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Exploring the Universe: April                                     Planetary Atmospheres: July
Exploring the Universe: October                                   Astronomy for Teachers: Sep – Jan
The Universe Through A Small Telescope: December                  Modern Cosmology: May
The Universe Through A Small Telescope: June                      Universe Through A Large Telescope: July
Galaxies : February                                               The Science of Science Fiction: March
Planetary Geology: November                                       Stars: September
Gamma Ray Bursts: May                                             Extra-solar Planets: November (t.b.c.)
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students. Double module courses (Exploring the Universe and The Universe Through A Large
Telescope) cost twice this amount. Please enter the total amount in the box to the right.              £
These fees are inclusive of a bursary from Liverpool John Moores University. Fee amounts
are valid for courses starting prior to August 2010.
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4) If you live in the UK and do not have a University degree and are in receipt of benefits or a state pension,
you may be entitled to fee remission. Please tick the box for further details.
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