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									                                                                      RFQ 440-06-00-0107

                         Division of Administrative Services

                               SECURITY SERVICES

                      SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS


The CONTRACTOR will provide Security Services, hereinafter referred to as
SECURITY SERVICES, in accordance with the terms of the Statement of Work to be
Performed by Security Officers, attached to the CONTRACT as Attachment “A” and
incorporated herein by reference, at the Georgia Department of Labor, hereinafter
referred to as DEPARTMENT premises located at 403 N. Broad Street, Thomasville, GA
31792, hereinafter referred to as the PREMISES.


The term of this CONTRACT shall be from the date of award through June 30, 2007.
The CONTRACT may be terminated by either party upon sixty (60) days prior written
notice to the other party. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the CONTRACTOR may
terminate this CONTRACT for cause, should the DEPARTMENT fail to pay an invoice
within sixty (60) days from the date of its submission by the CONTRACTOR to the
DEPARTMENT, effective immediately upon receipt by the DEPARTMENT of written
notice of termination from the CONTRACTOR. Should the CONTRACTOR abandon
the post or become involved in an act of criminal activity or moral turpitude, the
CONTRACT may be terminated immediately by the DEPARTMENT.


The Career Center Manager shall administer this CONTRACT. In so doing, this
individual will review, reconcile and approve all invoices in advance of payments by the
DEPARTMENT and interface with the CONTRACTOR as issues arise.


All fees shall be paid in accordance with and in the manner prescribed by the “Statement
of Budget Information”, attached to this CONTRACT as Attachment “B”.

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                                                                           RFQ 440-06-00-0107


CONTRACTOR shall have been actively engaged in the business of providing contract
security guard services for a minimum of three (3) years immediately preceding effective
date of this CONTRACT. During the three (3) year qualifying period, CONTRACTOR‟s
company name-style must have been the same as that appearing on the CONTRACT, or
evidence must be provided to indicate that any change of name-style did not indicate any
substantive change in firm management nor business of fiscal relationships.


CONTRACTOR shall provide for the PREMISES, the following staffing pattern as a
minimum requirement:

    Premises Address and          Premises       Days       Hours of       Number of
     Telephone Number             Manager          of       Operation       Armed
                                                 Opera                      Officers
 403 N. Broad Street         Theresa Donaldson   M-F     7:30am - 5:00pm       1
 Thomasville, GA 31792
 (229) 225-4033


The Security Officers assigned to the PREMISES will perform normal guard duties and
fulfill the responsibilities as described in Attachment “A” to this contract, “Statement of
Work to be Performed by Security Officers”.

The Security Officers will perform the duties assigned to them by the CONTRACTOR in
accordance with the DEPARTMENT‟S and Field Service‟s Office (FSO) applicable
Security Regulations and Post Orders, but, shall be under the sole control and direction of
the CONTRACTOR. In the event that the DEPARTMENT countermands or contradicts
the CONTRACTOR‟S instructions so as to substantially vary the performance of the
Security Officers, the DEPARTMENT shall be deemed to have waived any and all rights
it may have against the CONTRACTOR for recovery of loss resulting from (1) failure of
the Security Officers to Perform the duties originally assigned by the CONTRACTOR,
and (2) the performance of CONTRACTOR shall have no liability for any such losses.

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                                                                        RFQ 440-06-00-0107


CONTRACTOR shall provide sufficient supervision to ensure that all duties are
performed in a professional manner, and in a manner determined by the DEPARTMENT
to be consistent with the articles of this contract.

CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for maintaining standards of Security Officer‟s
competency, conduct, appearance, and integrity (as reflected in attachment A. section 11.
Qualifications for Security Guards) to the satisfaction of the DEPARTMENT, and will be
responsible for taking such disciplinary action with respect to CONTRACTOR‟s Security
Officers as may be necessary. The DEPARTMENT maintains the discretion to conduct
its own investigations into the behavior of Security Officers as it deems appropriate.


CONTRACTOR will provide continuity of service for the protection of the Department's
property, equipment, material, and personnel during any strike, threatened strike, work
stoppage, or other interference with normal site operations. CONTRACTOR‟s Security
Officers will continue to report for duty and will remain at their posts until they are
properly relieved and have discharged their duties in the normal manner.


CONTRACTOR shall have and maintain during the performance of this contract any and
all permits, licenses, certifications, accreditations, equipment calibrations, and other
qualifying credentials required by law, regulation, ordinance, or the contract

CONTRACTOR will ensure that any and all of its Security Officers performing under
this contract possess, at the time of contract performance, all personal licenses, permits,
ratings, certifications, accreditations, and other personal credentials required by law,
regulation, ordinance, or contract specification. Certified Police Officers are exempt
from this requirement.

Security officers will be trained and licensed as required by the Private Detective and
Security Agencies Act of the State of Georgia and the rules of the Georgia Board of
Private Detectives and Security Agencies.

Additionally, CONTRACTOR shall ensure that Security Officers meet the minimum
qualifications outlined in Attachment “A” to this contract.

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                                                                       RFQ 440-06-00-0107


The CONTRACTOR‟s service hours shall be as delineated in Section 6 above at
minimum, unless otherwise notified by the DEPARTMENT. Any adjustments to this
schedule and the determination pertaining to the number of Security Officers required
during these hours shall be determined by the DEPARTMENT. The DEPARTMENT
will instruct CONTRACTOR in this regard, and will certify and approve appropriate
invoicing for same as specified under other provisions of this contract.


All Security Officers must have undergone a fingerprint record check against the records
of the Georgia Crime Information Center and the National Crime Information Center.
CONTRACTOR agrees to provide the DEPARTMENT with a list of the names, current
addresses, social security numbers, races and dates of birth of prospective Security
Officers, for the DEPARTMENT‟s own investigation and use. All Security Officers
proposed by the CONTRACTOR are subject to criminal history background check s by
the DEPARTMENT before they are assigned to a post. The DEPARTMENT maintains
the discretion to conduct follow up background checks every six (6) months or whenever
the need arises.

CONTRACTOR shall ensure that no Security Officer employed shall have been
convicted of a felony. Any Security Officer determined to have been convicted of a
felony shall not be allowed to serve on the post.


Armed Security Officers will carry regulation firearms and shall abide by the regulations
and procedures for their use by the State of Georgia.


Telephones shall only be used for calling in rounds, contacting the Security Officer‟s
supervisor, or for reporting incidents or emergencies. Telephones shall not be used for
personal calls, except in the case of emergencies. CONTRACTOR accepts full
responsibility for reimbursement for any unauthorized toll calls placed by Security

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                                                                        RFQ 440-06-00-0107


CONTRACTOR shall provide to its employees all required uniforms, equipment,
supplies, and weapons necessary to comply with the conditions of this contract, subject to
approval by the DEPARTMENT.


The DEPARTMENT may require CONTRACTOR to exclude from work such
employees as he deems incompetent, careless, insubordinate, unsuitable, or otherwise
objectionable, or whose continued employment in security is determined to be contrary to
the public interest, or inconsistent with the best interest of the DEPARTMENT. This
shall include but not be limited to the following:

       a. Falsifying reports
       b. Mishandling of weapons
       c. Infrequent patrolling procedures
       d. Loss, destruction, or irresponsible use of DEPARTMENT‟s equipment, or
          keys entrusted to their charge.
       e. Unsatisfactory performance

Employees dismissed for cause or other reasons deemed necessary by the
DEPARTMENT, shall not be returned at future date for this area of work. Employees
temporarily suspended from work due to criminal proceedings or other actions may be
reinstated upon meeting the qualifications and established standards.


CONTRACTOR shall, at its own expense, provide and keep in full force liability
insurance for the benefit of the DEPARTMENT and for the CONTRACTOR jointly
against liability for bodily injury and property damage in the amount of not less than
$1,000,000.00 with respect to injuries to or death of more than one person in any one
occurrence, and in the amount of not less than $3,000,000.00 per occurrence with respect
to damage to property, such limits to be for any greater amounts as may be reasonably
indicated by circumstances from time to time existing. CONTRACTOR shall furnish the
DEPARTMENT with a certificate of such policy (which certificate shall contain the
insurer‟s waiver of subrogation rights exercisable against the DEPARTMENT after
thirty (30) days of the commencement date of this contract, and whenever required shall
satisfy owners and managers that such policy is in full force and effect. Such policy shall
name the PREMISES as an additional insured, and shall be primary and non-contributing

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                                                                         RFQ 440-06-00-0107

with any insurance carried by the DEPARTMENT. The policy shall further provide that
it shall not be cancelled or altered without thirty (30) days prior notice to


To insure the statutory limits as established by the General Assembly of the State of
Georgia. (Note: A self-insurer must submit a certificate from the Georgia Board of
Workers‟ Compensation stating the Contractor qualifies to pay its own workers‟
compensation claims.) The workers‟ compensation policy must include Coverage B –
Employer‟s liability limits of:

   Bodily Injury by Accident - $500,000 each accident
   Bodily Injury by Disease - $500,000 each employee
   Bodily Injury by Disease - $500,000 policy limit

Excess liability coverage may be used in combination with the base policy to obtain
these limits. The contractor shall require all contractors and subcontractors performing
work under this contract to obtain an insurance certificate showing proof of Workers‟
Compensation Coeverage.


The CONTRACTOR shall not be liable for failure to perform, or for delay, interruption
or cessation in the performance of, the SECURITY SERVICES due to strikes, lockouts,
riots, acts of providence or other causes or events not within the reasonable control of the


The covenants and premises contained in this CONTRACT are separate and independent
and in the event any section, paragraph, or provision hereof shall be declared invalid or
unenforceable by any court or governmental agency, such invalidity shall not affect the
validity or enforcement of any other section, paragraph, or provision.


The CONTRACTOR hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the DEPARTMENT
as owner of the PREMISES, from and against all liability claims and demands on account
of injury to person, including death resulting therefrom, losses, damages, expenses –
(including attorney‟s fees), claims, demands, payment recoveries, judgements and
damage to property arising out of or caused in any manner by the performance or the

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                                                                        RFQ 440-06-00-0107

failure to perform any work under this CONTRACT by the CONTRACTOR,
CONTRACTOR‟s property, except from and against such claims and demands which
may rise out of the negligence of the DEPARTMENT. The CONTRACTOR shall, at its
own expense, defend any and all actions at law brought against the DEPARTMENT,
based thereon and shall pay all attorney fees and all other expenses, and promptly
discharge any judgements arising therefrom.


The CONTRACTOR, if an employer liable for payment of unemployment taxes under
O.C.G.A., Section 34-8-120 et.seq. (Georgia Employment Security Law), agrees to
promptly file all required wage reports and pay the unemployment taxes due thereon
during the term of this CONTRACT. If at any time during the term of this CONTRACT
the CONTRACTOR fails to pay any quarterly unemployment tax amount due, the
DEPARTMENT shall retain any payment due hereunder for services rendered by the
CONTRACTOR, and apply said payment to the outstanding tax delinquency. The
withholding of said payment, shall not relieve the CONTRACTOR from performing the
services herein described.

CONTRACTOR and its employees shall abide by Federal and State Laws, and shall be
required to be current with all Unemployment Insurance tax requirements of Federal and
State law. CONTRACTOR shall be required to present proof of such status at the
discretion and to the satisfaction of the DEPARTMENT.

CONTRACTOR shall be current with all requirements of the Secretary of State of
Georgia for contractors in this state, and must be properly licensed as a contractor in the
State of Georgia. Proof of said licensing shall be presented at the discretion and to the
satisfaction of the DEPARTMENT.

CONTRACTOR certifies that this bid is made without prior understanding, agreement, or
connection with any other corporation, firm, or person submitting a bid for same
materials, supplies, service, or equipment. All collusive bidding is a violation of State
and Federal Law and can result in fines, prison sentences, and civil damages awards.


CONTRACTOR shall prepare and submit to the DEPARTMENT for approval, within
seven (7) calendar days from the date of receipt of the initial contract for guard service,
two copies of a Current and comprehensive "Guard Manual" covering, as a minimum, the
following topics:

        1. General Company policy, rules, regulations and communication;

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                                                                         RFQ 440-06-00-0107

        2.    Wearing of the prescribed uniform;
        3.    Standards of conduct and discipline;
        4.    Courtesy, Communication, Chain of command;
        5.    Concepts of facility protection;
        6.    Patrol techniques;
        7.    Access and traffic control
        8.    Fire prevention and protection;
        9.    Report writing;
        10.   Care and handling of firearms; and
        11.   Emergency responsibilities.

CONTACTOR shall prepare and furnish within seven (7) calendar days from the date of
receipt of DEPARTMENT approval of the above manual, the CONTRACTOR shall
furnish one copy of the Guard Manual to each guard and the Premises Manager.

CONTRACTOR shall prepare such supplemental local instructions as are appropriate or
necessary to cover items or subjects unique or peculiar to the facility or the contract work
to be performed at the facility involved. These instructions shall be a supplement to the
Guard Manual. The supplemental local instructions proposed to be issued by the
contractor shall be furnished to the Manager for review and approval within seven (7)
calendar days from the date of receipt of initial order for Security Services.

DEPARTMENT approval and/or disapproval of the above Manual and instructions will
be furnished by the Premises Manager within seven (7) working days from their receipt.


The Department will furnish at no cost to the contractor for use in the performance of this
contract, the following:

       a. Department forms; paper, security regulations, Orders, Emergency Plans and
          other Department publications;
       b. Telephone, light and other utilities necessary for the conduct of business;
       c. Guard office space and necessary furniture such as desk, chairs, and other
          office furniture;
       d. Identification cards and badges or passes for contractor personnel and for
          visitors; and
       e. Parking will be provided at all locations.

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                                                                         RFQ 440-06-00-0107


The CONTRACTOR shall furnish and maintain in acceptable condition all equipment,
materials, supplies necessary for the performance of this contract (except that described
in the "Department-Furnished Material" section of this contract), including but not
limited to the following:

       a. Police type security uniforms and Badges for all guards. Uniforms will be a
       high standard of quality, tailored with a professional appearance.             The
       CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for ensuring that all guards are properly
       uniformed. The BIDDER shall provide with the Request for Quote a color picture
       or sample of the uniforms (shirt, pants, hats, shoes and badge) they propose to use
       for the Georgia Department of Labor;
       b. Firearms to equip all armed guards while on duty;
       c. Ammunition for firearms;
       d. Communication devices shall be used to reach the local law enforcement
       office, the contractor's office and the GDOL Premises Manager.


All guards and supervisory representatives shall be clearly identifiable by a distinctive
badge furnished by the contractor, and worn on the outer garment at all times while work
is being performed under this contract. The badge shall be clearly visible.


The CONTRACTOR shall use the following pay scale as a minimum rate per hour for
armed security guards as required for this contract of $10.00.


CONTRACTOR shall be responsible for having taken steps reasonably necessary to
ascertain the nature of the work at each location, and the general and local conditions that
affect the work or the cost thereof. Failure by the contractor to do so will not relieve
him/her from the responsibility for successfully performing the work without expense to


The following documentation shall be submitted to the DEPARTMENT no less than
three (3) days prior to beginning duty as a DEPARTMENT guard. No guard will be

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                                                                          RFQ 440-06-00-0107

permitted to begin working at the DEPARTMENT facility until all documentation has
been received and a preliminary security investigation has been favorably adjudicated by

       1. Copy of Armed Security Guard license, submission thereafter prior to
       expiration date;
       2. Copy of Permit to Carry Firearms, submission thereafter prior to expiration
       3. Guard Manual covering topics as required in paragraph 23. (2 copies)
       4. Copy of results of background investigation as required in paragraph 12;
       5. Copy of birth certificate, U.S. passport, Certified true copy of Certificate of
       Naturalization, or Certified true copy of Report of Birth Abroad of Citizens of the
       U.S. to establish proof of U.S. citizenship
       6. Copy of high school diploma or copy of GED equivalent;
       7. Copy of driver's license.


BIDDERS shall provide a minimum of three (3) references from current or past contracts
similar in size and scope of services requested in this invitation. Bidders are to complete
attachment "C" for each company providing a reference for the bidder.


The DEPARTMENT expects a financially solvent entity to guarantee the contract.
BIDDER shall furnish to the DEPARTMENT a detailed explanation of your
organizations ownership structure and indicate which entity you anticipate providing
required guarantee. With respect to both the guarantor and the successful bidder, what
continuing affirmative covenants would you offer in the following area(s)?

       1. Net worth;
       2. Minimum working capital;
       3. Debt;
       4. Distributions, dividends, loans, and advances to the parent company;
       5. Related party fee arrangements, and;
       6. Insurance coverage (Minimum Requirements are stated in Sections 17 and
       7. Audited financial statements (10K and 10Q, if any) for the BIDDER and each
          of its predecessors and affiliated entities for the previous five (5) years, or for
          each of the years in operation, if fewer than five years;

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                                                                        RFQ 440-06-00-0107

       8. Organizational structure of the BIDDER, including legal structures
            and levels of ownership held by each shareholder or partner in excess of 5%;
       9. Analysis of financial performance of the BIDDER on similar projects;
       10. Financial covenants and maturities of long-term liabilities;
       11. Description of any prior or current bankruptcy proceedings involving the
           BIDDER, its predecessors, its affiliates or its principles;
       12. Description of any prior or current criminal or regulatory investigations
            involving the BIDDER, its predecessors, or its principles;
       13. Documentation or explanation for failure to comply with any prior or current
           contract or breach of contract; and


How large is your portfolio and what is your companies or principles equity interest in
each operation? How would the DEPARTMENT fit within your portfolio of existing
business (es)? If the BIDDER has a formal business plan and is willing to share it with
the DEPARTMENT, that would be helpful. BIDDER will provide an organizational
diagram depicting the parent company, subsidiaries, work units and any other entity.


The BIDDER shall provide their experience with similar projects. The size and overall
experience of the BIDDER with large organizations should be described. Description of
firm's experience specifically with governmental operations: Specific experience with
the State of Georgia, Federal, and other state governments, and other local governments
should be described. With what operations, and with what entities, have you had, and do
you currently have, management relationships? List three (3) references of similar size
(either in square feet or dollar value of the Contract) where the BIDDER is providing
similar contract services. The DEPARTMENT may contact or visit these references. The
BIDDER shall provide valid contacts for the three references; The DEPARTMENT will
not endeavor to find correct telephone numbers or contacts within the company. If the
telephone number or the contact person is incorrect, that particular reference will not be
considered. Please provide three vendor references requested on the form listed as
Attachment C.

1. Management Experience:
a) State the approximate amount of the largest gross service contracts your organization
has handled at any one place in the past two years.
b) Provide a list of operations and/or management contracts lost during the past five (5)
years and the reason for each loss (if applicable)

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                                                                        RFQ 440-06-00-0107

2. Types of Operational Experience:

BIDDER shall state the number of year's experience in the following areas:

TYPE OF OPERATION                                           YEARS OF EXPERIENCE
Security for Law Enforcement
or a Related Field                                          ______________________

3. Client Retention

Given your current client base, what percentage of your clients have been retained for:
Less than             1 year         _____________
                      2-3 years      _____________
                      3-5 years      _____________
Greater than          5 years        _____________

The DEPARTMENT reserves the right to audit this information.

4. Employee Turn-Over

The BIDDER shall document the percentage of corporate-wide security guard turnover
on an annual basis (January-December) as indicated below:
Less than                          20%             _______________
                                   20-30%          _______________
                                   30-40%          _______________
                                   40-50%          _______________
                                   50-75%          _______________
                                   75-100%         _______________

5. Benefits

The BIDDER shall state in detail what benefits if any will be available to employees
working under this contract. The BIDDER shall also state whether the Employer or the
Employees pay the benefits. The following is a general list:
a)    Medical
b)    Dental
c)    Vacations
d)    Vision
e)    Overtime for holidays
f)    Life insurance
g)    401K
h)    Uniforms - Provided by the Contractor

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                                                                       RFQ 440-06-00-0107

6. Training

The offeror shall furnish an outline of their training program for armed and unarmed
guards. The DEPARTMENT reserves the right to audit all training materials and
documents at any time during the contract period.
The contractor shall be responsible for all required training.

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                                                                        RFQ 440-06-00-0107

                                 ATTACHMENT “A”


1. The Security Officers assigned to the PREMISES will perform normal guard duties or
   as required by the DEPARTMENT. In order to provide contract security services for
   the Georgia Department of Labor and facilities, the DEPARTMENT has adopted the
   following U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) definition of “Guard”, to whit:

       Protects property from theft or damage, or persons from hazards or interference;

       Performs duties, which involve serving at a fixed post, making rounds on foot or
       by motor vehicle, or escorting persons or property;

       Helps visitors and customers by answering questions and giving directions;

       Enforces regulations designed to prevent breaches of security;

       Exercises good judgement and uses discretion in dealing with emergencies and
       security violations encountered;

       Determines whether first response should be to intervene directly (asking for
       assistance when deemed necessary and when time allows), to keep situation under
       surveillance, or to report situation so that it can be handled by appropriate

       Possesses specialized training in methods and techniques of protecting security
       areas; and

       Demonstrates continuing physical fitness and, as needed, proficiency with
       firearms or other special weapons.

2. The Security Officers will perform the duties assigned to them by the
   CONTRACTOR in accordance with the specifications of this Attachment and with
   the Department‟s applicable Security Regulations (Post Orders).

3. At all times while performing their duties, the Security Officers will wear uniforms
   and present a neat and orderly appearance, and will perform their duties in a
   courteous and respectful manner. Security Officers will wear proper identification.

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                                                                          RFQ 440-06-00-0107

4. Each Security Officer is required to adhere to standards of behavior that reflect credit
   upon himself/herself, CONTRACTOR, and the Georgia Department of Labor.

5. Each Security Officer shall make entries in a log sheet, which will be furnished by
   CONTRACTOR. Entries shall note the start and finish of shifts and breaks. The log
   sheet shall set forth any information pertinent to the security of the site including, but
   not limited to, the following conditions encountered during the Security Officers‟ tour
   of duty:

       a.   Fire and safety hazards
       b.   Thefts or attempted thefts
       c.   Unnecessary waste of utilities
       d.   Unsecured doors and windows
       e.   Property damage of any kind
       f.   Unsecured property, whether inside or outside
       g.   Office equipment left “on”
       h.   Unlocked doors
       i.   Leaking gas, water or other substances
       j.   Accidents of any kind

6. Hourly rounds, if applicable, will also be documented on the log sheets. At the end of
   the Security Officer‟s tour of duty, the assigned officer will turn in copies of all log
   sheets to PREMISE Manager.

7. In the event of any unusual circumstances, the Security Officer will submit a written
   report to the Department. Such report will be submitted within eight (8) hours of the
   occurrence of the reported incident. Any serious incidents, however, shall be verbally
   reported immediately to the FSO Manager or designee and CONTRACTOR‟s
   supervisor on duty.

8. The Security Officer shall maintain Post Orders, which shall include instructions
   pertinent to the daily duties of the assigned “Security Officer” including , but not
   limited to, the following:

       a. Names and telephone numbers of CONTRACTOR‟s supervisory personnel.

       b. Reporting procedures when calling in rounds or reporting incidents.

       c. Names and telephone numbers of the DEPARTMENT‟s personnel responsible
          for the PREMISES.

       d. Police, fire department, hospital and ambulance telephone numbers.

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                                                                          RFQ 440-06-00-0107

       e. Location of fire-fighting equipment.

       f. Procedures for responding to medical and police emergencies, including bomb

       g. Location of telephones within the facility

9. In case of fire, Security Officers will activate any and all mechanical alarms located
   in the building, and notify the appropriate fire department by telephone and/or radio
   communications. Security Officers will alert the occupants and assist in the
   evacuation of personnel, and will notify proper officials of the DEPARTMENT as
   well as CONTRACTOR‟s management.

10. Police emergencies shall be handled in accordance with the rules and regulations
    governing CONTRACTOR. In the event of a police emergency, Security Officers
    will first notify the police authority and then follow the same procedure as when
    reporting fires.

11. Qualifications for Security Guards – The CONTRACTOR shall certify that each
    Security Officer, assigned to this contract, meets the following qualifications:

       a. Each employee of the CONTRACTOR shall have had at least two (2) years
          experience as a military or civilian security guard, or a certified police officer.

       b. Based upon experience, the DEPARTMENT has determined the following to
          be the necessary physical qualifications for Security Guards:

           (1) Free of any significant organic defect or systemic disease.

           (2) Bones, joints, and muscles must be free of any infirmity or condition that
               would prevent hand to hand personal defense and prolonged physical

           (3) No defects which would disqualify from running or climbing over
               prolonged periods of time.

           (4) No more than a total of 270 decibel loss for both ears at 3,000; 4,000; and
               6,000 HZ.

           (5) Normal color vision.

                                         Page 16
                                                                        RFQ 440-06-00-0107

           (6) No recorded evidence of any personality disorders.

       a) The DEPARTMENT has determined the following to be necessary mental and
          attitudinal characteristics to successfully perform services of Security Guard:

             (1) Possess good judgement, alertness, tack, and an even temperament.

             (2) Possess the capacity to acquire good working knowledge of guard
                 requirements and training; be proficient in the reading and
                 comprehensive understanding of regulations, detailed written orders, and
                 training material; be able to compose reports which convey factual
                 information; and, be trainable to operate telephone and radio
                 communications equipment.

       b) The DEPARTMENT has determined that a critical requirement exists, that all
          CONTRACTOR employees performing services under this CONTRACT
          speak clear and distinct English, such that they can be readily understood over
          a telephone.

           (1) There are frequent requirements for a security guard to give directions and
               instructions telephonically and directly to the general public who require

           (2) There exists a requirement for Security Guards to telephonically summon
               emergency fire/ambulance/medical assistance.

       c) Additional Security Guard qualifications:

           (1) Must be a citizen of the United States of America and a minimum age of
               twenty-one (21) years.

           (2) Must have a knowledge of procedures governing use of radio
               communications, in addition to experience in report writing.

           (3) Must be a high school graduate or G.E.D. equivalent.

12. Wrist watches, identification bracelets, rings, and earrings are the only items of
    jewelry and ornaments authorized to be exposed when in uniform. No jewelry will be
    worn in such a manner as to present a safety hazard to the individual, or a distraction
    from professional appearance. Leather or metal equipment will be shined, and
    approved uniforms will be clean, pressed, and properly worn.

                                        Page 17
                                                                     RFQ 440-06-00-0107

Supplement to Attachment “A”

                              Georgia Department of Labor
                            Division of Administrative Services

                            Additions to existing Post Orders
                    for Security Officers Assigned to GDOL Premises

     1.    Security Officers Assigned to a Career Center will report for duty fifteen
           (15) minutes before the Career Center open and remain until the last
           employee leaves the building. Should an officer be needed beyond the
           time agreed upon in the contract, the CONTRACTOR must grant
           permission. The Career Center Manager or his/her designee may release a
           Security Officer at the end of a shift, with staff remaining in the building,
           at his/her discretion.

      2.   The dress code for Security Officers will be established in the Security
           Agency's policy and reiterated in the contract with the GDOL. A Manager
           may request an alternate dress code for Security Officers assigned to
           his/her Premise. An example of an alternate dress code may be blazer
           (with exposed badge) and slacks instead of the traditional police uniform.
           The Manager will negotiate these requests with the CONTRACTOR.
           While on duty, the Security Officers will dress in compliance with the
           dress code in the GDOL contract.

      3.   While on duty, Security Officers will maintain a visible presence
           throughout the facility. Rounds should be made as determined by the
           Manager. The Security Officer should conduct his/her rounds by
           patrolling the interior and exterior of the building. If two officers are on
           post together, one officer should maintain a visible presence in the pu blic
           areas while the other officer is on patrol.

      4.   Security Officers will log their rounds and any unusual occurrences in the
           Security Officer's log book. The notations in the log book should include
           times and type of incidents (i.e. 1310 hours - Round started, 1320 - Round
           completed, etc.). Logs will not include details relating to criminal
           incidents. Such items will be spelled out in incident reports, which shall
           be referenced in the log book.

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                                                                 RFQ 440-06-00-0107

5.    Security Officers will ensure the safety of employees and clients at GDOL
      facilities by enforcing safety rules set forth by the GDOL and the local
      Facility Manager.

6.    Security Officers will verbally report all incidents to the Director of
      Facilities or his/her designee and the Site Supervisor as soon after the
      incident as safely possible.

7.    Should an incident occur, in which the Security Officer makes an arrest,
      the Security Officer will complete his/her reports and other pertinent
      paperwork before leaving the facility. All paperwork will be forwarded to
      the Manager Site Supervisor immediately upon completion.

8.    The Site Supervisor will approve all incident reports written by the
      Security officer before they are submitted to the Manager or his/her

9.    Security Officers will require all clients, reporting for hearings, to sign in
      on the log designated for this purpose.

10.   Security Officers will monitor client traffic to ensure that clients are not
      allowed unescorted access to restricted areas of the Facility. At their
      discretion, the Manager or his/her designee may modify those areas
      defined as restrictive. Such modifications will be posted with the Security
      Officers and communicated to other staff.

11.   The Security Officer will take special precautions if there is reason to
      believe that a client may pose a problem in a hearing or during any visit to
      the Facility. Similar precautions will be taken anytime there is a threat to
      persons or property. Precautions may include informing the Manager or
      designee, the security supervisor, Site Supervisor and or local police

12.   Except for emergencies, the Security Officer will limit phone calls to
      official business, while on duty. Personal phone calls should be made
      while the officer is on break.

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                                                            RFQ 440-06-00-0107

                           ATTACHMENT „‟ B „‟


CONTRACTOR shall pay to his employee‟s overtime pay, for any hours
worked over 40 hours during a calendar week. The rate for overtime pay shall
be at one and one-half times the normal rate paid to each employee.
Contractor shall pay to his employees for the twelve (12) approved State
Holidays (see Attachment "D", revised schedule to be provided each calendar
year). The DEPARTMENT may, at its discretion and to its satisfaction,
require employer to present verifications and documentation of such

The CONTRACTOR may invoice the DEPARTMENT for such overtime and
holiday pay at the normal hourly rate and should take into consideration the
expense when calculating the normal hourly rate when submitting its bid.

The Career Center site(s) are not required to be staffed on holidays. The
schedule for the armed security guards at the career centers do not permit the
guard(s) to take lunch/breaks. The guards are encouraged to bring their lunch
and eat at their assigned stations.

INVOICES: CONTRACTOR will render an Invoice to the DEPARTMENT
monthly on or about the fifth (5) day of the month. Each invoice will include
a statement of the contractual Security Services performed during the past
month. All Invoices are due and payable by the DEPARTMENT within 30
days. Invoices shall be submitted to the local GDOL Manager who will
review, reconcile and initial invoices before forwarding the same to the
Director of Facilities Management.

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