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1707 160 Grief does not take a holiday


									              1707                                                           Holiday
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DECEMBER, 2008                                                      WWW.JUSTICECOALITION.ORG                                                          Volume 13 • Number 19 • FREE

 FBI-SOS Internet     Halloween murders prompt pond search
 program alerts       JSO needs your help for this and other cases
                                                               By Shirley Shaw                             our community - from elected                   And there are

 students to predator                                             The two brothers had just arrived
                                                                                                           officials and law enforcement to
                                                                                                           civic/social groups and churches -
                                                                                                                                                       many others: last
                                                                                                                                                       September Kelli
                                                                                                           murders continue to occur at an             Chapple was slain,
 techniques                                                    home at their apartment, ready for
                                                               dinner after a hard day’s work as
                                                                                 framers at a local
                                                                                                           alarming rate. Often those killed
                                                                                                           are involved in gang- or drug-related
                                                                                                                                                       along with a friend
                                                                                                                                                       in an apartment on
 By Shirley Shaw                                                                 construction site.        activities, but many innocent victims       University Blvd.
                                                                                 The younger man,          just happen to be in the wrong place        No suspects have
    Attorney General Bill McCollum announced                                                               at the wrong time.                          been apprehended,
                                                                                 22-year-old Eddie,
 in his November 14 newsletter that “the fight                                                                                                                                   Kelli Chapple
                                                                                 remembered he                 It’s been a year since Jack Reed        and her family still
 to protect Florida’s children from Internet child                                                         was murdered in his cab early one           grieves for their
                                                                                 had left something
 predators reached an important milestone                                                                                     morning by shots         talented 23-year old daughter/sister.
                                                                                 in the car and went
 yesterday. The first man prosecuted by my                                                                                    from a high-                Special Forces veteran Chip Oney
                                                                                 outside to retrieve
 CyberCrime Unit and convicted by a jury under                   Eddie Tabora
                                                                                it. Suddenly, the                             powered                  was killed in January this year by
 the CyberCrimes Against Children Act of 2007                                                                                 automatic rifle, an      a bullet to his head as he was
                                                               sound of gunfire erupted, and the
 was sentenced last night to 10 years in prison for                                                                           apparent robbery         preparing for work early one
                                                               family rushed outside to find one
 traveling to meet someone he thought was a child,                                                                            victim. His widow,       morning. No one has been arrested
                                                               man, a neighbor they slightly knew,
 intending to have sex with her.                                                                                              Terri, still grieves     to date for this crime, nor for the
                                                               dead on the steps and their beloved
    “This arrest was one of 98 the CyberCrime Unit                                                              Jack Reed     for her husband,         murder of 19-year-old Barry (BJ)
                                                               brother mortally wounded.
 has made since its inception, and I am extremely                                                                            struggling to cope                            Brooks who was
                                                                  Edin Tabora and the neighbor,
 proud that this particular case sends a strong                                                            with his loss and the economics of                              slain       at    an
                                                               Ceferino Valle, were ruthlessly
 message to anyone who might contemplate                                                                   making it on her own.                                           apartment         on
                                                               gunned down by yet another pair
 victimizing our children. I applaud the judge and                                                             Last December Donna Mills was                               Timuquana Road
                                                               of thugs preying on victims for
 jury in this case for recognizing the seriousness                                                         sleeping in her apartment on                                    last November.
                                                               money they are too sorry to work for
 of this crime and affirming that our state will                                                                              Confederate Point                               All these cases
                                                               themselves. The grieving Tabora
 absolutely not tolerate Internet child predators                                                                             Road when bullets                            keep JSO detectives
                                                               family say Eddie was a “good kid,
 and child pornographers.”                                                                                                    fired from a                                 working full time,
                                                               loved music and never met a                                                                Chip Oney
    The FBI also wants to present a strong message                                                                            passing car killed                           and new ones are
                                                               stranger.” He loved life in America
 about Internet safety for children in its SOS                                                                                her, leaving a sister    added every week. In every one of
                                                               and looked forward to a successful
 program by placing it in all middle schools in the                                                                           and parents to           these situations - in fact, in ALL
                                                               career in carpentry.
 country. Joanne Santivasci, Program Coordinator                                                                              mourn her tragic         unsolved murders - SOMEONE
                                                                  No arrests have been made in
 of SOS through Nova Southeastern University,                                                                                 death. They still        knows who committed the crime.
                                                               these cases, but according to a news           Donna Mills
 explains how it works.                                                                                                       work tirelessly to       SOMEONE can provide the piece of
                                                               report, a JSO dive team searched a
                                                               retention pond at the Leigh Meadows         find the conscience-less murderer(s)        evidence detectives need to bring a
                                                               Apartments on Sunbeam Road                  and bring him/them to justice. A            killer to justice. SOMEONE can help
                                                               looking for evidence. There is no           $16,000 reward has been offered for         bring a measure of closure to
                                                               word to date if such evidence was           information leading to the arrest and       grieving families who have lost
                                                               found.                                      conviction of those responsible for         loved ones. Are YOU that
                                                                  Despite all the efforts of many in       her death.                                  SOMEONE?

                                                               Grief does not take a holiday
                                                               By Janie Simpson                               Holidays are times for families          so out of control. There can be shame
                                                                                                           and friends to be together and can be       or guilt or depression over the
                                                                  Fall brings reminders all around         painful reminders that a loved one          powerless feelings. Sometimes a
 What is this SOS program about?                               that the holiday season is coming.          will be missing. This season for            person will experience flashbacks of
    The FBI-SOS (Safe Online Surfing) Internet                 There are decorations, parties,             parties, celebrations, presents, special    the events around the trauma. If
 Challenge is a free, educational online program               presents, celebrating and families          dinners, etc., are difficult for most       these symptoms are persistent,
 designed to teach 5th through 8th grade students              getting together. To someone in             people when they are depressed. All         professional help might be needed.
 how to recognize and react to online dangers.                 emotional pain the indicators that          are wonderful occasions but much               There is no right or wrong way to
 During the program students take a 15-question                Thanksgiving and Christmas are              energy is required to enjoy them.           experience the holidays after a loved
 multiple-choice Pre-Quiz to test their Internet               coming are like stabs in the heart.         When a person is sad and mourning,          one has died. The tendency is to
 safety knowledge, then they complete an online                   When individuals are grieving,           there is not a lot of energy left to        avoid talking about the holidays
 Scavenger Hunt and visit select websites where                they usually dread facing the               participate in the holidays. Grieving       within the family. If the family
 they pick up Internet safety information. Once                holidays without the one who has            does not take a holiday.                    doesn’t talk, they can’t plan or tell
 they finish the Scavenger Hunt, students take a               died. They most often lament, “I               So, how do the ones left behind          each other what they need. It might
 15-question Post-Quiz to demonstrate what they                wish we could just skip                     get through this difficult period?          help to have a family conference to
 have learned. At the end of each month, the                   Thanksgiving and Christmas this                For survivors of a homicide, often       let each person have a chance to
 school with the highest student scores on the Post-           year!” About the time Halloween             trauma and grief reactions can be           express his or her personal needs and
 Quiz wins the FBI-SOS Trophy and a visit from                 comes around, the realization hits          worse during the holidays. Their            wishes before deciding what to do
 the FBI.                                                      that Thanksgiving and Christmas are         sense of emotional balance is thrown        for the holidays.
                                                               not far behind.                             off and there is fear because life feels
                     FBI-SOS... Continued on page 14                                                                                                              GRIEF... Continued on page 8
Continued from page 1
   Why is it so important to the community?           inform teachers and school administrators about
   The program teaches students why it is             the program so they can implement it with their             Starters – Alternators – DC Motors
important to protect their identity when online       students.                                                            Any type, kind or voltage
and gives them strategies to avoid revealing
personal information about themselves. It also           Who is in charge of this program in                 Do you have problems finding these units?
equips them with the knowledge to recognize the       Jacksonville?                                                           Look no further. Call
“red flags” that might indicate they are in contact
with an online predator and how to report illegal
                                                         Christel Chichester in the Jacksonville FBI
                                                      Office is working to get the program
                                                                                                               Viking Auto Electric & Air, Inc.
or suspicious online activity. Once students          implemented in Jacksonville-area schools.
                                                                                                                   We also do full service and wire repairs,
                                                                                                                   A/C repairs, and we custom-make hoses.
complete the program, we hope they will have a                                                                 Call us for the best service and prices in town.
better understanding of how to stay safe while           What is the History of this project? Who
on the Internet.                                      developed this program? Who is involved?
                                                                                                                              4521 Sunbeam Road
                                                         At Nova Southeastern University in Fort               
   Do you have statistics about threats on the        Lauderdale, FL, the Common Knowledge                 Mon-Fri 7:30 am–5:00 pm                  (904) 731-5065
Internet? Which group is more susceptible to          Scholarship Foundation (CKSF) at the Fischler
the threats?                                          School of Education and Human Services was
   According to the latest online victimization       established to create and implement fun,
research found on the National Center for
Missing and Exploited Children’s Web site:
                                                      educational, competitive online programs for
                                                      students of all ages. In 2004, CKSF’s online          Troy Taylor                             We sell...
   - Approximately 1 in 7 youth online (10- to 17-    quiz mechanism was expanded to test and                 INSURANCE AGENCY
years-old) have received a sexual solicitation        increase elementary and middle school students’                                               •   Auto
or approach over the Internet.                        knowledge about online safety upon the request                TROY TAYLOR                     •   Homeowners
   - 4 percent received an aggressive sexual          of Jeff Greene, FBI Community Outreach                         Independent Agent
solicitation, a solicitor who asked to meet them      Specialist in Miami and Special Agent Jim Lewis                                               •   Flood
                                                                                                                    Tel: (904) 389-7514
somewhere; called them on the telephone; or sent      from the Miami FBI Crimes Against Children                    Tel: (904) 387-2461             •   Commercial
them offline mail, money, or gifts.                   Unit.                                                         Fax: (904) 387-0356                 and Bond
   - 34 percent had an unwanted exposure to              With the help of corporate sponsors, CKSF and                 Insurance
sexual material.                                      the FBI were able to launch the FBI-SOS Internet
   - Only 27 percent of the youth who                 Challenge in 2005. Originally a resource for          1128 Edgewood Avenue South, Jacksonville, Florida
encountered unwanted sexual material told a           middle schools in South Florida, the FBI-SOS
parent or guardian.                                   program grew in popularity and was forwarded
                                                      to FBI headquarters in Washington D.C.
   How can the community access this                  Impressed with the effectiveness and potential
program?                                              reach of the program, FBI headquarters shared
   A teacher or school administrator may register     FBI-SOS with all 56 FBI field offices and
their school by visiting             recommended implementation in each
                                                      community to help teach students about
                                                                                                             Tillman Building Services Inc.
   How many cities and states in the United           protecting themselves from online predators.                          Roofing Division
States participate in the program? Is this
program running in Jacksonville? Since when?             This is an excellent and interesting program                                                   Terry Tillman II
   Since the program’s inception in 2005,             that will provide an additional level of awareness
approximately 27,000 students from 124 schools        about Internet safety to students, and we                                                           fax: 904.378.2655
representing 26 states have participated in the       encourage schools to implement this program.                                         
                                                                                                              Also Commercial &
FBI-SOS Internet Challenge. Currently, no             Home-schooled students can also participate. For        Residential Repairs           Fl. Cert. Roofing Contractor CCC1327969
Jacksonville-area schools have implemented the        more information, please call Christel Chichester                                                                      Year
                                                                                                                                            Fl. Cert. General Contractor CGC1512791
program; however; efforts are underway to             at Jacksonville’s FBI Field Office: 904/721-1211.

    Understanding “Grooming”
         Although the Internet has become an invaluable resource to users of all ages, some
     of the same technologies that were developed to enhance the way we communicate and
     socialize are being abused by sexual predators. Currently, the Internet is the number
     one tool used by sexual predators who are trying to victimize young people. The main
     aim of these predators is to meet with a child or young person in the real world for sexual           MANDARIN                         ORANGE PARK
     purposes.                                                                                             12575 SAN JOSE                   1011 BLANDING
                                                                                                                                            904 - 272-2113
         Sexual predators continually troll the Internet looking for child targets. They browse            904-880-0090
                                                                                                                                            HOURS MON 10-8
     personal profiles that children, typically 12- to 15-year-olds, post on social networking             H O U R S M - S AT 1 0 - 6
                                                                                                                                            T U E S - S AT 1 0 - 6
     sites or instant messaging services. Sometimes they will collect information on particular            C L O S E D S U N D AY           C L O S E D S U N D AY
     children before trying to make contact, and other times they’ll make an immediate contact
     if the child seems lonely or his/her postings seem provocative.
         By using manipulative tactics including flattery, sympathy, intimidation and offers of
     gifts, money or modeling jobs, Internet predators trick their prey into trusting them by
     “grooming” them. Grooming is the process used by pedophiles to lure children or teenagers
     they target online to meet with them face to face. Many times Internet predators will spend
     weeks or months grooming their targets before arranging a meeting in the real world.
         Every day, somewhere, a child is being victimized online. To help students protect
     themselves, make them aware of the dangers and how to react to them. According to iSafe
     America, it is important to teach students the 4 Rs: Recognize, Refuse, Respond and
         • Recognize techniques used by Internet predators to groom and deceive their victims.
         • Refuse all requests for personal information (name, address, phone, school name),
     refuse to keep the relationship secret and refuse to meet.
         • Respond assertively by exiting the program (chat room, instant messenger, or online
     game), logging off, or turning off the computer.
         • Report suspicious or dangerous behavior.
         The Internet has become the sexual predator’s playground; however, with active parental
     involvement and Internet safety education at home and in school, young people will be
     more prepared to recognize and react to online dangers.
               - FBI-SOS Safe Online Surfing News, Vol. 1, Issue 2

14 • THE JUSTICE COALITION’S VICTIMS’ ADVOCATE                                                                                                DECEMBER 2008

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