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					Twitter – You Need an Account Today

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

Twitter – You Need an Account Today

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                    Twitter – You Need an Account Today

WHAT IS TWITTER AND HOW DOES IT WORK?......................... 5

WHY IS TWITTER SO POPULAR? ............................................... 7

TWITTER- IS IT FOR YOU ......................................................... 9

USERS GUIDE TO TWITTER ..................................................... 11

NETWORKS TO BE USED?........................................................ 13

WHO CAN YOU FIND ON TWITTER? ........................................ 15


............................................................................................... 19

HOW DO YOU CONNECT ON TWITTER ..................................... 21

HOW TO USE TWITTER EFFECTIVELY ...................................... 23

CAN YOU MAKE MONEY ON TWITTER...................................... 25

TWITTER VERSUS OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKS ........................ 27

TWITTER AND INTERNET MARKETING .................................... 29


USING TWITTER FOR MARKETING .......................................... 33

............................................................................................... 35

TECH AND TWITTER ............................................................... 37

                    Twitter – You Need an Account Today

PEOPLE USING TWITTER IN THE NEWS .................................. 39

A PESSIMISTS VIEW OF TWITTER .......................................... 41

............................................................................................... 43

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

What is Twitter and How Does It Work?

Twitter is the latest in social networking and is a great way to keep co-
workers, family and friends up to date with what someone is doing.
This uses an instant messenger as well as mobile texting and other
venues. The message limits are of 140 characters per tweet. This is
enough for a quick update. Twitter was conceived and invented by
Jack Dorsey and became incorporated in 2007. It has since become an
internet sensation. It is also categorized as microblogging.
Microblogging is simply a smaller form of blogging and works the

Once a tweet is posted, people can easily see what other people are
doing as well as keep others informed of what is going on with them as
well. This concept relies heavily on messengers, no matter if it is a cell
phone, instant messenger or through websites that are specific to
Twitter. This site asks only one question: “What are you doing?” The
answer is `40 characters and thousands of people can see the result
immediately. To use Twitter, one needs a Twitter account. How do you
sign up for a free Twitter account? Simple go to and sign

You will need to create a profile, add a picture and link your account to
a web page, cell phone or instant messaging service and you are all
set. Be sure when using instant messenger services that they are
allowed to receive and transmit messages from others. Your updates
are called “Tweets”. Twitter can also be linked to other social
networks, websites and blogs. For example, post an update on your
website and use the Twitter button. This will send updates to the

                Twitter – You Need an Account Today

specified persons and will only work if you are logged into your Twitter

You can also follow other people as well. This is an easy way to meet
new people and very soon, many people will be following you on
Twitter. This is one very unique social media network and tool that can
help with staying in touch with people, article marketing, promoting
website traffic and social networking. This site is very user friendly and
will walk someone through the entire process of setting up their
account. Twitter also has a FAQ or frequently asked questions on their
site to help those with some common questions that come up when
using Twitter on various media or how to set it up.

One thing to remember when using Twitter is to update once or twice
a day on this particular service. Don‟t overdo it with the messages.
This can lead to people removing you from their list and can lead to
frustration. Send about one message a day or create specific groups
for you to send updates to. This will keep the frustration level down
and keep friends on your list. A word of warning here is needed.
Twitter is very popular with spammers, internet marketers, and other
various „bots. All in all, Twitter is a fantastic tool for keeping
individuals connected in this busy world.

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

Why is Twitter So Popular?

Out of all the social networks that are available to you such as
Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and others, why is Twitter the most
popular of them all? Is it because it is a unique site that many people
immediately flock to? What makes this site more popular than all the
others combined? Let‟s answer this question. Twitter is popular
precisely because it is so unique and its formation will allow you to
present updates through multiple media and not just one or two as
some of the other sites will attest. There is also a challenge to update
with only 140 characters per line and only one line to use.

While other networking sites have more room to blog, they really don‟t
offer you the unique services of being able to update from all sorts of
media including instant messengers, cell phones, web sites and other
approved media. While you can tweet as much as you want remember
that you have the potential for too much information. Yes even with
only 140 characters you can display too much information and this will
keep people from reading your updates and will also allow them to
remove you from their following list.

Twitter is also unique in the sheer amount of applications that will
work with not only Twitter but also other sites such as Facebook or
MySpace for example. All of these applications can be found either on
the Twitter site or by searching through the internet using the search
terms “twitter applications”. This is a free site much like the others but
Twitter seems to be having growing pains as well as attracting more

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

people than the other social networks combined. Twitter is a fresh new
way to keep in contact with friends, family and business associates.

With that being said, what makes it so different from the other social
sites. One of its most startling differences is the fact that this is a site
devoted to microblogging. Microblogging is very much like blogging
but just at a smaller level than the regular blogging. It takes a bit of
mastery in order to convey what you want in as little as 140
characters. For the most part, these tweets have more information
packed into them than a regular blog does in 500 words or so. While
trash can appear in tweets, as well as in blogs, the way to avoid it is
not posting trash to the site.

With that being said, Twitter is also popular with both internet
marketers who are trying to exploit its potential as well as spammers.
Most marketers will know that someone will open a message if it
comes from Twitter. The spammers however are a scourge that all
social sites have and that Twitter is working to put a stop to. So you
have a mixed bag when you have an account at any social site and not
just Twitter. Twitter is just the better known and recommended due to
its uniqueness and short capacity for messages.

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

Twitter- Is it For You

Twitter is one of the fastest growing social markets in the world.
However, not everyone is on the Twitter bandwagon. There are some
growing frustrations with this particular network. One of the
frustrations that is prevalent in the Twitterverse is the shortness of the
blogs. 140 characters sometimes are not enough to convey what you
want to convey to your audience. Another common complaint is that
you have to deal with „bots that are little more than spammers. These
bots can actually lower your ranking in Twitter and can be noted with
the fact that these bots spam your page every 15 minutes.

Complaints are also being registered about the people who “follow”
your pages. There is some general confusion on the part of new users
as to what the rules are especially in business for following people and
having them follow you. Reasonably, while you can follow up to a
certain number of members, this is a time consuming process that can
take several times to get the number of followers that you need in
order to make a living with Twitter and your business. Time is money
in the business world and you need the fastest result in the shortest
amount of time.

Controversy also follows the idea of “buying” Twitter followers. While
there are many that subscribe to this belief, there are many more that
do not agree with this as a viable business option due to the fact that
these followers are often not “qualified” as far as helping your business
or service is concerned. While for most people Twitter is the hottest
thing since an 8 alarm blaze, there are many who would disagree with

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

the popularity of Twitter. The objections don‟t come from
technophobes, but actual businesses that see a problem with the
usage of Twitter.

For some, the idea of constantly “Twittering” about every single thing
that you do stretches the bounds of sensibility and morality. Let‟s face
it not everyone wants to know what you had for lunch, whom you slept
with, ect. This is factual overload ad nauseum. This fact alone turns a
lot of people away from Twitter. Not everyone wants to parade around
blowing their own horn in a sea of blowing horns. While a lot of major
media are also on Twitter and a veritable who‟s who anywhere in the
world uses this service, you would be surprised that the ones that
don‟t use Twitter.

So with that fact in mind, you need to really be sure that Twitter will
be an asset to your organization. It doesn‟t always work for everyone.
The decision to use Twitter in business should be made after careful
research of the facts in a neutral way. Both the good and bad should
be analyzed before using this service. Don‟t be swayed by the
advertising that follows Twitter. Don‟t believe everything that you read
in publicity either. Take the time to thoroughly research before wasting
valuable time and money on a service that could be worthless to you
in the long run.

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

Users Guide to Twitter

If you are like most folks new to Twitter, you need a handy user guide
to help you navigate Twitter. Many people have posted users guides
before, but this one is short, sweet and to the point. Let‟s talk about
what Twitter is. Twitter is a social networking tool that is free and it
helps to keep people connected both with one another and with all
sources of information. Users of Twitter submit updates of up to 140
characters. These updates can be what one is doing, useful
information, celebrity sightings and other information that the user
chooses to tweet about.

Twitter is the name of the social network. The term of tweet or
twittering is the name of the activity of updating your page. Tweets
are individual updates and Twitterers is the name given to people who
use this service. Your “friends” on this network are labeled followers.
Twitterers can follow anyone they choose by simply selecting the
follow button next to a user name. The user then can decide to follow
you if they wish. That is how following works on Twitter. Twitter is
used for updating activities, comments, news and other vital

Some use the service as followers. You can see snippets of news as it
occurs. Most, if not all tweets are written by very real people. Others
are automatically generated such as those from news organizations,
government offices and the like. Many of the tweets of this nature will
give you an URL to follow to in order to get the rest of the news and
information. Twitter works with any web browser and once you go to

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today
          , you can see updates from those you follow and also
post updates about what you are doing as well. So the communication
is really a two way street.

This also works with instant messaging and cell phones. Privacy is also
a big issue at Twitter. Twitter doesn‟t hold any personal information
about their users like other networks do. The way it operates is by at
least 8o percent of the public keeping their updates public. However,
you can protect your updates by setting your updates to grant
permission only to certain people to see your updates. If you are not
comfortable by telling someone your real name on Twitter, just give
them your username instead. You also can personalize your Twitter

You do that by uploading photos and changing the background of
Twitter. Your icon on Twitter can also be personalized. There are many
different applications that work well with Twitter and Twitter works
with any browser or mobile phone. If you want to reply to someone
use the @username format. For a longer message you will need to use
the Direct Messages link to post a longer message. You may also
favorite your favorite tweets and tweeters by selecting the star by the
tweet. This is basically how you use Twitter and hopefully some of the
mystery of using Twitter can be solved. Twitter is a fun service that
can connect the world.

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

Why Use Twitter, When There Are Other Social
Networks To Be Used?

When you are talking a look at all the social networks that are on the
internet and growing daily, you may ask yourself “Why Use Twitter
When There are Other Social Networks Around?” There are various
answers to that particular question. Twitter is indeed unique amongst
its social networking kin. It uses the technique of microblogging and a
limited space for posting updates, unlike MySpace, LinkedIn and other
social media which offer at least a 500 word margin for updates. It has
set the internet buzzing like no other social media of its kind.

While it doesn‟t have some of the ideas that are incorporated into
other social networks such as large blogging spaces, it more than
makes up for that with a wide variety of applications for use with
Twitter. You can even use videos and pictures by using one of the
applications that are specific for use with Twitter such as Twiddeo for
video components and Twitpic for uploading pictures to Twitter. You
can have a lot of fun with this network just like the other social
networks but with a 140 character limit, you test the limits of your
creativity every single time you tweet.

Now, if you are a busy person, Twitter is an ideal fit because you can
tweet as much as you like and can log in from many different media to
tweet about what is going on in your world. You can also follow people
and have them follow you, much like any other social network.
However, overkill on the tweets is really not recommended. To be

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

blunt, no one wants to know what color your pee is or who you slept
with last night. Be informative without being overboard about it.

One thing to remember also is that Twitter does attract spammers and
internet marketers. If you get any of these, just remove them from
your list and go on. Twitter is taking steps, much like MySpace to keep
this from happening. Of course you can get that also with the other
social networks, but it is more common on Twitter. Twitter is fun to
use just like the other social networks but doesn‟t require membership
fees for premium services and anyone can use it without having to
have a technical degree. It is easy to use and to set up an account.

Twitter does stand out from all the other social networks due to its
popularity. It is at the forefront of popular culture and more people
join Twitter every day. However, some don‟t choose to use Twitter and
that is fine for them. Twitter really is the hottest network going. You
can do so much with Twitter and even though there are limits to how
many you can follow, the limits are a lot higher than MySpace and
other social media of its kind. Interested in finding out more about
Twitter? All you need to do is just go to and sign up
for an account today. You will join millions on this site and there are
many new friends waiting for you here.

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

Who Can You Find On Twitter?

Twitter is a worldwide phenomenon and may cause you to ask, who
can you find on Twitter? The answer is that most anybody that has
Twitter can be found on the network. This includes celebrities, royalty,
News anchors, Television and radio stations as well as the friend next
store, football teams and NASCAR teams. Whatever you are looking
for, you can certainly find on Twitter. Many well known organizations
use Twitter to keep their employees and the public at large informed of
what is going on in their particular business. The case in point here
would be government agencies such as NASA for example.

Another idea of who to find on Twitter can be as simple as well known
celebrities. Lance Armstrong, Britney Spears, Madonna, and a whole
host of celebrities from the world of athletics, music, television, radio
and movies. All you have to do is search for the name that you are
looking for and hit follow to follow them on Twitter. They are indeed on
Twitter and a lot of times their official website will give their Twitter
address so that fans can follow them. One notorious example is Ashton
Kutcher and his war with CNN.

Government and politicos can also be found on Twitter. President
Obama has followers here as does Hillary Clinton. There are also many
politicians from around the world that use Twitter to alert their
followers of the latest policy decisions, appearances, latest legislation
and laws as well as keeping in contact with their constituency. This is a
much easier way to keep up with the latest politics in your area. If
your particular politician or elected leader has a Twitter account, then

                Twitter – You Need an Account Today

you can follow them via their updates on Twitter. It really is that
simple to do.

If you have a favorite school or college, chances are that your school
is on Twitter. Their home page will tell you if they have a Twitter
account or you will see the bird representing Twitter somewhere on
their site. Many well known colleges and schools all over the world will
have a Twitter account and will update both students and alumni of
the latest happenings in the school. They will also allow for updates
for school holidays, tests and exams as well as other pertinent
information that is needed to inform the public at large of things that
they need to know.

Besides the above mentioned people, did you know you can also find
friends and family on Twitter? If you are looking for family, just
search by name. Same will go for any friends that you may have or
even coworkers. This is an easy way to find people on Twitter. You can
also search by interest or company name if you want to find the
company that you work for to keep updated on the latest information.
So it is very easy to find many different types of people. All it takes is
a little patience and time and you can soon connect with those people
that you wish to connect with.

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

What Kind of Fun Things Can You Do With

Since Twitter is a social network, you would be asking what fun things
you can do with a social network such as Twitter. You would be
surprised at the fun things that you can do when on Twitter. You can
listen to radio and podcast, send instant messages, upload video and
photographs and find new people who share your interests on Twitter.
That is just the start of things. There are also groups that you can join,
causes that you can join. You can also learn about world and current

There actually is a lot to do on Twitter. You can read through your
following‟s updates and post your own. You can also get
recommendations such as good restaurants, give traffic reports or find
your next flight. You can read the latest news and weather by
following media outlets. You can also hear or find the newest and
freshest music and video, again by outlet or by update. If you are a
gamer, you can find plenty of information on the hottest games going
for any type of gaming system that you may own or find the creator of
your favorite video game and just chat!

If you are into movies, you can read reviews and check show times
from Twitter for your favorite movie theatre. You can also find people
to talk to based on interests, geographic location, business or
professional association and the list goes on and on. You can even find
out what is on your favorite TV network or cable network simply by
following that particular outlet. You can also find your favorite celebrity

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

or personality and keep up on their news simply by following them via
Twitter. They are not hard to look up at all.

For sports types, check out your favorite teams by following them on
Twitter for the latest scores, player information and news. You really
can‟t beat the horse‟s mouth for the greatest information. When
traveling, you can also get weather reports from Twitter by going to a
weather station such as or other companies that have
Twitter links or accounts. For maps and locations simply check out
mapping features or use a Twitter application to map you way to
where you want to go. For shopping, check out a store Twitter updates
such as Macy or Amazon.

So you see there is much to do when visiting Twitter. You have the
best of both worlds in one location. All the information that you need is
at your fingertips and accessible via the Twitter account. This is a way
to not only entertain but to also educate yourself in the process.
Twitter isn‟t going anywhere any time soon and it looks to get bigger
every single day. So if you want a lot to do in one place, Twitter is the
space! With so much information that is available on Twitter, you
would be hard pressed to find this with another social network or

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

To Twitter or Not to Twitter – That Begs the

So you have heard of Twitter. Who hasn‟t unless they have been under
a rock for the last couple of years? Twitter is a microblogging social
network that allows users to tweet or update everyone on their list
with an update of 140 characters or one full sentence. So with all the
hype and buzz that surrounds Twitter, the question is asked – To
Twitter or Not to Twitter. Well that practically begs a question right off
the bat! The question being begged in this particular instance is or
may be Who Cares?

The answer to the begged question is quite a lot of people actually!
Twitter is actually more popular than most other social sites that are
currently up and running due to its unique formation and ease of use
with multiple media. With that popularity, though come some
naysayers and some negativity and or disbelief in the Twitter process
as well as some general condescending towards Twitter users. This
could also be due to a misunderstanding due to not understanding how
Twitter works. Many who have doubts can also consider themselves
not technically savvy or they have just gotten bad reviews of Twitter.

But, to be fair, there are those that do not like Twitter. That is for
them to decide. The format is a bit different than a regular social site.
For example, Twitter only allows 140 characters whereas other social
sites have room for over 500 words in their blogs. This difference is
known as microblogging. Microblogging is the little sibling to the full
feature blogging on a regular social site. With that explanation, it is

                Twitter – You Need an Account Today

easy to see why people will get frustrated with Twitter. That is the
main reason for frustration for Twitter haters.

Another reason for frustration is that they do not understand the
principles behind Twitter, nor what value it has for others. Their
answer to the question would be “who cares about Twitter!” They do
not like Twitter and will not like it. That is quite all right. There is
nothing wrong with not liking Twitter nor understand how it is used.
That is fair to all concerned. Now for those who love Twitter, then the
answer is a resounding yes! Twitter away! Regardless of the problems
that can be found such as security problems, spammers and others of
that ilk most people love Twitter.

So the answer to the question depends entirely on your perceptions of
Twitter. Love it or hate it, it is here to stay and growing by leaps and
bounds every month. You owe it to yourself to at least check Twitter
out and see what the fuss is all about. Then make up your mind
whether to Twitter or not to Twitter. Remember that even though any
social site goes through growing pains, it will be better in the end.
Twitter is fair warning that new is different is unique. The uniqueness
will stay with Twitter no matter where it ends up. To Twitter or not to
Twitter? That is the question!

                  Twitter – You Need an Account Today

How Do You Connect On Twitter

If you have been under a rock for some time now, you may not know
about Twitter or its potential to keep in contact with family, friends
and coworkers. There is a lot of buzz about Twitter and you may want
to separate the fact from the fiction. Twitter is ideal for people to not
only catch up with people that they know or work with, but it has a
great potential for making new friends on Twitter. It is really easy to
do and doesn‟t take a lot of technical knowledge to work for you.

So how do you connect on Twitter? You will need to sign up for an
account on Twitter. By going to their website and clicking the join
button, you will be asked to choose a user name and pass code. After
that, you will need to fill out a profile and place a picture to identify
yourself on the site. Then you fill out other information and then you
are set. The next thing to do will be to link your account to a cell
phone, web blog or web site. This is also easy to do and allows you to
tweet from multiple media.

Once you have posted your profile, then you can now search for
people to follow. You can use the search feature to look up people that
you have shared interests with. Twitter will also give you some
suggestions of people that you may want to follow. It is up to you if
you choose to follow any of the suggestions that they provide you
with. You can also look someone up by their name. SO now you know
how to find people to connect with on Twitter. Your next idea will be to
start tweeting.

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

You will post a 140 character tweet on your site. With this character
limit, you really can‟t go overboard. Make sure you tweet about
something relevant though. Don‟t tweet trash. If you feel that you
wouldn‟t want to read the post, then others may not either. Tweet at
least twice a day and continue tweeting. Soon other people will start
following you to find out what you are up to next. You can have as
many followers as you want to. Just remember to tweet relevant
things that pertain to you and your ideas. Make the most of your

Another way to make new connections is to ask question or tweet
information that could be useful to other people. This is also a great
way to make new connections and make new friends on Twitter. So
why not sign up for a Twitter account today and see just where that
leads you. There are many new faces and friends to be found on
Twitter. All it takes is an account with Twitter, a cell phone or other
messaging device and you are set. Come join Twitter today and find
old and new friends to be had when using Twitter as a means of
communication and staying in touch.

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

How to Use Twitter Effectively

When you are thinking of using Twitter, you need to know how to use
it effectively. To do this, you need to have a plan of action before you
even sign up for an account with Twitter. Remember that Twitter
functions just like an instant messenger. You can send short messages
about anything that you want to share. Make sure that you have a
plan of action before signing up for an account for Twitter. No matter
what you are using Twitter for, you need to have a plan that will make
use of Twitter effectively.

Now you will need to open your account on Twitter. Time should be
spent in making your name choices and your profile picture. Your
username and picture need to easily identify you to your followers and
an audience. This will become a permanent Twitter URL. The picture
should be of a company logo or a close up of you. Make sure that you
keep your purpose in mind when choosing these important elements.
You will need to search after you have completed your profile. You can
follow people who have the same likes that you do, or professional or
geographic location.

Your next step is to twitter. Post updates to your status. Answer the
question of “What are you doing”. Each status message must be
related to your purpose on Twitter remember to tweet information
pertinent to you as well as helpful to your general audience.
Remember, the more value that you put in your tweets, the more that
your site will rank high in the Twitterverse and the more that you will
be followed. When tweeting, remember to not post trash. If you think

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

that your post sounds like trash, then don‟t post it. This is a simple
reminder to keep your posts relevant.

Your next thing to remember is to engage your readers actively.
Respond to the tweets of those that you are following. You can quick
reply by using the standard @username format. For a longer message
use the direct message tool for longer messages. Ask and answer
questions, congratulate people and provide helpful tips. This is actively
engaging other Twitter users. Another idea is to use Twitter to give
away free gifts. This is a good way to build relationships and can also
be used as a marketing tool for your business.

You can also use Twitter application tools to make your accounts even
easier. These tools can also help you to sort your follower‟s comments
by topic. You can even set up an auto responder for your account that
will send your updates on a pre -determined schedule. You can also
find these tools online at many different web sites or through Twitter.
So this is how you can use Twitter effectively by following the tips that
are listed in this particular article. They are easy to follow and are not
hard to understand. These tips will help you to make the best usage
out of Twitter that you possibly can.

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

Can You Make Money on Twitter

This question is being hotly debated all over the internet right now.
The answer will depend upon who you are and your usage of Twitter
as not only a networking tool but a marketing tool. The argument goes
that you can use Twitter to make money. Well, how true is that really.
If you are a big corporation that has millions of dollars in advertising
on Twitter, then yes you can would be the answer given to you. Now
let‟s look at the other side of the equation here. Twitter is not known
for being able to make money off of it.

This is a social site and its focus is not on making money or helping
someone to make money. Unfortunately and depending upon whom
you talk to, most time the answer is NO. The reason for that is being
that there really is not a way to make money using this particular site
unless you are a big corporation that can spend millions of dollars on
ads that reside in Twitter. While you can advertise via your tweets and
events, this is not really making money off Twitter. You cannot use
Twitter physically to make money off of.

You can only promote your product or service via Twitter. As far as
affiliates and other money producing ideas like this, Twitter says on
their site that no money making opportunities are available at this
particular time. So unless you are someone like Dell or IBM, you
definitely cannot make money by using this site. It honestly is not set
up for making money via things such as affiliate marketing. In the
future, maybe there will be a chance for you to make money with
Twitter as a whole. That is the future though, not right now.

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

The only way to possibly make money would be to use Twitter as a
marketing machine. When I say marketing, I do mean internet
marketing. But you really need to beware about doing this with
Twitter. Many people do not like receiving messages of this sort,
especially if they did not ask for the communication in the very first
place. You need to remember to use this stuff ethically in order to
market your product. But this is not truly making money with Twitter.
This is just promotion that will lead to sales but doesn‟t give you sales
directly from Twitter.

So the short answer to can you make money on Twitter is absolutely
not. Until such time as Twitter puts either an affiliate program into
their program, the answer is no. Not unless you are a corporation that
spends plenty of money and has plenty of advertising on Twitter. So
the potential is not there for money making at this particular time for
small business. In the future after things have been developed, then
the answer may be a yes. But until that time, no you cannot make
money on Twitter. The hope is that someday you can make money on

              Twitter – You Need an Account Today

Twitter versus Other Social Networks

If you are in the know, you know that Twitter is one of many social
networks that can be utilized for connecting with people, promotion
and simply having a fun time. Social networks are made for people to
connect with other people of like mind and interest. So, no matter
what social network that you use, how do they stack up? How do they
stack up against Twitter? Each social network has many plus and
minuses to it. So which one stacks up to what you need for a social
network? Let‟s take a look.

When you are comparing networks, you may find that you are
comparing apples to oranges. This is true when you are comparing
Twitter to other social networks. Each network has ability for video and
audio as well as making friends and meeting new people. Each one has
a variety of ways to connect and to share information as well as
entertainment options and clubs or groups that you can join for free.
There are so many different ways to connect to other users and to find
out information as well as enjoy talking to other people using many
different messages.

All social networks are designed so that you can connect to other users
and make friends. Each has a place for meetings, updates and blogs.
The difference with Twitter is that you only have a 140 character limit
for your posts. You can post all you want, but you have only 140
characters to do so as opposed to blogs on all the other social
networks that can hold up to 500 words or more. Each of the networks
has places to connect using different social sites such as Digg, Squidoo

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

and others. They also have their own RSS feeds so that you can keep
people informed on your latest.

So you could say that each of these social networks has a great many
similarities. One of the glaring differences is that Twitter seems to
have them in the dust as far as popularity goes. There are many well
known people from media, Hollywood and other notables that have
pages on all of the social networks. It is a matter of choice as to which
network that you choose to use. Twitter is a very unique media and
does have some things that the others do not.

Specifically, the fact that Twitter can use multiple media to announce
your tweets to the world. It also has the ability to follow a lot of
different people. You can also use Twitter to market your product and
service by following a marketing plan. So Twitter can and does
outshine most of the other social networks. Bear in mind that the
same things that can plague other social networks also can play on
Twitter. There are spammers that lurk on all social networks, so some
things may not be able to avoid problems such as this. However,
Twitter and other social networks are taking steps to eradicate
spammers and spam bots.

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

Twitter and Internet Marketing

When you think about internet marketing, what comes to mind?
Seeing advertisements on all social networks? How to do internet
marketing on these types of networks? That and more are probably
going through your mind as you read this. So what link does internet
marketing have with Twitter and are the two compatible? The short
answer is that yes, they are compatible. However, there are certain
rules that you must follow when internet marketing on Twitter so that
you are not accused of spamming everyone and worse yet, getting
your Twitter account closed for doing so. Here is how to avoid that
particular problem.

First, make sure that your content on Twitter is relevant. You need to
be seen as a help and not a hindrance. Unfortunately for most
marketing people, they violate that cardinal rule of not spamming their
followers. Second, make sure that your content is also fresh and
thought provoking. Third, remember to follow Twitters Terms of
Service or TOS. Failure to do so will get your account banned faster
than the sinking of the Titanic. You need to be sure that any material
that you are promoting doesn‟t violate the TOS for Twitter.

Ask questions and answer them. Provide relevant tips and hints to
make people think, or to help their lives in some small way. When you
are marketing, here is a tip for you to remember. When someone joins
your following, thank them with a free gift. There is no better way to
build a relationship than to do this. This is also a part of savvy internet
marketing. When you are marketing, be sure that your services are

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

what people really want and need and not just some junk picked up to
make a buck. Nothing sours a relationship quicker.

You have to have trust in order to build any type of relationship. Your
reputation has to be above board when dealing with both internet
marketing and your following. There are no second chances here folks.
You have to be able to be an authority before you have credibility. This
is what will either make or break your reputation. By using internet
marketing to promote your product or service, you will be placing
yourself as an expert in the field. By also being and building
relationships, you will add credibility to your claims as far as your
product or service is concerned.

This is also called building your brand. So now you know how to use
Twitter and internet marketing. It is easy to do provided that you
follow simple rules provided by Twitter. Remember that to use internet
marketing effectively on a social site such as Twitter, you have to have
relationships built and trust formed before you even try to internet
market to promote your product or business. That is just the way it is.
Most internet marketers are savvy enough to avoid the problems of
spamming and turning their followers into ones that won‟t have
anything to do with your product or business.

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

The Importance of Twitter in Your Business

If you have a business, or you are looking to start a business, Twitter
can be a valuable ally to have. The reason is simple. You can not only
keep in contact with business employees and partners, but you can
also keep in contact with your customers as well as make new
customers and business associates. How do you do that, you may ask?
Simple! Have a Twitter account with a profile and picture, tweet
updates, helpful hints, answer questions and you can do no wrong.
You can also search Twitter for other businesses that complement your
business or whose services you may need.

That is what the search feature is for. This allows you to find people by
likes, geographic location, business or business association as well as
several other factors. By being an active member in the community,
you begin to build relationships and trust is obtained. By tweeting
updates that are clear and original without being trashy or vague, you
can let everyone know about your latest openings, contact employees
and basically keep up with your business using Twitter. It really is that
simple to use and signing up for an account is free.

Now that you have an account, you need to set it up with
personalization, and profile information about your business. Make
sure that your username reflects your business. It would be very hard
to take a username of clown cakes seriously if you are talking about a
monastery. The username is your unique URL on Twitter and how your
associates and clients will find you. So you must choose one that is
unique but also expresses the business that you are operating. Next is
personalization with profile picture and background. You will look more

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

professional if you have a different background from the one that
Twitter provides.

Now you need to start updating people. You need to remember also
that you have a limited amount of space to be able to do so. 140
characters isn‟t a lot, to be honest. So be careful with your tweets. You
can tweet as many times a day as you wish. However it is a good
business idea to tweet either once or twice a day so you don‟t get
accused of either spamming or having too much information on your
page. Make sure the content is interesting and catches the reader‟s

Now that you are updating and tweeting, how about throwing in some
helpful hints, questions and answers to your list. This will help you to
build a lasting relationship with your customers and potential clients.
You can also do some internet marketing here, but please remember
the rules about spamming and content that may violate TOS. That will
get your account banned faster than the Hindenburg went down.
Remember, the more you stay in line with the rules, the less chance
that you will go overboard and break trust that you have worked so
hard to gain and maintain. This is why Twitter is so good for business
and business is good for Twitter.

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

Using Twitter for Marketing

When you are thinking about marketing, Twitter may come to mind.
Twitter is the newest of the social media to make the news and you
can just bet that you can use Twitter for marketing. Why use it for
marketing? The answer is very simple. You have a readymade list that
you can promote and market your site, space or services to many
different people. So how do you use Twitter for marketing? There are
many different ideas on how to do this very thing. Some ideas include,
keeping in touch with media or bloggers, engage a CEO in social
media, announce sales, promote webinars, blogs and interesting news.

Here is a step by step formula for using Twitter for marketing or PR.
You will need to have a Twitter account. You will need to sign in and
post your profile, then write some updates, By making friends you will
have an audience of people that you follow and they, in turn will follow
you. You will then need to post URLs. If you have a long one, use the
service at You can also monitor conversations about
your company even if you don‟t use Twitter.

You will also need to be able to chat in Twitter by using the @ symbol
in front of someone‟s name. You will need to build your network,
engage your community then track and analyze. You will need to
decide on what brand you are going to work with, whether it be a
personal brand or company brand. Make sure that you personalize
your profile. Let your particular brand shine. You can also use Twitter
to follow other people, thus allowing their followers to follow you. You
can also follow the top ranked followers and follow who the leaders

                 Twitter – You Need an Account Today

Engage other people in conversation. Then create your company page
on Twitter. Follow people who are following you to build an even
bigger following. This will build your network. Remember when you are
engaging people that it is a discussion and not a broadcast.
Communicate with your customers via Twitter. You can also use
favorites for Save Highlights. You need to also save testimonials and
video testimonials to your page. Remember when you are using
Twitter that you publish helpful content that is helpful to everyone. If
you have events, remember to post them on Twitter so that everyone
will know about them.

You can use Twitter for meeting people. This is very similar to the
Meetup events that happen in real time. At the same time, when you
are using Twitter, keep the information simple and not too much
information. This can lead to people removing you from their friends
list. You can keep track of people by the follower count on your site.
You can also measure your replies to track and analyze your position
and how good you are doing. Remember to use Twitter feed and hash
tags to keep track of how you are doing; This is how you use Twitter
for marketing.

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

Where Do All the Advertisers Come From On

You may notice that there are many different advertisers on Twitter.
The question is where did they all come from? There are many
advertisers that pay to advertise on Twitter and they pay for either
text or banner ads so that you, the consumer will see their ads and
hopefully purchase their products or services. The advertisers come
from all parts of the globe and their goal is to sell you a product or
service that they are offering to you. So matter what type of service or
product that you may use, there could be a product or service you
may want or use.

Advertisers such as Coca-Cola, Dell, IBM, Microsoft, Nike and others
pay for advertising in Twitter and these ads are sprinkled throughout
the site. There are also ads from Google that are also interspersed
throughout the site. These are targeted ads that target certain
subjects or products and are clickable on the page itself. There are
many different advertisers that will pay good money to be on Twitter
due to the exposure that Twitter allows and these advertisers can
reach many millions of people at the same time.

They usually sign up for an advertising account. This advertising
account still has to follow Twitter‟s TOS and rules for advertising. They
select the advertisers that they want to appear on the site and they
will also design these ads so that they have maximum appeal for the
mass audience that they will be trying to reach. This is also another
way that advertisers have to not only build their brand but to also
show new and improved brands to a possible buying public. Each of

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

these brand names is well known and will be able to pull people to
their ads quite effectively.

Since Twitter is a social network, anything that relates to the social
lives of the users is fair game for advertising on Twitter. From shoes to
soft drinks, from computers to video games, this list goes on and on
forever. There is no limit to the advertisers that can advertise on this
network. So if you are hunting for a certain product, chances are that
you can find an advertiser advertising it on Twitter. Even topics related
to tweets can also have advertisements targeting the particular subject
matter that the tweet is about. So yes, there are many advertisers on

No matter if you like advertising or not, social networks such as
Twitter carry advertising to offset the cost of operating a free site.
These advertisers pay a good price to be featured in networks such as
this one. This is why advertisers advertise on networks. They hope
that their advertisements will entice you to buy their products. It is a
win-win situation for both the network and the advertisers. So when
you complain about advertising on Twitter, bear in mind that those
advertisers are helping to keep Twitter free for you and me. So go
easy on the griping about advertising on Twitter.

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

Tech and Twitter

When you are looking at technical applications, bear in mind that
Twitter is high tech and that can scare the skin off of a technophobe.
Tech plays an important role in Twitter as it is set up for use with
many different media such as web pages, instant messaging systems
and web applications that can be accessed by cell phone. While Twitter
is tech, don‟t let the tech fool you. Twitter is easy to use and to start
using. All you need is a web browser and access to the internet. No
matter if it is by computer, mobile phone or smart phone, you can still
use Twitter.

Accessing Twitter by technical means is not hard. All you need is your
Twitter account and means of accessing your account. There, you can
make tweets by phone that is limited to 140 characters or one good
sentence. Twitter is run on a high tech system called Ruby on Rails
that helps to keep the site going and able to handle the loads of users
who use Twitter each and every day. So for high tech, you really can‟t
beat Ruby on Rails for tech and running this particular social site.

While Twitter appears to be simple, it actually is once you get past the
technical stuff. This is a very unique site that is set up to handle
microblogging. Microblogging is just blogging, but in a smaller form
and with fewer characters than a website blog, which can hold
minimum of 500 words per blog, depending upon the blog itself.
Twitter is easy to maintain. All you have to do to maintain your site is
to sign in and start your updates. That is how you use Twitter for
updates. You have your choice of media to update either from or to

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

such as smart phone, cell phone, web application, web site, web blog
and other media.

It is also easy to find someone to get to know on this site. All you do is
enter a search term that interests you in the search bar. Press enter
and presto! How about that! You now have a list of people who share
your own interests or business ideas. All you have to do now is to click
the follow button and you are following the person. It is just that
simple. Those you follow will do the same, updating these tweets.

Tech and Twitter are a perfect marriage of technical genius married to
a social site. You now have the best of both worlds. So come see what
I mean. Check out Twitter today and see how the marriage of tech
with social site has turned Twitter into one of the hottest social
networks around. It is so low tech that it is high tech, if you
understand what I mean. In social networking sites, there has never
been such a marriage of tech with a social site done before on this
particular level. Come join Twitter and see what I mean.

              Twitter – You Need an Account Today

People Using Twitter in the News

When it comes to Twitter, it is very popular lately. All the news media
as well as the online media have been talking about Twitter. Did you
know that many famous people have made news also by using
Twitter? One of the most famous or infamous of the Twitter generation
is Ashton Kutcher. He went to war with CNN on which one could get
the most followers. Well in the end, Kutcher won with CNN being a
very close second. While Kutcher‟s antics are hardly legendary, he has
the reputation of tweeting everything possible in relation to his famous
wife, Demi Moore.

He is not the only celebrity using Twitter who has been in the news as
of late. President Barack Obama during the ‟08 election season made
good use of Twitter and its capacities on his road to the White House.
There also are updates from the White House that appear and keep all
of his followers fully informed about policy, government changes and
other changes that the public needs to know about. Hilary Rodham
Clinton also has an account with Twitter and keeps her followers up to
date in much the same way as the President does.

Now with famous people that use Twitter also make the news such as
Oprah Winfrey who has an account with Twitter. There are many
famous and not so famous who use Twitter as a news source for their
followers. These newsworthy people sometimes also create the news
as well as send the news to their list of people. For example, Stephen
Fry is the most well known Twitterer in England. He is a very prolific
actor and has many people that follow his every tweet. Demi Moore
has also used Twitter to save a very suicidal woman.

              Twitter – You Need an Account Today

Stories like these don‟t come across the newswire every single day.
Many famous celebrities such as Lance Armstrong and others tweets
serve a dual purpose. They inform as well as entertain. Is it any
wonder that celebrities are followed on Twitter as they are offline? Now
as far as news media is concerned, many such as CBS, CNN, ABC and
FOX are all over Twitter with real time updates. The same holds true
when you are talking about media such as newspapers, magazines and
other media material. Magazines such as Nat Geo, People, Good
Housekeeping and others have a Twitter account that you can follow.

Is it any wonder that newsmakers have accounts at Twitter too such
as Larry King, Al Roker, John Roberts, Maria Shriver and Jack Cafferty
all have Twitter accounts? These are used to update followers on
recent events such as breaking news, news alerts and other types of
news situations. Even famous companies such as the Wall Street
Journal, Jet Blue Airways, CNN Money, Microsoft and American Airlines
all have Twitter accounts. With so many people using Twitter, is it any
wonder that often the news gets made newsworthy by the people who
make the news but also report it?

                  Twitter – You Need an Account Today

A Pessimists View of Twitter

I‟m sure by now, that you have heard about Twitter. Twitter this,
Twitter that. BLECH! I don‟t like Twitter at all and will not use the
service. I would much rather use media such as LinkedIn, Facebook
and others to let my friends know what I am up to. It is ridiculous
trying to put “tweets” of 140 characters every time I turn around. Give
me a 500 word blog any day of the week. And information overkill! A
lot of people on Twitter have really too much time on their hands, if
you know what I mean. Come on.. a tweet about who you slept with?
Get real folks!

You also have to deal with internet marketers trying to sell you
everything under the sun. Look, if I don‟t know you, I am certainly not
going to open any message from Twitter unless I was on that network
and only if you were someone I knew. You also have the dreaded
spammers lurking around there. While you do have spammers to a
certain extent on all the other social networks, there are not as many
as there are on the Twitter network. Just because someone famous is
using Twitter doesn‟t mean that I have to. If your friends jumped off a
cliff, would you do the same? You need to have a bit of common sense

Another problem that I see here is too many seeking attention of the
fame kind. Don‟t get me wrong, there is a right way and wrong way to
do so. Unfortunately too many are using Twitter as the wrong way to
fame. It is sickening the lengths that people will go to for their 15
minutes of fame on Twitter. I like other social networks because of the
freedom that you have to post more and do more other than tweet

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

tweet tweet all day long! Sometimes Twitter reminds me of a bunch of
arguing crows. They are loud and noisy and not worth listening to. But
that is just my opinion on the matter. The publicity that Twitter has
gained is massive. There is no getting around that. However, if I don‟t
have a positive experience on a network, I will not go back. Period.

My time is valuable like everyone else‟s and I can‟t see wasting it on
tweets! I have a lot to say and can‟t see the point in constantly
tweeting when a good old fashioned blog will let me have my say
without stupid rules about character limits. Also not everyone is on the
Twitter bandwagon. While there are a lot of important media on
Twitter, they also have pages on MySpace and other social networks.
There are some media outlets that refuse to get on the Twitter
bandwagon and who could blame them. Until Twitter is explained and
understood by those of us that are not only technologically challenged
but also technophobes, there will be that suspicion. Right now, I don‟t
like Twitter, but that may change one day. I leave it up to the reader
to decide.

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

10 Twitter Applications That You Don’t Want To

If you use Twitter, there are new gadgets coming out for Twitter every
single day. There is a list compiled of the top new applications for
2009. These 10 have been researched and the buzz about these
applications is really fantastic. Without further ado and in no particular
order are the 10 newest applications for Twitter for 2009. Our first
application is the Celebwitter. This is a Twitter mash up that will follow
specific targeted users and will aggregate their tweets into an easy to
use service. You can follow all the real celebrities by using this
particular application.

Twitterless is another application that is all the rage this year. This
application does what Qwitter does but also has cool features that
Qwitter doesn‟t. Tweepler is next up in the top ten lists. This is an
enjoyable way to process your twitter followers, especially those who
are new. You can classify new followers into two categories: Ignore
and follow. This is pretty much self explanatory. Tweettree will
aggregate your information on Twitter so that you can see various
posts that people are replying to. This app will also allow you to see
shared YouTube videos and shared images.

Socialtoo is also a multipurpose application that will allow you to auto
ignore, auto follow, send direct messages and many more options such
as a connection to Facebook. This is well worth getting in my opinion.
Twitzu is up next. This application is good for the event managers and

               Twitter – You Need an Account Today

entrepreneurs that want a big launch pad for the next upcoming event.
This can help you to tell the world about your next great engagement!
TwitterFall views the latest tweets of trends that are upcoming on
Twitter. This is one strong application that has many different uses.

Twuffer is up next and is a hot one, no doubt. If you love changing
Twitter applications, then this application is for you. You can appear to
never sleep, appointment or milestone reminders, tweet monthly,
hourly or daily announcements, notify subscribers of podcast or video
episodes and run a time based scavenger hunt. This is one fun
application that really brings out the kid in you. Friend or follow lets
you know who is following you that you are not following back. This
application can certainly tell you the answer to that particular

Our last application of the top ten is the Twitpic. This particular
application allows you to post photos to Twitter while at the same time
sharing them with others through your phone, the site itself or Twitpic
API. Here is a bonus application that is useful to Twitter users. Big
Tweet is another hot application that installs as a bookmarklet which
allows you the ability to Twitter post from any web page. This also
allows you the ability to change between 140 and 240 character
tweets. This is the size of two formatted sequential tweets. So now
you know the hottest applications not to miss this year. So don‟t miss
out on these Twitter applications. Get them today.


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