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					                                             Course Description
                                                   A. COVER PAGE
1. Course Title                                                    9. Subject Area
  Spanish 2                                                                   History/Social Science
2. Transcript Title / Abbreviation
  Spanish 2
3. Transcript Course Code / Number
  1510                                                                        Laboratory Science
4. School                                                                 X   Language other than English
  Scotts Valley High School                                                   Visual & Performing Arts (for 2003)
5. District
                                                                              College Prep Elective
  Scotts Valley Unified School District
6. City                                                            10. Grade Level(s)
  Scotts Valley                                                               9, 10
7. School / District Web Site                                      11. Seeking “Honors” Distinction?                                                Yes       X   No
8. School Contact                                                  12. Unit Value
                                                                              0.5 (half year or semester equivalent)
Name:     Tom Utic
                                                                          X   1.0 (one year equivalent)
Title/Position:   Assistant Principal                                         2.0 (two year equivalent)
Phone:      831/439-9555                   Ext.:                              Other: _______________________________

Fax:        831/439-9501                                           13. Date of School Board Approval

E-mail:                                             July 24, 2000
14. Was this course previously approved by UC?Yes     X No      If so, year removed from list? ________
    Under what course title? ____________________________________________________________________

                                                                   Yes    X No
15. Is this course modeled after an UC-approved course from another school?
    If so, which school(s)? ______________________________________________________________________

16. Pre-Requisites
       Spanish 1

17. Co-Requisites
18. Brief Course Description
This course is designed to teach students to communicate in Spanish. Instruction will
emphasize listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in preparation for advanced
work. Students will be able to express themselves at a basic level in present and past
tenses. Additional emphasis will be focused on reading comprehension in the target

  1. To develop the ability to communicate accurately and effectively in speech and writing
     within a range of authentic contexts.
  2. To develop the ability to understand and respond to the language demands of transactional
     and social contacts.
  3. To provide a sound linguistic base for further study, work and leisure.
  4. To offer students insights into the Spanish and Latin American cultures while providing
     effective ways to integrate comprehension and productive skills with the teaching of
  5. To provide an opportunity for enjoyment, creativity and intellectual stimulation in the
     study of a foreign language.


  1. Students will comprehend an expanded core of vocabulary when listening to Spanish as it
     might be spoken in Spanish-speaking countries.
  2. Students will recognize an expanded core of vocabulary when reading sentences,
     connected passages, and short stories for meaning.

  3. Students will write what they have heard orally in expanded paragraphs.
  4. Students will write using preterits and imperfect tenses.
  5. Students will respond orally to questions about daily life, expanding on the vocabulary
     learned in Spanish 1 and using the preterits and imperfect tenses, present subjunctive and
     affirmative and negative commands.
  6. Students will demonstrate an increased understanding of the cultures of Spanish speaking

     countries by engaging in various projects that identify the everyday living activities of the
     Spanish and Latin American culture.


Unit              Language Topic                         Cultural Topic
 1     Summer and winter weather            World-class beaches and resorts in the
       Summer and winter sports and leisure Spanish-speaking world
       time activities                      Opposite seasons in the northern and
                                            southern hemispheres
                                            Snowboarding in Chile
                                            Weather and climate in the Spanish-
                                            speaking world
 2     Attending cultural events            El Teatro Nacional, San Jose, Costa Rica
       Teen dating customs                  La Zarzuela
                                            Palacio de Bellas Artes
                                            Music of the Spanish-speaking world
                                            The Ballet Folklorico de Mexico
 3     Air travel                           Importance of air travel in Latin America
       Travel related activities            The Andes Mountains
                                            The Amazon River
                                            Comparing the flight time from New York
                                            to Madrid vs the flight time from Caracas
                                            to Buenos Aires
                                           The Nazca lines of Peru
                                           Everyday finances in the Spanish-
                                           speaking world
                                           Vistas de Puerto Rico
4    Daily routines                        Picos de Europa, Spain
     Grooming habits                       San Sebastian
     Camping                               Ivan Orama describes a backpacking trip
                                           in Northern Spain
                                           El Parque Nacional de Covadonga, Spain
                                           El Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain
                                           The Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela
                                           Ecology in the Spanish-speaking world
5    Train travel                          Jose Luis and Maripaz take the AVE train

     Travel related activities             to Seville
                                           Taking the train from Cuzco to Macchu
                                           La Plaza de Armas, Cuzco
                                           The 24-hour clock and the metric system
6    Restaurants                           Typical cuisine from Mexico

     Foods and eating utensils             Typical cuisine from Spain
                                           Typical foods from the Caribbean
                                           Regional vocabulary in the Spanish-
                                           speaking world
                                           Vistas of Ecuador
7    Hobbies and games                     Typical Sunday activities in parks in

     Activities in the park                Spanish-speaking countries
     Giving locations                      Typical game arcade in Spanish-speaking
                                           Playing dominos in Spain
8    Making a hotel reservation            Hostels for students in Spanish-speaking
     Checking into a hotel                 countries
     Checking out of a hotel               A trip to Spain
     Talking about a hotel room            Compare Villalba Inn in Lugo, Galicia to
     Talking about a bathroom              the San Francisco Inn in Granada,
     Talking about cleaning a hotel room   Andalucía

9    Air travel                            Flying into the high elevation airport at La
     Airplanes and crews                   Paz
     On-board services                     Emilio Carranza, a Latin American
     Airports                              aviation hero
     Geography                             The geography of Spain and its influence
                                           on Spanish history
                                           Vistas of Costa Rica

10   Accidents and medical problems        Estefanía Reyes, nurse practitioner, in a
     Parts of the body                     small town in the Andes of Peru
     Parts of the face                     Health care options in various Spanish-
                                           speaking countries
                                           Problems in medicine today


Buen Viaje!, Level 1, Glencoe, McGraw Hill, 2000
Buen Viaje!, Level 2, Glencoe, McGraw Hill, 2000


      Assignment                        Activity                    Objective
Spanish 1 Video Review     Review a chapter from Spanish To review Spanish 1
                           1 and create a video
Travel Diary               Write a fictional travel diary To develop writing skills and
                                                          review vocabulary units

Monster Drawing            Students draw a monster.       To develop listening skills
                           They described the monster in and speaking skills
                           Spanish to a class mate who
                           then draw the monster
                           according to the Spanish

Cooking Show               Groups of four students        To review kitchen
                           cooked a Spanish meal. They    vocabulary
                           videotaped the cooking with    To practice the use of el
                           each student describing the    imperativo command form of
                           activities of the group in     verbs
                           Spanish using prescribed

                           tenses and types of vocabulary
Trip to Watsonville, CA    Students complete a series of  To understand written
                           eight tasks and five essays    directions
                           related to a real trip to      To develop
                           Watsonville                    writing/speaking/listening
                                                          To be exposed to Mexican-
                                                          American culture


   1. Diarios – daily warm-up writing exercises
   2. Paired/group activities/cooperative learning/communicative activities such as:
      information gaps, puzzles, games, projects, jigsaws, interviews, polls
   3. Role playing in skits and dialogues
   4. Journal entries
   5. Grammar and vocabulary drills
   6. Reading for understanding
   7. Listening for understanding
   8. Lectures
   9. Movies – in Spanish about Spanish-speaking countries/topics


       Assignment Assessed                   Percent of
                                            Total Grade
Diarios (Written Warm Ups)                     10%
Tareas (Homework)                              30%
Examenes (Exams)                               30%
Quizzitos (Quizzes)                            10%
Proyectors (Projects)                          20%


In addition to meeting state standards, this course was designed to satisfy the requirements of the
International Baccalaureate Organization under the Middle Years Program (IB MYP). In January
of 2001, Scotts Valley High School was authorized as an IB World School in the Middle Years