1984 by tyndale


     The Massacre of Sikhs
WHAT was Operation Bluestar?
                 June 3 to June 6, 1984 was
                  an Indian military operation
                  at the Harimandir Sahib in
                  Amritsar, Punjab, the
                  holiest temple of the
                 Preplanned attack on
                  supposed Sikh “terrorists”
                 However, innocent lives
                  were taken
                   -men, women, and children
                  were beaten and shot and
                  thrown into the Holy
 to rid India of
 the fundamentalist
  Indian government was
  scared because the
  Sikhs were asking too
  many questions…
  Broken promises
 False democratic
   -gov’t didn’t work for all
  people, only the rich
   -caste system is illegal,
  yet still practiced
 Basic needs not met
 Taking money from
  working people
Water is a Human Right

 Water is essential to sustain life. It is
  enshrined in the right to life and dignity, as
  set forth in the International Bill of Human
  Rights. In 2002, the United Nations
  adopted water as a human right. This
  adoption commits the 145 countries that
  have ratified the International Covenant on
  Economic, Social and Cultural Rights to
  gradually ensure fair and non-discriminatory
  access to safe drinking water.
 Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s first
  teaching was to treat all
  human beings as equals
 The Indian gov’t did NOT
  treat everyone equally
 The Sikhs believed that
  not only should they be
  treated fairly, but also
  their brothers and sisters
  from other faiths
 The Sikhs questioned the
  gov’t and the gov’t didn’t
  like that…
 Sikh men being killed
  in fake police
 Corruption within
  Indian government
 Police paid off by rich
  people to lie
 Wrongful convictions
  against Sikhs
Broken Promises
 What does it truly mean to      The Indian government
  be “democratic?”
                                   is not a true democratic
 Democracy- “government by
  the people; a form of            system
  government in which the
  supreme power is vested in      Caste system
  the people and exercised         Untouchables
  directly by them or by their
                                   Trapped in system
  elected agents under a free
  electoral system”               Sikhs wanted justice for
    -by the people, FOR the        everyone silenced
Personal Accounts
 WHAT happened AFTER?
October 31, 1984:
 9.20 am: Indira Gandhi was shot by two of her security guards at
  her residence No. 1, Safdarjung Road, and rushed to All India
  Institute of Medical Sciences.
 11 am: Announcement on All India Radio specifying that the
  guards who shot Indira Gandhi were Sikhs.
 4 pm: Stray incidents of attacks on Sikhs in and around that area.
 Late evening and night: The violence against Sikhs spread.The
  violence included the burning of vehicles and other properties of
  Sikhs. That happened even in VIP areas like the crossroads near
  Prithviraj Road where cars and scooters belonging to Sikhs were
No Protection for Innocent

 Every police station had a strength of about
  100 men and 50-60 weapons. Yet, no action
  was taken against miscreants in most places.
  The few places where the local police
  station took prompt measures against mobs,
  hardly any killings took place there.
 All the Sikhs who fired in self-defence
  were disarmed by the police and even
  arrested on trumped up charges.

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