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									                                                                           Disaster or Utopia?
                                                                                                                                    Alan Tratner
                                                                               We should all be fed up! Or as a famous actor once said, "I am
                                                                           mad as hell, and I am not going to take it any more!". Here is why;
                                                                           a very successful entrepreneur, who is very involved in community
                                                                           charities, as well as a founder of the international Women's
                                                                           Festivals, recently said, " if you listen to all the media, you'd think
                                                                           it was the “Fall of Rome" all over again".
                                                                                For the past three months I have been asked to speak at some
                                                                           major business, financing, and Going Green conferences- from San

                                                                           Diego to LA,
                                                                           San Fernando Valley and Ventura County/Westlake and just this
                                                                           past Tuesday evening, at the Faulkner Gallery of Santa Barbara
                                                                           Library--some of these events exceeded 700 attendees. Three of

                                                                           the bigger conferences were titled "Where's the Money?"-certainly
                                                                           a bit prophetic. I also did about a dozen media interviews- radio,
                                                                           Internet, print, etc. The reporters or hosts had me address the
                                                                           "recession/depression", the failing economy, the energy crisis, job
           The International Newsletter for                                loss, and business failings- all from my perspective as an
   Environmental Entrepreneurship                                          innovation and green expert of sorts.
                                                                               The negativity and fear propagated from much of
                                                                           media, pundits, politicians, leaders, and folks that should know
            Edition Vol. 1 November 2008
           Edition 76 Vol. 1 October 2008                                  better is deafening. President Franklin D. Roosevelt said it best,
        Editors: Nora Cata and Larissa Keiser                              "We have nothing to fear but fear itself".
    Alan Tratner: Green2Gold Executive Director                                  We in USA have just elected what is arguably the most
                   Green2Gold.org                                          powerful human on this planet and world leaders have actually
                                                                           come together in a unique fashion, economically instigated by the
                                                                           the American "Wall Street" financial crisis. We have an
                                                                           unprecedented opportunity to create solutions that can lead
      The advent of November                                               humanity and this planet into a brighter era. It is said that "We
                                                                           cannot predict the future, but we can invent it!"
has brought a plethora of new circumstances to a turbulent world.
                                                                           The solution?
Gas prices have reached record low levels, the stock market has
                                                                                   A Global Mission in every nation, and in every one's own
faced an unpredictable and downward spiral causing people to
                                                                           self interest, to invent a sustainable economy, fueled by
loose their jobs and for alarm to spread like the recent Tea fires
                                                                           humankind's incredible creativity, ingenuity, compassion and
raging through Montecito and Santa Barbara. Society seems
                                                                           talents. Simultaneously we must embrace environmental
confused and in complete disagreement as to what the best
                                                                           entrepreneurship and innovation, along with a concerted drive to
solutions to these problems would be. Perhaps on a brighter note,
                                                                           supply civilization with abundant, affordable, clean, renewable,
the United States has elected a 44th President of the nation, and
                                                                           and safe energy resources and technologies. All of these will aid in
since in troubled times our greatest tools are optimism, innovation,
                                                                           the creation of sustainable economies with a bio-based and
and the ability to move forward through perils, we look upon this
                                                                           agricultural foundation. Transitional bio- fuels will be used to help
new political administration with hope and expectation. We must
                                                                           solve, once and for all, the fossil fuels mess. Reuse of all "wastes"
also remember that November is a month of Thanksgiving, and we
                                                                           will be nothing but beneficial and we will create plastics and other
must recognize the opportunities which these dark times present
                                                                           industrial materials from crops. Darn it, let the oil companies
us, and with that in mind we must work hard to find the best
                                                                           transition (with proper oversight), and let anyone else in free
solutions to the crisis’ at hand. These articles show hope for the
                                                                           enterprise, become the new energy companies- no one has to
promises of the future. We have also included a section to
                                                                           loose! A drive must instill conservation of all resources-this is not
welcome our newest incubees and a calendar of events
                                                                           negative, nor lowers standards of living, but is very positive in
Green2Gold promotes in order for you to save the Date. Thank you
                                                                           creating jobs, maximizing productivity, and raising the quality of
for taking a moment for Green2Gold and have a fun and fulfilling
                                                                           life for everyone. Not to mention that this will buy us time.
beginning of your holiday season.
                                                                                  Global economists and studies indicate trillions of dollars of
                                                                           opportunities to reinvent everything that is a cause of pollution-

inefficiency, transportation, building issues. New products could            people, non profit organizations, all more and more coming
be mined from land fills and recycling, and new services could be            together for encouraging sustainable economic development. There
rendered. As an example: two million children die needlessly each            are lots of opportunities. There are many others such as Catalyst,
year in our world due to filthy water, billions of humans are                Green Drinks, The Sustainability Project, Green Building
affected by this, however, technology and enterprise can, with               groups, Santa Barbara Young Professional Club, The National
sound policies and cooperation, come to the rescue.                          Association of Women Business Owners, Women' s Economic
      We can address problems like never before, crank up R&D                Ventures, Community Environmental Council, SABER, and many
and discovery, use the great assets created by the exploration of the        many more. As you can see, resources abound to give you free or
universe to solve many problems, and create whole new green                  low cost assistance: Chambers of Commerce, business
industries. We have the ability to develop natural medicines, and            organizations and associations. SCORE -Service Corp of
tackle diseases afflicting our species and extend human life spans.          Retired Executives (free counseling/mentoring), SBA resources,
We can protect the fragile Biosphere and solve the growing                   community colleges, universities, adult education, free monthly
challenge of f Solve the growing challenge of FOOD for a hungry              entrepreneurship and inventing workshops from Santa Maria to
humanity through innovation. These are all economic                          Los Angeles. There are economic development agencies and if all
opportunities. They are also the right thing to do. Morality,                this is still not enough-there are private business consultants for fee
ethics, concern for your fellow man, and economic survival should            based assistance as well.
dictate our course as a civilization: no one EVER should suffer or                   Need some great ideas for products or services? The
die from hunger, poisoned air, water, land or food. Ecology shows            international HQ for Inventors Workshop International, composed
us a truth: interdependence. We have had a rude awakening by the             of 40,000 creative geniuses from around world, is in Santa Barbara
current economic mess: We humans are part of this, and as a c                County. Licensing, investing, co-venturing opportunities
civilization we are interdependent.                                          with thousands of patented or pending inventions are promising in
       The Elusive Dream of Peace                                            all fields; from toys and games, to foods and cosmetics, to
Get everyone involved in enterprising, globally. My infamous                 industrial products and consumer products- all ripe for greening
lectures contain these two cents worth: It is a really BAD business          and exploiting and commercializing. If you need a place to start or
practice to harm, or worse- kill, your customers, clients and                grow a small new business: look into the conventional and non
suppliers. Sustainable economic development is an opportunity for            profit enterprise incubators- for example, the Santa
all. Make everyone a stake holder, have vested economic interest,            Maria Enterprise Center, Santa Barbara Entrepreneurship Center,
co-venturing, cooperatives, use micro financing, affordable                  and the original and new Green 2Gold incubators. The national
lending, have everyone engaged in the self interest of making a              average for start ups succeeding within business incubators (due to
living, supporting a family , and striving for happiness- these are          mentorship, access to capital, and resources) is approaching ninety
all powerful motives for less conflict.                                      percent Invest in yourself, invest in America and invest in the
       Education: New technologies, new communications,                      World. Ninety percent of USA businesses are called “Small”-they
computer tools, global learning, solving or ending isolation,                generate most of all new jobs, employment, create wealth,
erasing ignorant prejudices, all can be positive exponential drivers         contribute to charities, volunteer in
for economic progress. Our kids are little economic engines in               communities, and pay taxes. What an inspirational club to join!
prototype stage! We must inspire, encourage, teach ,and mentor                       A new regional/national initiative venture is soon to be
youth to use their                                                           launched: The California Coast Venture Forum's The Clean
creativity, and talents to be entrepreneurial, and inventive. Present        Business Investment Summit for angel and venture capital, lending
problems and challenge them to solve them-work together and                  resources for the ever growing sustainable, socially responsible
enterprise together.                                                         and environmentally responsible enterprises. From organic foods
                                                                             to Solar Energy, there is a full spectrum of advances and new
Walt Disney said, "If you can dream it, you can do it"                       developments from which one can profit. Billions of investor
                                                                             dollars are flowing into renewable energy and the green and clean
                                                                             sectors. Cash in on this!
Regional Solutions and Opportunities
Loosing your job, lost your job? I am very sorry. Some stupidity in
upper management and government and some true greed in                       Bottom Line:
financial institutions, and other factors like energy and oil impacts,       Lets live in harmony with each other and the precious life
contributed to the current situation. Become an Enviro                       sustaining planet. Everyone has rights to life, liberty, pursuit of
Entrepreneur! If you need some inspiration and encouragement just            happiness and the right to make a living, sustainably.
listen to Frank Sinatra's cute rendition of "High Hopes" song.
Start an Enterprise! Become your own boss; create your own                   So is it to be Disaster or Utopia?
economic destiny. If you can’t do it alone or don’t know how then
team up with others in the same situation, go to networking events.          It is up to us. We Can INVENT the Future and hope still springs
We are blessed with a premier biz mixer and networking gathering,            eternal.
the Tech Brews, of innovators, tech enterprises, entrepreneurs, biz
                                                                             A sobering plea by someone far more eloquent then m

yself, but pregnant with economic and collaborative opportunities,                   The submission of grants is technical. In some instances,
asking for positive change:                                                 you can only apply electronically. In this case, we will need to
                                                                            register your company with your TIN to obtain a DUNS # (Data
"We travel together, passengers on a little spaceship,                      Universal Number System) and CCR # (Central Contractor
dependent on its vulnerable reserves of air and soil; all                   Register). Reason: "The federal government has adopted the use of
committed for our safety to its security and peace; preserved               DUNS numbers to track how federal grant money is allocated.
from annihilation only by the                                               DUNS numbers identify your organization. Registering with the
care, the work, and ,I will say, the love we give our fragile               CCR is required for organizations to use Grants.gov”. After
craft. We cannot maintain it half fortunate, half miserable, half           obtaining the CCR #, we will walk you through the rest of the
confident, half despairing, half slave to the ancient enemies of            submission process.
man, half free in a liberation of resources undreamed of until                       With good reason, a lot of business people shy away from
this day. No craft, no crew can travel safely with such vast                applying for grants because of the perception that the end result is
contradictions. On their resolution depends the survival of us              not worth the efforts. This where we come in to give direct and
all"                                                                        practical help to overcome the major obstacles associated with
                                                                            applying for grants. Give Alan Tratner a call if you are interested
-Adlai Stevenson                                                            in pursuing grants.

Join us in creating a sustainable, prosperous future.

           Opportunities                                                    Life Cube: Bringing hope to disaster
                                                                                                                                   Nick Pederson
                                                                                       On October 8, 2005, a major earthquake struck Pakistan
    What does it take to get a grant?                                       killing more than 70,000 people and rendering 3.5 million
                                                                            homeless. The devastation was shocking for two reasons: first,
                                                         Bert Wouters
                                                                            Hurricane Katrina had just struck the American Gulf Coast not two
BCW Consulting, Inc. has been in the grant writing/ investments
business for 12 years. During this period, we have seen a number            months prior; and second, because most of the disaster victims
of projects come to a successful market entry. Seeking grants can           were not killed by the disaster itself but by subsequent exposure to
                                                                            the elements. Michael Conner, a prolific inventor, serial
be a daunting experience, given the many grant opportunities and
                                                                            entrepreneur and President of a stone company he started in Santa
the complexity of information to be entered on the application
                                                                            Barbara, witnessed the newscasts of this disaster and knew that
                                                                            there had to be a better way.
          Our first step is to perform an initial background check on
your company. For starters, you will need a Tax Identification                         His answer was the Life Cube—a temporary disaster
Number, also known as an EIN. Without, we cannot go forward                 relief shelter containing all the necessary elements of survival in a
                                                                            convenient package that can be shipped, trucked or air-dropped to
with applications. Next, we need a brief history and list of
                                                                            ground zero immediately after disaster strikes. The product would
accomplishments. Most importantly, we need a business plan with
                                                                            arrive as a durable, four foot cube made 95% from recycled plastic
a focus on strategies and objectives. Are you looking for a grant or
                                                                            which would then unfold into a 12 square foot floor to create a
a loan guarantee? Are objectives focused on technology or
marketing.                                                                  raised, stable platform that would keep victims out of the mud.
          With this information in hand we can start a search for           Interior components would include food, water, communications,
                                                                            first-aid, warmth, and most importantly: shelter. With the idea in
funding opportunities with State as well as Federal agencies. Our
                                                                            hand, he took it to Alan Tratner to see what could be made of it.
goal is to match you up with the best funding source. A source
                                                                                       Alan Tratner is the Director of Green 2 Gold, a clean tech
where we feel confident we have a reasonably good chance of
                                                                            incubator in downtown Santa Barbara, as well as the President of
being funded. We will give you the probability expressed in
percentage. Most grant applications require a “Narrative”, which            Inventor’s Workshop International (IWI). He specializes in taking
                                                                            innovative, green products off the drawing board and getting them
we help you write. The contents will be partially based on the
                                                                            rapidly commercialized. Upon seeing the Life Cube’s designs, he
information you provided us in the backgrounder. We will match
                                                                            knew that Conner had come up with a hit.
this information to the guidelines for the grant. The Narrative will
                                                                                       With Tratner’s mentoring, Conner was able to develop his
need to be focused on what the governmental program objectives
are and how the government program can fill your needs. This is             product and identify a number of unique, patentable innovations.
called the “Bridging Process” in which we play a major role                 The shelter was then designed and rendered by CAD Engineer,
                                                                            Angie Nguyen—an intern of Tratner’s who was assigned to
guiding you through the process. The guidelines for applications
                                                                            Conner’s project. Together, Nguyen and Conner were able to
are often unclear and confusing. When in doubt, we will make the
                                                                            further develop the Life Cube, deciding to implement the product
phone call to the government for you.
                                                                            as the flag-ship venture under The Inflatable World, LLP.

          The Inflatable World, LLP was initially conceived by              Dec 3rd-5th 2008 CleanTech Forum XX, Shanghai
Conner as a merchandising company that sold inflatable products             Dec 8th- 10th: California Green Schools Summit:
for agricultural and recreational industries but it was soon decided        SHOWCASE your products and services to thousands of
that the shelter portion of the Life Cube would work perfectly as an        public school leaders and decision makers focused on
inflatable. Conner approached several inflatables manufacturers to          implementing green solutions in their schools. This expo
evaluate their interest in prototyping the tent and found immediate         will be an opportunity for you to share your ideas and
support and enthusiasm for the product. With the estimations he             products with the California schools. For more information
received for prototyping costs, he began investigating his funding          see http://www.green-technology.org/gcschools/
          A stroke of luck came about when Tratner introduced
Conner to Mary White, an architectural engineer who had involved
herself with the California Clean Tech Open, a contest in Palo Alto
for innovative green technologies. White had begun the
competition by submitting her designs for a cost-effective
homeless shelter but decided that the Life Cube would stand a
better chance in the competition and so adopted the product for
          The CCTO required that the contestants design and                 December 11th-12th Hollywood Goes Green Hollywood
publish both a business plan and a PowerPoint presentation to be            Forum makes history with the first conference to
orally presented to a panel of six judges. The deadline was strict          specifically address environmental issues in entertainment
and so Conner, White, and Nguyen decided to seek out additional             and related industries. For more information see
support for their team. Nick Pedersen, another of Tratner’s interns         www.hollywoodgoesgreen.com.
at G2G, was attached to the project to give the final push it               January(Date TBA) 2009 The first 2009 TECH BREW
required. Together, the team formed, refined and submitted their            MEGA MIXER to celebrate the new year with several
project to the CCTO. The CCTO reviewed the materials and the                exciting venues being offered. If you wish to
Inflatable World, LLP was made a finalist in the competition, one           exhibit/sponsor or assist this event, contact us
among the top nine.                                                         ASAP.alan@smallbizentrepcntr.org 805 879 1729.
          At the awards ceremony, Pedersen and Nguyen were                  February 23-25, 2009 CleanTech Forum XXI, San
interviewed by Alexis Madrigal from WIRED Science Magazine;                 Francsico
and though the Inflatable World, LLP was not made the winner of             March 8th, 2009 Second Annual International Womens
the CCTO competition, immediate support followed the                        Festival at UCSB (Corwin Pavillion)
publication of Madrigal’s article. Already, in the one week since
the competition, members of the press ranging from INC Magazine
to SIRIUS Radio to a network news station in Oklahoma have
requested to cover the Life Cube.                                          
          Currently, the Inflatable World, LLP is approaching               March 21st Clean Business Investment Summit- If you are
contacts in FEMA as well as venture capitalists for stage-1                  interesting in more information or in participating please
investments to get the Life Cube prototyped. Upon prototyping, the           contact Alan Tratner.
company believes that, with a subsequent stage-2 development
investment, full-scale production can begin as soon as mid-Q2,
          The Inflatable World, LLP is committed to giving first
responders the equipment they need to bring disaster relief out of
the realm of response and transform it into a proactive industry—
an industry prepared with everything they need where they need it.           For more information please visit www.ccvf.org
The timeline for disaster survival is not measured in weeks;
survival must be largely ensured by dramatically reducing the time         We are proud to welcome the following new
in which necessities can be provided. With the Life Cube in hand,
first-responders will finally have a modern solution to a very old
                                                                           incubees to Green2Gold, as everyday we expand
problem.                                                                   our reach:CGG Corporation, Clean Solutions Corp., La
                                                                           Vita Health Foods LTD, MoveGreen Inc., Crystal Clear
                                                                           Technologies, Hightekbikes, The Eco Group Inc, Danielle J

Save the Date…                                                             Courselle Contractor, A Perfect Pear Inc., Social Good
                                                                           Consulting, Clean Start Solutions, The Ipswich Corporation,
                                                                           The Sign Place LLC, Social Good consulting, Humanitourism,
Upcoming International Events of Interest                                  and Aquamantra.

Green2Gold… Who Are We?
                                                                                                      Bert Wouters is President and
Our Mission is to educate entrepreneurs by providing mentorship                                      CEO of BCW Consulting, Inc.
and resources to stimulate rapid commercialization of green                                          BCWC searches on your behalf for
products, services and technology, and renewable energy                                              grant opportunities for your
enterprises.Green2Gold works to encourage sustainable economic                                       environmental inventions and
                                                                                                     prepares grant applications to the
development, clean business, and socially responsible practices.
                                    federal government
Our “Incubees” involve innovative natural food/beverage products,
cosmetics, travel services, conservation technology, water
purification, green toys and games, recycled products, consulting
services, transportation vehicles and alternative energy enterprises.                               Advisement
          G2G is unique in that it is a nonprofit, community-based,
mixed tech/mixed use incubator concept. The majority of clients                      High Tech "Super Lubes"
are small businesses with under $1 million in annual revenues, and
include special targets such as minorities, women entrepreneurs,                  Engine and Fuel Conditioner Now
and other underserved sectors.                                                         available to the public!
          Green2Gold, a project of the Environmental Education
Group Foundation (founded in 1972), has established it’s main
headquarters at the Santa Barbara Business and Technology Center
although has several satellite operations throughout the Ventura             Tech "Super Lubers" Engine and Fuel Conditioner.
Counties and nationwide. If you would like to receive more                      Now available to the public from Jonathan
information about becoming a prospective Incubee, please contact            Goodwin’s Goodwin Concepts [a.k.a. the Motorhead
Alan Tratner at (805) 879-1729 or at alan@green2gold.org.                                       Messiah]

___________________________________                                         These proven lubricants and conditioners have been
                                                                                used extensively in the Racing community with
                                                                             terrific results. World Champion Funny Car Driver,
                                                                                Pro-Stock, as well as NASCAR Champions have
Contributors:                                                                        used these products for over 15 years.
                           Alan Tratner is the Founder and                    www.1automationwiz.com/app/?af=835671 [link]
                           Executive Director of Green2Gold.                   How do these compare with Slick 50, Duralube,
                           You can contact him at (805) 879-1729            ProLong, etc.? Its apples and oranges and there is
                           or alan@green2gold.org                             really NO comparison to the "other" conditioners.
                                                                            First off, these Super Lubers DON'T contain Teflon,
                                                                              TPFE, Graphite, or Carbon as a coating agent like
                                                                                all the others do! Secondly, the particles in the
                                                                               Super Lubers are nano compared to the others.
                                                                             Thirdly, the Super Lubers actually treat the metal
                           Nora Cata is a current UCSB student              NOT the oil. Goodwin Concepts backs up our belief
                           and an intern at Green2Gold. She works              in these Super Lubricants with an Unconditional
                           first hand in editing and publishing the          Satisfaction Guarantee. Regardless of your reason
                           Nuggets Newsletter as well as assisting           for NOT being satisfied with this product, just ask
                           in G2G events. You can reach her at                 and we'll gladly refund 100% of your purchase.

                            Larissa Keiser is an assistant to the
                           director of Green2Gold and publishes
                           and edits the Green2Gold Nuggets
                           Newsletter. She also works with
                           incubee coordination and

    Feel free to email her with any questions or comments at


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