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                                             Why Travel Insurance Works

       By Barrie Le Gall
       Dated: Apr 14, 2010

       Listed here are our travel insurance tips and hints:

       Do you have your latest travel insurance policy to hand? Or even you still have an old one? Look at it to see
       if you can find the emergency number which you or your family members ought to call in case you are
       taken sick or have an accident on holiday. It's probably in fairly large print near the end of the 2nd page. If
       you're lucky, you won't ever have to call this number but ever wondered what happens if you do?

        When you call that number, a person answers in the name of your travel insurance provider so it is logical
       to assume that you're dealing with one of their employees. But you aren't. The individual you're speaking to
       works for a major international healthcare assistance company used by your insurance providers to act on
       their behalf. These assistance companies have agreements with a huge selection of travel insurers and the
       clients of each one call the medical assistance organization on a different number. The “assistance
       coordinator” answers in the name of your particular travel insurance company because the little light on the
       telephone has revealed which company name she should greet you with:

        “Good afternoon, Anycompany Direct. Nicky speaking. How can I assist?”

        Why does the insurance company use a different type of organization altogether to deal with their
       healthcare situations overseas? Because a travel insurance company employs legal professionals as well as
       underwriters, when an international medical support organization employs medical doctors, linguists and
       probably its own travel agent. Are you questioning the reason why a doctor in great britan has to be
       consulted about your health claim abroad? Continue reading.

        If you are hospitalised or receive emergency outpatient treatment abroad the medical center treating you
       might usually request your travel insurance docs once you've received initial hospital treatment. It is at this
       point which you or a relative ought to call the emergency telephone number so that the medical support
       company and insurance provider know that there is going to be a claim. You could be asked to fax a copy
       of the insurance plan to the medical support business as this is actually the quickest method for them to
       confirm that your insurance plan exists. The medical support business functions 24/7 although the insurance
       company does not, hence the assistance coordinator can't contact the insurer organization to check that you
       are protected if it is 2 am in the united kingdom.

        In the matter of any sort of accident, the procedure is normally clear-cut: when the help business have
       verified the insurance protection and one of their doctors has, together with your agreement, observed a
       healthcare record, the coordinator can fax a guarantee of payment to the treating medical center as well as
       doctor. The assistance company’s role will not end here, nevertheless, for you may not be fit to travel home
       on your planned date and your condition might need specific travel measures, for example additional seats
       on the plane to accommodate a broken leg, terminal wheelchair support or a stretcher repatriation.You
       might need a medical or non-medical escort.

        A air ambulance is only used in one of the most serious circumstances. How and when you may be brought
       home is a determination which the healthcare assistance company’s doctor will make in assessment with
       the treating doctor abroad. This is when the organizations linguists come into play, because they work as
       interpreters for the medical doctors. Almost all arrangements for the repatriation is going to be made by the
       assistance organization, which will keep the insurer organization up to date at every phase.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

 A particular note here for the snowboarders: it sounds apparent, but do ensure you have a protection plan
with skiing cover and do not chance snowboarding off-piste or even in unsafe conditions, for this you could
end up a no cover scenario.

 If you're taken unwell overseas, you or even your nearest family member are likely to be requested to sign
a “medical consent” form which the medical support business will fax to the treating medical center. This
provides the medical assistance organizations doctor permission to evaluate your past health background.
Why is this necessary? Well, if you experienced a heart attack three weeks back, were instructed to relax
yet were living it up on Ibiza when your heart conked out once more it would be somewhat much to expect
the travel insurance company to cover thousands of pounds for the treatment together with repatriation,
wouldn’t it? You will find, also, people who quite deliberately set out to defraud their travel insurance
company. Possibly Mr Swindler is awaiting a surgical procedure in the united kingdom when he suddenly
gets the bright concept that, if he pretends that the problem only begun in the middle of their holiday in
Texas, they could get quicker and much better treatment there. Forget it, Mr Swindler, for the medical
assistance company have rumbled you and very soon your travel insurance company sends someone out to
the us to have a few words with you!

 Keep in mind, also, that the medical support organization is available to help you. It's doctors want to help
you home as quickly as possible, although solely when it is comfortable to move you. And your travel
insurance cover comes to an end when you are back on the soil of your homeland.

Listed here are our travel insurance tips and hints:

 1. You'll be amazed if you ever knew the amount of people do not bother to obtain travel insurance at all,
particularly for short visits. So, at the chance of sounding like your fussiest auntie, tip number 1 is … get
yourself a policy!

 2. Don't assume that, inside the EU, all is covered by the status being an EU resident. You do require travel

 3. If possible, leave a duplicate of the travel insurance policy with an individual at home, especially if you
are travelling off the beaten track. That person might be able to fax the copy to the assistance company
quicker than you can.

 4. For those who have had a recent surgery or even sickness or suffer from a persistent condition, check the
small print of the policy carefully. Ask your family physician to get a “Fit to fly” certification. This may
speed up the documents if you do require treatment abroad.

 5. Check exactly what your policy states about hospital treatment abroad. A few policies expect you to
“pay and claim”, ie., to fund treatment on the spot and claim the money back when you get home.

 6. If a member of family is taken seriously ill or even has serious incident overseas, or even should the
sufferer is a child, the majority of insurance companies can pay for one family member to remain on or
even travel out to be with the individual. They will typically cover accommodation charges although not the
costs of foods or even phone calls while that relative is overseas. You'll need to be aware of that.

 7. For those who have a “free“ travel insurance that has come with a charge card, the chances are that it'll
include Absolutely no pre-existing conditions. Read the small print carefully.

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

8. Read all the small print very carefully if you are taking out an expatriate policy.

 9. If you are skiing or perhaps taking an adventure holiday, ensure you possess the right kind of cover and
don't take such avoidable risks.

 10. Got the insurance plan, read it, made a duplicate? Now put it with your passport, relax and have an
excellent time!


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