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  a) You’ve Been Lied To
  b) Chasing Buzzwords

  a) Gold Found Off the Beaten Path
  b) BIG Changes Yield BIG Results

Section 1
Part 1: Getting Started – A Little Knowledge Goes a LONG Way
  a)   Affiliate Marketing
  b)   Networks or Direct?
  c)   Clickbank vs. CPA
  d)   CPA Networks – YOU’VE Been Misled
  e)   CPA Networks – THEY’VE Been Misled
  f)   Biggest Myth – All about the “He Said She Said”
  g)   Inside Hook Up
  h)   Instant Denial?
  i)   The Elusive Obvious
  j)   Language of the Game
  k)   Don’t Be a Child
  l)   When to Be Up Front, When to Shut Your Mouth

   a) You’ve Been Lied To
Forget everything you know about internet marketing and just read this
book. So many people get caught up in all the information out there and
I’m not about that. I’m not much about theory, and I don’t want to dilute
myself and the information contained in this book. So I’m just going to
include what I know works and how to do it.

I’m going to show EVERY PIECE of the puzzle to making a ton of money

I’m not just going to tell you the IDEAS, I’m going to show you the HOW…IN

First off….I’m REALLY excited for you now. I WISH I had this information
when I started. I’ve been very successful online, but I’ve also tried a TON of
things that plain didn’t work. I’ve bought SO many guru products it’s
unbelievable, almost embarrassing.

Reading eBook after eBook, watching DVDs upon DVDs, listening to
teleseminar after teleseminar. It seemed like everyone was making money
left and right on the internet….everyone except for me.

Every new product I would buy hoping for something, ANYTHING, I could
use to make money online.

All it seemed to do was only make me more tired and frustrated. I knew
there had to be SOMEHOW to make it all work, I just hadn’t found it yet.

I felt like the internet was just one big puzzle and everytime I’d buy a new
product I’d get only one piece of that puzzle….leaving me frustrated, but
still hopeful…I knew one day I would get it.

After trying technique after technique….I finally found something that
really worked….and did it ever. ;-)
And I’ve been using it for years and will continue for many more years into
the future.

So many people get caught up in what the best cool thing is, or what the
guru’s are promoting these days, but I just don’t get it. I want something
that will work day in and day out - something that I can build a living off,
something that will provide for me long term.

Honestly, I don’t really pay attention to a lot of what’s going on in the
“Internet Marketing” world anymore. This book is going to be an outline of
exactly what I’ve used over the last few years of my career online. I haven’t
really followed the gurus, and I don’t know what the “new cool best
methods are”

I just know what works.


I know what I’ve used, and what has made me money. And that is what I’m
including in this book.

The thing that really gets to me is when I’m reading some guru product and
it doesn’t even make sense with what is REALLY going on online. Just
another attempt to keep people stupid and ignorant.

I’m going to reveal some misconceptions that are out there – and even
some blatant LIES that the Gurus are spinning, keeping you dumb and
broke. Forcing you to go buy the next product that everyone says is ‘KILLER’
and full of ‘PURE CONTENT’ (or some other ridiculous tagline) – WHAT A

As an aside before I begin, I want to apologize in advance for any
misspellings or poor grammar in this book. I’m not the most ‘book smart’
person in the world. I dropped out of school as a teenager and the only real
job I’ve had is working on a farm.
So this may not be the best written book you ever read, but I can assure
you the information is just as valuable. Take what I’m writing and use it to
make your life awesome. Help your family, pursue your passions, do
everything you were meant to do….it’s what I’ve been able to do, and it’s
what I want for you….it’s what we all deserve.

But enough of that touchy feely stuff…. ;-)

Let’s get to it…

   b) Chasing Buzzwords
One of the things that bothers me the most is hearing people throw around
the new hot “buzzwords” and doing ONLY what’s popular at the moment.
Like trying to jump on the next internet phenomenon because ‘it’s so cool’
and will make money rain down on them magically or something.

I don’t know about you, but for me….I just want to do what works, and
what will be around for a LONG time into the future. While I think there is a
lot of benefit with keeping up to date with new developments in the
internet world…it’s damn hard to keep track of everything.

Honestly, I don’t really care about web 2.0, social media, newest SEO
techniques, PPC “ninja” tactics, or some other crap.

I don’t plan on having my success online being short-lived, so I don’t get too
caught up in the new hot thing that the guru’s promote every other day. I
want something that works CONSISTENTLY. I want something that will work
day in and day out, EVERYDAY pouring money into my bank account.

Some people work to SOUND successful, others work to actually BE
successful. So just focus on results…not what SOUNDS the best…sometimes
the best things are not really the most glamorous, but they may WORK the
best. So PLEASE just focus on RESULTS.

   c) Gold Found Off the Beaten Path
My real success online started a few years ago. I was attending an internet
marketing seminar about a certain way to generate traffic. It was actually
about generating co-registration leads (not the kind of traffic I now use).
Anyway…the seminar was really great and I learned a lot of information.

But where the real value came was when I was having a conversation with
another guy at the bar late at night.

Now, most seminars are ok for what they’re worth…but where the real gold
comes is when you’re able to network with the other people there at the

I was at the bar late that night, so many people were there all huddled
around the speaker of that day trying to get their tactics or anything else
they could use to make them money.

If you’ve ever been to any internet marketing seminars, you know that the
gurus at the event are always SWARMED. Like, we’re talking swarmed like
women on the Rolling Stones, or white on rice, or whatever…you get the
point. Anyway, that’s not even the point of this story…but seriously…I
mean….it’s almost impossible to talk to gurus at seminars. Wherever they
go it’s like a mass of people are always following them….it’s crazy.

Ok whatever…

As for myself…at the bar, I got there kinda late anyway….I remember it was
around midnight or so that night. So I was just hanging out on the outskirts
of the main group surrounding the gurus that held the seminar (that’s
where everybody was grouped together).
Standing next to me was a really quite guy with a baseball cap deep over his
face. Seemed kind of like a weird dude, but I figured I’d strike up a
conversation with him and see where things go.

Things got interesting FAST.

We were talking about generating leads for a REALLY competitive niche
online that we were both in (well, I was just starting). And he dropped a
BOMB on me.

At the moment I didn’t know the impact of what he said. But at the time I
thought it sounded cool….and thought I’d try it.

He said that he was just in the beginning of testing a new traffic source, and
the results have been amazing. But he didn’t know if it would last or not
and he didn’t have enough data to say for sure yet.


That was more than enough for me to want to test it myself.

So as the conversation went on….he revealed this new traffic source that
he was testing with great success. And all he had to do was give me where
to find it and I was off to the races.

I was so excited that I wrapped up the conversation with him right then,
said goodbye to the other people that I knew at the bar…and immediately
went to work in my hotel room. I got started with this traffic source, placed
some ads, and started seeing results FAST.

I’ve refined my techniques over time…but that was the true turning point
for me. All it takes is just one small step.

   d) BIG Changes Yield BIG Results
Here, once you apply what I’m going to teach you….you’re going to see BIG
changes in your internet business. Whether you do affiliate marketing,
ecommerce, or ANYTHING else online…I’m sure you’re going to experience
big changes once you apply this information.

Also know that you may have to adapt to a new thought process of how
you view your business online, or how you would like to start your business
online. That’s ok….and even normal. Change is good, and big changes can
yield big results.

Section 1

Part 1: Getting Started – A Little Knowledge Goes a LONG Way

   a) Affiliate Marketing
There are countless way to make money online. Just to be clear, most of all
the techniques held within this guide can be used for ANY website.

But here I’m going to stick to what I know and keep it complete, even for
those of you that are complete newbies (all of us have been at some point).
My main strengths online have been running my own ecommerce website,
and promoting other people’s websites as an affiliate marketer.

I’m going to get more in detail about affiliate marketing, as the same
techniques can be used for any website.

Affiliate marketing is when you direct visitors to someone else’s website
and get paid a “commission” or “bounty” to do so.

And it can be QUITE profitable.
Here’s how it works –
So basically what you do as an affiliate is direct online visitors to a website
(either your own website first and then the Merchant’s (product owner)
site, or just directly to the Merchant’s website). On that website you get
paid everytime a website visitor completes an action (it could be when you
sell a product, generate a lead (like having them fill out a questionnaire or
something like that)). When you get paid, it is called your ‘commission.’

   b) Networks or Direct?
When you are promoting affiliate products you have to consider if you’re
going to be working through an Affiliate Network, or if you’re going to be
working directly with the owner of the website you are promoting.

I like to work through affiliate networks. A lot of them are large companies
who have long standing reputations online. I know I’m always going to get
paid on time, and I know generally who I’m dealing with.

Working directly with a website owner can be great too and very profitable,
but just make sure that you have a good relationship with them and that
you trust them.
I work through Affiliate Networks as most of them offer a huge selection of
products in tons of different niches – so you can basically pick ANYTHING
you want to promote.

I would recommend picking something you’re passionate and excited about
– as that will help you dig deep into your niche and really become an expert
at promoting it (and ultimately dominating it).

   c) Clickbank vs. CPA
Just as there are many, many different products online that can be
promoted for a commission – there are also TONS of different affiliate

To me, there are different BREEDS of affiliate networks.

The first breed is represented by ClickBank.

ClickBank specializes in digital products. These are great to promote
because they sell very well, and you can earn huge commissions. Offers on
ClickBank can pay up to 75% of the full price of the sale. So if you promote a
book for example that sells for $100 – you earn $75 every time you sell a
copy of that book.

Another breed is the world of CPA affiliate marketing.

CPA stands for “Cost Per Action” and also “Cost Per Acquistion”….I’ve heard
it both ways and they’re both correct. I’ve gotten a lot of guru newsletter
emails in my inbox lately about “Promoting CPA Offers!” like it’s the next
big thing.
The real truth is, CPA networks have been around for years….and will
continue to be around for a LONG time to come.

CPA networks specialize in many different types of “offers.” Now, the word
“offer” is used with CPA networks to describe something that you can
promote because an “offer” can range from selling a physical product, to
selling a digital product, to just only generating a lead online.

There are even (many) offers that you get paid every time someone just
submits their postal code, that’s it!

Imagine how easy that is to get someone to do!

What’s really cool about these CPA networks is typically a lot of the
products you can sell offer GIANT commissions.

For example – let’s say you want to promote an anti-aging face cream offer.
It’s typical to find one that sells for a $6.95 free trial – but every time you
sell one, you get paid $35 dollars (and even more in most cases)!

Now how can this be?

Well, the merchants who own these products know their average customer
lifetime value. So they’re able to pay a huge commission up front because
they know that they’re going to earn more than that over time when the
customer continues to buy from them.

Huge commission payouts aren’t just for physical product sales though.
Same thing for generating leads. For example, you can promote offers on
CPA networks where they only require the visitor to enter information (like
for insurance leads, home equity loans, there are so many different things)
and you get paid every time the visitor completes that action.

The action can be anything from their full name and address (like for a
home insurance lead) to just their email only, or even just their postal code.

There are so many different options, that’s why I really prefer CPA
networks – the flexibility and variety.
But here’s where I think the REAL VALUE is with CPA networks….

They give you a real person to help you with your business, for free!

They actually assign you someone at their company (generally called an
‘affiliate manager’ or ‘publisher manager’) who is there to answer your
questions and help you make money online.

These people are typically commissioned a percentage of the revenue that
you generate for their network, so they are incentivized to help you make
money. The more money you make, the more money they make.

That is why I prefer CPA affiliate marketing to anything else. Having
someone in your corner that can help you with YOUR business is huge –
and having the right relationships in the business can be unbelievably

Also having the WRONG person in your corner can be detrimental - and I’m
going to help you steer clear of those people that I’ve encountered along
my way.

CPA networks are definitely NOT created equal – especially for the type of
traffic I’m going to reveal. But I’m getting ahead of myself here….

Anyway, CPA marketing is the type of affiliate marketing that I’m most
familiar with (and happens to be the one I find most fun and interesting) so
this is what I’ll mainly be focusing on from here on out in regards to affiliate

   d) CPA Networks – YOU’VE Been Misled
There’s still so much misinformation regarding CPA networks it’s ridiculous.

I’ve read all kinds of stories saying that CPA networks are the “big boys”
and are made to be some sort of vicious monster even.
Like “oooo, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re gonna get burned”


“You’ll be fed to the wolves!”

Or some other scare tactic.


It seems like all the Guru’s are trying to make people think that CPA
networks are some complicated world, keeping us stupid and
scared….forcing us to buy their next product in fear that if we don’t, we’re
going to get screwed by someone else because of our ignorance.

Just because you don’t know everything yet, don’t let fear keep you from
taking action.

It isn’t complicated – there are just some things you may not know yet.

All this game takes is some knowledge of what really goes on.

Other people aren’t any smarter than you, KNOWLEDGE is the only thing
that separates you from where you are and where you want to be.

Remember that.

I don’t think there is a lot of (if any) truth to stories that CPA Networks are
‘mean’ or hard to work with.


I have to be completely up front with you though, while CPA networks are
not that difficult and secretive, there is definitely a language or ‘lingo’ that
you need to know if you want to be taken seriously by them and have long
term success..

By the end of this guide you will sound like a pro (and actually know what
you’re talking about).
   e) CPA Networks – THEY’VE Been Misled
Before you decide to sign up with an affiliate network, make sure you are
choosy…don’t just sign up hoping that they will take you.

All CPA networks are DEFINITELY NOT created equal. This is a lesson that
has taken me a lot of time and frustration to figure out and is something
that I hope to save you the pain and wasted time.

Now I know this lesson may be an obvious one…but the effort that I hope
to save you is in knowing UP FRONT the TOP networks to work with.

I’ve had a slew of experiences with CPA networks that….to be honest…I
wasn’t able to find anyone who knew what they were talking about!

Particularly, some of the networks themselves are not even aware of the
traffic source I’m going to reveal to you.



I’ve had MANY conversations with many different networks who had NO
idea what I was even talking about when I tried to describe the type of
traffic I was able to generate (and would be sending to the offers on their

I still get calls to this day from some of them that I signed up for (but never
ran any traffic to them) who STILL try to get me to work with them.

I flat out refuse to deal with those affiliate managers, and the networks
they work for…..and I will NEVER recommend any of those networks to
anyone else.

To shed some perspective on this….a lot of these affiliate managers that the
networks hire (and then assign to you when you sign up to the network) are
fresh university graduates – and while they may have a “Marketing” degree
from somewhere or another, it doesn’t really translate well into affiliate
marketing. Or even direct response online marketing in general.

Now granted, the affiliate manager that they assign you – if they knew as
much as we do about marketing online, then they would just become an
affiliate themselves. The money is WAY better after all ;-)

Affiliate managers have a certain level of responsibility to be able to give
you educated information and advice to help you with your business.

I’ve had A LOT of positive experiences too. Having a great affiliate manager
is extremely valuable. So with that said, now you know why I will
recommend particular affiliate networks later on…I’ve always had positive
experiences with them and wouldn’t recommend them otherwise.

   f) Biggest Myth – All about the “He Said She Said”
Probably the biggest myth about CPA networks is that it is difficult to get
accepted into one so you can begin promoting their offers.


Here’s the thing. A lot of these networks are VERY concerned about
unethical marketers joining their networks and trying to fraud their system
(like generating fake leads, etc).

The networks have to know that you’re legitimate and an honest business

It doesn’t matter if you generate $1.00 in commissions per month or
$100,000.00….they’re happy to have you on their network….but you must
be honest.

So here’s how to get accepted to a network….
   g) Inside Hook Up
Now, above I’ve stated that it is possible to get accepted into CPA
networks. Let me also be very clear about something, you will also get
denied by some networks. I’ve been doing this for a while and occasionally
I will get denied for whatever reason. It could be the network recently had
a huge number of new applicants and are not accepting new ones until they
are finished processing what they currently have on hand, who knows. The
important thing to know is that you only need to get accepted to ONE
network to get started. Once you have started with one and have a little
more experience under your belt, it is much easier to follow up and get
accepted to other networks.

So, the best thing you can do when applying to any network is contact them
right after you have submitted your application. Some networks will post a
phone number, others will only post and email address. If they give you a
phone number, then give them a call. But email them at the very least. I
actually do both. (more on this below)

Now, when a network is looking at a new application, they are mostly
concerned with making sure you are a real person using ethical business
practices. There is a big problem in the CPA industry with affiliates sending
in very shady traffic to the CPA offers just so they can get that commission.
So, contacting them and letting them know about you is a big plus. (more
on this below)

Next thing, the CPA networks, just like anyone else, only have so much time
in the day and are not really interested in spending their valuable time
dealing with someone who is only going to waste their time. That is NOT to
say that you cannot get accepted if you are new. I’m only saying that when
you do contact them, you can let them know you are new, but don’t act like
you have no idea what you are doing. That will send up a red flag right
away for them. So, how do you sound like you know what you are doing?
I’ve given you all the information you need here in this course. If you can
read this course and then explain what you would do with it, then you
would not sound like you have no idea what you are doing. (more on this

Finally, even after all of this, you may still be turned down by the odd
network. The answer to this is just keep applying to other networks.
Remember, you only need to get into one to get started. I’ve listed a few
networks for you below, but this is certainly not a complete list. In fact,
there are hundreds of CPA networks out there that you can work with. If
you would like more, simply do a Google search for “CPA Network” and you
will find many!

Another factor that helps to get you accepted is to be referred by someone
who is already in good standing with the network you are trying to enter.

This is very important because if the network already knows and trusts the
person who is referring you, you are more likely to get accepted.

This is how I’ve gotten accepted into many CPA networks.

Below you’ll find my referral links to networks that I recommend signing up

All of these networks have very knowledgeable and experienced affiliate
managers, and have a great variety of offers in many different niches.

Click on the links below (or copy and paste them into your browser).

CX Digital


Neverblue Ads


Other CPA Networks…



When you click through on those links above, you’re going to be taken to
an application page. It’s generally pretty straight forward, but there are
some areas of a usual application that can be confusing, so I’m going to go
through all the parts of a typical application part by part.

If you’re reading this and this seems too basic for you, that’s ok….just skip
ahead past this part.

If you’re a super basic beginner just starting out…then this part is just for
you. Don’t worry…we all started at the beginning. Again, what is holding
you from success is just a little more knowledge that you don’t have yet.

So back to the application….

The application page generally looks something like this –
Here below, I’ve written an explanation of each part of the application. The
usual questions you will find on an application are highlighted in bold.

Desired Username

(Enter the username you would like for your account.)


(Enter the password you want for your account.)

Re-Type Password

(Retype your password here)

Check Payable To:

(This is who you want the check made out to. Either use your business
name, or your personal name.)

Tax ID:
(This may vary depending on your country of residency. I can only speak for
American citizens….this is where you enter either your company, or
personal tax ID…depending on who you want the checks to be written to).


(Put your name here)

Company Name

(if you don’t have a company name, that’s ok…just leave it blank).


(Enter in any website of yours. It could be a corporate site of yours, or even
just your personal blog. Do NOT enter in an affiliate link here. It is ok
though if you want to enter in a page where you promote other affiliate
products, just don’t ever put in a direct link to another affiliate website
(such as www.example.com/affiliateID=12345)

Also, if you don’t have a website that’s ok too. If the sign up page doesn’t
let you leave that field blank…

Here’s a trick I’ve used.

I enter this as my website -


Pretty self explanatory right?

Don’t get too worried about this step as it is widely accepted to promote
offers while not having a website of your own. Some of the biggest affiliates
in the world make their money just by redirecting website visitors directly
to other people’s websites.

(put in your address here, use the one where you want to your checks to be
mailed to)


(enter you city)


(enter your state or region where you are located)

Postal/Zip Code

(enter you postal code)


(enter the country where you or your business is located)


(Make this your preferred number. Networks will call you sometimes to
verify your application (more on this later).

Also once you establish a relationship with them, they will sometimes call
you to help you with your business and help you promote the offers on
their network. So make this a number that you answer regularly.

Some people really don’t like to be contacted in this business. They just
want to hide behind their computer all day and make money by

More times than not, you’re going to have to talk to people to get on the
network, and to have a good relationship with them. It doesn’t take hardly
ANY time, literally a few minutes…but it will make a huge difference. Again,
remember that it’s the networks who are concerned that you are a real,
legitimate person…so there is no reason you should feel intimidated or
nervous when you’re talking with them.

(enter your fax number here is you have one)


(enter your primary email address here where you would like to be
contacted at)

Re-Type Email

(this one is obvious…re-type your email address)

Instant Message Nickname


(Enter Your Instant Messenger Name here)


(Enter the Instant Messenger Client here)

A few notes about this. Instant Messenger is widely used among CPA
networks. I’ve used Skype a lot, but the most used instant messaging client
is AIM.

It’s definitely not required that you use instant messenger, I didn’t for a
long time as I preferred that my affiliate manager just email me, or give me
a call. But I’ve found it to be really helpful particularly when you need to
chat with someone and you need to send webpages back and forth (like
them sending me different affiliate URLs to new landing pages they
recommend for me for example).

Ad Categories



Here you can select the top three ad categories that you are most
interested in promoting. If you’re interested in promoting more than three,
or not sure yet what you would like to promote, just pick what you think is
your best fit at the moment.

You can always change your mind in the future. A lot of the times the
networks have this on their applications because they will then send you
tailored emails telling you about new offers in their network in your
particular niche.

How do you generate traffic?

Ok, now this is a big one.

Banner (like media buying)

Email (either through your own list you’ve created, or one that you buy or

Incentivized (this type of traffic is when you give the visitor some sort of
incentive to complete a certain action (like providing a bonus or coupons of
some sort) – it is typically viewed as much lower quality traffic)

Search (like pay per click search engine marketing (PPC/SEM), or search
engine optimization (SEO))

Social Media (like advertising on Facbook, MySpace, etc.)

So where do we fit???
Actually, the type of traffic that I’m going to reveal cannot be categorized
exactly into any of these categories.

So when I apply to a network, I usually check Banner (since I use banners in
my marketing, even though I don’t use large scale media buys)….Search
(since my ads are triggered a lot of the time by people on the search
engines)….and Email (since I create my own lists with my traffic, then
promote other related products to those lists).

Where did you hear about us?

Again, this part is probably one of the most important. Here you can select
“Referral”, but if there is an option where you can type in more
information….on the MediaTraffic application select “Other”….then use this
to make sure that you say who you were referred by again.

So here type in…

I was referred by Rapid Mass Traffic.

Next you usually have to read and agree to the network’s terms and

After that, normally you click the “Sign Up” or “Apply Now” button to
submit your application.

   h) Instant Denial?
Now generally after you click the “Sign Up” button on the application page,
you’ll be taken to a page that says something like “Thanks for your
application, you’ll hear back in the next few days”
Many things can happen after this point. Sometimes you will never get a
call back, and sometimes your application will get lost in the shuffle of
things at that company, it happens.

But I haven’t had those things happen with the networks that I

While it’s one thing to just submit an application, we want it APPROVED.

So we want to be proactive about it.

But wait…

Sometimes your application will be INSTANTLY denied.

Did they even review it? Unlikely.

How can this be?

Well, this can happen for many reasons.

It’s happened to me for two main reasons…

It could be because you missed something on your application (this has
happened to me a few times)…and your application was incomplete.

No big deal, nothing we can’t fix.

The other main reason is that your automatically tripped a fraud filter in
their system. (***Note: This may apply more to those of you who reside
outside the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or the UK). The CPA
Networks will sometimes automatically deny your application based on the
IP address of the computer that you applied from.

Your computer’s IP address is basically like the address for your
computer…where it is located geographically. Websites can tell the general
area you are located in based on this.
If you reside in a country that they don’t usually accept...this may
sometimes happen to you (being instantly denied).

I’ve had this happen to me many times while traveling outside of the US.

Again, no big deal – a denied application does not mean that you are shut
out of the network for good – this can easily be fixed.

   i) The Elusive Obvious
Ok, now here’s the main trick to getting accepted to a CPA network….and I
don’t understand how so many people miss it.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many conversations I’ve had with people
who say “Oh, hey I tried to get on that CPA network, but they declined
me…how did you get in???”

Here’s the secret.

And I can almost guarantee you’re going to be disappointed with it. ;-)

Ready? Ok here it is…

Call the network.


Pick up the phone, and call them.

Shocking revelation, I know.

This one simple thing with go VERY far in getting your application approved.

It amazes me how many people forget this part, or just don’t do it, or
they’re too scared to do it, etc.
This may sound a bit TOO simple, but seriously…it’s amazing to me how
many times I’ve heard people complain about not getting accepted, but
they didn’t even pick up the phone and CALL the network.

Remember, the networks want to make sure that you’re a real person who
does real business. So getting on the phone to tell them a little about
yourself and how you conduct business is an important piece of the puzzle.

Honestly…IMMEDIATELY after I submit an application online. I call the

Usually I’m directed to the “Publisher Approval Department” or something
similar. Generally networks have one or multiple people who handle new
application approvals full time.

If I’m not able to get that person on the phone – I leave them a message
letting them know that I just submitted my application and if they have any
questions they can call me back. I also let them know that I WILL BE

This part is so important.

The people in charge of approving applications are usually VERY busy and
may not be able to respond to every application or phone call.

So usually I’ll wait a day, and then call back the next. If I don’t get anyone,
then I’ll leave another message.

Then I’ll wait another day and call back in again. If I’m not able to get the
person in charge of affiliate/publisher approvals, I will ask for an affiliate
manager and then explain the situation to them and that I would like to be

Once you’re in the network, the people there can be very helpful….but
sometimes they can be a bit of a pain to get into in the first place.

   j) Language of the Game
To help you while you’re on the phone with the network, I’m going to go
over some of the ‘lingo’ so you’re familiar with it and a little more
comfortable talking on the phone.

A lot of these terms may not come up during the first conversation you
have with the person who is in charge of approvals, or your affiliate
manager, but they will help you along the way.

This is in no way an exhaustive list, but it is the terms that I’ve found I come
in contact with on a regular basis.

Affiliate/Publisher – This is what we are. The term ‘affiliate’ or ‘publisher’
means the same thing. They are used interchangeably.

Advertiser – This is the person or company who owns the offer or offers
that are being promoted on the affiliate network.

Affiliate Manager – This is the person who you are assigned when you join
the network. They are there to help answer your questions and help you
with your business.

Offer – A product or service that is promoted on the network. Sometimes
certain offers will only accept certain types of traffic (some may only want
email traffic, other may only want search traffic, or only traffic from the US,
and so on).

Commission/Payout/Bounty – This is the amount you are paid for each
time the required action is completed for the offer you are promoting (for
example – generating a sale, generating an email subscriber, etc).

Street Payout – This is the payout amount that you will see listed across the
network. This is the baseline payout and is open for negotiation. Once you
start to generate sales/leads to a certain offer, you can begin to negotiate
with your affiliate manager for a higher payout on an offer.
Landing Page – This is the webpage that your visitor ‘lands’ on first, it is the
first page they see about your product.

Squeeze Page – This is a type of landing page. Typically it’s thought of as a
landing page that an affiliate would use to “squeeze” information out of the
visitor (such as an email address) by providing them valuable content and a
reason to “Opt-In” and subscribe to their email list/newsletter.

Offer Page – This is the landing page that is about the offer that you are
promoting. It is owned by the advertiser/owner of that offer.

Conversion – A ‘conversion’ is a completed action. It can be used to
describe a sale made, a form completed, an email address submitted, etc.

Conversion Rate (or Conversion Ratio) – This is the ratio of the Number of
Visitors divided by the Number of Sales or Leads.

For example, if you sent 100 visitors to an offer and 3 people bought it,
your conversion rate would be 3%.

Conversion rates can vary A LOT depending on the type of offer being
promoted and the type of traffic being sent to it. Do NOT get too concerned
with this number…it’s just a number.

EPC – This stands for Earning Per Click. This is the amount of money that is
earned everytime a visitor clicks on the affiliate link. Again, you will see this
number listed a lot in different affiliate networks, but don’t be too
concerned with it…I’m going to explain why in a later section.

Remember, at the end of the day our goal is to maximize profit! So don’t
get too caught up in Conversion Rates and EPCs.

PPC – This stands for “Pay Per Click” This is typically thought of widely as
advertising on the search engines and “Paying Per Click” where you pay
each time your ad is clicked on. Generally if you do PPC or SEM (Search
Engine Marketing) people assume you advertise on Google, Yahoo!,
Net 15 – Generally most networks pay on Net 15. So for example, if you
generate $100 in commissions in the month of January…your check will be
sent out on February 15th.

Weekly Wires – Once you have an established relationship with a network,
and you start driving higher amounts of traffic to them – they will generally
pay you on MUCH faster terms than Net 15. You can get your commissions
sent to you every week (even every few days in some cases) by bank wire
instead of a check in the mail. Typically you need to do $1000.00 in
commissions per week to be eligible for this.

   k) Don’t Be a Child
I’ve applied and talked to a ton of CPA networks and all of the questions
they ask are pretty much the same.

The biggest point I can make here is – DON’T SWEAT IT.

Here’s the thing – it’s OK if you sound like you don’t know exactly what
you’re talking about. The important thing is that you’re UP FRONT about it.

Do NOT try to act like you know more than you actually do – it is so easy to

It’s immature and stupid, and it sets a very bad relationship, but I’ve met
newbie marketers who think they need to ‘act the part’ or whatever. If you
act like this, the network will probably going to think that you’re just a
fraudster trying to act smart so you can get on their network to take
advantage of them.

Just be up front and honest about what you do, and what you want to

I remember the first time I signed up to a network they actually THANKED
me for being honest with them. They could tell I didn’t really know what I
was talking about, but they could tell I knew I wanted to be upfront about it
and I was learning the ropes…so I got in without problems.

   l) When to Be Up Front, When to Shut Your Mouth
Here are the main typical questions that they will ask you when you first
speak with them over the phone. They will ask you some of the same
questions that were listed on the application, but they may ask you some
additional ones as well.

Here are the most common ones I’ve gotten nearly EVERY time I’ve spoken
to a CPA network to get my application approved.

How do you drive traffic?

- Remember you don’t have to tell them everything. Basically all you
  really need to tell them is the TYPE of traffic you will be driving to their
  offers (which we’ll get into soon) – then they know how to best help
- You do NOT need to tell them your traffic SOURCE (just the TYPE of
  traffic so they can get you the offers that accept that traffic type)
- Also, you don’t need to tell them how you are targeting your visitors,
  your landing pages, what ads you’re testing, etc.

Regarding your email list…do you rotate IPs?

This question is more for experienced email marketers. Here, just describe
to them that you sometimes create your own email lists with an opt-in on
your landing page before the offer page. You own the list, you don’t rent

Are you working with other CPA networks? Which ones?

This is a question that you will get a lot. If you mention other networks that
you are working with, sometimes the network you are applying to will
check with them to see if you are in good standing and reputable. Here you
really don’t need to tell them who else you are working with, but it doesn’t
hurt. You can even be up front and say you are in the process of signing up
to multiple networks and just starting out in affiliate marketing.

How much money are you making?

This is one that I’ve gotten almost everytime. You don’t need to answer
this, but it’s also ok if you tell them that you’re just starting out. They are
there to help you.

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