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									American Nuclear Society
  Material Science and
  Technology Division

      Presentation to the
    ANS Board of Directors
          Todd Allen
    University of Wisconsin
    June 8, 2005 San Diego
           MSTD Mission
Promotion of the development of materials
  and materials technology for application to
  all aspects of the production of nuclear
  energy and related energy sources and to
  the direct applications of radiation to
        Executive Committee
•   Chair-Todd Allen
•   Vice-Chair/Chair Elect-Ron Ballinger
•   Secretary Treasurer-Robert Hanrahan
•   BOD Liaison-Jim Tulenko
•   Executive Committee-15 members (5 per
    year group, three year terms)
       Membership Trends

              MS&T Division
1050                                 1013
 950                           926
 900   867    877    846
       2000   2001   2002     2003   2004
                       AWARDS, PLAQUES                         14000
                       NATIONAL MEETING COSTS
                       DIVISION OFFICER EXPENSE
                       STUDENT SUPPORT                                                          Income
                       SCHOLARSHIP/NEED FUNDING                                                 Expenditures
                       OTHER EXPENSES                          12000                            Balance


                                                  Income ($)



          Budget ($)                                            2000

                2005                                               0
        $1650 total budget                                              2003        2004          2005

$900 spent to date on student support                                               Year
                                                                Schumar Scholarship endowment
                Strategic Plan
• Five year plan adopted in Nov 2004
• Tactical plan adopted in Nov 2004 and updated
  in Nov 2005
     • Evaluate and revise standard schedule for recurring MSTD
       sponsored sessions
     • Develop a new “Research in Progress” session to improve the
       debate on current hot topics
     • Increase MSTD student membership
     • Increase MSTD young member (<35 years old) participants on
       Executive Board
     • Update Division Web site, Obtain feedback on “continuous
       newsletter” project
     • Make significant progress toward fully endowed Schumar
                    Succession Planning
Position         2003-2004       2004-2005       2005-2006       2006-2007

Chair            Ken Chidester   Todd Allen      Ron Ballinger   Robert
Vice-Chair       Todd Allen      Ron Ballinger   Robert          Travis Knight   New Board Members
Secretary        Ron Ballinger   Robert          Travis Knight   TBD                Arthur Motta-PSU
Program          Robert
                                 Robert          Robert          Robert
                                                                                    John Fish-KAPL
                 Hanrahan        Hanrahan        Hanrahan        Hanrahan           Scott Simonson-KAPL
Honors &
                 Jim Stubbins    Jim Stubbins    Jim Stubbins    Jim Stubbins       Rory Kennedy-INL
Schumar          Todd Allen      Todd Allen      Todd Allen      Todd Allen         Ken Geelhood-PNNL
LWR Fuel         Samim Anghaie (2007 FCWMD, 2010 MSTD)
Environmental    Todd Allen (2009)
Fuel Modeling                   v
                 Jim Tulenko (No 2006)
Embedded         Lance Snead (June 2006)
topical on
Advanced Fuels
and Materials
• MSTD transitioned to an on-line
  – Members continually add content
  – Entire membership periodically reminded
• First issue June 2004. Updated in Aug
  2004 and after November 2004 meeting.
• Semiannual list of relevant technical
  ANS Position Statements
• None
    Participation with other
• Participation with Other Professional
  – Co-sponsor Environmental Degradation
    Meeting with NACE and TMS
  – LWR Fuel Performance Conference jointly
    sponsored by ANS, ENS, and AESJ
  – Many MSTD members are also members of
    TMS and ASTM. ANS competes with
    meetings from these societies.
       Society Leadership
• MSTD members hold the following
  – ANS President
  – Incoming NPC Vice-Chair
  Non-meeting Publications
• MSTD members publish in
  – Journal of Nuclear Materials
  – Nuclear Technology
  – Nuclear Science and Engineering

  No special issues in 2004
  Professional Development
• MSTD has helped organize and has
  participated in the periodic Atomistic
  Modeling in Fuels workshops
• These workshops are being transitioned
  to a Topical Meeting (Nov 2006)
• Schumar Scholarship
  – Awarded Annually
  – Brought Endowment to $40,000 in Nov 2004
  Peer Recognition/Awards
• MSTD Awards Banquet held in Nov 2004
     • Outstanding Achievement Awards were presented to
          Arden Bement
          Everett Bloom
          Jack Carpenter
          Gary Was
     • Special Achievement Award presented to Ron Klueh for his book with Don
       Harries on the properties of irradiated ferritic-martensitic steels.
     • Significant Contribution Awards (outstanding papers presented at ANS
       meetings) were presented to:
          Ji Hyun Kim
          Travis Knight
          Sean McDeavitt
     • Literary Awards were presented to:
          Todd Allen
          Jeremy Busby
          Bob Odette
          Brian Wirth
• Mishima Award-Steve Herring 2004
            National Meeting
• National Meeting Participation
  – Pittsburgh June 2004
     • Fuels and Materials Performance
     • Reactor Pressure Boundary Penetration Degradation
  – Washington, DC Nov 2004
     • Advances in Materials Testing and Analysis
     • Development & Testing of Fuels for Advanced Reactors
  – San Diego, June 2005-initiate standard rotation
     • Materials for Supercritical Water-cooled Reactors
     • Coolant Compatibility in Lead-alloy Cooled Systems
  – Reno, Nov 2005
     • Gas Reactor Fuels
     • Fuel Modeling
               Topical Meetings
• Class I
   – LWR Fuel Performance Sep 2004
• Class II
   – Environmental Degradation-Aug 2005
• Class III
      • ICAPP ‘04 Pittsburgh
            – Materials/Corrosion Issues of Supercritical Water
              Reactors (Panel)
            – Structural and Materials Modeling and Analysis
            – Materials for Space Reactor Concepts
            – Fuel Design and Irradiation Issues for Next Generation
            – Advanced Issues in Welding and Material
        • Reno June 2006 Nuclear Fuels and Structural Materials for the
          Next Generation Nuclear Reactors
        • Albuquerque 2006 Atomistic Modeling in Nuclear Fuel Systems
                              Division Metrics
        Division                                  Division                                   Division                                  Division Services to
        Meetings                                 Governance                               Contributions to                                Membership

        National                                     Succession                                 ANS Position                                    Professional
        Meeting                                       Planning                                   Statements                                     Development
      Participation                             Included in 2004 Strategic P lan         MSTD is not responsible fo r Position State      Atomistic Modeling in Fuels ANS 2004

2004: 1 session 1panel/2 session 0panel
  Embedded Topical ICAPP Ju ne 04

            Class I                                Membership                             Participation with                                    Scholarships
           Class II                                  Trends                              Outside Professional
           Topicals                                                                            Societies
                                                                                                                                             Schumar Scholarship Š Endowed
LWR Fuel Perfo rmance Conf Sept 04            966 mem bers +4.3% change 2004                   Active P art. with TMS, NACE
Base calendar mtg: -/+25% (210/194)
 Conf on Degradation of Materials

           Class III                           Communications                                       Society                                 Peer Recognition/
           Topicals                                                                                Leadership                                    Awards
      ICAPP Embedded Ju ne 04                      Online newsletter in 2004                   Both Mtgs.: 75% Exec Comm.
                                                   website updated in 2004                           Both P DC; NP C                    Mishima Award; Outstanding Achievement
                                                                                                                                        Awards 04; Special Achievemen t Award 04;
                                                                                                                                                   Literary Awards 04

                                                       Division                                  Non-Meeting                                         Student
                                                       Planning                                  Publications                                        Support
                                          2004 Strat gic P lan submitted to P DC Chair     MSTD does not support non-mtg pubs          MSTD provided Student Conf support in 2004.
• Strong focus on technical programming and
  establishing meetings/sessions that are
  routinely attended by the international
  – Standard programming
  – New topical meetings
• Engaging young members on executive board
• Adequate performance for all Division Metrics
  and Measures

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