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Minutes of 22nd Food Science and Technology of Ireland Trust AGM

Monday 24th November 2005
Osprey Hotel, Naas, Co. Kildare

Chair: Edward Bourke (Vice President of IFSTI)
Trustees in attendance: Kevin Smith, Lisa O’Connor and Rory Ryan
Apologies: Brian McKenna, Dan Collins, Tom Halpin, Eoin McDumphy

1.      Minutes of Previous AGM
Minutes of the 21st AGM were read and approved with the one amendment. The
location of the AGM was Moran’s Red Cow Hotel.

2.      President’s Address
On behalf of the President the Chair explained to those present that the Trust was
established in the 1980s following the successful hosting of the IUFoST Congress in
1983. The principal function of the Trust was to underwrite the activities of the

The Chair noted that the charitable status of the Trust had been reinstated in 2005.
For this to be maintained it was important for the Trust to make disbursements. In
2005 the Trust awarded the Ann Westby Medal to Elaine Clohosey who undertook
the MSc in Food Safety Management, DIT.

The Chair noted with sadness the passing of a founding member of the Institute, Dr
Ted Hood.
Action: L O’Connor to pass on the sympathies of the Trustees to Ted Hood’s family.

3.     Financial Position and Account Transactions
Due to some outstanding questions with the accounts the Chair proposed deferring the
passing of the accounts to an EGM in 2006. The motion was passed.

4.     Proposed change to the financial year
The Treasurer proposed changing the year end from end September to the end of the
calendar year. The motion was passed.

5.     Appointment of Auditors
The Chair proposed deferring the appointment of auditors to an EGM in 2006. The
motion was passed.

6.   AOB

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