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					                        NIH Modular Budget Worksheet

This form may be substituted for a detailed budget at the time of modular NIH proposal
submissions involving no collaboration with another Emory school or unit. However, we
strongly encourage Principal Investigators/Project Directors to develop a detailed budget
with assistance from a departmental administrator and/or the Office for Research Funding
and Support (ORFS).

NOTE: If an award is made, a detailed budget will be required. You may submit a
detailed budget with Just In Time information or you may choose to wait until an award is
made. Please note that waiting until an award is made before developing a detailed budget
will delay award set up. Regardless of when they are developed, detailed budgets must be
routed to ORFS and OSP for review and approval before an account will be established.

Direct Costs
Include all costs associated with the project being proposed, including but not limited to the
     Salaries and Wages—escalation limited to 3% per year
            o Principal-investigator and co-investigator salaries (academic year and summer)
            o Post-docs—Rates vary. Check with your departmental administrator or
            o Students (Graduate and undergraduate. If graduate students will contribute to the
                project, please request student support in the budget.)
            o Non-student research staff
     Fringe Benefits—Verify rates on OSP website
     Consultants
     Travel
     Materials & Supplies
     Animal purchase and care costs
     Subcontracts
     Other, specialized costs related to your project

Indirect Costs
Facilities & Administrative (F&A) / Indirect Costs — Verify the F & A rates on the OSP website
( Please complete the following
worksheet to allow proper calculation of F&A.

 Approved by Dean Robert Paul on February 17, 2009                  Last Revised: February 4, 2009
Double click on the worksheet to open the excel tool and click outside the worksheet to return to
this document.

Item                                       YR 1          YR 2       YR 3       YR 4         YR 5
Total direct costs (Modular)
Equipment costing $5,000 or more
Rental costs for off-campus space
Subcontract expenses in excess of
initial $25,000

Non-salary student support (e.g.
tuition, stipend, enrollment fees, etc.)
Patient care costs
Modified Total Direct Costs                          0          0          0            0           0
F&A Rate (%)
F&A (Indirect costs)                                 0          0          0            0           0

Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Exceptions
CAS exceptions require additional justification either in the proposal budget or at award time.

It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator/Project Director to request the funds
necessary to cover all project costs. The College is not responsible for any potential budget

Principal Investigator/Project Director

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Department Chair

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Department Name                      Date

 Approved by Dean Robert Paul on February 17, 2009                             Last Revised: February 4, 2009