Request for ACRIS E-Tax Forms by obh21220


									                                     Request for ACRIS E-Tax Forms
                                                          Title Number

           Please be advised that in order to prepare E-Tax Transfer forms for your
             closing, the following information must be provided to our company at
              least 48 hours prior to closing. Please fill out completely and email to
                or fax to Fran at 718-377-0187

Sellers / Grantors                                        Buyers / Grantees

Name(s):                                                  Name(s):

Social                                                    Social
Security #'s                                              Security #'s

Address                                                   Address

Attorney                                                  Attorney
Address                                                   Address

Phone                                                     Phone
                Property Address                                            Contract Date
                                                                            Transfer Date
        Block                            Lot              Type of Property:
                                                          Co-op         Unit#
                                                          Condo         Unit#
Purchase Price                                            Assessed Valuation
Who will be paying Real Estate Taxes?
If lender will be paying Real Estate Taxes, please provide the following:
Bank Name:

Phone #:
                The fee for this service is:        Prepare ACRIS $150 per Deed Transfer
                                                    Recording Charge $275 per Residential Deed
                                                    Recording Charge $380 per Commercial Deed

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