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                                                           3. Boarding begins 30 minutes before takeoff.
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                                                              legal minors (0 to 18 years old) must show documentation in order to
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                                                           6. You may fly with your set of skis, snowboard, golf kit, bicycle,
              Prices are per night for a double room.
                                                              surfboard or windsurf sails, etc. as long as a surcharge is paid per
                                                              article and per flight.
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                                                           7. Remember that all of your luggage must be included in the booking
                                                              and will be transported in the cargo compartment of the aeroplane.
                                                              You will only be able to take hand luggage on board with you (the
                                                              maximum weight permitted is 10 kg and the maximum dimensions are
                                                              55x40x20). Should you have any extra luggage then you may add it
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                                                              by clicking here. If you add extra luggage once you are in the airport
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              Enter the VLG4262 PROMOTIONAL
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              process and you’ll get a 10%                                                          Flight details
                                                                                                    One-way flight
                                                                                                    From Madrid (MAD) to Ibiza (IBZ)

                                                                                                    Date: Tuesday, 14 Apr 09
         Language            English                                                                Depart time: 22:55

                                                        Ibiza                                       Arrival time: 00:05
                                                                                                    Flight number: VY4232 (next day)
                                                                                                    Terminal: T4

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                                            Return flight
                                            From Ibiza (IBZ) to Madrid (MAD)

                                            Date: Saturday, 18 Apr 09
                                            Depart time: 00:40
                                            (From Friday night to Saturday)
                                            Arrival time: 01:45
                                            Flight number: VY4233

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         details and make changes by
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         Itinerary” option.                 Form of payment : Visa Electron
                                            Payment Status: CONFIRMED
                                            Cardholder name: H HALPIN
         - The tickets you just
                                            Card number: XXXXXXXXXXXX5690
         purchased allow for changes        Amount Paid: 113.29 EUR
         to be made up to 2 hours
         before the flight’s departure.
                                            Fare Price20.86 EUR
                                            1 Suitcases (Round Trip): 20.00 EUR
         - Every change will have a         1 Debit card fee: 4.50 EUR
         charge of 35 euros (with the       Taxes 67.93 EUR
                                            Total Price 113.29 EUR
         exception of special offers)
         and we will readjust the fees
         to prices and conditions that
         apply at the moment the
         change takes place (with the
         exception of special offers).

         - You can modify the origin, the destination or the flight date by choosing
         the option changes and itinerary.

         - You can also modify the origin, the destination or the flight date by phoning
         the Vueling Reservation Center.

         - You can modify your contact details by phoning the Vueling Reservation

         - Changing the name of a passenger will be charged at a fee of 50€ (with the
         exception of special offers) you can only make this change by phoning
         Vueling Reservation Center. In addition to this cost, you will have to add any
         difference between the total flight costs at the moment of making the
         change. There will be no reimbursement of any kind if the fare of the new
         flight is less than the old one.

         - Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your ticket reservations.

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