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					TO: MEMBERS OF THE DEVELOPMENT                         Mr. Morris/Mr. Gwinnell
    CONTROL (CENTRAL) COMMITTEE                        (0117) 922 2385/2389

    Councillor Alderson (C)                            19 September 2000
    Councillor R Brown (LD)
    Councillor Tessa Coombes (L)                       e-mail addresses:
    Councillor Dodd (LD)
    Councillor Hugill (L)                    
    Councillor Johnson (L)                             or
    Councillor C Price (L)                   
    Councillor Pyle (L)
    Councillor J White (LD)

    (L = Labour, LD = Liberal Democrat, C = Conservative)

Dear Councillor

Development Control (Central) Committee - 27 September 2000

You are invited to attend a meeting of the above mentioned committee to be
held on Wednesday 27 September 2000 at 2.00pm in a committee room at
the Council House, College Green, Bristol BS1 5TR.

The agenda for the meeting is set out overleaf and the supporting documents
are attached.

Yours sincerely

R N Gwinnell/M Morris
Committee Services Officer
                       PUBLIC INFORMATION SHEET

The attention of the public is drawn to the sheet at the back of the agenda
giving information on the emergency evacuation procedures, attending
meetings and inspecting reports and background papers.




     AUGUST 2000

     -   To be confirmed as a correct record.


     Deadline for receipt: 12.00 noon on 26 September 2000


     -   To note appeals lodged, imminent public inquiries, and appeals
         awaiting decision.

     (Report of the Director of Head of Planning Services)


     -   To consider the following matters for the central area:-

         NB The plans and drawings appended to the reports are for
         illustrative purposes only. The application drawings are those
         described in the conditions and advices applied to individual

         Item Ward         Application No./Address/Description

         1     Cabot       Former Lead Shot Works, 10-14 Cheese Lane, St
                           Phillips, Bristol -

                           (1)   00/01659/F/C -

                                 Redevelopment of site to provide 59 no. new

                     build residential units, 2 no. live work units
                     and refurbish the former lead shot tower.

               (2)   Demolition of existing structures within the
                     curtilage of a listed building (the former lead
                     shot tower) and works to the tower and
                     associated building.

2   Lockleaze 00/02769/W/C - Glenfrome House Holder Station,
              Eastgate Road, Eastville, Bristol - Continuation of
              Hazardous Substance Consent for the storage of
              natural gas.

3   Cabot      Land adjacent to 1 John Carrs Terrace, City centre,
               Bristol -

               (1)   00/00229/F/C -

                     Construction of three terraced houses and
                     associated parking.

               (2)   00/00378/LC/C -

                     Demolition of existing workshop and
                     associated offices.

4   Cotham     54 Arley Hill, Cotham, Bristol -

               (1)   00/02045/F/C -

                     Construction of 2 no. two storey mews houses
                     with integral garages fronting Gisbon Road.

               (2)   00/02059/LC/C -

                     Demolition of existing stone rear boundary

5   Cabot      Hotel Du Vi, Lewins Mead, City Centre, Bristol -

               (1)   00/00691/F/C -

                     Erection of four storey extension for hotel
                     purposes (10 bedrooms) to existing hotel and
                     bridge link over Johnny Ball Lane.

              (2)   00/00690/LA/C

                    Alterations including four storey extension on
                    the site to the rear of the hotel, with bridge link
                    over Johnny Ball Lane.

6   Cabot     McArthurs Warehouse, Gas Ferry Road, City
              centre, Bristol -

              (1)   00/00200/F/C -

                    Redevelopment comprising the construction
                    of three buildings, 5-7 storeys in height,
                    providing a mixed use scheme of residential
                    units, office suites, retail and food and drink
                    units (Use Classes B1, B2, C3, A1 and A3);
                    associated car parking, landscaping and
                    public space.

              (2)   00/00201/LC/C -

                    Demolition of warehouse and Diving School

7   Lawrence Dunns Building and Decimal House, Thomas Lane,
    Hill     Redcliffe, Bristol -

              (1)   00/00211/F/C -

                    Erection of 5 and 6 storey buildings and
                    conversion of Dunns Building to provide 2 no.
                    retail units on ground floor and 25 residential
                    flats above with associated car parking and
                    conversion of Decimal House to studio / office

              (2)   00/00212/LC/C -

                    Demolition of single storey building adjoining
                    Dunns Building.

              (3)   00/00213/F/C -

                    Erection of pavillion building for uses with
                    either Use Class A1 (retail) or Class A2
                    (financial and professional services) or Class
                                A3 (food and drink).

                          (4)   00/00216/F/C -

                                Erection of 6 / 7 storey office building,
                                alterations to existing car parking
                                arrangements, removal of trees, creation of
                                landscaped open space and ancillary works.

         8     Cabot      00/01386/F/C - Fanum House, 26-32 Park Row,
                          City centre, Bristol - External alterations including
                          ground to fifth floor front extension and two-storey
                          roof extension and change of use to 52 residential
                          flats (Class C3) and associated parking provision
                          for 53 cars; alternative use on part of the ground
                          floor for either shops (Class A1), financial and
                          professional services (Class A2); food and drink
                          (Claas A3); non-residential institutions (Class D1);
                          or assembly and leisure (Class D2), with associated
                          parking for 4 cars.

         9     Easton     00/01091/FB/C - St George Upper School, Russell
                          Town Avenue, Redfield, Bristol - Conversion of
                          existing school building with two additional wings, to
                          create fully equipped sports changing and teaching
                          area for sports use. Outdoor facilities to include
                          floodlighting, all weather running track, javelin, shot
                          putt and high jump area and all weather football

         10    Lawrence 00/01378/F/C - 38-98 Old Market Street, St Philips,
               Hill     Bristol - Change of use from offices to drop in
                        centre (Class D1).

     (Report of the Head of Planning Services)


     Any item of business which the Chair is of the opinion should be
     considered at the meeting as a matter of urgency by reason of special
     circumstances (to be specified) under Section 100B(4)(b) of the Local
     Government (Access to Information) Act 1985.

Produced by Committee Services, The Council House, College Green, Bristol BS1 5TR6
 Fax No. (0117) 922 2146.         Internet Web Site Address:

                       Information Sheet
             Emergency Evacuation Procedure
    (i) In the event of a fire you will hear a continuous alarm.
        In the event of a bomb alert the alarm will sound in repeated
        short bursts.

    (ii) Do not panic - members, officers and the public should leave
         the building promptly and in a quiet and orderly fashion using
         the nearest available escape routes and assemble behind the
         Central Library beyond the Norman Archway.
         Lifts must not be used under any circumstances.

    Please note: both alarms are tested every Monday at 9.30am (for
    approx. 30 seconds). These arrangements apply to meetings held
    in the Council House, College Green. Where the meeting is held
    elsewhere, local arrangements will apply.

Public Access to Information
    Please contact the committee services officer named on the agenda
    if you require further information regarding the following:

Attendance at Meetings - Local Government (Access to Information)
                            Act 1985

    All development control committee meetings are open to the public
    and a limited amount of seating is available in each committee
    room. You may however be asked to leave the meeting when the
    committee considers any “exempt” (confidential) business shown
    on the agenda.

 Inspection of Papers - Local Government (Access to Information)
                             Act 1985

    If you wish to inspect minutes or reports (other than exempt reports)
    relating to any item on this agenda please contact either the
    committee services officer or the modern records office (tel: 0117
    9222376). The background papers listed in a report may also be
    inspected. Please notify the committee services officer if you wish
    to see these. He/she will arrange with the report author for papers
    to be made available to you at a mutually convenient time. We can
    also arrange for copies of individual reports or minutes to be
    supplied to you or for an annual subscription to the papers for any
    committee. A charge will be made for this service.
                  Other Formats and Languages
Committee papers can be provided in other formats (e.g. large
print, audio tape, braille etc) or in community languages, upon
request. Please contact the committee services officer if you
would like such papers giving as much notice as possible. It
should be noted that re-formatting or translation of committee
reports before the date of a particular meeting cannot be

                         Public Forum

If you are a resident in Bristol you can make a statement (which
can include presenting a petition) to any development control
committee provided that:-
    (i)    you give written notice to us, including a copy of the
          statement or the front page of the petition, no later than
          12.00 noon on the working day before the meeting and
    (ii) the statement or petition concerns a matter which is the
         responsibility of the committee at which you intend to
         present it.
Statements received by a committee will be noted and, if they
do not relate to an item on the agenda for the meeting at which
they are presented, they may be the subject of a report by
officers to the next meeting of the committee. Statements which
relate to items which are on the agenda for the meeting at which
they are made will be taken into account by the committee when
it considers the item concerned.
The committee chair will have discretion to allow statements
from members of the public who are not residents of Bristol if
they have a business address in the city or can demonstrate
some other interest in an agenda item.


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