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              Cappelletti over 1NT
                                                      Examples                                     DEFENSE VS NOTRUMP
              — part 1                                   Say your RHO opens 1NT
                 In first seat you hold               (15–17) and you hold the following
                                                                                               vs: ___________   __________
              Q 8 A J 8 A K 10 5 K 9 8 6.         hands:                                        one suit
                                                                                               2♣ ___________ __________
              You open 1NT and your left-hand op-     A Q 9 5 2 K J 10 4 3 8 6 3
              ponent intervenes with 2 showing          Bid 2, showing both majors.
                                                                                               2♦ ___________ __________
              the majors. Don’t you just hate that?   Yes, you only have 10 high-card                & minor
                                                                                               2♥ ___________ __________
                 Bridge players have learned that     points, but the shapeliness of this
              it pays to compete over opening         hand makes it more valuable.
                                                                                                     & minor
                                                                                               2♠ ___________ __________
              strong 1NT bids when they hold          K J 9 4 3 6 K 7 Q J 10 4 2                strong or running suit
                                                                                               Dbl: __________ __________
              shapely hands. Generally, it’s best        Bid 2, showing spades and a
              to compete with hands containing a      minor suit.
                                                                                                    2NT = minors
              long suit or with two-suited hands      A 7 4 K J 10 7 3 2 8 6 5 3           __________________________
              — usually with 5–5 or even 5–4             Bid 2 showing a one suiter.
              distribution — and appropriate          This hand has only 8 HCP and may           Notice that this defense
              values.                                 not be worth much on defense, but        (Cappelletti) against the opponents’
                 The object of the interference is    it should be quite good on offense.      1NT openings is listed under the
              not to get to game, but rather trying   Remember, your aim is to interfere       heading “vs. Strong,” meaning that
              to obstruct the opponents and to do     with the opponents’ bidding.             you play it only when the opponents
              so safely. You hate it when they bid    7 4 K Q J 10 7 4 2 A Q 3 A           use a 15–17 (or 16–18) 1NT range.
              over your 1NT — turn the tables            Double. Do not bid 2 to show a       If you play a different system
              and do it to them!                      one-suited hand. You are too strong.     against weak 1NT openings (such as
                 For this to be effective, however,   If you end up defending 1NT              11–14 or 13–15 HCPs), write it in
              you need a system to define your        doubled, you can lead a heart and        the adjacent column, and write the
              bids. One of the most popular of        expect to take at least six hearts and   word “Weak” on the “vs” line.       
              these methods is called Cappelletti,    two aces. If the opponents scramble        Next month: How to respond
              a treatment that is also commonly       to safety, you can next bid your         when partner interferes over the
              known as Hamilton.                      hearts and partner will know you         opponents’ 1NT opening.
                                                      have a good hand and a good suit.
              How it works                            J 10 7 6 5 3 K 9 2 8 4 6 2                   Get ’em while
                Double shows a good hand, either         Pass. True, you have a six-card                they’re hot
              a very strong balanced hand or          spade suit, but this hand is too weak
              (better) a hand with a running suit     to compete. Do not bid 2 to show           Phyllis Prager, of Sarasota FL,
              that can be used to defeat 1NT.         a one-suited hand.                        was at a large Florida regional,
                2 shows any one suit.                                                          playing in the Senior Pairs. Wilson
                                                      Full disclosure                           Day was directing and made some
                2 shows both majors.
                                                                                                jovial and charming announcements
                2 shows hearts and a minor             When you fill out your
                                                                                                as the session was getting under
                suit.                                 convention card, don’t simply write
                                                                                                way. One of those announcements
                2 shows spades and a minor           “Cappelletti” or (worse) “Capp”           was that the playing area was “a
                suit.                                 on the convention card. Fill in           cell free zone.” Will Martzloff of
                2NT shows both minors.                what suits each bid shows on the          Rochester NY showed his quick
                Three-level bids are natural and      appropriate line.                         wit, calling out, “I’ll take two.”
              preemptive (weak).                        For example:

              44                                                                                                      Bridge Bulletin

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