Dear Kate and Sawyer from Hurley by lostbandersnatch by daet


									Dear Kate and Sawyer,

I’m sorry this has probably taken so long to get to you. Desmond sailed his boat back and I gave him this
letter to mail when he got anyplace big. I don’t know if he made it yet, but I kind of think he did. I didn’t
know your address so he was supposed to mail it to my mom because I figured she knows where Kate’s
house is.

I thought you’d like to know we buried Jack in the graveyard next to Ana Lucia in a grave Ilana made Ben
dig for himself but then she let him live. There weren’t many people to come, just Desmond and Ben
and Rose and Bernard and Vincent and some of the others that had been hiding out in the woods. I
tried to say a few words about Jack, then Rose said some nice things, and Bernard and Desmond,
although he was still pretty sick from what happened, but I’ll tell you about that later. Ben told Jack he
was sorry. He said Jack was a great man and a great leader. I think when I get time I will plant some
flowers here, those red kind. For Sun and Jen, too, and Sajid. And Libby. And all the rest.

You remember when Jack took over the island protector job from Jacob with the water and all that. Jack
made me take over as island protector just before he died to save us. He saved Desmond too. So now I
have to figure out to take care of things. I’ve been waiting for some of Jacob’s superpowers to show up
but so far I can just kind of feel what the island is doing, like when it’s going to rain, kind of like Locke
did. And I think I can tell kind of where people are around the island. Jacob left a bunch of books and
scrolls and all but they are in Latin and Greek so it’s going to take awhile to figure them out. Ben knows
a couple of people that can read them. Ben is kind of like my assistant since he knows the people and
the island. So far he is trying to do right.

 We are trying to gather up all the people that are left. It turns out there is another temple on the far
side of the island and some people stayed there through the earthquakes and all. It has a humongous
Buddha statue. Some people think it looks kinda like me. Ha ha. So we brought those people back to
Dharmaville. A few 815 survivors were there too, from the tail section. Cindy and Zach and Emma
were there. I told them when we get the radio working again, they can call their mother, and then we’ll
see about getting them home. It may be awhile before Desmond can get another submarine.

I guess you know that we have to keep the island kind of secret. But we think it moved after the
earthquake so that kind of makes it hard to find. And I guess most people wouldn’t believe the stories
about it anyhow.

If I can ever figure out how to like teleport I’ll come see you. Until then, if you want to send a message,
give it to my mom.

I miss you guys like you wouldn’t believe. I hope Claire is better and that she is back with Aaron. I love
you guys.


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