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									                    Fourth Annual Chinese Language Teachers’ Academy

                   Best Practices in Teaching and Learning the Chinese Language

                              Hosted by Singapore American School
                                        June 23-28, 2008
                                          in Singapore

                       In Association with the International School of Beijing
                                    and Buffalo State University

Registration for 60 Participants only. Registration is on a first-come first-served basis, and
completed payment reserves your place in the Academy.

Comment from a school team of participants in last year’s Academy: “This Academy was a huge
success. The instructors not only provided us with a great deal of new concepts and knowledge in
Chinese teaching, but also provided great opportunities for hands-on practices. The opportunity to
learn from teachers in other international schools was also an extraordinary part of this Academy.
Our school’s team will be a much stronger team of teachers because of this Academy, and we hope
to be able to return for next year’s Academy to learn more! Thank you!!!”

Last year’s Academy was attended by Chinese Language Teachers from 18 different schools
throughout Southeast Asia, and this year’s Academy looks to draw motivated teachers from within
and outside the Southeast Asia region. This year’s Academy will provide opportunity for teachers to
select workshops at their own level of readiness. Therefore workshops will be designed for
Beginning/Intermediate Level Practitioners and for Advanced Level Practitioners. There will also be
combined sessions that provide opportunities for all participants to learn together. Technology
systems have been designed to enable all participants in this Academy to be connected in an
ongoing network of communication and sharing after the Academy. In this way, the learning can
continue well beyond the six days of the Academy!!!

Principal Instructors for the Summer 2008 Teachers’ Academy:
     Theresa Chao, Curriculum Chair of Chinese and World Languages at the International School
        of Beijing
     Dr. Ji-Mei Chang, Faculty member in College of Education at San Jose State University
     Dr Yu-Lan Lin, Senior Program Director of World Languages Program, Boston Public Schools

Summer Academy Areas of Focus (each day’s session will run from 8 am – 4 pm):

      Thematic Unit Design & Development: What are the characteristics and components of
       quality thematic unit design? How can thematic units address the diverse needs and
       interests of students in the classroom? How can thematic units be used as extensions for
       student learning? What are practical approaches for developing your own thematic units?
       How can Culture and Technology be meaningfully integrated into curriculum design and
       classroom instruction?

      Assessment: What are effective classroom assessment strategies for understanding
       proficiency levels of students? What types of assessments can you use for different
       purposes in the classroom and school? What are the characteristics of quality performance-
       based assessments?

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         Differentiated Instruction: How do you use assessment information to plan your instruction,
          so as to ensure that all students are appropriately challenged and successful? How do you
          effectively and efficiently support differentiated instruction in the Chinese language
          classroom? How is student progress reported?

         Putting It All Together: What are ways to ensure that your classroom and school are using
          best practices related to curriculum design, assessment, differentiated instruction, culture,
          thematic unit design, and use of technology? What are some of the models within each of
          these areas that you and your school are willing to share? What are effective enrichment
          approaches that can be utilized to extend classroom instruction (e.g., use of
          software/technology at home, immersion trips, parent support/involvement, after-school
          programs, out-of-school programs)? What do you see as next steps for your work within
          your classroom and school? What types of follow-up support or networking would you like
          to see developed as a result of this Academy? Sharing of classroom units developed
          throughout the week.

Singapore American School will host a cocktail reception for all participants on Monday, June 23,
4:00-5:30 pm. Breakfast and lunch will be served each day of the Academy. Transportation to and
from the designated host hotel will be provided each day of the Academy.

Please complete the registration form (see page 4) and email to Suri at

For questions, call Suri at 65-6360-6305 or email

Curriculum Office
Singapore American School
40 Woodlands Street 41
Singapore 738547

  Cost of the Academy (your payment officially reserves your place in the Academy): US$590.

  Payment Methods:

         1. Check
            A check drawn in US$590 on Singapore bank only and made payable to:
            The American School Trust Limited

         2. Wire Transfer
            Beneficiary Name:
            The American School Trust Limited
            Development Bank of Singapore
            Shenton Way Branch
            Swift Code: DBSSSGSG
            Account No: 001-016846-0

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  If interested in also taking the Academy for three hours of graduate credit through Buffalo State
  University, the cost is US$255 payable directly to Buffalo State University. Additional graduate
  course registration information will be sent to you, if you indicate on the registration form that
  you want to take the Academy for graduate credit.

                                   Accommodation Options
For hotel accommodation in Singapore, please contact:

        Dino Lim
        Assistant Director of Sales
        York Hotel, Singapore
        21 Mt Elizabeth
        Singapore 228516
        DID: (65) 6830 1127
        Mobile: (65) 9769 1002
        Direct Fax: (65) 6738 5810

        Hotel Main Tel: (65) 6737 0511
        Hotel Main Fax: (65) 6732 1217

        SAS Preferred Rate (Singapore $ rate/US $ approximate rate)

           Room Type           Preferred Rate (Room Only)
                                Single            Double
         Superior             S$200/US$         S$200/US$
         Deluxe               S$260/US$         S$260/US$
         Tower Suite                   S$350/US$
         Extra bed                 S$60/US$ (bed only)

For more information on the hotel, you may look into website:
** Round trip transportation to and from Singapore American School will be offered each day of
the academy.

Taxis are readily available at Changi Airport, and cost to hotel is approximately (S$20.00).

Weather: It will be hot outside so please bring light, comfortable clothes but the air conditioning
inside the buildings can get cool!

Exchange Rate: USD 1 = Sing $ 1.45 (approx.)

Airport Departure Tax: NA

Visa: Please organize your visa through your travel agent well in advance, if necessary.

See Registration on Next Page (Page 4). Registration is first-come first-served. Submitted
registration form and completed payment finalizes registration and holds your place in the

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                         Registration for Chinese Language Teachers’ Academy
           (Please complete registration in English and e-mail your registration to






Grade Levels in which you teach Chinese

Indicate workshop level preference:                                                                Advanced
Beginning/Intermediate or Advanced
                                             Thematic Unit Design


                                             Differentiated Instruction

What are your major interests for what
you will understand or achieve from this
Summer Academy:

Please note payment Instructions for         _____ Check (details above)
participation in the academy.
                                             _____ Wire Transfer (details above)
Reservation will be held when payment is

Are you interested in also receiving three   _____Yes
hours of university graduate credit
                                             _____ No
through Buffalo State University?
                                             If “Yes”, registration information will be mailed to you for your
                                             completion with Buffalo State University. Cost for credit is

Once your registration and payment has been received, we will follow up with you on your desired
placement within workshops.

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