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Purpose and Scope

Broadway is one of a few organisations that provide an opportunity for people to gain experience and
training in the housing and homelessness sector. The scheme offers candidates the opportunity to
learn and build on knowledge, skills and the right approach required for this type of work.

Important Notice

In order to achieve the variety and variation of work based experiences candidates will in the first
instance begin their training in our frontline hostel services. The opportunity to work with our
supported housing services for remainder of the programme will be agreed after satisfactory
completion of any probationary requirements. Candidates will work towards key-working clients and
then eventually taking on full client case load. For these reasons Broadway has enclosed role
descriptions to cover both divisions.

The job descriptions relate to:

Trainee Role Description – Project Based
Trainee Housing Support Worker Role Description

All Placements are subject to availability, suitability and the needs of the organisation, and could
change throughout the duration of the programme. There will be from time to time other negotiable
opportunities available to undertake short term placements within Broadways other service

 Project Based Placements

Candidates will be located at our hostels in the West London area of Shepherd Bush and Ealing. Also
our women’s only hostels in Kennington, and Broadway’s flagship drop-in Centre. Our projects
provide sustainable accommodation, working on support needs with vulnerable clients, in preparation
towards finding and keeping a home.

 Supported Housing Placements

Placements may be offered out to potential candidates to our Supported Housing Services teams in
West, North and South London. These teams manage properties behalf of our external landlords and
housing association partners and support clients with a range of needs.

Details of both role descriptions will be attached to the Trainee Service Delivery post at
the point of application. If you have not received these please contact ‘ProspectUs’
(Broadway’s response handling centre) on

For further details and an informal discussion please contact Charity Moss, Training
Manager on 020 7710 0563 or e-mail

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Role Title:      Project Worker (Trainee)

Division:        Housing & Support

Location:        Market Lane/Coninghams/Manor Place/Day Centre/CAT


     To assist the other members of the team to jointly manage the project
     To assist other members of the team to provide support and advice to residents
     To assist with day to day delivery of the CAT service, to make and sustain contact with rough
      sleepers in the West London Zone
     To work with the team to ensure that appropriate assessments & referrals are made to support
      clients to move from the streets
     To participate regularly in Team Meetings, working parties and other ad hoc groups as agreed
      with other members of the team


1.       Client Support

To assist the team with the following:

1.1      To induct new residents in line with the project’s policy

1.2      To provide advice to residents on housing, health, welfare benefit claims and other issues as

1.3      To provide resettlement and referral advice to residents across a range of needs in
         consultation/liaison with the Contact and Assessment Workers, Resettlement Workers,
         specialist workers and other agencies.

1.4      To assist residents to make successful claims for welfare benefits and to be responsible for
         the collection of Housing Benefit and weekly charges for residents.

1.5      To provide general housing and other advice for those whom Broadway cannot assist.

1.6      To have a working knowledge of appropriate housing and benefits law and the rights of
         single homeless people and to advise and assist residents accordingly.

1.7      To assess individual needs with the residents and Contact and Assessment Workers and
         assist residents in obtaining access to all forms of primary health care, substance misuse
         workers and other specialist agencies when required.

1.8      To be responsible for organising, facilitating and running meaningful occupation activities
         both in and out of the hostel.

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1.9     To work with residents in producing ongoing care plans and ensure case reviews are carried
        out and that case plans are implemented and adequate case records are maintained.

1.10    To have an understanding of the needs of the client group and to assess each situation as
        they arise on its own merit.

2.      Financial and Administrative Duties

To assist the team with the following:

2.1     To ensure that rental income is maximised by filling voids promptly and in line with the
        project’s policy.

2.2     To collect and record weekly rent and service charges, maintain resident rent records and
        ensure that arrears are managed inline with the project’s policy. To liase with the Housing
        Benefit department and Benefits Agencies to ensure that residents and the project receive all
        monies due to them. To pursue bad debts for key residents. To produce monthly arrears
        reports for residents.

2.3     To keep accurate daily records of petty cash and other hostel monies.

2.4     To keep accurate records and statistics on resident admissions and departures. To maintain
        a high standard of record keeping in the office and keep all financial and administrative
        systems in the office in an accurate and up-to-date manner in line with policy.

2.5     To ensure that all written work both for internal and external use is of a high standard.

3.      Management of the project while on shift

To assist the team with the following:

3.1     To maintain a friendly and supportive environment within the project.

3.2     To diffuse difficult or dangerous situations and to summon outside assistance when

3.3     To assist on an occasional basis with emergencies and other problems that may arise in other
        Broadway Projects outside office hours.

3.4     To evict people when necessary in accordance with agreed policies.

3.5     To liaise with local authorities and other statutory agencies, including the police, as

3.6     To carry out the referral procedures to and from the project.

3.7     To liaise with and work with sessional workers, volunteers and external agencies to provide
        the highest possible standard of service delivery to residents.

3.8     To notify the relevant workers when stocks and supplies are short, and to order these when
        required to do so.

3.9     To ensure that the project is kept clean and safe including the cleaning of substances such as
        sickness and excrement.

3.10    To adhere to Broadway's Health and Safety Policy in all aspects of the work.

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3.11    To carry out health and safety checks in line with policy and keep records as required.

3.12    To carry out regular checks of fire alarm, emergency call systems and fire drills as agreed
        with the Deputy Manager and/or Project Manager.

3.13    To ensure the standard of the accommodation and grounds are consistently high through
        communication and practical means. This includes assisting in the upkeep of the garden and
        decoration of rooms. Identify and report repairs and maintain equipment to a high standard.

3.14    To ensure that residents receive nutritious and adequate meals.

3.15    To prepare and cook breakfast for the clients and assist them in cooking other meals.

3.16    To maintain records, including clients' files, in an accurate and up to date fashion.

3.17    To be supportive of your colleagues during times of crisis.

3.18    To deal with the immediate support needs of the clients as appropriate.

3.19    To deal with resident’s complaints and to resolve conflicts between users sensitively and

4.      CAT Management/Service Delivery

To assist the team with the following:

4.1     To make contact with rough sleepers. To build and maintain working relationships with
        rough sleepers in the West London zone. To be responsible for the day to day delivery of the
        project in accordance with agreed policies and procedures.

4.2     Undertake outreach work on a rota basis including working early mornings, late nights and at

4.3     To assess the needs of individual rough sleepers and to provide them with a variety of
        options of support services/accommodation in liaison with other agencies and specialist

4.4     To advocate on behalf of rough sleepers with external agencies regarding their welfare rights
        health needs or any other issues affecting their ongoing support.

4.5     To maintain a caseload of clients. Offer clients ongoing support until they are handed over to
        the tenancy sustainment teams or other appropriate support services.

4.6     To gatekeep accommodation for rough sleepers in the West London zone. To make
        appropriate referrals in consultation with fellow CAT members.

4.7     To take part in the evaluation and development of services within the CAT.

4.8     To deal with user's complaints and to resolve conflicts between users sensitively and

4.9     To ensure that regular case reviews are carried out and that case plans are implemented and
        adequate case records are maintained.

4.10    To carry out the required level of monitoring and tracking of clients and that the appropriate
        monitoring information is available to the Homelessness Directorate, or their agents. To
        maintain accurate and up to date files on all rough sleepers worked with.

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5.      0ther Duties

5.1     To attend daily handover meetings, weekly Team Meetings, team review days and other
        meetings as agreed with the Deputy Manager and/or Project Manager. To chair and take
        minutes of meetings, as requested.

5.2     To keep abreast of current housing legislation, welfare benefit legislations and other matters
        relevant to successful support and move on of residents.

5.3     To attend Broadway working parties, ad hoc and in house training sessions, as requested.

5.4     To represent Broadway and the project/team externally at meetings, open days and events,
        as requested.

5.5     To carry out specialist duties for development purposes, including shadowing, as agreed with
        the Deputy Manager and/or the Project Manager.

5.6     To adhere to Broadway's Equal Opportunities Policy and Health and Safety Policy in all
        aspects of the work.

5.7     To adhere to Broadway's Code of Conduct.

5.8     To attend and contribute to regular supervision with the Project Manager.

5.9     To attend and contribute to regular meetings with Trainee Mentor.

5.10    To attend and contribute to quarterly appraisals.

5.11    To carry out any other duties commensurate with the post.

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Role Title:       Housing Support Worker (Trainee)

Division:         Housing & Support

Location:         South, North and West London


The key objectives of the training post are for the trainee to develop skills:
     To help homeless people living in temporary supported shared housing or in longer-term housing
      schemes to develop the confidence, skills and competence necessary to manage successfully in
      their accommodation, and improve the quality of their lives.
     To provide specialist hands-on support to people who have slept rough, have quite high and
      varied support needs, and have found it difficult accessing other support services.
     To work with clients to develop and review support and resettlement plan; to help clients set
      goals which will help them towards greater independence and confidence and to identify and
      work on issues which might prevent them from achieving their goals.
     To assist in the provision of a high quality housing management service. To maximise
      Broadway’s rental income and minimise losses through arrears and voids.
     To continuously review and develop team and personal working practices to ensure the best
      possible service is provided to Broadway’s clients.


1.      Referral and Assessment
To participate actively in Broadway’s referral and assessment process, to ensure that clients are
matched to services which best meet their needs.

This will include:
1.1       Arranging and carrying out assessment interviews with clients and other relevant parties.
1.2       Researching and collating additional sources of information to enable appropriate assessment
          decisions to be made.
1.3       Attending and participating in Assessment Panel meetings.
1.4       Communicating decisions to clients and other parties involved.
1.5       Working with Broadway’s Assessment Co-ordinator and the Clearing House to ensure
          appropriate allocation of clients.
1.6       Carrying out initial risk assessments in relation to all clients interviewed, and carrying out
          regular reviews in line with Broadway’s Risk Management Policy.

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2.      Resettlement and Rehousing Support
To work with clients to ensure appropriate and effective support programmes are in place and
regularly reviewed on an individual basis.

This will include:
2.1     Negotiating support plans with each client; motivating clients to identify and work towards
        individual goals consistent with sustaining their tenancy. Working with clients towards
        independence and the planned, agreed withdrawal of support.
2.2     Engaging clients in the process of resettlement planning, and reviewing regularly to take
        account of any changes.
2.3     Holding regular meetings with clients both in their homes and at the office; discussing their
        needs and working with them to identify options.
2.4     Monitoring clients’ physical/mental health and liaising with specialist services as appropriate.
2.5     Liaising with Education & Development Team to address issues of social isolation and
        exclusion; facilitating clients’ involvement in the community.
2.6     Liaising with Welfare Rights staff to advise clients on benefit entitlements and ensuring that
        their income from benefits is maximised.
2.7     Assisting clients in acquiring the budgeting and social skills necessary to hold down a tenancy
        effectively. Liaising with the Education & Development Team to provide advice on training,
        employment and related issues.
2.8     Encouraging clients to represent themselves, advocating where appropriate.
2.9     Assisting clients in accessing specialist help; co-ordinating the involvement of external
        support agencies as appropriate.
2.10    Accompanying clients to interviews and viewings with housing providers.
2.11    Providing clients with practical support to make their homes habitable, eg accessing furniture
        projects, setting up utilities, dealing with minor repairs and maintenance. Assisting with
        decorating, cleaning and other home-making tasks.

3.      Supported Housing Management
To assist in providing a high quality housing management service. To maximise Broadway’s rental
income and minimise losses through arrears and voids.

This will include:
3.1     Ensuring that tenants understand and comply with the terms of their tenancy. Take
        appropriate action where they do not, in accordance with Broadway's housing management
        policies and procedures (eg neighbour disputes).
3.2     Assisting tenants and households in carrying out practical tasks, including cleaning and
        carrying out basic repairs.

3.3     Monitoring payment of rent and service charges; liaising with Housing Benefit and DSS
        concerning direct payments. Liaising with the Housing Management department and Anti-
        Poverty team in order to deal with arrears in accordance with policies and procedures.
3.4     Assisting other members of the team to pursue legal action on behalf of Broadway where
        necessary, including applying for court hearings, undertaking DIY possession proceedings.
3.5     Carrying out periodic inspections of properties to ensure that they are safe and well-
        maintained. Liaising with Property Services Manager over any repairs/replacements needed.
3.6     Referring complaints promptly to the appropriate manager.
3.7     Project-managing all the stages and tasks involved in re-letting voids; ensuring that voids
        periods are kept to a minimum.

D:\DOCSTOC\WORKING\PDF\91D98590-FA48-45A5-837B-60A702FD0969.DOC-Sept 08                                    7
3.8     Assisting with the tasks involved in bringing new properties into Broadway’s management,
        and handing back properties to Registered Social Landlords.

4.      Networking, Liaison and Brokering
To proactively liaise, communicate and negotiate with internal specialists and external agencies in
order to maximise client support services, resources and funding.

This will include:
4.1     Identifying agencies, service providers, partners and funders who might offer resources,
        funding, or individual client services, eg Clearing House, Registered Social Landlords, Local
        Authorities, Social Services Departments, community psychiatric services, Benefits Agency
        and other government agencies, referral agencies, charitable trusts, other voluntary
4.2     Negotiating and advocating to obtain services, funds, resources for a client or group of
        clients, eg grants, mental-health/drug and alcohol services, counselling, employment and
        training opportunities, specialist advice, offers of accommodation.
4.3     Attending case conferences to facilitate effective multi-agency working on behalf of clients.
4.4     Preparing written applications and reports to prospective providers.
4.5     Promoting and representing Broadway at relevant forums and meetings.
4.6     Developing and maintaining effective working relationships with external agencies and
        partners, for example by responding promptly and accurately to requests for information.

5.      Information Management
To produce and maintain accurate and useful information in a range of formats in order
to promote effective service delivery and evaluation.
This will include:
5.1     Recording all contacts with clients appropriately and maintaining all relevant files and
        recording systems up to date.

5.2     Producing written reports in a variety of formats to meet the requirements of managers,
        service providers and legal bodies, eg referral and assessment reports, service planning
        reviews, supporting letters, write-off reports, court reports, transfer summaries.
5.3     Inputting and extracting information from computerised rent accounting package, client
        monitoring system, and other accounting and database systems. Using word processing
        software for the production of own correspondence and reports.
5.4     Maintaining and collating a range of accurate monitoring information in relation to client work
        and other activities.
5.5     Being self-servicing in day-to-day administration, and following team and Broadway
        administrative procedures.

6.      Reviewing Personal Performance and Development Needs
To be proactive in reviewing and evaluating own performance and identifying and acting
upon areas for improvement.
This will include:
6.1     Continuously reviewing own working practices in line with client feedback and current best
6.2     Reviewing and evaluating own performance to identify strengths and areas for development.
        Identifying own learning/development needs and opportunities, including shadowing with
        other teams/projects.

D:\DOCSTOC\WORKING\PDF\91D98590-FA48-45A5-837B-60A702FD0969.DOC-Sept 08                                   8
6.3     Undertaking development and training opportunities (including shadowing) and being
        responsible for obtaining maximum benefit through review, reflection and practice.
6.4     Undertaking at least one extended period of shadowing within a different team/project.

7.      Other
To contribute positively and constructively to the development of the team, the service
and Broadway.
This will include:
7.1     Participating actively, constructively, flexibly and reliably in:
            Duty cover arrangements
            Unplanned or emergency cover of colleagues’ work or team duties
            Meetings, working groups and other forums at team, division and organisation levels
            Team work
            Continuous improvement initiatives
7.2     Following Broadway’s policies, procedures and performance expectations.
7.3     Implementing Broadway’s Equal Opportunities Policy in all functions of the post.
7.4     Undertaking, as required, any other duties compatible with the level and nature of the post
        and/or reasonably required by the Team Leader, Head of Service or Director of Services.

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