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									               19th Century                                                        21st Century

            On the plantation                                                         At school

                              PADDLING & LYNCHING
                                 In The United States

                                                   Top ten paddling states
                                                   1. Mississippi
                                                   2. Arkansas
                                                   3. Alabama
                                                   4. Tennessee
                                                   5. Oklahoma
                                                   6. Louisiana
                                                   7. Texas
                                                   8. Georgia
                                                   9. Missouri
                                                   10.New Mexico
                                                   SOURCE: U.S. Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights, 2000
                                                   Elementary and Secondary School Civil Rights Compliance Report

                                                   Top ten lynching states
                                                   1. Mississippi
                                                   2. Georgia
                                                   3. Texas
                                                   4. Louisiana
                                                   5. Alabama
                                                   6. Florida
                                                   7. Arkansas
                                                   8. Tennessee
                                                   9. South Carolina

                                                   SOURCE: The Charles Chesnutt Digital Archive

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