
                    fees                understanding     and              seriously         need, delivered
   Benefits:                            of you and your   environment in                     with real care
                    Correspondent       banking needs     which we live    Delivers on its   and
   Acceptance of    Bank                                  and operate in   promise           understanding
   L/Cs,            relationship with
   guarantees,      Nedbank                               We provide       Makes you feel
   bonds etc.       London and                            meaningful       welcome
                    Nedbank South                         sponsorship
                    Africa among                                           Supports your
                    other well                                             important
                    established                                            financial
                    International                                          decisions
                                                                           Makes banking
                    Access to forex                                        a pleasurable
                    and foreign                                            experience
                    lines of credit
Go on………Make Things Happen


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