An Executive Summary

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      An Executive Summary
                                                                        SPRING 2010

          ocated in the heart of the upper Midwest, Fort McCoy is the only U.S. Army
          installation in the state of Wisconsin. The 60,000-acre installation is fully capa-
          ble of supporting training throughout a four-season climate and offers an excel-
lent training environment and support infrastructure for military personnel to develop and
maintain the skills necessary for mission success.

      Fort McCoy exemplifies its motto, “Total Force Training Center,” by annually sup-
porting the training of reserve- and active-component military personnel from all
branches of America’s armed forces. As an Army force generation site, Fort McCoy con-
tinues to have an important role in support of the overseas contingencies by processing
and providing training and facilities for mobilizing and demobilizing reserve-component
personnel from throughout the United States.

      Since the 1980s, Fort McCoy has been the training site of choice for more than
100,000 personnel each year. We are proud of Fort McCoy’s established record of
excellence in support of our nation’s armed forces since its founding in 1909. The
installation leadership is determined to build on the record of the post’s first “Century of
Service to America” to achieve even greater success in the future.

      The intent of this publication is to provide information concerning Fort McCoy and
the impact of its operations.
          Fort McCoy’s Economic Impact (Fiscal Year 2009)

     I. Dollars returned to the economy

      A. Work force payroll                                                $188,963,432
               Civilian                                    $85,211,520
               Military                                   $103,751,912

      B. Operating costs                                                   $242,553,218
               (Includes costs for utilities; physical plant
               maintenance; repair and improvements;
               new construction projects, and purchases
               of supplies and services.)

      C. Other expenditures                                                 $10,883,463
               Revenues to local
               (Includes land permit
               agreements, payments in lieu of taxes
               and school district impact aid.)

               Soldier discretionary spending
               in local communities

                                                                                  TOTAL: $442.4 million

     II. Total estimated economic impact                                                  $1.416 billion
       (A Gross Multiplier Index (GMI) of 3.2 was used to calculate this estimate.
       The GMI reflects how many times a dollar turns over within this region.)

Economic Impact ...

                       FY 04             FY 05             FY 06          FY 07        FY 08        FY 09

Expenditures          243.6M            203.2M            251.8M         269.7M        352.3M      442.4M

                      779.4M            650.3M            805.8M         863.1M        1.127B      1.416B

 NOTE: The area GMI is 3.2.
Fort McCoy Training Population ...
                       FY 04             FY 05              FY 06             FY 07              FY 08             FY 09

 Number of
 Personnel           127,608            102,191           107,668            112,703           127,919           105,736
   NOTE: These numbers include training conducted throughout the year by all branches of the service — active and reserve-
   component — and those Soldiers that the installation processes for mobilization/demobilization.

           ort McCoy offers a full spectrum of facili-
           ties, ranges, training areas and class-                Installation Data …
           rooms to support individual and collective
           training compatible with environmental
standards.                                                         60,000 total acres federal property
   Fort McCoy has 31 live-fire ranges, 15 of which                 46,000 acres maneuver and training land
are automated or instrumented. The majority of
the ranges are located on north post. Twenty-two
                                                                            Multiple ranges designed to Army
artillery firing points and 12 mortar firing points are                      standards
available. All north-post ranges point into the in-                         Land size capable of supporting
stallation’s 8,000-acre north impact area. The                               combat, combat support, and
north-post ranges include two automated multipur-                            combat service support units
pose training ranges (MPTR), a convoy live fire                              simultaneously
range, an infantry squad battle course, two live fire
shoot houses, and an urban assault course. To                      4,300-acre cantonment area
maximize capability with existing land, the Range                  1,377 buildings and facilities
29 MPTR was upgraded to include the capability
for an infantry platoon battle course, convoy live                 $230.1 million in new construction
fire, an instrumentation capability and after-action                (fiscal year 1990-2009)
review (AAR) facility. Upgrades at Range 2 include                 $54.9 million expended on facility mainte-
standard capabilities for a multipurpose machine
                                                                    nance and repair in fiscal year 2009
gun range, sniper field fire, and convoy live fire.
   South-post ranges include an automated record                   $28.9 million in information technology
fire range, two 10-meter/25-meter basic rifle                       improvements (fiscal years 1992-2009)
ranges, and a qualification training range with
                                                                   Installation work force of 4,303 personnel
modified record fire and combat pistol/military po-
lice qualification course capability.                                     1,687 civilians; 1,250 military;
   In addition to its ranges, Fort McCoy has devel-                         1,366 contract employees
oped extensive urban training facilities. The Urban                            76.5% of the work force lives
Training Site is the centerpiece of these facilities.
                                                                                within Monroe County
It includes an urban assault course, two live-fire
shoot houses, a fully instrumented 16-building Mo-                             4.3% of the work force com-
bile Urban Training Site-North, and a small AAR                                 mutes from Minnesota, Iowa, Illi-
facility shared with the Range 36 live-fire shoot                               nois and other points outside of
house. Mobile Urban Training Site-South is a 32-                                Wisconsin
building, container-constructed site that provides
mounted and dismounted capability for urban                          14.9% of the contracts for construction,
training scenarios. Fort McCoy also has two fully                     services and supplies ($39,122,705)
functional Home Station Training Lanes (HSTL).                        were awarded to companies located
Each eight-kilometer HSTL includes overpasses,                        within West Central Wisconsin.
bridges, canals, urban villages, traffic circles,
guard rails, and divided roadways.
Fort McCoy’s Enduring Military Value...
  Reserve-Component Support Focus

  Mutually Supportive Tenant Organizations                                      Four projects are
                                                                                 scheduled for construc-
                                                                                 tion at Fort McCoy in
  Recognized Joint Training Potential                                           fiscal year 2010.

  Installation Management Expertise                                             These projects, which
                                                                                 have a total value esti-
                                                                                 mated in excess of $30
  Strong Work Ethic                                                             million, are:

  Solid Community Support                                                        Network Enterprise
                                                                                    Center Information
  Four-Season Climate Training                                                     Systems Facility.

                                                                                  Range Utility
  Modern Rail and Air Capabilities                                                 Upgrade.

  Available Barracks Capacity                                                    Combined Arms
                                                                                    Collective Training
  Equipment Storage Sites                                                          Facility.

  Materiel Maintenance Capabilities                                              Youth Services

  Infrastructure Condition and Utilities Capacity

  Fort McCoy is “home” to a number of tenant organizations with mission responsibilities
  that enhance the military support and training capabilities available here. These include:

    88th Regional Support Command                       Aviation Company (Fixed Wing)
    86th Training Brigade                               Recruiting Company
    181st Infantry Brigade                              Troop Medical Clinic
    Army Reserve Readiness Training Center              Document Automation & Production Service
    Equipment Concentration Site                        Defense Commissary Agency
    Fort McCoy Noncommissioned Officer Academy          Army & Air Force Exchange Service
    Regional Training Center – Central                  Defense Military Pay Office
    Regional Training Site – Maintenance                Defense Reutilization & Marketing Office
    Regional Training Site – Medical                    Naval Mobile Construction Battalion
    U.S. Army Reserve Pay Center                        Wisconsin Military Academy
    Mission and Installation Contracting Command        Maneuver Area Training Equipment Site
    Army Reserve Equal Employment Opportunity Office    Wisconsin State Patrol Academy
    Civilian Personnel Advisory Center                  Wisconsin National Guard ChalleNGe Academy