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					           Early Supplier
       Management Involvement

Lori Carmack
22 January 2010

Boeing Defense, Space and Security (BDS)
Supplier Management Value Proposition
 Network & Space Systems                                                Strategic Sourcing


            Early                       Contracting                  Improve
           Supplier                        and                       Supplier
         Involvement                 Risk Management               Performance

                             Systems & Tools
 • Identify Control Points    • Contracts – 4 Corners      • First Time Quality
 • IBAP Sourcing Strategy     • Financial Performance      • Critical Process Insight
 • Key Program Capture &      • Strategic Work Placement   • SPM Deployment
   Start-up Support

 Aligned with Engineering,
                              Aligned with…Finance         Aligned with…Operations
 BD, & Program Mgmt.

        Create Opportunity - Capture Value - Ensure Performance
BDS Supplier Management ESMI Initiative
Network & Space Systems                       Strategic Sourcing

•Focused on increasing
   • Pre-Request For Proposal,
     very early Supplier
     Management involvement
   • Filling “capability gaps”
   • Leveraging “best of industry”
   • Increasing P-win
   • Laying foundation for future
   • Integrating Individual Pursuit
     Sourcing Strategy with BDS
     Strategic Plans

                            Win and Perform
ESMI Strategic Sourcing Mission
Network & Space Systems                                                   Strategic Sourcing


                                                                     Identify Critical
                                                                       Capabilities /
      Matrix & Supply-
                                                                      Control Points
        chain View                  Develop
                                Sourcing Strategy

                     Identify Must                          Identify
                    Design / Make &                        Capability/
                    BA Technology                       Technology Gaps

                                 Customer Focused
 ESMI Value Creation Vision
Network & Space Systems                                   Strategic Sourcing

• BDS Divisions have sourcing and supply chain
  strategies leveraging market conditions and
  control points
• BDS Divisions are collaborating on control point
  capability and supplier strategies
• Program sourcing and supply chain strategies
  yield competitively discriminating win strategies
  and proposal offerings
• Seamless transition of Supplier Management
  functional excellence from the create phases
  through proposal and start-up
• Knowledge management of suppliers is a source
  of strategic and business leverage for Supplier
  Mgmt, Program and Division teams

            Collaborating To Create, Capture, and Deliver Value
 ESMI Strategic Sourcing Process
Network & Space Systems                                Strategic Sourcing

•Identify Customer Needs & Market Environment

•Align with Strategic Pursuits

•Identify Capability Requirements and Gaps

•Develop Strategic Sourcing Strategy

           Unique Sourcing Strategies for new Opportunities
 Source Development
 Network & Space Systems                                                      Strategic Sourcing

• Identify “best of industry” and
  emerging innovators
                                     Network and Tactical Systems’ strategic sources development phases

• Evaluate and screen
  potential suppliers

• Align with suppliers for best
  capability solutions for
  customers needs

     Business Development + Engineering + Supplier Management
  Sourcing Synergy and Leverage
  Network & Space Systems                                          Strategic Sourcing

• Identify common suppliers

• Develop synergistic supplier                               Network &
  strategies                                                  Tactical
                                               Missile        Systems
• Leverage suppliers for both                 Systems
  capabilities and customer intimacy                        Synergistic         and
                                                             Supplier         Security
                                                             Strategy         Systems
• Build sourcing options                        Space
                                                              Space and
• Reduce cost and improve                                    Intelligence
  performance                                                  Systems

                            Win and Perform
Shape New Markets
Network & Space Systems                                     Strategic Sourcing

Unmanned Systems          Intelligence & Security / Cyber    C4ISR HW/SW

 LogC2                       Infrastructure Services        Energy Services

Technologies Of Interest
Network & Space Systems                           Strategic Sourcing

• Network Management
• Information Assurance
• Web Service
• Antennas including Phased Array
• Sensor
• Command and Control (C2)
• Command, Control & Communication (C3)
• Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Surveillance,
  Intelligence & Reconnaissance (C4ISR)
• Shipboard Systems
• Waveform & Networking
• Wireless Radio Systems
• Algorithm Development
• Software Engineering
• System Engineering
• Knowledge Management
• Satellite Communication
• Ruggedized C3 hardware (tactical land)
How can you participate?
Network & Space Systems                                                   Strategic Sourcing
• Participate in the Boeing sponsored Technology/Small Business forums that
  enable relationships to be established between small businesses and programs.
   • Boeing will be sponsoring small business events in San Diego
• Boeing is launching an Integrated Sourcing Tool in 2010.
   • Suppliers will be able to upload their company information and products that will enable
     Boeing employees to have one place to search for potential sources
• Keep your Web pages updated with the latest information, as we regularly
  research capabilities
   • Include: white papers, Small Business status, current customers, technologies, CMMI
     levels, etc.
• Stay in contact with your Boeing Small Business liaison
   • Identify specific opportunities/pursuits where you would like to work with Boeing (Small
     Business Innovation Research (SBIR), pursuits, joint development or marketing, etc.)

                                 Working Together
ESMI Summary
Network & Space Systems                                                  Strategic Sourcing

• Implementing ESMI / Strategic Sourcing across BDS
• Objectives:
   • Establish robust sourcing / supply-chain strategies
   • Collaborate to identify near-term capability and technology gaps
   • Fill gaps with best of industry
   • Leverage best of industry across multiple business units
   • Raise likelihood to win with discriminating teaming / supplier strategies and agreements
   • Utilize ESMI to raise precision of subcontracts and requirements flow-down

• Aligning and contributing to BDS “win and perform” strategy

                       Unlocking the Potential of Industry
Network & Space Systems   Strategic Sourcing

      Questions and Answers