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									                                   Appendix e

A                                         servings, women, 32
Aging                                     one-week meal plan based on, 186
   eating better as you age, 17           servings, 32
   facts about, 14                     Cancer, 68
Alcohol, 34                               alcohol and, 35, 72
   cancer and, 35, 70, 72                 antioxidants and, 49, 69, 199
   cholesterol and, 62                    charred meat and, 70
   diabetes and, 35, 68                   fats and, 70
   healthy amount of, 59                  fluids and, 72
   heart disease and, 59                  food safety and, 70, 72
   osteoporosis and, 74                   loss of appetite, 71
   support resources for, 35              nutrition and, 68
Alzheimer’s disease                       nutrition and chemotherapy and
   nutrition and, 81                      radiation, 71
Anemia, 96                                obesity and, 68
   B vitamins and, 96                     phytochemicals and, 34, 69
   iron and, 97                           preserved meats and, 70
Antioxidants, 49, 199                     salt and, 70
   cancer and, 49, 69, 199             Carbohydrates, 24
   heart disease and, 49, 199             diabetes and, 67
Arthritis, 79                          Cataracts
   fibre and, 80                          nutrition and, 77
   nutrition and, 79                   Chemotherapy and radiation
   Omega 3 fatty acids and, 80            nutrition and, 71
   physical activity and, 39           Cholesterol. See
   saturated fats and, 80                 alcohol and, 62
   types of, 79                           eggs and, 60
                                          fibre and, 60
B                                         good and bad, 60
Body mass index, 195
                                          healthy recipes, 143
Bone density
                                          heart disease and, 56, 57, 60
   when to have a test, 72
                                          nuts and, 62
                                          organ meats and, 60
   importance of, 88
                                          phytosterols and, 62
   recipes, 142
                                          reducing your cholesterol, 60
C                                      Coffee, 34
Caffeine                               Constipation, 94
   coffee, tea and, 34                    causes of, 94
   heart disease and, 59                  fibre and, 95
   osteoporosis and, 74                   fluids and, 30, 95
Calcium, 47                            Convenience foods
   osteoporosis and, 73                   frozen dinners and canned soups,
Canada’s Food Guide, 17, 69, 78, 191      108
   Food Guide Servings, 17             Cooking
   four food groups, 17, 32               cooking for one or two, 106
   servings, men, 32                      cooking supplies, 117
                                          easy ways to plan,
206 | Appendix e
    shop and cook, 101                    increasing in recipes, 123
    easy-cook meals, 105               Fluids, 30
    healthy cooking methods, 117          amount required per day, 31
    no-cook meals, 107                    constipation and, 30
d                                         sources, 31
depression                             Food allergies. See food intolerance
   nutrition and, 95                   Food intolerance, 98
diabetes, 64                              lactose intolerance, 98
   alcohol and, 35, 68                 Food labels
   carbohydrates and, 67                  how to read, 109
   healthy recipes, 142                   ingredient list, 110
   heart disease and, 56, 59, 65       Food safety, 127
   herbal/botanical supplements           at the grocery store, 128
   and, 52                                causes of food-borne illness, 127
   high blood pressure and, 36            during a power failure, 132
   kidney disease and, 65                 handling food, 130
   periodontal (gum) disease and, 65      preventing food-borne illness, 128
   physical activity and, 38              storing food, 130
   risk factors, 65                       thawing food, 131
   sugar replacements, 67                 washing food, 130
   weight loss and, 91                 Food-borne illness
dietitian, 141                            prevention of, 128
dinner                                 Four food groups, 17, 32
   recipes, 149                        G
diverticulosis, 94                     Gastroesophageal reflux disease
e                                         (GeRd)
eating out, 124                           nutrition and, 75
exercise. See physical activity        Glaucoma
eye disease                               nutrition and, 78
   cataracts, 77                       Gum disease. See periodontal (gum)
   glaucoma, 77                        disease
   macular degeneration, 78            H
   nutrition and, 78                   Health information
   phytochemicals and, 34                where to find reliable information,
F                                        135
Fats, 27                               Health issues
   arthritis and, 80                     information about, 137
   cholesterol and, 60                 Healthy eating, 22
   healthy, 28, 57                       benefits of, 13
   heart disease and, 57                 challenges, 18
   monounsaturated, 28, 57               eating out and, 124
   overweight and, 88                    finding more information about,
   polyunsaturated, 28, 57               139
   reducing in recipes, 121              on a budget, 112
   saturated, 27                         setting goals, 19
   trans fats, 27                      Healthy living
   unhealthy, 27, 57                     benefits of, 13
Fibre, 24, 53                          Heart disease, 56
   arthritis and, 80                     alcohol and, 59
   cholesterol and, 60                   antioxidants and, 49, 199
   constipation and, 53                  caffeine and, 59
   heart disease and, 58                 cholesterol and, 56, 57, 60
    diabetes and, 65                    nutrition Facts label
    fats and, 57                          how to read, 110
    fibre and, 58                       nutritional supplements
    high blood pressure and, 56           herbal and botanical supplements,
    nutrition and, 56                     52
    obesity and, 56                       liquid nutritional supplements, 53
    periodontal (gum) disease and, 56     vitamins and minerals, 45
    risk factors, 56                    nutritionist. See dietitian
    salt and, 59                        nuts
    sugar and, 59                         cholesterol and, 62
    weight loss and, 91                 O
Heartburn. See gastroesophageal         Obesity
reflux disease                             cancer and, 68
Herbal and botanical supplements,          heart disease and, 56
52                                      Omega 3 fatty acids
    prescription drugs and, 52             arthritis and, 80
High blood pressure, 63                    benefits of, 28
    fruit and, 64                          triglycerides and, 28
    healthy recipes, 143                Organic food, 38
    heart disease and, 56               Osteoporosis, 72
    nutrition and, 64                      alcohol and, 74
    reading the numbers, 63                caffeine and, 74
    salt and, 64                           calcium and, 47, 73
    weight loss and, 91                    high blood pressure and, 36
High cholesterol. See cholesterol          nutrition and, 73
Hypertension. See high blood               physical activity and, 39
pressure                                   phytochemicals and, 34
i                                          potassium and, 74
iron, 51                                   protein and, 74
K                                          salt and, 74
Kidney disease                             soft drinks and, 74
   diabetes and, 65                        vitamin d and, 73
   high blood pressure and, 36             when to have a bone density test,
L                                       Overweight. See obesity
Lactose intolerance, 98                    causes and symptoms, 86
Leftovers, 132                             changing your weight, 87
Lipoproteins, 60                           fluids and, 89
Liquid nutritional supplements, 53         physical activity and, 91
   recipes, 149                         p
                                        parkinson’s disease
M                                          nutrition and, 82
Macular degeneration                    periodontal (gum) disease
  nutrition and, 78                        diabetes and, 65
Magnesium, 51                              heart disease and, 56
Meal plan (one week), 186                  nutrition and, 76
Meal replacement drinks, 53             physical activity, 38
n                                          aerobic activities, 40
nutrients                                  aging and, 38
  aging and, 22                            amount of, 41
  importance of, 17                        arthritis and, 39
nutrition claims, 109                      diabetes and, 39
                                     Appendix e

   finding an exercise professional,    Snacks
   39, 140                                 recipes, 144
   flexibility activities, 41           Sodium. See salt
   osteoporosis and, 39                 Soft drinks
   overcoming barriers to, 42              osteoporosis and, 74
   strength activities, 40              Sugar
phytochemicals, 34                         heart disease and, 59
   cancer and, 69                          reducing in recipes, 123
phytosterols, 62                        Surgery
potassium                                  eating after, 22
   osteoporsis and, 74                  Swallowing
prescription drugs                         difficulty with, 83
   herbal/botanical supplements         T
   and, 52                              Tea, 34
   losing nutrients, 56                 Triglycerides, 28, 59
professional dietitian. See dietitian
protein, 22                             U
   osteoporosis and, 74                 Underweight
                                           how to gain weight, 92
R                                          symptoms and causes, 91
Recipes                                 Utensils, 120
  breakfast, 144
  desserts, 176                         V
  fast and easy recipes, 143            Vegetables and fruit
  lunch or dinner, 149                     importance of, 34
  making your recipes healthier, 121    Vegetarians
  Salt-Free Vinaigrette Salad              iron and, 51
  dressing, 184                         Vitamins and minerals, 45
  snacks, 144                              calcium, 47
  Universal Seasoning, 183                 folate/folic acid, 46
Registered dietitian. See dietitian        vitamin B12, 45
                                           vitamin B6, 46
S                                          vitamin C, 49
Salt, 35                                   vitamin d, 47
   cancer and, 70                          vitamin e, 49
   healthy amount of, 36
   heart disease and, 59                W
   high blood pressure and, 36, 64      Waist circumference test, 197
   in common foods, 37                  Weight
   labels, 37                             body mass index, 195
   osteoporosis and, 74                   healthy weight, 195
   reducing in recipes, 123               overweight, 86
Smoking                                   underweight, 91
   vitamin C and, 49                    Weight loss programs, 91

                                                            Appendix e   | 209
                             Appendix F

Thank you to the many seniors, dietitians, reviewers and
others who contributed to the development of this handbook.

Senior Focus Group participants
Through a series of 10 focus groups across the province,
more than 150 British Columbians – ranging in age from 50-
something to 87 – helped us determine what seniors really
want to know about nutrition. Some brought in their favourite
recipes (several of which appear in Chapter 11). Many brought
in brochures, books and website addresses where they had
found good nutrition information. We learned a lot and had a
lot of fun at the same time.
We also thank the organizations that helped find us so many
active and lively participants and allowed us to use their
facilities for our meetings.
A few participants wish to remain anonymous.

Kla How eya Aboriginal Centre in Surrey, B.C.
Amy eustergerling                   Lucie Merasty
Christine davey                     Mary Olga Hiller
Clara Mazzaro                       Reginald Wilson
donna Roach                         Robert J. Kelly
doreen Shaw                         Rosaline Heinel
e.L. Weaver                         Ruth Ogemow
Fanny Shurson                       Verl Ferguson and three others.
Howard Ogemow

penticton Seniors’ Recreation and Wellness Centre
in penticton, B.C.
Beth descoteux                      Marilyn Fredericks
James Ludvigson                     Marion Walters
Jean paterson                       Maxine Cumming
Margaret Loudon                     pat Mesic
Marie-Claire Warren                 Vernis McCuaig and one other

210 | Appendix F
                             Appendix F

South peace Seniors in          evergreen Seniors’ Club in
dawson Creek, B.C.              Courtenay, B.C.
Anna de Montezuma               dennis R. Horgan
Atlin Brown                     dolores Mcneilly
Barbara La Freniere             isabel petch
Bula J. McRann                  James Morgan
dorothy Lowe                    Jean Horgan
Frances Friesen                 Johanna Hilhorst
irene isaak                     Kathy Murphy
Joyce Cornthwaite               Martha Hartley
Karolyn Woodley                 Mary doubt
Laurel david                    Ronaye Comeault
Lesley Wilhelm                  Shirley M. Ross
Mable Wolf                      Trudi Stevenson
Madeleine Wilkinson
Marcheta Leoppky                Kitsumkalum Community
Marie Brummond
                                Hall, just outside Terrace, B.C.
Marjorie Monlezun
                                Annette Bolton
Melba Boraas
                                Charlotte Guno
Muriel G. Formaniuk
                                Fran Christiansen
patsy J. nagel
                                Geraldine Robinson (representing
Shirley Brown
                                Rena and Gordon Roberts)
                                irene Mason
Vancouver 411 Seniors           Laura Miller
Society in Vancouver, B.C.      Lloyd nelson
Anne Judge                      Marjorie nelson
Clara Tepait                    Sam Lockerby
dennis e. Thulin                Shirley Bolton
edith Thulin                    Verna inkster and two others.
edward K. pedersen
eleanor inkpen
Gill V. Rombawa
Jackie Hooper
Jean Bodlak
Jessie Rupp
Juliet James
Linda Quilty
Lisa Clarke
Margaret Kocuiba
philip Seitz
Ron van de Reit
Ronald Quick
Shirlee Wilson

                                                   Appendix F   | 211
Clearbrook Golden Age                SUCCeSS in Vancouver, B.C.
Society in Abbotsford. B.C.          Au Fat
A. H. Koop                           Chu Yim Yung
Alma Sales                           Chun Hung Tam
Anne ehrenholz                       Fung Yuet Sheung
Anne Matthies                        Johnny Sam
david H. epp                         Kowk Chin Wu
donald R. Knill                      Shang Chin Chi
dorothy M. Knill                     Siu Wai Lin
esther Friesen                       Tsoi Yuk Wa
Genoveva penner                      Wong, Shau Chun
Glen Stuart                          Yin King Fan
irene M. nickel                      Yin Ling Cheung
John peters
Katie Rast                           South Vancouver
Linda Giesbrecht
                                     neighbourhood House in
Margaret epp
Maria Reimer                         Vancouver, B.C.
Orlando A. epp                       Amarjit Gill
Sarah Stuart                         Avtar Kaur Rehncy
Violet Collins, and one other.       Bikkar Singh Lalli
                                     dalip S. Cheema
                                     Goginder K. Mann
Seniors’ Coordinating Society        Gurbux S. Bal
in nelson, B.C.                      Gurdeep K. Cheema
Anne Farrell Webb                    Jagdish Kang
Carol-Joy Kaill                      KamLa Rattan
Connie Walton                        KamLeesh Sethi
eileen Scanlon                       Kartar Singh Kumar
Froukje (Viola) Kiss                 Kuldeep Kaur Gill
Georgie Sannes                       Lala Mehra
Janet Trickett                       Matharu Mohan Singh
Joan Reichardt                       Mohinder Kaur Sidhu
Lillian Martin                       Saroj Sood
Marian Mcdonald, and three others.   Satwant Kaur Kumar
                                     Surjit Lalli

Many dietitians gave their time and expertise to this project,
either by filling out a survey (about 60 dietitians from across
British Columbia), participating in a focus group about this
handbook and/or reviewing chapters. They included:
Karen Birkenhead                     Alice Lou
Christine Chou                       Anita Marriott
dianne Cunningham                    Cynthia Tandy
Joanne douglas                       Jean Vanderhorst
Janice Langley                       Kitty Yung
Linda Kirste
Ryna Levy-Milne

212 | Appendix F
                              Appendix F

Content developers and Other Reviewers
Others who gave their time, effort and expertise to developing
this guide and its content include:
Robin J. Miller, Writer
Kathleen Ramage, Consulting dietitian
elaine Rivers, Rivers & Associates
Muze Creative Group,
MJ Bechard & Associates

B.C. Ministry of Health               dietitians of Canada
Tanya Bemis                           Helen Haresign
Kevin Brown
Tamara Codner                         Vancouver Coastal Health
donelda eve                           Helen Yeung, Community nutritionist
Lisa Forster-Coull
Trish Fougner
Tessa Graham                          BC dairy Foundation
Therese Hagen                         Beverly Blair
Matt Herman                           Sydney Massey
nadeen Johansen                       paul Hargreaves
Robyn Laughlin
Janice Linton                         B.C. Government, intellectual
Barbara Miles                         property program
Linda Mueller                         ilona Ugro, Copyright Officer
Gillian Rhodes
Hartaj Sanghara
Anita Vallee                          Queen’s printer
Kristen Yarker-edgar                  Glen Brownlow
                                      Sherry Brown
                                      eluned davies
Open School BC
Michelle nicholson                    Carol Orom, Shannon Mitchell,
Laurel Jorginson                      Copyeditors
Graham duncan
                                      James Bay new Horizons Society

                                                         Appendix F   | 213
For Your information
Government programs and services for seniors:
The Health and Seniors’ information Line
in Victoria, call 250 952-1742.
elsewhere in B.C., call toll-free 1 800 465-4911.
nutrition information and advice:
Call to speak to a registered dietitian or visit the website.
Translation services are available in over 130 languages.
in Greater Vancouver, call 604 732-9191.
elsewhere in B.C., call toll-free 1 800 667-3438.
Or visit
Health information:
BC nurseLine
Call to speak to a registered nurse 24 hours a day, or a
pharmacist from 5 p.m. to 9 a.m. every day.
Translation services are available in over 130 languages.
in Greater Vancouver, call 604 215-4700.
elsewhere in B.C., call toll-free 1 866 215-4700.
deaf and hearing-impaired, call toll-free 1 866 889-4700.
To order additional copies of Healthy eating for Seniors:
Queen’s printer
pO Box 9452 Stn prov Govt
Victoria, BC V8W 9V7
in Victoria, call 250 387-6409
elsewhere in B.C., call toll-free 1 800 663-6105
Fax: 250 387-1120

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