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					                               TECHNOLOGY21 INC
                                                     327 Central Ave
                                                      Second Floor
                                                    Linwood, NJ 08221
                    Computer Networking Internet Access Web Hosting Security Audits
                  Microsoft Certified Network Engineers on Staff A+ Certified PC Technicians.
Complete network design and installation - including cabling - of Novell, Windows NT, and Windows based networks.

                    Support Contract Computer Network Maintenance
Developing a network of supportive relationships is essential for the growth of any business, and that objective is our primary goal.

                                 Benefits of a Computer Support Contract

       In today's business environment, personal computer systems play a key role in data management and storage.
       However, a simple computer malfunction can cause a small crisis, or even shutdown an entire business. The problem
       is amplified if you don’t have a company in place to quickly resolve the crisis. The answer is a support contract from a
       reliable computer service company that can meet your business computer demands.

       What is a support contract? A support contract is a means for small businesses, corporations, or government
       facilities to receive reliable, high quality service and support at discount prices.

       Why purchase a support contract? If you could hire a reliable, highly qualified computer service technician, and only
       had to pay for the exact number of hours that he/she actually worked, regardless of how infrequent his/her services
       may be needed, would you do so?

       What is a Certified Network Engineer? Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers with a specialty in the Internet are
       required to pass seven operating system exams and two elective exams that provide a valid and reliable measure of
       technical proficiency and expertise. These exams are developed with the input of professionals in the industry and
       reflect how Microsoft products are used in organizations throughout the world. The exams are administered by
       Sylvan Parametric™ and Virtual University Enterprises, independent testing organization, with locations worldwide.
       In addition to the core MCSE skills, an MCSE+Internet credential qualifies IT professionals to enhance, deploy and
       manage sophisticated intranet and Internet solutions that include a browser, proxy server, host servers, database,
       and messaging and commerce components. In addition, an MCSE+Internet-certified professional will be able to
       manage and analyze Web sites. The Certified Novell Engineer is a professional to provide first-rate support for Novell
       NetWare networks. The CNE designation ensures that people and organizations that offer NetWare support have
       received extensive training and have met Novell's strict certification standards. If you need the skills that will keep
       you and your organization on the cutting edge of NETWARE technology the Certified Novell Engineer is the only
       qualified professional to support and trouble-shoot your network.

       What does a support contract cover? A support contract covers all labor required to maintain, upgrade, support, or
       service the computer equipment within your company. We will provide support for software issues however; clients
       are responsible to inform us of specifications or directions from their software vendor. Telephone support, upgrades
       and repairs and on-site service calls are all covered by a Technology21 support contract, including travel.

                                                Additional Service Description
           PRINTER COMMUNICATIONS AND OR SETUPS. This does not include Mechanical failures on printer Devices
           MODEM ISSUES.

       What is not covered by a support contract? All non-labor costs, including hardware, software, accessories, tax and
       consumables are not covered by support contracts.
 Are there different support contracts available? Technology21 offers two different types of support contracts - a
 "Preventative Maintenance Support Contract" and a "Basic Call As You Need Support Contract". Both Support
 Contracts are available to businesses needing service and support on non-networked computer systems, printers,
 monitors and all network services and support needed to maintain networked systems. Preventative Maintenance
 Service Contracts are for (1) one year from Date of acceptance. Basic Call As You Need Support Contracts never
 expire until you use all the time.

 What is the cost of a support contract? Technology21 Inc offers support contracts in blocks of time. This is the
  "Basic Call As You Need Support Contract PLAN BC." are sold in hour blocks. As you need support, onsite or phone
  your business has the hours purchased. The larger time blocks offer the greatest savings. Our Normal rate is
  $110.00 per hour.
                  Hours                                Service Personnel                                Rate per hour
                   10                              Certified Network Engineer                              $105.00
                   20                              Certified Network Engineer                              $100.00
                   30                              Certified Network Engineer                               $95.00
                   50                              Certified Network Engineer                               $90.00

  Our “Preventative Maintenance Support Contract PLAN PM.” is based on $180 per month paid yearly.
  Technology21 will provide a scheduled monthly visit by a Certified Network Engineer for routine system checkups
  and provide any support for issues that arose since the last visit. The service call is a once a month visit, during
  regular work hours not to exceed 2 hours and the hours cannot be carried over to the next month. All service calls
  above the two-hour limit will be billed at $95 per hour. All billable time will be invoiced monthly. Tax will also be
  invoiced on a monthly basis.

              Service Personnel                           Contract Rate After Discount                 Standard Rate per hour
          Certified Network Engineer                                $95.00                                    $110.00

                                            The support hours cover labor ONLY.

  Travel time is applied against support hours.

  Minimum billing is one hour plus travel, unless phone support. Phone support is billed in 15-minute blocks.

  All Pre-Paid support contacts are non-refundable.

  Technology21 Support is open 5 days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30p.m. Support is available after these hours by
  appointment and will be billed at a rate of 1.50 X actual hours spent. Emergency weekend and holiday support is
  available, by appointment, at a premium rate of 2.00 x actual hours spent. This applies to both support plans.

                     Priority Response (usually same day, not to exceed 1 business day)

 Does a support contract really save my company money? Yes! All Support Contracts save your company not only
 on an hourly basis but also lower your tax amount. You pay tax on the discount rate.

SERVICE AGGREEMENT            Network Solutions Internet Services System Sales Internet Site Hosting List Servers

                                                                                                               For Internal Use
Date of acceptance                                                        , 2009                 Initial___
                                Service Contracts are for one year from Date of acceptance   .
Support Plan                  PLAN BC
                              Basic Call As You Need Support Contract.
                              ( 10 hours@ $105.00/hr) ( 20 hours@ $100.00/hr) ( 30 hours@ $95.00/hr) (                  50 hours
                                 Company Check           Credit Card Payment            Municipal PO
Company Name

Company Address

Company Contact

Contract Totals

CLIENT SIGNATURE. ____________________________________________ Date:_____________________

TECHNOLOGY21 INC. ____________________________________________ Date:_____________________

                                                  Thank You For Your Business.