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					           i       U.S. House of Representatives Page Program                                                                      i

PAGE PROGRAM FACT SHEET                                                                                   l   2010 SCHOOL YEAR               l

WHAT IS THE PAGE PROGRAM?                        GENERAL GUIDELINES                                APPOINTMENT PROCESS
Pages are young people who are                   The Page Program includes both a school           All Pages must be sponsored by a Member
                                                 and work experience. Pages serve as support       of Congress. The first step for interested
hired to serve as support staff for              staff to the Members of the House of              applicants is to contact your Representative
the U.S. House of Representa-                    Representatives. Pages live in the Page           to seek sponsorship and learn about that
tives. They are students in their                Residence Hall and receive a monthly salary.      party’s application procedures. Please visit
                                                 The following guidelines apply to all Pages:      the official House Web site (www.House.gov)
junior year of high school, who                                                                    and enter in your zip code to find out which
                                                 • Pages adhere to the Code of Honor
experience living, studying and                    and Code of Conduct, and abide by all           Member represents your district. Applicants
working in Washington, D.C.                        policies and procedures as outlined             may also contact other House Members
                                                   in the Page Handbook.                           within their state to seek sponsorship.
The program includes living                                                                        All communication regarding application
                                                 • Pages maintain a neat appearance
in community at the House                                                                          to the Page Program is made through the
                                                   and a hairstyle that is appropriate for
Page Residence Hall, studying                                                                      Sponsoring Member’s Office. Demand for
                                                   a business environment.
                                                                                                   the Page Program is greater than the limited
at the House Page School, and                    • Pages wear a House ID badge and the             number of slots available; unfortunately, not
working for the U.S. House                         official Page uniform at school and work.       all applicants who seek a Page position can
                                                                                                   be accepted.
of Representatives.                              Pages earn a monthly gross salary of $1,804.83,
                                                 from which automatic monthly deductions           In addition to completing the application
                                                 are made for federal and state taxes, social      requirement, applicants will be asked
                                                 security, and the 35% room and board fee.         to provide:
                                                 Pages are paid on the last working day of
ELIGIBILITY                                                                                        • Social security number
                                                 the month.
Students applying for the program should                                                           • Photo ID
meet the following requirements:                 House Pages follow the House Calendar,            • Parental/Guardian consent form
• 3.0 GPA or higher in five core                 which is subject to change. Thus, travel          • Official transcript of high school grades
  academic subjects                              plans and tickets may have to change
                                                                                                   • A minimum 250-word written essay
• High school junior                             accordingly. It is strongly recommended that
                                                                                                     (personal statement)
                                                 all travel tickets purchased during a Page’s
• A United States Citizen or subject to the      tenure be refundable and changeable.              • Two letters of recommendation
  agreements of the Department of State and
  possess a valid social security card           Pages are only permitted to return home           Pages are appointed for one semester.
• 16 years old by the beginning of the Page      on weekends when there are no scheduled
  term, but no older than 17                     Washington Seminars; family emergencies
                                                 and religious observances are an exception.
Students completing either sophomore or          Pages are not generally allowed to leave the
junior year (rising juniors or seniors) are      Page Program to attend family, home school,
eligible to participate in the summer program.   or community activities or functions that
                                                 conflict with Page Program activities.               HTTP://PAGEPROGRAM.HOUSE.GOV               1
          i       U.S. House of Representatives Page Program                                                                    i

PAGE PROGRAM FACT SHEET                                                                               l   2010 SCHOOL YEAR               l

THE HOUSE PAGE SCHOOL                           SUMMER SESSIONS                                HOUSE PAGE RESIDENTIAL LIFE
The House Page School is located in the         There are two four-week summer sessions.       The Page Residence Hall is staffed by
Jefferson Building of the Library of Congress   Pages are appointed to one session, which      a director, an assistant director, and four
and is accredited through the Middle States     depends on the Sponsoring Member’s             proctors, all of whom are adults and live
Association of Colleges and Schools. During     eligibility period.                            in the Page Residence Hall. Each room
the academic year, classes begin at 6:45 a.m.                                                  is furnished, has a private bath, and houses
and include mathematics, English, social        The Summer Sessions for 2010 are as follows:   up to four occupants.
studies, science, French/Spanish, and           Session 1: June 6–July 2
Washington Seminars.                            Session 2: July 11–August 6                    The dorm is co-educational, with one floor
                                                                                               for young men and one for young women.
The fall semester begins in September, after    Summer Pages begin school at 7:00 a.m. Pages   Rooms are inspected weekly, and curfew
Labor Day, and runs until approximately         earn 0.5 credits upon successful completion    is strictly observed at 10:00 p.m. Mondays
the end of January the following year. Spring   of the summer academic component.              through Thursdays and on Sundays. Curfew
semester begins near the end of January                                                        on Fridays and Saturdays is at 11:00 p.m.
and runs until approximately the first week                                                    Security for the residence hall includes foot
in June.                                                                                       patrols and a lobby desk staffed around the
                                                                                               clock by U.S. Capitol Police.
                                                HOUSE PAGE WORK EXPERIENCE
                                                As House staff, Pages are supervised
                                                by adult, full-time House employees and
                                                work as a team for party members. Their
                                                primary duties are delivering legislative
                                                correspondence within the congressional
                                                complex; monitoring phones in Member
                                                cloakrooms; and occasionally preparing
                                                the House Floor for sessions. To perform
                                                their duties, Pages must be able to do
                                                the following:
                                                • Work well as a team                                                 i
                                                • Walk considerable distances in a day             NEED MORE INFORMATION?
                                                • Carry and deliver packages of up              To learn more about applying to the House
                                                  to 25 pounds                                   of Representatives Page Program, please
                                                • Answer phones and speak fluent English           contact your Representative’s Office.

                                                                                                  HTTP://PAGEPROGRAM.HOUSE.GOV                 2