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					               JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001
Ohio News
PAGE 2                                                    OHIO NEWS PHOTOGRAPHER                                     JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001

Dispatch legend Joe Pastorek dies at 71
      With a crusty manner and a twinkle in
his eye, Joe Pastorek showed many a green
journalist the ropes in his 39 years as a
                                                always looking for something a bit differ-
                                                ent.ÕÕ His photographs won numerous
                                                awards through the years, including the
                                                annual Look magazine all-sports photo con-
                                                      Ohio State coach Woody Hayes once
                                                                                                  OHIO NEWS PHOTOGRAPHERS ASSOCIATION INC.

Dispatch photographer and assistant photo       praised a Pastorek photograph as the "finest     BOARD CHAIRMAN                  BOB DEMAY
chief.                                          football pictureÕÕ he had ever seen. Floyd       PHONE                        (800) 777-9477
      Pastorek, 71, died of an apparent heart   Sanders, retired newsroom artist, remem-
attack while delivering newspapers in                                                            E-MAIL       
                                                bered Pastorek as "always a laughing, jovial
Fremont,Ohio, near his                          person, very in tune with the news and con-
home in Marblehead.                                                                              PRESIDENT                         ED SUBA, JR.
                                                scientious. He was a good newspaperman.ÕÕ        PHONE                           (800) 777-9477
      He was larger than                              Yet Pastorek balanced the fast paced,
life in both personality                        long hours at the newspaper with more            E-MAIL       
and physique, and his                           relaxing time hunting, fishing, camping and
frequently mumbled                              flying small planes.                             STILL VICE PRESIDENT                LISA DUTTON
"dumb . . . re-portersÕÕ                              Sanders was with Pastorek when             PHONE                            (419) 724-6143
comment was taken                               "Moose,ÕÕ as he was known, bagged a 230-         E-MAIL               
with a grain of salt by                         pound buck during a 1967 hunting trip on
those who knew he had                           horseback in Wyoming. Pastorek brought
a soft spot for inexperi-                                                                        TV VICE PRESIDENT                  VINCE SHIVERS
                                                back the meat and had the buckÕs head            PHONE                            (330) 744-8821
enced staffers and was                          mounted for display.
never far from laughter. Joe Pastorek                 Later, he won a photography contest in     E-MAIL              
      "He was a very                            Wyoming with a shot he took on that trip of
funny, lively man who always kept the           several hunters on horseback in the dis-         SECRETARY                    DAVID I. ANDERSEN
photo department in stitches, whether at        tance.                                           PHONE                          (216) 999-4156
work or at social gatherings,ÕÕ said Dispatch         In later years, PastorekÕs passion for     E-MAIL          
photographer Tom Sines. "He would suck          fishing led to weekend retreats on Lake Erie
his stomach in and drop his pants at a          with his wife, Virginia. HeÕd often invite
momentÕs notice just to get everybody to                                                         TREASURER                       KIMBERLY BARTH
                                                Dispatch friends out on the lake with him,       PHONE                            (800) 777-9477
laugh.ÕÕ                                        as long as theyÕd promise to take the sport
      Pastorek graduated from East High                                                          E-MAIL                
                                                as seriously as he did, Ross said. "If you get
School in 1947 and was trained in photog-       sick, you get sick in the boat and weÕll keep
raphy while in the Navy. He started at The      fishing,ÕÕ Ross said Pastorek used to say.       STILL CLIP CONTEST                CHRIS PARKER
Dispatch in 1951. He was a fountain of                The couple moved to Marblehead per-        PHONE                           (614) 841-1781
information about the city heÕd lived in all    manently after Pastorek retired in 1991. In      E-MAIL          
his life, and seemed to know everyone in        addition to his newspaper career, Pastorek
town, "from the lowest to the highest,ÕÕ        had a number of side businesses throughout       TV CLIP CONTEST                 DAVID COLABINE
Sines said.                                     his life, including a camping trailer sales
      His friendly manner helped him weave                                                       PHONE                           (513) 763-5443
                                                company from 1959 through the mid-1970s          E-MAIL             
a wide web of contacts throughout his years     in Columbus.
as a photographer, said Sheldon Ross,                 Besides his wife, Pastorek is survived
Dispatch chief photographer in the 1960s        by his daughter, Susan B. Miller of              ANNUAL STILL CONTEST            DAVID POLCYN
and 1970s.                                      Hillsdale, Mich., and sons Wayne of Grove        PHONE                         (419) 521-7218
      "He had a good nose for news, and he      City and David of Pickerington.                  E-MAIL     
liked to get out and meet the people. He was
                                                                                                 ANNUAL TV CONTEST                TONY GIORDULLO
TV Clip clarification                           Herral Long arrested                             PHONE
     A recent disqualification in the quar-           Toledo Blade photographer Herral
terly television clip contest seems to war-     Long was arrested January 9 while taking
rant a clarification of the rules.              pictures at a fire in downtown Tiffin.           Ohio News Photographer
     Apparently some people reading the               Long was charged with misconduct at            The official publication of the Ohio News
rules for the feature category interpreted      an emergency, a first-degree misdemeanor.                Photographers Association Inc.
the rule to mean they could put 48 actual       He is accused of crossing the yellow and
hours of work into a story spread out over a    black caution tape around the fire and dis-      EDITOR                           BOB DEMAY
week or more. That is not the case.             obeying a police officerÕs order to leave the    PHONE                         (330)244-0155
     The rule means if you start to work on     area.                                            E-MAIL       
a story Monday it must air by Wednesday.              The police complaint stated that Mr.
If you can not meet that criteria the story     Long refused to cooperate with police or             ADDRESS LETTERS AND CORRESPONDENCE
should be entered in the in-depth category      produce identification. Long, said he iden-                    TO THE EDITOR AT:
regardless of the subject matter.               tified himself by name and as a Blade pho-
     At the present time there are not          tographer and had a press identification in                   8300 SAPPHIRE AVE NE
enough entries to justify adding additional     plain sight.                                                   CANTON, OH 44721
categories. Like the monthly still clip con-          He said the officer, who was later
test categories are more limited than in the
year end contest.
                                                identified as detective Dave Pauly, said he
                                                was a police officer but refused repeatedly                  Ohio Online
     Follow the time limits and constraints     to identify himself by name or rank. "In no          
of each category and enter accordingly. If      way was I interfering with anybody who
you have questions or suggestions regard-       was doing anything," Mr. Long said.               WEBMASTER                      MARK DUNCAN
ing the rules contact clip chairman Dave              Long pleaded not guilty to the charges.     PHONE
Colabine or Television Vice president           The matter is set for a pretrial hearing
                                                                                                                               (216) 771-2172
Vince Shivers.
                                                February 16 the trial is set for March 23.
JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001                                     OHIO NEWS PHOTOGRAPHER                                                               PAGE 3

Odds Ôn ends                            ONPA to celebrate 50th at Atwood Lake Resort
      Congratulations are in order            Fifty years have passed since the first meet-            tion at the Spokesman Review in Spokane,
for several still members who           ing of the Ohio Press Photographers Association                Washington and Al Tielemans, staff photogra-
recently received national recogni-     in New Philadelphia.                                           pher with Sports Illustrated.
tion for their work.                          There have been many changes in both our                      As has been our custom the past few years
      A feature picture, by Neal        industry and our organization since then. Even                 we will hear from one of our own as Mark
Lauron of The Columbus Dispatch         our name is different.                                         Duncan of the Associated Press in Cleveland
which was on the back cover of the            Back then it was an all boys club carrying               shares his images and expertise.
last ONPA newsletter was chosen         around 4 by 5Õs. Local television news wasnÕt                       Headlining the television program is Lance
as one of the top 25 Pictures of the    even born yet. In the early years women were                   Ing with USA Today Live who was the NPPA
Year for 2000 on the MSNBC web          welcome, but only as contestants in a beauty con-              Region 4 POY in 1999.
site.                                   test.                                                               He will be joined on the program by Harry
      Three other members had
                                              Fifty years and much has changed, but not                Sampler from WXIA-TV in Atlanta.
                                        so much at all. ItÕs still all about turning out the                Historical stories for the television program
national clip wins in the NPPA          best product we can.                                           have not yet been finalized. Anyone with sugges-
monthly clip contest. Gary Green              That will be the driving force as we meet                tions should contact television vice president
of the Akron Beacon Journal             once again for our annual seminar and business                 Vince Shivers.
placed first in sports in March. In     meeting at Atwood Lake Resort, March 30-31.                         Our life members will be our guests for the
the same month Fred Squillante                Both still and television programs will take             occasion. There will be no charge for registration
of The Columbus Dispatch placed         a look back at some of the major stories of the                or dinner for life members and their spouse. We
third in the feature category.          last 50 years.                                                 do ask however if you plan on attending to pre
      Jason Molyet of The News                Still photographers will revisit the Xenia               register using the form below so we can plan
Journal in Mansfield placed first in    tornado, the Kent State University anti war                    accordingly.
spot news in April.                     demonstrations and ClevelandÕs civil rights riots.                  The early bird discount deadline for paid
      Copley Ohio Newspapers has        Photographers Skip Peterson of the Dayton Daily                registrations is March 15. All fees increase by
purchased The Independent In            News, Paul Tople of the Akron Beacon Journal                   $15 after that date.
Massillon and The Times Reporter        and freelancer Ron Kuntz of Cleveland will over-                    Rooms are available by calling Atwood
in New Philadelphia, total circula-     see the historical perspectives.                               Lake Resort at (800) 362-6406. The room rate is
tion 38,000, from the Journal                 They will be joined on the program by Scott              $89.The resort is located 25 miles southeast of
Register Company of Trenton, NJ.        Sines, managing editor of opinion and presenta-                Canton, OH with access to I-77.
      Journal Register has decided
to keep two other Ohio dailies that
it had offered for sale, The News-                                        ONPA 50th Anniversary registration
Herald in Lake County and The
Morning Journal in Lorain.                NAME:                                          EMPLOYER/SCHOOL:
      Copley Ohio is a subsidiary of      STREET ADDRESS:
The Copley Press, Inc of La jolla,        CITY/STATE/ZIP:
Calif. Copley Press newspapers
include 11 dailies and 30 weeklies        HOME PHONE:                            E-MAIL:
Copley Press acquired The                          MEMBER $35 AFTER MARCH 15TH $50
Repository in Canton during the
past year.                                         NON-MEMBER $45 AFTER MARCH 15TH $60
      Congratulations go out to                    STUDENT $20 AFTER MARCH 15TH $35                                                    $
Mark Duncan of the Associated                      LIFE MEMBERS FREE
Press who recently celebrated his         AWARDS BANQUET
20th anniversary with AP. He was
the guest of honor at a party host-          BUFFET DINNER $29 EACH                                                                    $
ed by Tony Dejak and attended by             LIFE MEMBERS FREE PLEASE INDICATE NUMBER ATTENDING
many of his co-workers from the           TOTAL MAKE CHEKCS PAYABLE TO ONPA INC.                                                       $
Cleveland bureau and photogra-
phers from the area.                                                                 PAUL TOPLE / PHOTO DEPT
      Susan Kirkman, director of                                                     AKRON BEACON JOURNAL
photography at the Akron Beacon                  PLEASE   DIRECT PAYMENT TO:
                                                                                        44 E EXCHANGE ST.
Journal has volunteered to serve                                                        AKRON, OH 44328
as chairman for an ONPA Picture                      REGISTRATION      CHAIRMAN     PAUL TOPLE 800 777-9477 E-MAIL            PTOPLE@AOL.COM
Editing Quarterly Clip Contest. It is
hoped rules can be finalized and
the contest started this year.
      Jean Neice of The Vindicator
in Youngstown and her husband
                                          On the cover
                                          LEW STAMP OF THE AKRON BEACON JOURNAL PLACED FIRST IN SPOT
Jeff are proud parents of a baby
Jean and Jeff.                            THE SCENE SHORTLY AFTER VISIBLY UPSET.
      Bob Christy, chief photogra-
pher at The Times Reporter has
left the paper and accepted a staff
photographer position at Kent State       A LOOK AT ETHICS OR A LACK THEIR OF . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 - 5
University.                               STILL AND TELEVISION CLIP STANDINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
      Damon Moritz has left his           SEPT/OCT CLIP WINNERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 - 11
position at Suburban Newspapers
of Dayton and joined the staff at
PAGE 4                                           OHIO NEWS PHOTOGRAPHER                              JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001

                          IÕve been confronted with the issue of           reality. Making the interview a little warmer,
                    staging. It has become an issue of concern of          tweaking the lights, only using one or two
                    many of our television members. The number             answers from a 10 minute interview, shooting
                    one factor contributing to this problem seems          a one-part stand up much less a three-parter,
                    to be contests and the misguided ethics of             asking questions in a way which draws out
                    photographers who will do anything to win.             good bites, even butting bites together. After
                          There are many issues with staging; how-         all we are trying to make lemonade out of
                    ever, IÕll just deal with the most disturbing con-     lemons, right?
                    cerns. When I first entered this business, stag-            From this definition, playing the devils
                    ing was something that I knew nothing about.           advocate of course, I would have to say that
                          Working in production everything is setup        from one degree to another, all TV people
                    from the scripts to camera movements and               stage. From that context, and in that context,
                    locations. A production shoot is choreo-               though all TV people stage stuff... not all TV
                    graphed, and you can say that the production           people fake stuff. ItÕs the faking stuff which
                    shoot is staged.                                       fuels this debate. Faking stuff is dangerous,
                          Both television news and commercial pro-         deceitful and doesnÕt really work anyway. I
Vince Shivers       duction deal with story telling, however, the          can see it from a mile away.
TV Vice president   manner in which the two gather the material                 When I was younger and trying to learn
                    for story telling differ greatly.                      the whole sequence thing I would ask people
                          The act of staging in which IÕm referring to     to wait constantly between shots while I was
                    is the following: telling people what to say,          trying to capture the sequence. It was pretty
                    telling people what to do and directing people         funny actually. My motives were pure but I
                    on how to perform a new story.                         wouldnÕt do that now. Now I just try and get

    Does                  Its our job as professionals to capture the
                    news as it occurs, and tell the story from the
                    point of view of the news situation. This is a
                    challenge and its whatÕs makes our jobs excit-
                                                                           what I can during reality. I see it as a chal-
                                                                           lenge. Faking stuff always looks staged any-
                                                                           way because people arenÕt actors.
                                                                                We all have our different comfort levels

                    ing. IÕm sure some of you will have other defi-        with whatÕs ok and whatÕs not. I would chal-
                    nitions of staging and we can discuss that             lenge those who say they donÕt stage to con-
                    issue all day long.                                    sider their beliefs, open their minds, and ask
                          Brad Houston of KUSA in Denver has a             themselves the tough questions like Òare you
                    great definition of staging: ÒIÕd say staging is       sure?Ó

   Video            for the Theater. TV photojournalists are sup-
                    posed to be catching reality. However the lines
                    do become blurred, there are many gray
                    areas, and certain scenarios really depend on
                                                                                Whatever we do we shouldnÕt fake it.
                                                                           Practice anticipating the action, thinking ahead
                                                                           so you donÕt miss it, and if something is re-
                                                                           enacted make sure you are letting the viewer

                    the personÕs own definition of staging.                know that this is a reenactment. ItÕs about
                          I guess anytime we make an edit, the             credibility. WeÕre losing our audience but letÕs
                    purists would have to say its staging. Anytime         hang onto our credibility.Ó
                    we turn on a light the purists would have to                This debate will go on about what staging
                    say its staging. Anytime we change                     is and what itÕs not. Staging and faking isnÕt

     the            realityÉthe purists would have to say its stag-
                          The simple fact is that we do stage any
                    time we move a table or turn a chair. I person-
                                                                           something that photojournalists are totally
                                                                           responsible for, but we must speak out against
                                                                           this act. Staging damages our reputations as
                                                                           professionals, and staging is dishonest to our-

                    ally do not have a problem with that. However,         selves and our viewers.
                    those simple things are actually changing real-             The essential issue is that we must dis-
                    ity. If staging is changing reality then we are        cuss staging to clear up this issue, and come
                    all guilty of staging. But to what degree?             to an ethical conclusion.
                          As photojournalists and editors we are in             Houston sums it simply, ÒItÕs dishonest. We
                    very powerful positions. We are the inter-             should be honest with the viewers. Staging
                    preters of reality. Are we getting it right?           needs a definition first before it can be debat-
                          I think itÕs important for all of us to really   ed because what is staging to one may not be
                    consider what we are doing and not be afraid           staging to another, but lying is always wrong.Ó
                    of examining how, why, and if we are changing
JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001                                 OHIO NEWS PHOTOGRAPHER                                                    PAGE 5

          Oh I yearn for the days of black and white              Ever watch a newscast and see the video
   but, IÕm not talking about film for my camera. ItÕs     roll of a reporter walking slowly down a sidewalk
   a digital world now and that camera is long             with the interview subject for the story like
   gone. The black and white I refer to is the stan-       theyÕre long lost friends catching up on old
   dards by which we all should be working by.             times?
          These rules do not resemble a February                 Ever watch a reporter and photographer set
   northeast Ohio sky. They are clear to most of us        a scene like this up?
   but others see things a little cloudy when they               The answer to both is probably yes.
   put winning awards and contests ahead of                      Well if the walk wasnÕt real, what else in the
   ethics.                                                 story is staged? Did the subject perform the
          There is no gray area in paragraph three of      same task three times so the photographer
   the        National     Press                                                    could shoot it three differ-
   Photographers                                                                    ent ways?
   Associations Code of
   Ethics -- It is the individ-
                                          It is the                                      This is not just a tele-
                                                                                    vision issue there are still
   ual responsibility of every                                                      photographers who bend
   photojournalist at all
   times to strive for pictures
                                        individual                                  the rules. Some who are
                                                                                    asked to by fellow
   that report truthfully, hon-                                                     employees.                      Bob DeMay
   estly and objectively. That
   paragraph applies to still        responsibility                                      Recently a young
                                                                                    photographer working at
   and television photogra-                                                         a 25,000 circulation daily
          Winning        awards           of every                                  in Ohio was told that their
                                                                                    ethics were too hard
   should be icing on the                                                           core. A copy editor told
   cake for a job well done.
   It should not be the rea-         photojournalist                                the individual, ÒIf you
                                                                                    donÕt stage pictures you
   son the job was shot.
          If youÕd rather put the
   hardware in front of
   ethics, Hollywood is
                                     at all times to
                                                                                    donÕt get the shot.Ó
                                                                                         IÕm happy to say that
                                                                                    this person is sticking to
                                                                                    what they know is right.
   where you belong. You
                                        strive for                                  Hopefully they and any-

   can create anything you                                                          one else who has been in
   like and they hand out                                                           these shoes will post this
   this Oscar thing thatÕs a
   pretty big deal in the
   world of awards.
                                      pictures that                                 column on a bulletin
                                                                                    board in their work place.
                                                                                    Not for my posterity sake,
          The easy thing for
                                   report truthfully,                               but to educate those who
   me to do would be to
   stick my head in the sand
   and pretend that these
   problems donÕt exist in
   Ohio and paint a pretty
                                     honestly and
                                                                                    donÕt seem to know any
                                                                                    against a member for vio-
                                                                                    lations of the Code of
                                                                                                          made       truth
   picture. If I did IÕd be no                                                      Ethics, or causes detri-
   better than those who
   have that clouded view of
                                       objectively.                                 mental to the best inter-
                                                                                    ests of the profession of
   paragraph three.                                                                 news photography will be
          YouÕve heard the NPPA Code of Ethics                                      heard by the Committee
   whispers about someone                                                           of Judiciary of the ONPA.
   you know not abiding by the rules. After that you
   hear this personÕs work talked about and you
   wonder, Òdid they set this up too?Ó
          Well if this person has no credibility with
   you, imagine the subject of the work let alone
                                                                 Through this process one can loose their
                                                           membership, itÕs a privilege, not a right.
                                                                 The only way the whispers will stop is when
                                                           we hold the guilty parties accountable and do so
                                                           with the same fanfare we announce the winners
   the viewer or reader.                                   of a contest.
           If people canÕt trust what the see as reality         Perhaps youÕre reading this thinking IÕm not
   how can they trust what is read over the air or         guilty this doesnÕt concern me. Well your wrong.
   put down in newsprint. As a news photographer           It should concern all of us.
   you are no better than a writer making up                     If you have an opinion about this issue feel
   quotes when you stage or direct your subjects.          free to forward it so we can share it with others
          Some people get so good at it you canÕt tell     in the next newsletter.
   if itÕs live or Memorex. ItÕs when that work is rec-          There are things here that people may have
   ognized that the problem gets magnified.                not wanted to hear or read but, they needed
   Organizations such as our own hold this work            said.
   up to be the end all. If we do it knowingly weÕve             There I feel better now, itÕs all in black and
   lost all our credibility too.                           white.
PAGE 6                                                    OHIO NEWS PHOTOGRAPHER                                JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001

still clip rules still clip standings through October
  Photos must be entered in
the month published. A photo           1.   Ken Love, Akron Beacon Journal         610   37. Lindsay Semple, The Vindicator            76
can be entered only after its               Chris Russell, Columbus Dispatch             38. Ken Blaze, The News Herald                70
initial publication. Sort clips by     3.   Fred Squillante, Columbus Dispatch     438   39. Kyle Lanzer, Alliance Review              68
category:                              4.   Dave Polcyn, The News Journal          318       Melanie Sochan, Tribune-Chronicle
       Spot news: A picture of         5.                                                41. Ty Greenlees, Dayton Daily News
an unscheduled event for                    Neal Lauron, Columbus Dispatch         288                                                 64
which no advanced planning             6.   Gary Green, Akron Beacon Journal       276       Jason Kaye, The Vindicator
was possible. Examples: fires,              Glen Hartong, Cincinnati Enquirer                Duncan Scott, The News Herald
accidents and natural disas-           8.   Scott Heckel, The Repository           260       Scott Shaw, The Plain Dealer
ters. General news: A picture               Tim Revell, Columbus Dispatch                45. David Distelhorst,Sun Newspapers          62
of a scheduled political, social      10.   Tom Dodge, Columbus Dispatch           230       Jason Molyet, The News Journal
or cultural event for which
advance planning was possi-                 Bill Lackey, Springfield News-Sun                Luis Sanchez, Beacon Journal
ble. An assigned and/or sched-              Steve Schenck, Morning Journal               48. Patti Schaeffer, Morning Journal          60
uled news event. Example:             13.   Matthew Hovis, The Gazette             228       Jeff Swinger, Cincinnati Enquirer
Demonstrations, funerals, trials      14.   Alysia Peyton, Columbus Dispatch       204   50. Bill Kennedy, The Plain Dealer            56
and promotional events.               15.   Michael Blair, The News Herald         200       Craig Ruttle, Cincinnati Enquirer
Portrait: A picture of a person       16.                                                52. Lew Stamp, Akron Beacon Journal
that reveals the essence of the             Will Shilling, The Tribune Chronicle   198                                                 52
subjects character. Sports: An        17.   David Richard, Morning Journal         190   53. Corey Zemrock, Medina Gazette             50
unposed sports related picture,       18.   Eric Albrecht, Columbus Dispatch       186   54. Greg Lynch, The Journal News              48
either feature or action. Sports            Steve Herppich,Cincinnati Enquirer           55. Tim Norman, The Other Paper               46
related portraits should be           20.   Marshall Gorby Springfield News-Sun    150   56. Kimberly Barth, Akron Beacon Journal      44
entered in the portrait catego-
ry. Feature single: A general               Lisa Powell, Dayton Daily News                   Mame Burns, Dayton Daily News
human interest photo. Multiple        22.   Joe Maiorana, This Week Newspapers     140   58. James DeCamp, Columbus Dispatch           42
picture: A photo story,               23.   Bill Sinden,The Marion Star            136       Marvin Fong, The Plain Dealer
sequence or series of any sub-        24.   Maribeth Joeright, News Herald         130       Kevin Graff, The Newark Advocate
ject matter. Illustration: A cre-     25.   Jim Witmer, Dayton Daily News          124       Mike Munden, Columbus Dispatch
ated picture, not a found situa-      26.   Jim Laskey, Springfield News-Sun       110       Greg Ruffiva, Sun Newspapers
tion or portrait. Intended to
clarify or dramatize a pre-con-             Aimee Obidzinski, Dayton Daily News          63. Sarah Bates, Medina Gazette               38
ceived idea. This would include       28.   Chip Gamertsfelder, SNP                102       Mary Circelli, Columbus Dispatch
illustrations depicting food,         29.   Joy Parker, This Week Newspapers       100       Ernest Coleman,Cincinnati Enquirer
fashion, industrial or editorial      30.   Brynne Shaw, The Plain Dealer           98   66. Tom Puskar, Ashland Times Gazette         36
topics. This category will be         31.   Karen /Schiely, Beacon Journal          96   67. Daniel Melograna, The News Journal        30
judged quarterly but clips must       32.                                                68. Shannon OÕBrien, Dayton Daily News
be entered in the month pub-                Julie Vennitti, The Repository          92                                                 20
lished.                               33.   Jeff Adkins, Columbus Dispatch          88   69. Stephen Counsel,This Week                 16
       Remove your name and           34.   Malinda Rackley, Freelance              84       Haraz Ghanbari, Freelance
affiliation from the front of the     35.   Darrin Bryan, SNP Columbus              80   71. James Miller, The Marion Star             12
clip. Affix a label with your               Lorrie Cecil, This Week Newspapers               Dipti Vaidya, SNP Columbus
name, publication, address,
category and date of publica-
tion on the back. Include a
separate sheet of paper with
your name, address and total         3rd quarter television clip results and standings
number of clips entered.             Spot News                                     1 Ali Ghanbari, WJW, Cleveland                       63
       Layouts are judged as a
                                     1st - Chris Hedrick, WBNS-TV, "Everything
single entry but single pictures
                                     is Gone", 2nd - Scott Doelling, WBNS-TV,
                                                                                   2 Jeff Barnhill, WKRC, Cincinnati                    43
from a layout can be entered
also. You must submit another        "It didn't Kill Us", 3rd - Mike Loomis,       3 Chris Reece, WJW, Cleveland                       36
clip of the single image from        WLWT-TV, "98 degrees and Storming"            4 Dave Colabine, WKRC, Cincinnati                   28
the layout in this case.             In Depth
       Wire service photogra-        1st - Jeff Barnhill, WKRC-TV, "The Veggie     5 Chris Hedrick, WBNS, Columbus                     22
phers and stringers may enter
prints but they must be signed       Mobile"                                       6 Tony Giordullo, WLWT, Cincinnati                  19
on the back by a supervisor          General News                                  7 Kim Fatica, WKYC, Cleveland                       18
noting they had been transmit-       1st - Ali Ghanbari, WJW-TV, "Very Special
ted.                                 Time", 2nd, Vince Shivers, WFMJ-TV,           8 Vince Shivers, WFMJ, Youngstown                   17
       Each entrant is limited to    "Lucifer's Ladder", 3rd - Dave Colabine,      9 Scott Doelling, WBNS, Columbus                    16
a total of nine clips per month.     WKRC-TV, "Knight checkmate"
The clip contest is open to all      Feature                                       10 Doug Herrman, WJW, Cleveland                     11
ONPA members in good stand-
ing who live or work in Ohio         1st - Chris Reece, WJW-TV, "Leap Frog",       11 David Hollis, WJW, Cleveland                     10
during the month entered. The        2nd - Ali Ghanbari, WJW-TV, "Cory's
ONPA clip contest is not affili-     Passion"
                                                                                   12 Madeline Fuerste, WDTN, Dayton                    7
ated with the NPPA Region 4
clip contest. Mail clips by the
7th of the month following pub-
lication to:
                                     NPPA Region 4 gets new still clip contest chairman
                                           Jim Rider has stepped down as NPPAÕs Region   e-mail at as well as
           Chris Parker              4 still clip contest chairman.            
     ThisWeek Newspapers                   All entries should now be directed to Denny        Simmons also hopes to establish a Region 4
    670 Lakeview Plaza Blvd.         Simmons at 2900 Terri Lane, Newburgh, IN 47630.     discussion list to post results and standings in the
               Suite F               Simmons can be reached by phone at (812)490-        future.
  Columbus, Ohio 43085-1781          0186 (Home), (800)288-3200 ext. 528 (Work) or via
PAGE 7                                              OHIO NEWS PHOTOGRAPHER                                JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001

 1st - Lorrie Cecil
 This Week Newspapers
 2nd - Jim Laskay
 Springfield News-Sun
 3rd - David Polcyn
 Mansfield News Journal
 HM - Haraz Ghanbari
 HM - Glenn Hartong
 The Cincinnati Enquirer

 1st - Steve Schenck
 The Morning Journal
 2nd - Steve Schenck
 The Morning Journal
 3rd - Kevin Graff
 The NewarkAdvocate
 HM - Marshall Gorby
 Springfield News-Sun

 1st - Matthew Hovis
 Medina County Gazette
 2nd - Jim Witmer          Fred Squillante of The Columbus Dispatch was the first place winner in the third quarter illustration cate-
 Dayton Daily News         gory with his photo to go with a story about homework help and the resources students need in completing
 3rd - Eric Albrecht       their projects.
 The Columbus Dispatch
 HM - James Miller
 The Marion Star

 1st - Lisa Powell
 Dayton Daily News
 2nd - Chris Russell
 The Columbus Dispatch
 3rd - Tim Revell
 The Columbus Dispatch
 HM - Lisa Powell
 Dayton Daily News

 1st - Ken Blaze
 The News Herald            G The assistant director of a new Metro Park
 2nd - Jim Witmer            wetland gazes across one of the newly filled
 Dayton Daily News         ponds from an observation deck. The photo by
 3rd - Joe Maiorana            Chris Russell of The Columbus Dispatch
 This Week Newspapers          placed first in picture story in September.
 HM - Darrin Bryan
 This Week Newspapers
                            J Lorrie Cecil of ThisWeek Newspapers in
 FEATURE STORY                     Columbus placed first in spot news in
 1st - Chris Russell       September with her photo of a family members
 The Columbus Dispatch     embracing after a tornado ripped through their
 2md - Scott Heckel                               Delaware county farm.
 The Repository
 3rd - Matthew Hovis
 Medina County Gazette

 1st - Fred Squillante
 The Columbus Dispatch
 2nd - Fred Squillante
 The Columbus Dispatch
 3rd - Mary Circelli
 Columbus Dispatch
JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001                               OHIO NEWS PHOTOGRAPHER                                                  PAGE 8

                                                                             G Lisa Powell of The Dayton Daily News placed first
                                                                             in portrait in September with her picture of an Olympic
                                                                             swimmer at Wright State University from Zambia.

                                                                             I Ken Blaze of The News Herald placed first in
                                                                             sports in September wither his photo of two cross
                                                                             country runners avoiding a collision during a meet in

High school chemistry students watch an experiment on how to determine an objectÕs volume by immersing it and measuring the amount
of water displaced. In this case the object was their classmate. The photo by Steve Schenck of The Morning Journal in Lisbon placed
first in feature in September.
PAGE 9                                                    OHIO NEWS PHOTOGRAPHER                         JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001

1st - Lew Stamp
Akron Beacon Journal
2nd - Maribeth Joeright
The News Herald
3rd - Glenn Hartong
The Cincinnati Enquirer

1st - Melanie Sochan
Warren Tribune Chronicle
2nd - Greg Lynch
The Journal News
3rd - Glenn Hartong
The Cincinnati Enquirer
HM - Luis Sanchez
Akron Beacon Journal

1st - Fred Squillante
The Columbus Dispatch
2nd - Chris Russell
The Columbus Dispatch
3rd - Chris Russell
The Columbus Dispatch                                                       G A portrait for a story about a local gardner
HM - Ken Love                                                               by Chris Russell of The Columbus Dispatch
Akron Beacon Journal                                                        was the first place winner in October.
HM - Jason Kaye
The Vindicator
HM - Joy Parker
This Week Newspapers                                                        I A campaign visit to Warren by Al and
                                                                            Tipper Gore provided Melanie Sochan of The
PORTRAIT                                                                    Tribune Chronicle a first place win in general
1st - Chris Russell                                                         news in October.
The Columbus Dispatch
2nd - Eric Albrecht
Columbus Dispatch
3rd - Neal Lauron
The Columbus Dispatch
HM - Tom Dodge
The Columbus Dispatch
HM - Chris Russell
The Columbus Dispatch

1st - Ken Love
Akron Beacon Journal
2nd - Jason Kaye
The Vindicator               J A youngster juggling
3rd - Joe Maiorana          pumpkins at a 50th birth-
This Week Newspapers        day bash for the Peanuts
HM - Ernest Coleman           comic strip captured by
The Cincinnati Enquirer      Fred Squillante of The
HM - Jason Kaye
                             Columbus Dispatch was
The Vindicator
                           the first place feature win-
FEATURE STORY                           ner in October.
1st - Ken Love
Akron Beacon Journal
2md - Stephen Herppich
The Cincinnati Enquirer
3rd - Matthew Hovis
Medina County Gazette
HM - Matthew Hovis
Medina County Gazette
JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2001   OHIO NEWS PHOTOGRAPHER                                    PAGE 10

                                           Ken Love of the Akron Beacon
                                           Journal placed first in sports and
                                           picture story in October with his
                                           photos about a young rodeo cow-
                                           boy , who was heading west to pur-
                                           sue his dreams. The photo above of
                                           Jeremy James of Hudson leaping
                                           from his quarter horse to wrestle a
                                           steer to the ground placed first in
                                           sports. The story, which also placed
                                           first appeared in the paperÕs
                                           Sunday Beacon Magazine. The
                                           photo at left was the cover shot.
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An inpatient five year-old peeks in the window at a Dance Studio while waiting with his mother for his sister to finish her lesson. The
photo by Matthew Hovis of The Medina County Gazette placed first in feature in September.

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