Paw Paw's Restaurants Will Keep You Coming Back Again by myi16408


       2010          Welcome to the Village of Paw Paw Where Dining Options are Great!

                Paw Paw’s Restaurants Will Keep You
                   Coming Back Again and Again
        Paw Paw is blessed with a whole family of          Kevin's... a Tavern on the River
great family owned and operated restaurants. You           706 S. Kalamazoo St., Paw Paw, MI. 49079 - Phone:
have not experienced Paw Paw until you have ex-            269-657-5165. Open daily for lunch and dinner. Sun-
perienced each member of the ‘family.’                     day Brunch - 11am until 4pm - Closed on Mondays.
        Come to town and sample the wines at St.           Located adjacent to Warner Vineyards, Kevin's offers
Julian Winery or Warner’s Vineyard and then go to          an idyllic setting for all seasons and occasions. Whether
dinner in Paw Paw.                                         dining by the fireplace in the Pump Room or enjoying
        Dine outdoors along the Paw Paw River or           the outdoor patio right on the Paw Paw River you will
dine indoors, but, please make a special point to visit    find that the "American Eclectic" menu reflects the sea-
with these members of our ‘family.’ These include:         son. Culinary Chef owned and operated!
Bistro 120 — 120 E. Michigan Ave., Paw Paw, MI.            LaCantina Ristorante Italiano
49079 - Phone: 269 657-3654. All Members of the Bis-       139 W. Michigan Ave., Paw Paw, MI. 49079 - Phone:
tro 120 Team are here to serve and help you enjoy a        269 657-7033. Mangia Bene, Vive Bene, (Eat Well,
unique dining experience. All entrees are meticulously     Live Well) - Our creed since 1936. Overlooking the
prepared according to your individual specifications.      scenic waterfalls of Maple Lake makes La Cantina a
On a weekend evening, please plan to sit back and en-      memorable dining desitnation you won't want to miss!
joy. Dining in the Theatre District in Paw Paw is an ex-   Al Fresco Patio Dining a must during the summer! We
perience one must not rush. Patio dining available.        invite you to taste our nationally famous homemade
Resident Chef on board!                                    dishes created with Nona Rose's own recipes. A great
Brewsters at the Dyckman — 201 E. Michigan                 family tradition from our family to yours! Ciao! Casual
Ave. - Phone: 269 655-2222. Good food and good spir-       fine dining. Resident Chef!
its for lunch and dinner. House specialties throughout     Café 237
the year.                                                  235 & 237 West Michigan Avenue, Paw Paw, MI,
Chan’s Palace — 131 E. Michigan Avenue, 657-4428;          49079. Chef William Sutcliffe has opened his new res-
Wonderful Chinese food made fresh when you order           taurant featuring a lunch and dinner menu and weekend
from the menu.                                             breakfast menu. 269-657-0136.

The Copper Grille — 854 S. Kalamazoo Street, 657-          The Sugar Bear
9955, Newly opened on South Kalamazoo Street at I-         101 W. Michigan Ave., Paw Paw, MI. 49079 - Phone:
94, menu and buffet for the whole family.                  269 657-4841. Ice cream parlour, homemade soups,
                                                           salads and sandwiches, open year round. Bring the
Gallaghers Eatery & Pub — 715 Kalamazoo St.w-              family. Menu features a variety of vegetarian dishes.
Phone: 269 657-7280; Restaurant and pub with Irish
influence. Enjoy lunch, dinner or week-end breakfast on    That Coffee Place — 804 S. Kalamazoo St. - Phone:
the riverside patio.                                       657-JAVA(5282); - m-f 6am-7pm Sat 7am-7pm Sun.
                                                           8am-5pm; An invigorating environment serving up the
Grapevine News Agency and Grill — 217 East                 finest fresh brewed coffee, espresso beverages, smooth-
Michigan; 657-5420; great place to read                                 ies and fresh baked goods. The friendly and
the morning papers, meet friends and                                    upbeat staff makes this place one of a kind.
have a breakfast or lunch.
Great China Chinese Restaurant —                                       Contact the local Chamber of Commerce
218 E. Michigan Ave. - Phone: (269)                                    for a complete list of fast food restau-
657-3335; A delicious Chinese restaurant                               rants and restaurants outside our Village
with excellent food, and a big buffet.                                 limits. 269-657-5395 or online at

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