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					                                    Bournes Green Infant School
                                             Survey Time 2009
                      We are once again seeking to gather your views about our school.
My child is a                                              boy                  girl
My child is in                       Reception      17     Yr 1     17          Yr 2        13
My child enjoys coming to school Strongly         Agree Disagree                 Please explain I don’t
                                     agree                                                        know
                                     30           17
Some examples of things particularly enjoyed would be interesting
Yr 2 maths x4, sport& sports events x3, after school clubsx2, spelling tests. Science, Mad scientist
after school club, literacy, reading, playtime & playing with friends x2, assembly, PE, golden time x2,
WW11, nativityx2 and being a play buddy, Frenchx2, speaking part in nativity
Yr 1 Learning, the fun way of learning, gymx2, PEx2, cheerleadingx2, football, Mad scientist after
school clubx2, extra curricular activities x3, nativity, music, readingx4 (encouragement and the pleasure
of moving up a level noted), writingx2, mathsx2, ICTx2, outdoor play x6, special projects, arts and
craftx4, building.
Yr R Role play, readingx2, playing outsidex3, playing on bikes, everything about the school day, routine,
computers, PE, loves how phonics is delivered, golden time, sitting as a class and answering questions,
ICT suite, drawing, Forest Schools, craft activities, seeing friends, learning to read

The behaviour of children in this   Strongly   Agree     Disagree             Please explain   I don’t
school is good                      agree                                                      know
                                    23         26
The school has systems in place     Strongly   Agree     Disagree            Please explain    I don’t
to keep my child safe               agree                1                                     know
 1 left blank                       26         21        Gatekeeping watching for runaway
My child feels safe at school       Strongly   Agree     Disagree            Please explain    I don’t
                                    agree                                                      know
                                    27         22
My child would know who to talk     Yes        No        I don’t know            My child doesn’t know
to at school if they had any        41                   6
worries see #
1 blank
My child has access to the          Yes       Yes        No                      No
internet at home. (We need to       broadband dial up    We have a computer      My child does not have
know because we are required to                          but no internet         access to a computer
provide every child with access     48                   access                  1
to a virtual learning platform)
The school has provided             Yes        No        I don’t know             I would like more
guidance on e-safety 1 blank        28         2         14                       information 4
My child is able to talk at home    Yes        No        Some examples of understanding related to
about e-safety                      24         21        safety and or healthy lifestyles would be
7 blank                                                  appreciated
My child is able to talk at home    Yes        No        SEE BELOW
about being healthy                 46         1 (YrR)
2 blank inc see~
Yr 2
Haven’t discussed e-safety as he doesn’t surf net
Tell the teacher if there is something on the screen you don’t like
Fruit and veg and sport keep us healthy
Outdoor leisure, riding bikes etc keeps us healthy

Yr 1
5 a day, exercise x3
Don’t touch buttons that you don’t know
Eating healthy food x3
Talks about good and bad food
How to keep safe on the computer
Eating the right foods and exercising
Road and accident safety

Knows to eat 5 fruit & veg a day
Must eat fruit & veg or we will be sick!
Looking, listening
~Too much emphasis on healthy eating – too dictatorial
Able to talk about exercise and examples of exercise
Emergency –dial 999
Tell the teacher if there is something on the screen you don’t like. Activate at school keeps us healthy.
Always talking about healthy foods & asking, “Is this healthy?”

Please use this space to expand upon your views expressed above

Yr 2
#My child wouldn’t discuss worries at school
Yr 1
Highly recommend the school
A lovely school that provides a safe and nurturing environment
An exceptional school with exceptional teachers and helpful staff
Enjoys all aspects at school and loves her teachers. Loves Playtime.
Signing out after clubs
Signing re after school play dates
My child is extremely happy at school and particularly enjoys being part of a group. The school fosters
good all round education for this age group. We are also pleased that extra attention is given to children
who may struggle in certain areas.
My son loves going to school he has made lots of friends and clearly admires his teachers. I receive
constructive feedback at parent interviews and would really appreciate further info on initial SATS
Doesn’t surf net at this stage uses primarily cBeebies.
Yr R
Son grown with confidence, speaks respectfully about teachers & tells everyone how nice they are,
understands rules and knows why they are in place. Made friends
Healthy eating important but needs to be encouraged not enforced & having a chocolate treat once in a
while doesn’t hurt. School lunches need to be arranged – son upset not having a Xmas lunch at school -
see feedback form for more details
Would not introduce my child to internet at age 4, apart from odd website like Peppa Pig
Regular health checks would be valued

Please continue overleaf.
We are interested in any additional comments you would like to make on ways in which we can improve
our services for children, their families and the local community.
            Thank you for your help. Please contact the school office directly if you wish to
                            discuss any of the matters raised in this survey.

         Thank you for responding to our survey.
         We were delighted with your many positive responses.
         A few queries were raised that may be of general interest and I have responded to
         some of those below.

         Survey Queries

         A number of people raised questions about this topic.
         Clearly most of our young children are unlikely to be surfing the net, emailing, and
         using chat rooms or social networking sites to any great extent, but these are just
         some of the things that they will need to be able to do in the future. It is our job
         to lay the foundations in terms of skills and safety awareness.
         All schools are required to have an E-safety Policy and an Internet Code of Conduct.
         All parents sign the internet code of conduct when children join our school. We will
         be providing more information about E-safety in the new year. In the meantime our
         E-safety policy is available under policies on our website.
         Following the Byron review on child internet safety the Government have recently
         published some additional information in a booklet called “Click Clever Click Safe”.

         Christmas Lunch and the Hot Lunch Option
         One parent noted that her child was disappointed not to have a hot Christmas lunch
         in school. New parents may not be aware that Bournes Green Schools had to
         discontinue hot lunches and cold packed lunches because the take up was too low to
         cover the cost of the food, the upkeep of the kitchen and to pay the staff wages. A
         range of alternatives were explored but we could not find anyone prepared to
         supply lunches at an affordable sum.
         However things move on and I have this week contacted all schools in the
         Shoeburyness consortium to see if one of them would be interested in supplying hot
The children enjoyed their packed lunches today when, as explained on our recent
newsletters, there was an opportunity to put an extra treat in the lunch box. The
staff certainly enjoyed the party lunch, the jovial atmosphere, the Christmas music
and the crackers.

We are no longer provided with regular health checks by the school nursing service,
but you may call in on one of the nurse’s drop in mornings We have noticed that
drop in sessions are not offered as frequently now and are often available at
relatively short notice. This unfortunately is beyond our control but if you have a
concern, you can always make an appointment with the nurse. Please ask at the
office if you want to book a slot and we will do our best to arrange this for you.

Thank you for your very positive feedback.
The thorny issue of seating for visitors was raised. The suggestion was that they
be invited to rehearsals. We did try that approach this year and the only non parent
visitor in the front row on Thursday night was a former staff member. In the
second row were four family members of the teachers who led the Nativity. There
are a number of people who give up a lot of time to work for the school and there is
very little that we can do to show our gratitude. We will reflect further on how we
can please everyone in the future.

One parent asked for information on SATs scoring.
Children are tracked continuously and a typical child will start to perform at level 1
in Yr 1. They will move up the levels from 1C to 1B and then 1A. an average child is
expected to be at around 1B at the end of Yr 1.
At the end of Yr 2 the children receive formal notification of their assessed levels.
An average child at the end of Yr 2 is expected to achieve level 2B in reading,
writing and mathematics. At Bournes Green Infant School we expect the average
child to secure a slightly higher 2A. Many of the children secure a level 3 in reading
and mathematics. Writing is harder because it requires a lot of reading experience
and a degree of maturity to secure a Level 3.
Just to make life confusing Levels 1 and 2 each take around a year to work through.
Level 3 takes two years, so the average child would be 9 years old before
completing this level. Many children leave our school at Level 3 and continue to work
through the fine grades of that level for another year to eighteen months.

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