Training course application form by aya20861


									Training course application form
Please write legibly / type clearly in BLOCK LETTERS (to be returned via email / fax before 1st February, 2010)

Personal information
 Name                                          F

 Date of birth                                 F

 Name of company                               F

 Company s address                             F

 Contact telephone / Fax                       F

 Mobile phone                                  F

 E-mail (primary / secondary)                  F

Authorisation by other company / maker
Please give details of authorisation / professional qualifications in chronological order (if any).

Name of maker / Qualifications                                                                                     Dates

Acceptance and acknowledgement
I hereby accept and acknowledge that the above information given is, to the best of my knowledge and belief, correct and
complete, with reference to the conditions in Appendix A.

 Name and signature of

 Date and company s stamp:


                                                       Singapore (Marketing/Head Office):
     151 Chin Swee Road #03-14 Manhattan House Singapore 169876 Tel: (65) 6887 5034 Fax: (65) 6887 5043 Email:
                                                                China (Factory):
       Tongzhou Sanyu Town Ind. Est., Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China P.C.: 226331 Tel: (86) 513 8691 5034 Fax: (86) 513 8691 5043

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