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					Inspiring potential

                      Women in Technology
                           - The IBM Way
                                      June 8, 2007

                       Jyotsna Anand and Suman Poonacha
                                        IBM India Pvt. Ltd.
Inspiring potential

                      Women in the workforce

                      Global picture                  Indian perspective

                        Represent over 41% of the       India's female population is
                        global labor force              larger than the combined
                                                        total populations of
                                                        Canada, USA and the
                        Nearly 10.4 million firms       Russian Federation
                        are owned by women,
                        employing more than 12.8        According to Nasscom, the
                        million people, and             ratio of women software
                        generating $1.9 trillion in     professionals in IT in India
                        sales                           is rising steadily and is
                                                        likely to be 65:35 (men to
                                                        women) by the year 2007

    June 8, 2007                                                                       2
Inspiring potential
                      Why women are important: Companies
                      benefit with more women in charge
                      2004 Catalyst study, The Bottom Line: Connecting
                        Corporate Performance and Gender Diversity

                         – 353 Fortune 500 companies studied on two measures:
                           Return on Equity (ROE) and Total Return to Shareholders
                         – Companies with the highest representation of women
                           on their senior management teams had a 35% higher
                           ROE and a 34% higher TRS than companies with the
                           lowest women's representation.

    June 8, 2007                                                                     3
Inspiring potential

                      Women Workforce – IBM’s philosophy
                      IBM has a corporate philosophy on workforce diversity
                      IBM views workforce diversity as a "diversity house" founded on
                         three pillars: equal opportunity, affirmative action, and
                         work/life balancing programs

                      In 1995, IBM launched a Diversity Task Force, to study the
                         needs of its women employees with these objectives -
                         Define what their constituency requires to feel more
                         welcomed and valued at IBM
                         Define what they can do, in partnership with the company, to
                         maximize productivity
                         Define what can be done to maximize the pursuit of
                         business opportunities through the buying decisions of the
  IBM                    constituency

    June 8, 2007                                                                        4
Inspiring potential
                      Women workforce Trends & Challenges -
                      IT sector *

                      US - 15 % for technical positions. There's been an 18.5% slump
                      since 1996 in the percentage of women working in IT
                      Malaysia - 50 % of computing students are female
                      India - more than a third of computer programmers are women

                        Women in the corporate sector
                         – under-represented in technical fields
                         – Lower income and lower level job opportunities
                         – No strategy to identify and develop talent

                        Lack of role models, networks, and mentors

                        Conflicting commitment      to   personal   and   professional
  IBM                   responsibilities

    June 8, 2007                                                                         5
Inspiring potential

                      Women workforce - IBM’s Approach
                      Women's Task Force recommended –

                          Implement Employee Network Groups
                          Develop a Regular Part-time Employment Category
                          Integrate Work/life Balance Flexibility into the Business
                          Support employee needs for child / elder care assistance
                          Enhance IBM's focus in the Marketplace
                          Additional focus on Technical Women and Multicultural

                      The IBM Archives actually indicate that we hired our first women
                      back in 1899! It was in 1935, three decades before the Equal Pay Act,
                      that IBM recruited its first professional women, and IBM's Founder T.J.
  IBM                 Watson Sr. promised women "the same kind of work for equal pay."

    June 8, 2007                                                                                6
Inspiring potential

                      Women workforce - IBM’s Approach

                          Employee Network               Employment Category
                          Groups                          – Regular
                           – Women Diversity              – Part-time
                           – Network groups               – Leave of absence
                           – Conferences

                            Work/life Balance              Support Needs
                            Flexibility                     – Child care (crèche)
                             – Location flexibility         – Elder care
                             – Time flexibility
                             – Job sharing

                      Women represent 22% of IBM’s technical population
  IBM                 worldwide, and 26% of IBM’s technical population in India

    June 8, 2007                                                                    7
Inspiring potential

                      Women in Technology
                      IBM established Women in Technology in 1997 with objectives -

                         Support the advancement and recognition of IBM's female
                         technical talent

                         Attract and recruit more qualified technical women to IBM

                         To work with outside organizations, to influence the
                         decisions of girls and young women to pursue education
                         and careers in science and technology

    June 8, 2007                                                                      8
Inspiring potential

                      What is IBM doing?
                      Focus on IBM Women: Support the
                         advancement and recognition of IBM's
                         female technical talent

                         Mentoring – Internal/External
                         Mindset Workshops –
                         Managers/Women employees
                         IBM Women Executive Councils
                         WIT Internal IBM Conferences
                         Global IBM WIT Subnets (launched in
                         over 70 global locations)
                         Women in Technology Archives
                         IBM Web Lectures

    June 8, 2007                                                9
Inspiring potential

                      What is IBM doing?
                      Short Term Outreach: Attract and recruit qualified technical
                         women to IBM (both university and professional)

                         IBM WIT Campus Liaison Program – University Relations

                         External partnerships:
                          – Women in Technology International (WITI, since 1996)
                          – Society of Women Engineers Archivist Program (SWE)
                          – MentorNet
                          – Women in Engineering Program and Advocates Network
                             conferences (WEPAN)
                          – Grace Hopper Celebration
                          – Women of Color Technology awards
                          – International Network of Women in Engineering and
    June 8, 2007                                                                     10
Inspiring potential

                      What is IBM doing?
                                   Long Term Outreach: Encourage girls and
                                      young women K-12 to pursue education
                                      and careers in science and technology

                                      IBM EX.I.T.E. Camps (EXploring Interests
                                      in Technology and Engineering)
                                      IBM WIT Chapters, K-12 Workshops
                                      Girl Scout Collaboration / Partnership
                                      Sally Ride Partnership – Festivals and
                                      Engineering Book
                                      Global Engineers Week
                                      “Invent the Future” High School
                                      Symposium for girls
                                      SWE 3D (Develop, Design, Discover)

  IBM                  Science
    June 8, 2007                                                              11
Inspiring potential

                      The way forward……..

                         "As [women secure more and more powerful posts
                           in the marketplace], a chorus of experts say,
                           corporate culture will change for the better,
                           becoming more collaborative and less
                           competitive, more inclusive and less elitist, and
                           more flexible in the way the work environment
                           is run. And, they add, the workplace will
                           become more productive in the bargain.“
                                             Breaking the Glass: More women reach
                                                      top spots, but sexism persists
                                                Barron’s Magazine (May 26, 2003)
    June 8, 2007                                                                       12
Inspiring potential
Inspiring potential

                      Thank You…
Inspiring potential

                      IBM’s Work/Life Programs
                      The goal of IBM's work/life programs are to allow employees to
                         manage the needs of their personal and professional
                         lives. The strategy is divided into three parts:
                         to refine and reform IBM's work/life culture
                         to respond to employee needs for expanded flexibility in
                         working hours and work delivery
                         to support employees needs for Child/Elder care

                      While IBM's work/life programs benefit all employees, they are
                        of critical importance to women.

                      IBM's effort to expand its understanding of the needs of women
                       employees can be traced to 1972, when IBM CEO T. Vincent Learson
  IBM                  hosted a one-day meeting on women's workplace issues in IBM

    June 8, 2007                                                                       15
Inspiring potential
Inspiring potential
                      Filling the Pipeline with Future Technical

                                                     "NEW"                    Events
                                                   Introduce a               Sally Ride
                      WIT Chapters                    Girl to
                                                   Engineering              Girl Scouts
                                     Take Your                 Canada          SWE
          EXITE                      Children to              University
          CAMPS                      Work Day                Chapter Work

    June 8, 2007                                                                          17
Inspiring potential

                       EXITE Camps
                      One-week day camp for                                             EX.I.T.E. Camps since Inception
                        middle school girls to:
                          – enhance their interest

                            in math and science      40
                          – introduce girls to
                                                                                                      25                                   # of EX.I.T.E Camps
                            exciting technical

                            careers                  10

                          – provide girls with
                                                                                 1999   2000   2001   2002   2003   2004    2005   2006

                            female role models
                                                                                               EX.I.T.E. Camp Growth by
                          – offer an environment                                                       Geography
                            that nurtures interest                               20

                                                     Number of EX.I.T.E. camps
                            in engineering,                                      18

                            technology, and
                                                                                 12                                                                     LA
                                                                                 10                                                                     US
                            computer science                                      8

                          – match young women                                     4

                            with e-mentors

                                                                                        2001      2002       2003          2004     2005   2006

    June 8, 2007                                                                                                                                                 18
Inspiring potential

                      EXITE Camps – favorite topics

                               Lego Robotics
                               Team Building
                            Building a website
                      Cool chemistry/Liquid Nitrogen
                                 Ice Cream
                             Cinderella's Shoes
                         Field trips to museums,
  IBM                 manufacturing facilities and labs
    June 8, 2007                                          19
Inspiring potential

                      Partnership with Girl Scouts

                        2006 sponsorship of National GirlsGoTech pilot program
                          – ½ day technology program, 250 attendees
                          – Expansion planned for 2007 (5 locations)

                        2005 - National Convention, Atlanta, GA
                          – Sponsorship of CyberCafe at GSUSA National
                          – Information Booth at Girl Scout Executive Staff

                        2004 Pilot linking WIT chapters and Girl Scout Troops
                          – Successes highlighted in U.S. Girl Scouts’ e-

    June 8, 2007                                                                 20
Inspiring potential

                      Partnership with Sally Ride Science

                                           2006: IBM sponsored three Sally Ride
                                           Festivals (CA, AZ, NC) including
                                           Festival workshops and Street Fairs
                                             – 2065 students reached

                                           2005 sponsorship of the same three
                                           locations reached 3750 students

                                           IBM Sponsored “What do you want to
                                           be” Engineering book featuring Dr.
                                           Sandra K. Johnson

                                           EX.I.T.E. campers received discounted
                                           Sally Ride Science club memberships

  IBM                  Science Festivals

    June 8, 2007                                                                  21
Inspiring potential
                      IBM Global Women in Technology

                                       WIT workshops address unique
                                       needs of girls

                                       112 Chapters Globally

                                       Interactive, hands-on projects

                                       Technical female role models

                                       Insight into career opportunities in
                                       STEM fields

    June 8, 2007                                                         22
Inspiring potential
                      Global Engineers Week (Eweek)
                      "Introduce a Girl to “Engineering” Day"

                       Active supporter since 1990
                       Created IBM legacy program "Girl Day" in 2001.
                       2006: 1750 IBM women reached 100,500 girls in 2006 -
                       demonstrating the promise of engineering careers and why
                       engineering is ideally suited for girls.
                       Participation in the second annual Global Marathon: By, For,
                       and About Women in Engineering
                       2005: National Engineers Week becomes Engineers Week and
                       is now International with Global Participation

    June 8, 2007                                                                      23
Inspiring potential

                      Take Our Children to Work Day!

                       Girl-specific package for IBM/US locations to use for annual
                       Demonstrates technology is fun, has an impact on the world,
                       and is not just for boys.
                       Important facts about girls and technology
                       Why a special focus on girls is critical
                       Activities designed specifically for girls
                       Materials for young visitors

    June 8, 2007                                                                      24
Inspiring potential
Inspiring potential

                      IBM Academic Initiative

                       Partner with colleges and universities to drive open standards

                       Better educate millions of students for a more competitive IT

    June 8, 2007                                                                        26
Inspiring potential

                      Faculty Requirements

                      Access to Tools and Middleware with no-cost academic

                      No-cost training for faculty on Tools, Middleware and

                      Consultative assistance with the development of course

    June 8, 2007                                                               27
Inspiring potential

                      Benefits for faculty and students

                                       Access     to   leading-edge,     open
                                       standards-based technology
                                       Access to world-class curriculum
                                       Ongoing faculty skills development
                                       Increase in student placement
                                       Industry-leading certifications
                                         – Students      can      enroll   in
                                            Opportunity Data Base
                                       Potential partnerships with IBM
                                       customers and Business Partners

    June 8, 2007                                                                28
Inspiring potential

                      University Programs: IBM Academic Initiative
                       Free membership to faculty        Free training for faculty
                       and researchers of accredited       –Tutorials, articles, white
                       academic           institutions
                       worldwide                           papers and Redbooks

                       Free    IBM     software for      Course      materials     and
                       education and non-commercial      certification resources
                         –IBM middleware and tools       Online resources including
                         available via download
                                                         e-mail          newsletters,
                         –Technical support              newsgroups, webcasts, case
                                                         studies and other tools
                       Access to IBM eServers and
                       Linux hubs
                         –Discounts on eServer iSeries
                         –Access to zSeries and Linux
    June 8, 2007                                                                    29
Inspiring potential
                      – IBM Student Portal

  IBM’s online
  resource for

Jobs, downloads
   and other

  Contests and
  special offers

    June 8, 2007                                   30
Inspiring potential

                        IBM Academic Initiative web site

                                                  Product downloads and CDs

                                                  Faculty training

                                                  Curriculum and courseware
    June 8, 2007                                                                  31
Inspiring potential

                      Live and On Demand Web

                      Topics cover the full spectrum of
                      Information technology

  IBM                 Special events for IBM Scholars
    June 8, 2007                                          32
Inspiring potential

                      Academic Membership Overview

    June 8, 2007                                     33
Inspiring potential

                      What’s next?
                                       If you haven’t already, apply for
                                       membership                       today:
                                       Tell your professors about this
                                       –Subscribe to our newsletters
                                       –Investigate how IBM technologies and
                                       products      can    supplement    your
                                                 •Download software and try it
                                                 •Add a lab
                                                 •Complete an online tutorial
    June 8, 2007                                                            34
Inspiring potential

                      How to enroll in the Academic Initiative

                        Go to:

                         Apply now

                         NO COST, NO OBLIGATION…

    June 8, 2007                                                 35
Inspiring potential

                      Benefits for Faculty and Students

                         – Access to leading-edge, open standards-based technology
                         – Access to world-class curriculum
                         – Ongoing faculty skills development
                         – Increase in student placement

                         – Access to leading-edge, open standards-based technology
                         – Highly marketable job skills that will enable them to get
                            good jobs more quickly
                         – Industry-leading certifications

    June 8, 2007                                                                     36
Inspiring potential

                      What’s Next?

                      Visit today:
                      Faculty: If you haven’t already, apply for membership today
                      Investigate how IBM technologies & products fit into your
                        – Download software and try it out
                        – Take online tutorials
                        – Print and read a Redbook or technical white paper
                        – Register for an IBM course
                        – Subscribe to our newsletters

    June 8, 2007                                                                    37
 Inspiring potential

                            IT Industry : Current Scenario

                                                         Information technology today is
       Industry Revenue Growth 2003-2007 (U.S.)
                                                         commonly held to be a $1.4 trillion
                   Compound Annual Growth Rates          industry

Banking                                           6.9%
                                                         As early as 2008, the industry will
Insurance                                         6.5%   approach $1.8 trillion or more in
Pharmaceuticals                                   5.0%   global revenue, assuming annual
Media                                             4.2%
                                                         growth rates between 4 percent to
                                                         7 percent
Retail                                            3.0%
Automotive                                        2.0%   This growth rate is competitive
Source: IBISWorld, Inc.                                  with or outpaces growth estimates
                                                         for other industries

       June 8, 2007                                                                            38