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									         The University Marine Biological Station,
                         M i l l p o rt

                                     The Ark!
                        The Millport Association Newsletter

                                                                                          Issue 1, May 2002

Welcome to The Ark! – the new newsletter for the University Marine Biological Station and its

Named after the converted barge(pictured below) which was moored near the site of the present station,
The Ark served as a floating laboratory for its co-founder David Robertson until the current station was

Aimed at keeping residents, alumni and station supporters informed of our work and activities we hope
you will find the following update on our progress interesting.

Future                            the future for The Station, which        improved status in the Research
                                  HEFCE & SHEFC, the English               Assessment Exercise when the
With a brand new £1.5 million and Scottish Higher Education                Station was awarded a grade 4
research vessel under construc- Funding Councils have recently             and also by the steady increase in
tion and plans for a new annex to recognised as a ‘National                customer numbers.
our existing hostel and for a new Facility’.
recompression chamber in hand,                                             With winter hopefully behind us
not to mention new courses being Whilst there is no doubt this will        the future is looking good!
added to an already packed sched- mean more work for the already
ule, staff are gearing themselves busy staff, it is to their credit that   New Research Vessel
up for an extremely hectic year!  such       confidence         exists.
                                  Confidence has also been                 Work has already begun on a
This welcome investment secures increased by the Station’s                 much needed replacement for the
larger of our two research vessels,    Comprising of twenty single          study is a comprehensive review
RV Aora. Scottish designers and        rooms the self-catering accommo-     based on library research on a
shipbuilders, Macduff Ship             dation block will not only house     topic relevant to the interests of
Designers Ltd and Macduff              graduate students, but allow even    the student and the degree. The
Shipyards are constructing the         more people access to our facili-    capstone study and five of the
vessel, commissioned by the            ties and the abundant marine life    elective courses will be completed
University of London for us here       around the island. Use by the dis-   at Millport. The remaining core
at the Marine Station. The £1.5        abled has also been a priority for   courses and electives will be
million vessel will have several       the design team and ramps, wider     taken in Florida.
positive outcomes:                     corridors and doorways should
1. The continuation of research        allow them easy access. The new      Although a jointly-taught MS
that is of national and scientific     building will be similar in design   program, Nova Southeastern
interest.                              to the existing**** annex, but       University will confer the degree.
2. Securing the future of our small    built around a small landscaped      The NSU Oceanographic Center
but important site.                    garden.                              will therefore handle most
3. Providing improved teaching                                              administrative matters.
and research facilities for students Our existing hostel accommoda-
of marine biology from all over      tion has not been forgotten either.    Proposed start date: September
the UK.                              Over the winter months, under the      2002.
                                     supervision of Elizabeth Barbour,
Staff here at the station are cur- the Hostel Bursar, staff have            Contact either:
rently having a bit of fun suggest- worked, not only on improving
ing names for the vessel, with the bedrooms but also the com-               Dr Phillip Smith, Graduate
some amusing results!                munal dining hall, painting and        Degree Coordinator at the
However, the naming of a new adding some cheery tartan drapes,              University Marine Biological
vessel is not as simple as it seems, giving it a decidedly more ‘home-      Station
as the name must be unique to the ly’ feel.                       
vessel and not registered to any
other merchant vessel. There is Joint Masters Degree                        or

                                       Collaboration      with     Nova     Dr Andrew Rogerson
                                       Southeastern          University     Director of Graduate Programs at
                                       Oceanographic Center has result-     Nova University
                                       ed in the establishment of a joint
                                       masters degree.
                                                                            for further details
also an element of superstition to  The new degree has been
be taken into account!              designed for students with a first      Recompression Chamber
                                    degree in biology, oceanography,
A ‘shortlist’ of suitable names is or a related subject, who wish to        Plans to replace the existing
being before a final vote by the acquire a deeper knowledge of              recompression chamber at the
staff to determine their favourite. marine biology.                         Station are currently being
It is hoped that this long awaited                                          finalised. Funding has been
new addition to the Station, as Students’ will spend the first              secured but a delay has occurred
pictured above, will be in com- seven months (September to                  due to planning technicalities.
mission by March 2003!              March) in Millport and will then
                                    complete, the degree in Florida,        The current chamber, built to the
Hostel Annex                        spending about 12 months at             design specifications of Chief
                                    Nova’s Oceanographic Center.            Diver and Specimen Supply
Plans are under way for the con- The Master of Science degree               Officer at the Station Phil
struction of an annex to our exist- comprises 5 core courses, 8 elec-       Lonsdale some twenty-four years
ing hostel accommodation.           tive courses and a 6 credit-hour        ago, has served its function well.
at the time, and despite continued
                                            Academic Staff
maintenance and repair, it cannot
now conform to best practice.
                                      Dr Rupert Ormond (Director)
                                          Professor P G Moore
It is still hoped however to have
                                           Dr R J A Atkinson
the new chamber in situ by the
                                              Dr F Hannah
end of the year and once again
                                              Dr I P Smith
Phil has had major role to play in
                                           Dr J Hall-Spencer
its design.

Millport Trust

The Millport Trust has been set
up, both to act as an alumni organ-
isation and as a means of promot-
ing interaction within the local
community. The appointed mem-
bers of the Trust Committee
include, Professor Phil Rainbow
of the Natural History Museum,
London, Countess Isabel Glasgow
and Ian Frame, Chairman of
Cumbrae Community Council,
beside members of UMBSM’s
Administration.. It is hoped that
the charitable status afforded to
the Trust will allow access to lot-
tery and other funding to refurbish
the existing museum and aquari-


Our small library, in existence
since the original UMBSM build-
ing was completed in 1897 has
gone ‘electronic’.

Over the winter months the books
have been catalogued onto the
newly installed computer system
allowing easier search access and
the self issuing of library books
for staff and students alike.

The library, housed in the Sheina
Marshall room can claim to have
one of the best collections of
marine biological books in the

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