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									                     Devon Ripley
                           Halifax, Nova Scotia

OBJECTIVE    An entry-level assignment working with either the Financial
             Accounting / Cost Controlling Team, the Material Management /
             Procurement Team, the Human Capital Management Team, or the
             ABAP and Web Development Teams for the HASP Project.

PROFILE      Devon recently earned a Bachelor of Information Systems from
             Saint Francis Xavier University. He is eager to use and expand
             upon what he learned at university.       He is a responsible,
             motivated,    hard   working,    logical  thinker   with  good
             communication, and time management skills.

EXPERIENCE   Devon’s work experience is service-oriented and consists mostly
             of manual labor. His experience has allowed him to deal with
             stressful situations and tight deadlines. In every line of work,
             Devon has had to recognize the importance of teamwork, and
             cooperation. Devon has become an experienced multi-tasker
             being able to produce high quantity and quality results.

             Video Focus Ltd, Shelburne, NS
             Sales Clerk                           2003 - 2008
             Sobeys Inc. Store 520, Shelburne, NS
             Grocery Clerk                         Summer 2008
             Sea Dog Saloon, Shelburne, NS
             Waiter / Bartender                    Summer 2007
             Shelburne Yacht Club, Shelburne, NS
             Dock Assistant                        Summer 2006
             Air Cadet Summer Training Centre, Greenwood, NS
             Accommodations Corporal               Summer 2005

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                                                                Craig Fraser

EXPERIENCE   Systems Analysis (term project)                              2009
             St Francis Xavier University

                Performed a systems analysis on a DOS-based video rental
                 and sales system for Dana Dares of Video Focus Ltd,
                 Shelburne, NS
                Created a statement of work defining project scope, problems,
                 assumptions and risks.
                Identified over 15 requirements, technical, process and data
                 requirements retrieved through reports, using the system or
                 interviewing employees.
                Created current and future process diagrams for each
                 requirement as well as event tables and domain class
                 diagrams that model classes, and use cases scenarios based
                 on the events and system sequence diagrams used for each

             Topics in Information Systems I (group project)            2009

                Our project team reported on Cross Application Time Sheets, a
                 cross-application tool for recording working times and tasks.
                Our group looked at CATS independent user interfaces for
                 notebooks, service providers and mobile devices.
                Data transfer, data storage as well as approval procedures for
                 each target component was considered. The benefits and risks
                 for implementing CATS were also researched.

EXPERTISE    ERP Systems:    SAP (Applications and Basis)
             Components:     R/3 4.6c, ECC 5.0
             Languages:      ABAP/4, Java, C, SQL, HTML, XML,
             Software:       Microsoft Office, Visio
             Op. Systems:    Windows, Linux
             Databases:      Microsoft Access
             Concepts:       ABAP Programming Language, Advanced Object-
                             Orentation/JAVA, Database Managment, HR
                             Management in SAP, E-Busiess, Systems
                             Analysis, Systems Design, Project Management,
                             Business Data Communication Systems &

             St Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia
             Bachelor of Information Systems                              2009

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