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									                                 League of California Cities
                                 Board of Directors Meeting
                                Thursday-Friday, April 16-17, 2009
                                Sheraton Grand Hotel, Sacramento

1.    Roll Call/Call to Order (1:00 pm 4/16; 8:30 am 4/17)                    INFORMATION
2.    Schedule of Events                                                      INFORMATION
3.    Future Board Meeting Dates                                              INFORMATION
4.    Board Members Welcomes/Farewells                                        INFORMATION
5.    Board Expense Form                                                      INFORMATION
6.    Approval of Minutes from 2/19-2/20/09
      and 4/6/09 Phone Conference Meeting                                     ACTION
7.    President's Report—Judy Mitchell                                        INFORMATION
8.    Consent Agenda—Consider approval (see pg 2)                             ACTION

                                      ADVOCACY AGENDA

9.    Strategic Goal #1—Protect Funding for Vital                             INFORMATION
        Community Services ~ Chris McKenzie/Dan Carrigg
              a) Main Street Recovery Plan (RDA) ~
                        Mike Madrid/Amy O'Gorman
10.   Strategic Goal #2—Promote Economic Stimulus
        & Infrastructure Investment ~ Chris McKenzie/Dan Carrigg              INFORMATION
11.   Strategic Goal #3—Support Sustainable Communities                       INFORMATION
                         ~ Chris McKenzie/Dan Carrigg
12.   Strategic Goal #4—Promote Reform of State
        Governance, Budget & Fiscal Systems                                   INFORMATION
                        ~ Chris McKenzie/Dan Carrigg
13.   Policy Committee Recommendations                                        ACTION
      ~Dan Carrigg and Legislative Representatives
      *Due to the quick turnaround time from Policy Committee Meetings to board
      meeting – Policy Recommendations will be sent by email and submitted in hard copy at the
      board meeting.
      a) Administrative Services                *
      b) Community Services                     *
      c) Employee Relations                     *
      d) Environmental Quality                  *
      e) Housing, Community & Economic Dev. *
      f) Public Safety                          *
      g) Revenue & Taxation                     *
      h) Transportation, Communications & Public*

14.   SB 375 Planning Cost: Special Report to the Board                       ACTION
               ~ Dan Carrigg
15.   Federal Advocacy and NLC Activities ~
               Dan Carrigg and NLC Representatives                            INFORMATION
16.   Legal Advocacy Report~ Patrick Whitnell                                 INFORMATION

                       Our mission is to restore and protect local control for cities
             through education and advocacy to enhance the quality of life for all Californians.
17.     League Policy Committee Composition—                                    ACTION
              Request For Study
                 ~ Richard Dixon, Orange County Division Director

                                        EDUCATION AGENDA

18.     Upcoming Workshops and Conferences~Tracy Petrillo                       INFORMATION
19.     Annual Conference Schedule 2009                                         INFORMATION

                                   ORGANIZATIONAL AGENDA

20.     League Partners Update~ Fran Mancia and Mike Madrid                     INFORMATION
21.     Institute for Local Government Update~ JoAnne Speers                    INFORMATION
22.     CITIPAC Fundraising Update                                              ACTION
                 Mike Egan and Mike Madrid
23.     LCC Building Renovation Update                                          ACTION
24.     Special Report on League Dues~ Chris McKenzie                           INFORMATION

                                          CLOSING AGENDA

25.     Board Member Comments                                                   INFORMATION
26.     Executive Director’s Information Report                                 INFORMATION
27.     Adjourn by 12:30 p.m., April 17, 2009

                                        *8. CONSENT AGENDA

8(a) League Task Forces & Issues Group Update~Chris McKenzie                    ACTION
8(b) Investment Report                                                          ACTION

Brown Act Reminder: The League of California Cities board of directors has a policy complying with the spirit
       of open meeting laws. Generally, off-agenda items may be taken up only if:
1.      Two-thirds of those present find a need for immediate action exists and the need to take action came to
       the attention of the board after the agenda was prepared (Note: If fewer than two-thirds of board
       members are present, taking up an off-agenda item requires a unanimous vote); or
2.     A majority of the board finds an emergency (for example, work stoppage or disaster) exists.

                         Our mission is to restore and protect local control for cities
               through education and advocacy to enhance the quality of life for all Californians.

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