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									Lead Nurturing from Televerde
• Drive more revenue by nurturing raw inquiries into sales-ready opportunities.
• Prioritize, understand and interact smarter with your hottest sales opportunities.
• Cost effective, accelerated delivery of better qualified sales leads.

                                                                                                             DEMAND GENERATION

                                                                                                             Lead Generation

                                                                                                             Lead Qualification
Televerde has developed a cost-effective, robust and measurable 90-day automated lead                        Appointment-Setting
nurturing program that will prove to you the high value of a systematic and holistic lead
nurturing approach that improves the qualification of your sales leads through more relevant                 Event Recruitment
and well-timed connections with your prospects.
                                                                                                             Contact Acquisition

According to SiriusDecisions, B2B organizations with average sales and marketing practices                   Data Cleansing
experience a 4% conversion rate between raw inquires and marketing qualified leads while
organizations with strong practices report a 6% conversion rate and those deploying best practices           Direct Sales
report a 10% conversion rate. Compared to their average practice counterparts, best practice                 CUSTOMER TOUCH
organizations also have notably higher conversion rates between marketing qualified leads and sales
accepted leads (75% vs. 58%), between sales accepted leads and sales qualified leads (61% vs.                Email Design
49%), and between sales qualified leads and closed/won business (31% vs. 23%).
                                                                                                             Email Sends & Fulfillment
Stack up these conversion rate deltas over the quantity of opportunities in any sales pipeline and the       Email Opt-In Acquisition
compounded performance improvements are clearly significant. Now consider the impact of better
conversion rates throughout your pipeline.                                                                   Email List Rental

                                                                                                             Direct Mail Design & Distribution
According to SiriusDecisions the key differentiators between average, strong and best practice
organizations are tighter definitions target markets, multi-touch demand creation programs, and              Direct Mail List Rental
well-developed lead-scoring models enabled by marketing automation.
                                                                                                             Event Planning & Management
Here is Televerde’s 90-Day Lead Nurturing Program Proof of Concept Promise:                                  Event Registration Web Sites
• More qualified and higher prioritized leads delivered faster to your sales team
• Keep unqualified leads away from the sales team, allowing for greater focus on hot prospects               Marketing Campaign Web Sites
• Digital dialogue-driven relationship-building with qualified prospects who are not yet ready to speak      Webinar Production & Hosting
  with sales but are interested in your products and services
• Scalable process that enables effective and expanded marketing capabilities with less spend                Content Development
• Consistent and relevant communication with viable customers based on their specific behaviors,             MARKET INSIGHT
  attributes, information needs and sales cycle stage
• Measurement and reporting of every interaction through various sales pipeline stages                       Sales Support

                                                                                                             Sales Opportunity Optimization
Here Is What You’ll Get:
• Automated nurturing of up to 37,500 contacts from your database or ours for 90 days                        Opportunity Analysis
• Prospect behavior tracking code to embed on multiple pages of your web site
                                                                                                             Win/Loss Analysis
• Creation of a comprehensive automated marketing campaign workflow, including A/B testing to
  determine optimum communication effectiveness                                                              Account Profiling
• Creation of up to 10 emails for your mass-targeted and triggered response emails
                                                                                                             Account Optimization
• Creation of two web site content registration and contact forms to capture your prospects’ contact
  and demographic information                                                                                Market Optimization
• Creation and implementation of your lead scoring methodology
                                                                                                             Territory Optimization
• Comprehensive digital behavior monitoring and reporting
• Actionable consultation on automated workflow, data selection, lead scoring, content development           Customer Sat & Loyalty
• Data integration if you have Salesforce.com as your CRM                                                    Competitor Profiling

                                                                                                             CHANNEL ENABLEMENT
                                                  Televerde’s Lead Nurturing Program is powered by Marketo   Lead Generation

                                                                                                             Lead Qualification Plus

                                                                                                             Account Profiling Plus

                           To learn more about how to begin your automated lead nurturing program for only   Appointment-Setting Plus
                           pennies per contact, contact Televerde at +1 888-787-2829
                                                                                                             Event Recruitment Plus

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