Riding For Reading Thank You Note Guidelines by aya20861


									                Riding For Reading
             Thank You Note Guidelines

Because of the generous support Riding For Reading has
received, we ask that all riders participating in the Riding For
Reading Class help out by writing thank you notes.

Our 2008 National Supporters:

                  United States Hunter/Jumper Association
                              Host Horse Show
                               LEG Up News
                          Hodges Badge Company
                             Impression Design

    Please add your show’s supporters to the thank you note list.

Champion & Reserve Champion need to write at least six thank you notes.
Top Ten need to write at least four thank you notes.
Participants need to write at least three thank you notes.

Thank you notes are provided. However, each rider must personalize the
note and write his or her own thoughts and comments. Each rider must
sign the note and include his or her grade in school.

Please assign each rider a list of who to thank in order to ensure that all
Riding For Reading supporters receive thank you notes from your event.
Please return the thank you notes with your post-show materials.

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