Trout in the Classroom Teacher Training Program by gaa11000


									     East                        Trout in the
                             Classroom Teacher
     Bay                      Training Program
    Saturday,                T   hrough a classroom experience of hatching fish eggs
                                 and coordinated activities, students experience first-
                             hand the value of aquatic environments, the balance
October 31, 2009             that must be met to maintain and preserve California’s
                             fisheries and aquatic habitats, and how their personal
  8:30 – 4 PM                actions affect these valuable resources.
                                    Successful completion of this training class qualifies
                             teachers to apply for a permit to hatch fish, receive eggs
                             and to receive classroom support and equipment to
RICHARD C. TRUDEAU           enable you to hatch fish in the classroom.
                                    This program is cosponsored by California
  TRAINING CENTER            Department of Fish & Game, Diablo Valley Fly Fishers,
                             Grizzly Peak Fly Fishers, East Bay Municipal Utility District,
                             East Bay Regional Park District, Mission Peak Fly Anglers,
  11500 Skyline Blvd.        Tracy Fly Fishers and Try Valley Fly Fishers
                                    Questions? Contact Ethan Rotman at (415) 892-
  Oakland, CA 94619          0460 For more information, visit

     Cost: $25                                        REGISTER
                                 Mail form with a check for $25 payable to California Wildlife
                               Foundation to: Ethan Rotman, 2 Day Island, Novato, CA 94945

     Advance                                Space is limited so register early!

   Registration              Teacher name: _______________________________________________

    Required                 Class grade:   ____________City________________________________

                             School: _____________________________________________________

                             District: _____________________________________________________
 Project WILD Aquatic
 certification will be       School phone: _______________________________________________

 included in this workshop   Home phone: ______________________________________________

                             Email address: ______________________________________________

                             Mailing address: ______________________________________________

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