Day by lifemate


									Day            Arrival at                             Place to visit                                Hotel
Day 1        From Cairo     Leaving Cairo                                                       Liabeny
Saturday                                                                                        Madrid
28.5.2005    to Madrid

Day 2        Madrid         Check in and introductory seminar about the Melon Sector in         Liabeny
Sunday                      Spain                                                               Madrid
Day 3                       Visit to Villaconejos, the most famous melon growing village in     Liabeny
Monday       Madrid         the region of Madrid.                                               Madrid
                            Export promotion and international marketing strategies of
                            Spanish melon producers

Day 4        Madrid         Visit the Scientific Center of CSIC, Workshop about:                Eurostar in
Tuesday                     “Soil born pathogens of Melon and Cantaloupe cultivation. Forms     Toledo
31.5.2005                   of Treatment, IPM strategies.
Day 5        Madrid         Traveling by autobus to Ciuadad Real, Visiting Ceresco and El       Eurostar in
Wednesday    Arriving to    Chaparilo in Castilla La Mancha                                     Toledo
01.06.2005   Valencia
Day 6        Valencia       Leaving Toledo towards Valencia. On the way Visit to the Factory    Conqueridor
Thursday                    of Kernel (cortijo del Fraile) en Caudete                           Valencia
02.6.2005                   Experts in melons and cantaloupe

Day 7        Valencia       Meeting with SEAE (Spanish Society of Sustainable Agriculture)      Husa
Friday       arriving to    Training Center for Melon growers and agricultural engineers        Cartagonova
03.06.2005   Murcia         (specialists in Field fruits), Cataroja Training Center             Cartagena
                            Leaving Valencia towards Murcia in autobus

Day 8        Murcia         Visita Biocampo – San Pedro del Pinatar                             Husa
Saturday                    Greenhouse cultivation, packing and exporting of Melons             Cartagonova
04.06.2005                                                                                      Cartagena

Day 9        Murcia         Free day for sightseeing in Murcia.                                 Husa
Sunday                                                                                          Cartagonova
05.06.2005                                                                                      Cartagena
Day 10       Murcia         Workshop at IMIDA and Visit to research stations, packing           Gran Hotel
Monday                      houses.                                                             Almería
06.06.2005                  Visit to Melon and Table grape Farms
                            Seminar about Export quality assurance
                            Meeting with HERO Spain, major processor of fruits in Spain.
                            Evaluation of cooperation possibilities
Day 11       Almería        Closing session, Evaluation of OST and hand offer of certificates
Tuesday      Madrid
07.06.2005                  Flight back from Almería via Madrid to Cairo

Día           Llegada en                             Lugar a visitar                                Hotel

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