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Design Standards
                                                                                                                                                                            Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                                                                                               CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

                                                                                             Table of Contents

This report was prepared by the City of Delaware Department of Planning and Community        1.   Project Goals, Purpose and Process .......................................................................................1
Development with the assistance of Design Group Inc. and The Edge Group Inc., both of        2.   Existing Character of Each Corridor .................................................................................... 5
Columbus. Thanks are extended to the members of City Council, Planning Commission,
                                                                                             3.   Existing Character by Type of Feature ...............................................................................10
Historic Preservation Commission, and Shade Tree Commission, and Staff who participated in
                                                                                             4.   Input and Policy Direction .....................................................................................................15
this process.
                                                                                             5.   Recommendations ....................................................................................................................18

                                                                                             6.   Implementation ........................................................................................................................26

                                                                                                                                                                                  Planning and Community Development                 01/26/05   i
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

1.   Project Goals, Purpose, and Process

     The image established at a community’s gateways and along its corridors can set the tone for the successful
     development of the community, the attractiveness of the place to buy a home or locate a business, and the
     establishment of a community’s self-image. The Comprehensive Plan recognized this in establishing several
     objectives that addressed establishing and implementing a consistent, positive vision of the community at its
     gateways and along its corridors. The Gateways and Corridors Design Standards present an analysis of the current
     situation and set forth recommendations for enhancement.

     A Gateway is the point of entry to the community – the front door. Just as in a person’s home, the entry to that home                     A priority was established early in this process to ensure that the recommendations were in Context with the community.
     conveys much about the family that lives behind that front door. What message is being conveyed at the community’s                        This meant that the individual components that would be recommended would fit the community in a contextual way –
     front door – Is it welcoming? Is it positive? Is it reflective of the community’s uniqueness? Is it consistently applied? Those           reflecting something historic or culturally important to Delaware. Early discussions focused on harness racing (the Little
     questions must be addressed to ensure that the appropriate image is conveyed in a consistent manner.                                      Brown Jug), railroading, blue limestone, college town, industrial past, native American history, Italianate architecture,
                                                                                                                                               and the Olentangy River as contexts for this project.
     For the purposes of this study, a Corridor is a major travel route used by people who visit the community or travel through
     Delaware. The image portrayed on these corridors should reinforce the image established at the gateways. This may occur                   One of the issues addressed in the study was the idea of Icons. In considering context, it was determined that certain icons
     at key intersections, within the public right-or-way, and within the landscape that fronts the corridor – on both public                  would be established as images that would be repeated in the streetscape.
     and private property.

     The Streetscape is the critical part of the gateways and corridors that is addressed by this study. The streetscape contains
     the various components of the “public realm” that occurs between building facades – the street, the right-of-way that
     contains tree lawns and sidewalks/bikepaths, intersections, and the front yard treatment of adjacent property.

     Ogden, Utah: Welcome Arch                                         Radnor, Pennsylvania: Welsh Heritage                            Scottsdale, Arizona: Indigenous Art Forms                   Columbus, Ohio: Arches in the Short North

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Planning and Community Development          01/26/05    1
                                                                                                                       Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                               CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

The consulting team surveyed gateway and corridor treatments from other communities in and around Central Ohio and
other communities, as a means of understanding approaches and solutions that were effectively executed and to inform
the Delaware process. This page presents some of these examples.

                                                                                                                          Planning and Community Development   01/26/05   2
                                                                                                                       Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                               CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

As noted in the Comprehensive Plan, the City has a limited number of major corridors that define the
community – as depicted on the accompanying map. A series of gateways are found along those corridors.
Jurisdictional Gateways are located at the perimeter of the City, Major Intersections serve as intermittent gateways
that can reinforce the images conveyed at the entries to the community, as does the Psychological Gateways that
are located at several railroad bridges throughout the community.

The Key Corridors are as follows:
        US23 South and US23 North.
        US36/SR37 East, US36 West, and SR37 West.
        US42 East and US42 West.

The Key Gateways are as follows:
        US23 South just to the north of the Delaware Career Center (short term) and at Peachblow Road (long
        US 23 North at Pennsylvania Avenue (short term) and at the Norfolk-Southern railroad bridge (long
        US36/SR37 East at the CSX railroad bridge.
        US36 West at Section Line Road.
        SR37 West at Section Line Road.
        US42 East at the Norfolk-Southern railroad bridge (short term) and further northeast (long term).
        US42 West at London Road (short term) and near Bunny Station Road (long term).

The Overlay Districts are zoning mechanisms to manage the design changes on commercial, office, industrial, and
multi-family properties. The Comprehensive Plan recommends these as tools to guide changes from a design
perspective, especially to existing properties. These changes would be managed administratively by Staff to
provide for an expeditious process.

                                                                                                                          Planning and Community Development   01/26/05   3
                                                                                                                                                                                   Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

                                                                                                                            COMPREHENSIVE PLAN SUPPORT
The specific goals of this project were:
                                                                                                                            The Comprehensive Plan - within the Community Character Element - provided the following
                                                                                                                            policy support for this project.
        INVENTORY & ASSESSMENT To inventory and assess existing conditions at each of the current and future
        gateways of the City, as well as within each of the major corridors.                                                CC1.    Establish Unique Identities at Primary Gateways for Beautification. The primary gateways require
        ISSUES, THEMES & ICONS To identify issues in each corridor, possible themes, and potential icons with input
                                                                                                                                    special attention because they serve as the City’s front door to visitors and persons traveling
        from appropriate staff, boards, and commissions.
                                                                                                                                    through the community. They should convey a positive image of the City as communicated in
        RECOMMENDATIONS To recommend improvements and establish standards within the public right-of-way and
        private property abutting corridors and gateways.                                                                           landscaping, welcome signage, and perhaps public art that reflects the character and history of
        SENSITIVITIES To ensure such recommendations are sensitive to community context, installation costs,                        Delaware.
        maintenance responsibilities and costs, and longevity.
                                                                                                                                    CC1.1    Design Standard Enhancement Package  2004  Planning & Grounds & Facilities
PLANNING PROCESS                                                                                                                             A package of standardized enhancements will be prepared for primary gateways. This
The planning process involved the following key steps:                                                                                       will include a landscape theme, welcome signage based on the current sign used by the
                                                                                                                                             City, and potential locations for appropriate public art. The design should build upon

        STAFF AND WORKING GROUPS The project was led by Vince Papsidero, AICP, Planning Director, and Steve                                  the design themes incorporated into the US23/US42 bridge and the City’s standard
        Beard, Grounds and Facilities Director. Two separate working groups were established – one for staff and one                         wood welcome signs. This will require an outside design consultant. The design will
        comprised of representatives from the City Council, Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Commission,                           be reviewed and approved by the Planning and Shade Tree Commissions.
        and Shade Tree Commission. These groups considered initial findings, reviewed recommendations, and provided
        input to the consultants.                                                                                           CC4.    Adopt Design Overlay Districts to Manage Changes in the Built Environment along Major Corridors.
        CONSULTANTS The City hired the consulting team of Design Group Inc. and the Edge Group Inc. (both of                        Landscape and architectural standards can be developed for each corridor that creates a
        Columbus) to conduct an independent assessment of the gateways and corridors, gather images from comparable                 thematic image that is unique to each corridor’s characteristics and implemented through a
        communities, facilitate input, and prepare recommendations.                                                                 Design Overlay District. This can be done individually, or a standard can be established to apply
        INVENTORY AND ANALYSIS The Planning Department conducted a visual inventory of each corridor and
                                                                                                                                    citywide. For landscaping, these standards should be based upon the City’s historic and
        assembled those photos into montages, as well as collections of images by theme (rural fences, structures, etc.).
        Those inventories are presented in the next section of this report. The Consultants conducted an independent                cultural context (i.e. equestrian/horse racing focus). Districts should be adopted for each
        assessment of each corridor.                                                                                                corridor noted on the accompanying map.
        VISUALIZATION The Consultants led a process with the working groups to provide initial thoughts about
                                                                                                                                    CC4.1    Establish Standards  2004  Planning & Grounds & Facilities
        gateway/corridor treatment, to conduct a SWOT exercise for each corridor, and to identify possible icons. The
        Consultants prepared draft recommendations after considering the input. A public open house was held to                              The standards for corridors should be prepared using a context that is unique to the
        present the recommendations and gather comments. The consultants revised and completed their                                         City. Examples include equestrian/ horse racing focus, railroad focus, Victorian
        recommendations and this final report was prepared by the Planning Department.                                                       architecture focus. Wildflower and other naturalized plantings could be installed in
                                                                                                                                             the median of US23 and US36/SR37. Additional evergreen trees could be planted to
                                                                                                                                             screen the City’s public works/wastewater treatment plant complex. The standard
                                                                                                                                             should be developed using the skills of an outside consultant and working with
                                                                                                                                             representatives from Planning Commission, Shade Tree Commission, and City

                                                                                                                                                                                        Planning and Community Development             01/26/05   4
                                                                                                                                                                                           Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

2.   Existing Character of Each Corridor
     Each corridor in the City has a unique character that is defined by topography and natural features, building
     types and architecture, land use, and other related uses. This character provides a local context within each
     corridor to consider design solutions. It is also a context for considering future character review as part of
     corridor overlay districts, as recommended in the Comprehensive Plan. Photo composites follow this text.

             US23 SOUTH The US23 South corridor offers a complex landscape of large open spaces, treed fence rows, and             US36 WEST The US36 West corridor includes a range of landscapes - from residential lots to retail spaces to
             rolling topography in the south, the Olentangy River valley in the central portion of the corridor, and a somewhat    open spaces. Some new treatments along the corridor include the extensive landscaping, fencing and ponds with
             typical commercial corridor in the northern half (with generous setbacks, a mix of landscape treatments, and          water features in front of the Lehner Woods development.
             clusters of commercial buildings).
                                                                                                                                   US42 NORTH The US42 North corridor begins in the older part of the City in a residential neighborhood, then
             US23 NORTH The US23 North corridor includes the elevated freeway section that crosses the Downtown, then              quickly transitions to a rural landscape with few buildings and a great deal of open space. It is an area set aside
             parallels the Olentangy River. Development occurs in a scattered pattern. The landscape reflects a mix of setback     for future industrial development. Sugar Run establishes a treed corridor parallel to US42 on its south side.
             and landscaping treatments, plus wooded areas, open fields, and a more rural character as one moves north.
                                                                                                                                   US42 SOUTH The US42 South corridor is mostly undeveloped at this time, with a strong rural character, open
             US36/SR37 EAST The US36 & SR37 East corridor includes a range of land uses and landscape treatments,                  spaces, and farmland. It will become an industrial corridor, with some retail and supporting uses. The Jeggs
             beginning with retail, residential and related development. It extends to a rural landscape in the mid-section of     corporate campus establishes a standard relative to architecture, landscaping, and setbacks.
             the corridor, where future retail development is expected, then moves to an industrial area on its east end. The
             Kroger Great Lakes Regional Distribution Center establishes a strong landscape buffer standard along its north
             property line.

             SR37 WEST The SR37 West corridor is typified by a varying landscape. The eastern portion is suburban in
             character with a variety of home sites, businesses, and institutional uses. Landscaping includes residential yards,
             scattered commercial landscaping, and an excellent buffer in front of Grady Hospital. On the western end of the
             corridor, the landscape is more rural in character, with generous setbacks, Delaware Run stream corridor, and
             treed fencerows.

                                                                                                                                                                                                Planning and Community Development          01/26/05     5
                          Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                  CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

US23 South   US23 North

                             Planning and Community Development   01/26/05   6
                 Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                         CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

US36/SR37 East

                    Planning and Community Development   01/26/05   7
                        Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

SR37 West   US36 West

                           Planning and Community Development   01/26/05   8
                          Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                  CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

US42 South   US42 North

                             Planning and Community Development   01/26/05   9
                                                                                                                                                                                     Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

3.   Existing Character by Type of Feature
     A consistent range of features are found in the City’s corridors that begin to define character and form
     – fences, walls, piers/columns, and structures, among others. These features served as another starting
     point in developing the recommendations for these design standards.

            GATEWAYS A wide range of gateway treatments are found throughout the City. Some are landscaped with                STRUCTURES A small range of structures dot the landscape in the City's corridors. Some relate to the agricultural
            welcoming signs, while others are an agglomeration of signs (or no signs at all). The US42-US23 bridge is the      past of the community, while others are more recent additions. Methesco's colonial revival campus provides
            most dramatic. Not shown are the numerous railroad overpasses that demarcate entry to the City.                    interest on US23 due to its unique architecture in a collegiate setting.

            BRIDGES Bridge structures are found along corridors and at gateways (railroad bridges). Bridges cross corridors    PIERS/COLUMNS A variety of piers are found - mainly located at entries to properties and developments. Stone
            and are functionally parts of corridors. The style of newer bridges varies and no consistent design approach has   is a dominant material.
            been applied.
                                                                                                                               SUBDIVISION ENTRY FEATURES Entry features at residential subdivisions have changed over the years. More
            URBAN FENCES/WALLS Urban fences contain a variety of elements - from wood pickets to wrought iron, and             and more, they incorporate decorative signage and fencing with landscaping, including flower beds and
            even stone walls. These examples are found in the City's northwest neighborhood. They typify late 18th century     ornamental trees and shrubs.
            approaches to demarcating property.

            RURAL FENCES A variety of wooden fences are found in rural areas surrounding the City.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Planning and Community Development        01/26/05   10
                     Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                             CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

Gateways   Bridges
                       Planning and Community Development   01/26/05   11
                                    Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                            CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

Urban Fences/Walls   Rural Fences

                                      Planning and Community Development   01/26/05   12
                             Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                     CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

Structures   Piers/Columns

                               Planning and Community Development   01/26/05   13
                             Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                     CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

Subdivision Entry Features

                               Planning and Community Development   01/26/05   14
                                                                                                                                                                        Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                                                                                 CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

4.   Input and Policy Direction
     Input for this project came from a variety of sources. A Staff Committee was established to work with the
     consultants. This included representatives from the following departments: Planning and Community
     Development, Grounds and Facilities, Engineering, and Public Works. The Staff provided initial input, brain
     storming, and then multiple review of the concepts as they evolved. A workshop was held with Boards and
     Commissions - invited were members of City Council, Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Commission,
     Shade Tree Commission, and Parks Advisory Board. This workshop addressed icons and themes, and
     characteristics of each corridor. An Open House was held for the public to review the revised concepts.

     This workshop was held on October 12, 2004, with representatives of City Council, Planning Commission,                Welcoming, warm, and friendly
     Historic Preservation Commission, Shade Tree Commission, and Parks Advisory Board. The following is a                 Less visual clutter, organized
                                                                                                                           City of peace
     summary. The first two questions dealt with themes for potential icons and the group was then asked to
     evaluate each corridor, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.                                 US 23 – South Corridor

                                                                                                                   Strengths and Weaknesses
     What physical symbols within your community reflect who you are?                                                  + River
            Harness/Pacer horse                                                                                        + Woodland
            Wagon wheel                                                                                                + Bridge
            Rich history with horses                                                                                   + Golf course
            Ohio Wesleyan                                                                                              + Stratford area
            Bun’s arch                                                                                                 + Undeveloped land
            Railroads                                                                                                  - Retail has no uniform theme
            Olentangy                                                                                                  - Signage
            Birthplace of Rutherford B. Hayes                                                                          - Architecture
            Tree City                                                                                                  - Landscape
            Blue limestone/quarries                                                                                    - Definition of gateway
            Italianate architecture                                                                                Opportunities
            Arts Castle                                                                                                     315 and 23 intersection
            Delaware Grape                                                                                                  Chesire/23 corridor
            Historic Stratford                                                                                              Stratford stone
            Sulfur springs                                                                                                  Preservation of SR315 corridor
                                                                                                                            Natural character
     What would you like to convey to visitors about the City as they enter your community?                                 Waste water treatment plant
            Natural and landscape character                                                                                 Grady Hospital
            Clear idea of the boundaries of the city                                                                        Bikeway-Eastside, planning
            Sense of pride                                                                                                  Floyd Brown office building on Old Cheshire
            Image as a ‘city’                                                                                               South expansion-New development gives a second chance
            University presence
            Historic impression
            Aesthetic minded community

                                                                                                                                                                           Planning and Community Development   01/26/05   15
                                                                                                                                               Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                                                         CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

US 23 – North Corridor
                                                                                        SR 37 – West Corridor
Strengths and Weaknesses
    + Mingo Park                                                                        Strengths and Weaknesses
    + Water treatment                                                                       + Wooded and naturalistic
    + Delaware State Park                                                                   + Winding road slows traffic
    - Retail has no theme                                                                   + Grady landscape
    - Entrance                                                                              + Metz property-nice fencing
    - Lack of definition of City of Delaware                                                - Traffic congestion by the hospital
    - No east-west connection                                                               - Lack of pedestrian access
Opportunities                                                                           Opportunities
         Oakhaven Golf Course redevelopment                                                      Topography
         Mingo Park                                                                              Widen to three lanes
         Merrick Parkway intersection                                                            Metz property-creating a theme
         Fairgrounds entry                                                                       Railroad overpass
         Railroad bridge
         The River                                                                      US 42 – South Corridor
         Pennsylvania Ave (e.g. 42 Bridge)
                                                                                        Strengths and Weaknesses
US 36/SR 37 – East Corridor                                                                 + Undeveloped rural area
                                                                                            + Jeggs - Architecture, landscape, and setback
Strengths and Weaknesses                                                                    - Quarry
    + Creek crossing                                                                        - Traffic
    + Oakland Nursery (nice landscaping on the corner)                                  Opportunities
    + Medians                                                                                    Build off Jeggs
    + Train station                                                                              Sawmill Parkway- create a gateway
    + Stone train overpass at 36 & Lake                                                          Speed dictates gateway treatment
    - Traffic congestion at the point                                                            London and 42-New office building across from Jeggs
    - Along 37 past the point-housing stock run-down
    - 37 and Lake-building uses                                                         US 42 – North Corridor
         Something nice at the overpasses-paint/landscaping                             Strengths and Weaknesses
         36 and 37 when they cross the Olentangy                                            + Railroad bridge
         Well done, planned development                                                     + Walkable corridor
         Wide median                                                                        - Jail
         Roundabout at the point                                                            - Bars
         36 and Lake                                                                        - White sands
         Bike crossing at 36 and Lake                                                       - Streetscape to Lake Street
US 36 – West Corridor
                                                                                                 Railroad bridge
                                                                                                 Trail head at Lake Street
Strengths and Weaknesses                                                                         Octagon building - gas station
    + Blue limestone and quarries                                                                Greenwood Lake -Influence entry design
    + Newer communities have nice points of entry                                                Merrick and Glenn intersections with US42
    - Tough to create a gateway at Section line Road                                             Rail depot
    - At grade of railroad crossing                                                             Bike trails
         Houk and 36-reinforce intersection (entrance to industrial park and airport)
         At-grade crossings
         Better signage to airport

                                                                                                                                                   Planning and Community Development   01/26/05   16
                                                                                                                                                                               Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                                                                                           CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

The public Open House was held on November 16, 2004, in the Hilborn Room at Mingo Park. About 40 people
participated. The following is a summary of the responses, including Comment Cards.

Presentation Responses/General Comments
        Unique gateways and variety are of importance. Dublin is an example of gateways that are consistent,
        but too similar to each other.
        Sports team plaques/signs and service group plaques/signs should be organized and grouped to prevent
        Delaware is home to a masonry manufacturer. Some of their materials could be incorporated. Vers-a-
        loc can be dismantled and re-used if the location of jurisdiction signs change.
        Materials should be dry laid in case an accident were to occur involving a collision with a vehicle.
        Other considerations for gateway treatment should include Sandusky Street, 315/23, and the new
        Sawmill Parkway/42.
        Street lighting should cast light down to avoid light pollution.
        Icons should be easily read and understood from a distance                                                          Definitely do all the railroad overpasses, use versa-lok wall blocks from local company, it is movable!
        Bike paths speak to the quality of life in Delaware.                                                                Don’t make these high maintenance areas.
        The intersection of SR23 and Williams Street would be a good opportunity to make enhancements.                      I like the concept overall, it’s important to have gateways that are distinctive and don’t look like sub-
        Bronze mast arms are a positive                                                                                     division entry way.
        Street signs should be uniform and easily read. Dublin is a good example of unified street signage that             LOVE the gateways/ bike paths/ intersections. Nothing stands out as a dislike.
        is easily read.                                                                                                     Bronze mast. Arms - great idea. Like the idea of different themes at each intersection. Bike paths are
        Landscaping is important. Landscaping says “we care about our city”. However, cost and maintenance                  definitely needed.
        should be considered.                                                                                               Like the simple, easy to read signs on bridges/overpasses. Bike paths will be a great addition. Stick with
        Steps should be taken to minimize vandalism to jurisdiction signs and intersections (skateboarders)                 limestone, not segmented walls.
                                                                                                                            I am concerned that the corridors and intersection will become too “kitsch”. Please maintain variety in
Additional Icon Suggestions                                                                                                 display. Too many communities have become too fabricated and homogenous in design.
        Nobel Prize winner                                                                                                  Bronze sign posts good. Limestone columns shape too modern, should match historic downtown
        President Hayes                                                                                                     architecture. Bronze banners not needed(icons and art too difficult to visualize).
        Northwest Historic Neighborhood (2nd largest in the state)                                                          Like path comments; support use limestone.
        Arts Castle
                                                                                                                    Do you have any other suggestions, thoughts or ideas on how to improve Delaware’s corridor?
Comment Card Responses                                                                                                      Get rid of billboards “Home of Jegs” signs, etc. More trees, eliminate overhead lines (I know $$$) The
                                                                                                                            one Delaware sign with wheel below looks like a target from a distance—just a thought!
Are there any themes or icons of Delaware that have not been displayed or discussed tonight?                                Landscaping- a lot money to maintain the landscaping and make it easy to maintain. (May need a
         Pluggy’s Town? Native Americans                                                                                    watering truck, etc.) Plan for this in advance.
         Theme: Stratford Historic Area and use of Rubble Limestone Stratford Church is easily recognized if                Eliminate or conceal the visual clutter along highways, especially RT 23!
         cut into a metal sign                                                                                              Clean up older shopping areas (like 23 S. Kroger etc.), make sure street signs are very easy to read.
         Pres. Hayes; Brown Jug Race Horse; and college                                                                     Theme- planetarium/ observatory, golf course.
         Northwest neighborhood, I think incorporating Limestone is a nice historical reinforcement of the                  Bury overhead electric lines, light and signal poles should match downtown. Looks good!
         icons presented.                                                                                                   Again, variety. And using materials that represent the city. Many materials are timeless and have a
         No but skip the native American theme, I have never seen it else where in Delaware and I think it                  gritty quality that makes Delaware seem like it has endured.
         would appear some what tacky.                                                                                      Nature Icon is good and downtown scape is good for icons. Too much use of harness racer—find
         An icon of a family - man, dad, two children                                                                       another icon.
         Date could be used show founding history of town. Use as an icon.                                                  I think nit important to use native plants in the landscaping, bury wires, encourage more trees in
         I am uncomfortable with themes; most will not age well                                                             natural arrangement.

Based on the proposed solutions, what are your likes and dislikes?                                                  General Comments
         I like the RR Trestle idea, signage at gateways with icons like low maintenance landscaping.                       Liked the presentation—Keep up the good work!
         Great Ideas! If you use the metal signs - make them simple so that they are easily recognized. Limestone           Also liked the fences
         is good material to use - less maintenance.                                                                        Don’t use this to spell Delaware (referring to the “D” icon); use real limestone.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Planning and Community Development    01/26/05    17
                                                                                                                       Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                              CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

5.   Recommendations

     While each corridor into the City of Delaware is unique in terms land use, architecture and natural character,
     there was consensus that each corridor required more consistency in terms of public right-of-way and private
     frontage treatments. As each corridor develops (or redevelops) over time, consistent building and parking
     setbacks, signage and landscaping treatment will enhance and unify these corridors. In addition, several
     opportunities exist along each of the corridors to reinforce community character and strengthen the identity of
     Delaware. These opportunities occur at major gateway locations, major intersections, and existing
     “psychological” thresholds along the corridors. The following areas are addressed.






                                                                                                                         Planning and Community Development 01/26/05   18
                                                                                                                                                                                     Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

The existing Zoning Code and development regulations have established consistent building and parking
setbacks along each of the corridors. However, a shallower standard should be established for urban corridors
to better reflect historic context and pedestrian character. In addition, the following principles should be
consistently implemented to visually unify and enhance each corridor.

Private Frontages                                                                                                       Public Right-of-Way
        BUILDING PLACEMENT Encourage building placement for commercial uses that is closer to the street with                   TREES Place street trees along all corridors. Trees should be long-lived, high canopy shade trees provided they
        parking placed behind or to the side of the structures.                                                                 don’t conflict with overhead wires. Maximum spacing should not exceed 50 feet. Refer to the Street Tree
        RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGORIENTATION Orient residential buildings, especially multi-family buildings, so that                standards for approved tree types (Chapter 1166 Landscaping).
        front doors are visible from the major corridor as opposed to the back or side of the buildings.                        PEDESTRIAN ACCESSIBILITY Provide pedestrian access (bike paths and/or sidewalks) along all corridors (City
        PARKING LOT SCREENING Screen all parking areas along the corridor with a three-foot high evergreen hedge.               standard is sidewalks on all public streets, one-side of private streets, and bikepaths along major corridors).
        Hedges may be used in conjunction with four-foot high limestone columns, spaced no closer than 30 feet apart.           Where possible, establish an easement within the setback area to allow the path to gently meander. The City has
        Stone should be locally quarried limestone.                                                                             established a comprehensive bike route plan that will establish a bike path along each of the corridors.
        MONUMENT SIGNAGE Incorporate locally quarried limestone into all monument signage or if stone veneer is                 Incorporate a comprehensive bikeway signage system that identifies different trails and provides directional
        used it should resemble blue limestone. Creative use of the stone in the design of the sign is encouraged.              signage to local destinations –including a trail naming system.
        UTILITY LINES Overhead utility lines should be placed underground.

                                                                                                                                                                                         Planning and Community Development 01/26/05        19
                                                                                                                                                                                Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                                                                                              CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

Public Right-of-Way (continued)
        STREET LIGHTING Light all corridors with a standard light fixture. Given the pavement width and heavy             INTERSECTIONS Treat in a consistent manner all major intersections along each corridor with standard
        vehicular use of all of these corridors, a bronze high-mast pole with a decorative acorn lamp may be most         crosswalk painting, concrete sidewalks, and intersection landscaping. See related illustrations for more detail
        practical and visually appropriate. The decorative lamp type will complement the decorative fixtures being used   regarding intersection site elements.
        Downtown and throughout many of the Delaware neighborhoods. The high mast poles will allow the road to be         REGULATORY SIGNAGE Consider the use of bronze poles and backing material for regulatory signage (having a
        more effectively lit (shielding should be used to reduce light pollution).                                        sign-making machine in the Public Works Department will make this recommendation cost effective).
        TRAFFIC SIGNALS Continue to use the bronze signal mast arms at all major intersections. Incorporate street        ORGANIZATIONAL SIGNAGE Minimize the proliferation of community recognition signs and service
        signs into the mast arms to improve way-finding and include Icon ironwork for example.                            organization signs by grouping and consistently displaying them in a standard sign panel. Provide a black metal
                                                                                                                          mesh panel with a limestone base. When the sign is located in the right-of-way, use plant material at the base in
                                                                                                                          lieu of limestone.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Planning and Community Development 01/26/05          20
                                                                                                                                                                                           Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

A series of alternatives were developed for gateway signs that incorporate local materials and existing icons               Two concerns regarding these alternatives were: 1) The scale of these signs will be very similar to the

such as the harness racing horse and sulky logo and the Delaware “D” logo. The alternatives below indicate                  monument signs used along each of the corridors to identify private businesses and neighborhoods. As a result,

various monument-scale signs that utilize local limestone, metal and wood in a variety of ways. In addition,                the sign may not “stand out” or be recognizable as a welcoming gateway feature; and 2) The focus on harness

options were explored with the harness racing horse and sulky logo integrated into other corridor elements                  racing as the only recognizable icon for the City. The working groups felt that it was important to go beyond

such as stone piers, mast arms, and railroad bridges. The following gateway concept addresses these concerns                the imagery of harness racing and communicate more about the culture and history of Delaware.

through a number of design standards.

                                                                                                                                    LIGHTING Provide up lights at the base of the sign but insure that light pollution is minimized.
        METAL PANELS Utilize 10-foot high metal panels to depict silhouettes of potential Delaware themes (see
                                                                                                                                    PLACEMENT Place the gateway features outside of the public right-of-way on public properties or within
        Icons/Themes description below). One edge of the panel should be shaped to reinforce the meandering form of the
                                                                                                                                    easements – for safety reasons.
        Olentangy River, thereby reinforcing its importance to the history of the City.
                                                                                                                                    TEMPORARY CORPORATE SIGNAGE Due to the inability to predict the exact location of future corporation
        SIGN BASE Place the metal panels in a masonry base constructed of local limestone. Utilize a cut limestone
                                                                                                                                    limit lines, it will be necessary to continue to use a more temporary and movable corporate limit sign within the
        plaque to identify “Delaware” conspicuously in the base. The lower portion of the base could also be used to more
                                                                                                                                    right-of-way. While the standard green sign adequately serves this purpose, a simple modification to the letter
        inconspicuously identify a sign donor. Local service organizations have recently funded other gateway signs in
                                                                                                                                    type will create a more distinct sign (please see the example).
        the community.
                                                                                                                                    BUDGET Allowance of $15,000-$18,000 per gateway. Includes metal panel, masonry base, and plant material
        PLANTINGS Utilize native, low-maintenance plant material to visually tie the gateway element into the
                                                                                                                                    (note: estimate is based on preliminary estimates from local contractors based on conceptual designs).

                                                                                                                                                                                               Planning and Community Development 01/26/05          21
Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                       CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

  Planning and Community Development 01/26/05   22
                                                                                                                               Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                                      CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

Major intersections represent “mini-gateways” along the corridors. In many cases, visitors may not be entering
the City along major routes. Consequently, the first introduction to a visitor may occur at one of these major
gateways (e.g. SR 315 and US 23; future Sawmill Parkway extension and US 42). These intersections represent
opportunities along each corridor to reinforce a Delaware theme. Several options are recommended.

        COLUMNS & HEDGES Locate 10-foot high limestone columns at each corner. Low walls or hedges can be added
        to these columns to create more enclosure for the pedestrian areas at each corner. The columns should be
        constructed of locally quarried limestone (or stone veneer that resembles blue limestone). The river form can
        again be used to join limestone that has been cut, finished, or patterned in two distinct ways. A more cost
        effective, yet equally effective solution may be to utilize one consistent stone type and pattern for the column and
        attach a metal “river form” to the column.
        ICONS The Delaware icons can be reinforced at these intersections by placing metal plaques on the limestone
        columns or by attaching permanent metal panels or banners to the mast arms.
        BUDGET Allowance of $30,000 per intersection ($7500 per corner treatment). Includes limestone columns,
        metal icons, and plant material (note: estimate is based on preliminary estimates from local contractors based on
        conceptual designs).

                                                                                                                                 Planning and Community Development 01/26/05   23
                                                                                                                         Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                                CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

In addition to the jurisdictional gateway opportunities and the major intersection opportunities, there are
many existing railroad bridges that create psychological thresholds for the motorist, cyclist, or pedestrian. As
people pass under these bridges, they may feel as though they are transitioning into a new district or segment
of the corridor. A few of the bridges are located very near the existing or proposed future corporation lines,
thereby making them Community Gateways based on their location. Regardless of location, each bridge
represents an opportunity to reinforce community character.

        PAINTED ICONS Community icons could be painted on each of these bridges.
        WORK WITH RAILROADS The City should continue their dialogue with the railroad ownership to gain approval
        for these enhancements, which could be incorporated into railroad maintenance schedules (but possibly with the
        need for financial enhancement from the City). Recently, the City worked with ODOT to enhance the US 42
        highway bridge at US 23.

                                                                                                                           Planning and Community Development 01/26/05   24
                                                                                                                      Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                             CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

The following imagery depicts possible themes that were suggested during public work sessions. They are not
intended as final design solutions, but rather as examples of how possible themes could be represented as
simple icons. See Input and Policy Direction for additional thoughts on community icons and themes.

Upon arriving at the appropriate icons for the City, the use of the icons should be limited to gateway features,
intersection column plaques or permanent banners, and railroad bridge artwork. As opposed to using the same
icon (e.g. Ohio Wesleyan image) repetitively along a single corridor, it is important that “the family” of icons is
viewed along each corridor. This will communicate to visitors that may only arrive along that specific route all
of the elements that are important to the City’s culture and history.

As an example, a given corridor may consist of a community gateway, two major intersections, and one railroad
bridge. Four icons could then be used along that corridor; icon #1 as the community gateway, icon #2 at the
first major intersection, icon #3 at the second major intersection, and icon #4 at the railroad bridge.

                                                                                                                        Planning and Community Development 01/26/05   25
                                                                                                                                                                                           Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

6.   Implementation

     Implementation of the Gateway and Corridor Design Standards will occur over time as improvements are made to
     individual intersections and along corridors, sometimes concurrent with private sector development. This will
     be an incremental process. Capital dollars at the City are in short supply. Grant funds should be pursued when
     available from the Ohio Department of Transportation or Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission. Private
     developments may be able to fund some improvements as part of the development of their sites. Long-term
     maintenance will more than likely be a City responsibility.

     Strategies                                                                                                                    Priority Locations
     There are several ways in which gateway treatments can be implemented. The following is a summary:                            The accompanying map identifies the following priority locations for improvements, although improvements
              PUBLIC IMPROVEMENT The City can undertake a gateway improvement as a public project. This could occur as             will be supported at any location concurrent with private development.
              part of an intersection improvement, a road widening, or as a specific capital improvement. The gateway should                US23 South
              programmed in the five-year Capital Improvement Program. The cost would be born solely by the City, unless
              developer contributions were made to help fund the installation. Maintenance would be the ongoing                             US36/SR37 East
              responsibility of the Grounds and Facilities Department. Installations in state right-of-way (e.g. US23) would                US23 at US 42
              require approval of the Ohio Department of Transportation.                                                                    Glenn Road roundabouts
              PRIVATE IMPROVEMENT A gateway treatment could be installed by a private entity as part of a development
              project. The developer would fund the installation. It could occur as part of a public improvement associated
              with a development or as a private improvement on private property that meets the City’s gateway standards (in
              this case the gateway treatment would be placed in a public access or landscape easement). Maintenance costs
              could be born by the landowner under an agreement with the City or would become the City’s responsibility.
              ROUNDABOUTS The City is proposing to install roundabouts along Glenn Road. These locations, as well as any
              other future locations, would be ideal for a gateway treatment. For Glenn Road the current concept is to lease the
              roundabout centers to adjacent landowners for landscape improvements and long-term maintenance, such as
              Grady Memorial Hospital and the Glenn Ross development. In these cases, the gateway treatment should meet
              these standards., but could include graphics that identifies the adjacent development.                                            Priority Locations
              RAILROAD BRIDGES The City should approach Norfolk-Southern and Conrail to present the gateway concept
              (e.g. Psychological Gateway) and discuss ways of implementation. This could include programming the painting
              of a bridge as part of a railroad’s ongoing maintenance program with the City funding the enhancement per these

                                                                                                                                                                                              Planning and Community Development 01/26/05     26
                                                                                                                             Gateways & Corridors Design Standards
                                                                                                                                                    CITY OF DELAWARE, OHIO

Next Steps
The following outlines the next steps for this project:
        SPECIFICATIONS AND BID PACKAGE A design firm should be hired to prepare design specifications for each
        key gateway feature, including a standard bid package, which can be used by the City or a private entity to
        undertake construction of a gateway treatment. The icons are presented as concepts and should be refined as
        engineered drawings. This deliverable would include a detailed engineered design for each treatment, material
        and construction specifications, and the legal documents necessary for a bid package. Following approval by the
        City, the specifications and bid package could be used by the City or a private entity – per City approval – to
        solicit bids for construction of an improvement. Construction inspections would be conducted by the City. The
        key features for which a package would be prepared are as follows: jurisdiction gateway, intersection treatment,
        and street light mast arm.
        ZONING CODE The concepts for private identification signs and parking lot screening should be translated into
        standards in the Zoning Code (chapters 1165 Signs and 1166 Landscaping). These standards would apply to the
        major corridors that were addressed in this study. The narrative and illustrations should be adopted as Code
        amendments by Council by early Spring, 2005. It should also be noted that the Comprehensive Plan recommends
        an overlay zoning district for these corridors as a means of addressing aesthetic and character issues, especially
        for existing commercial structures that could be remodeled in the future. This task should also be undertaken in

                                                                                                                               Planning and Community Development 01/26/05   27

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