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					                    2/2nd PIONEER BATTALION ASSOCIATION

     NEWSLETTER                                                                                 SEPTEMBER 2003

                                                  BATTLE HONOURS

           Middle East                                      Java                                     Tarakan
              Syria                                      New Guinea                                 Balikpapan

         SECRETARY                                      PRESIDENT                                  TREASURER
        C (Col) Hamley                                 E.J. (Ted) Hansen                             Ken Fraser
    114 Mountainview Road                             5 Whitehaven Street                           8 Larool Ave
    BALWYN NORTH 3104                                  WANTIRNA 3152                           Greensborough, 3088
        (03) 9859 5949                                  (03) 9729 3481                            (03) 9434 4670

            EDITOR – Eleanor Newcombe,                              Please address all correspondence to the Secretary
      24 Mills St, Glen Iris, 3146; (03) 9889 2248,

                                                  Coming Events
Caulfield Cup Effort      October (see further details on Page 3)

                                                                      Jack saw active service in the Middle East, Syria
                                                                    and Java where he was promoted to Corporal on
                                                                    16 February 1942.
                                                                      Jack was taken prisoner by the Japanese on 8
                                                                    March 1942 along with the rest of the battalion.
                                                                      Jack left Java on 8 October 1942 for Singapore,
                                                                    arriving in Burma on 24 October 1942 to work on
                                                                    the Burma Railway until he sailed for Japan in
                                                                      During the journey to Japan the ship was
                                                                    torpedoed by an American submarine. Many lives
                                                                    were lost, including a total of 55 from the 2/2
                                                                      Along with 8 other battalion members Jack was
                                                                    rescued on 15 December 1944 and brought back
                                                                    to Australia by the submarine USS Pampanito.
                                                                    Jack was the last surviving member of those
                    Vale                                            rescued.
        John Reginald (Jack) Hocking                                  During those dark days, Jack showed himself to
          Passed away 26th May 2003                                 be a true soldier and conducted himself to the
 The funeral of JR (Jack) Hocking was very well                     highest in his unselfish advice and assistance to his
attended. For those who were unable to attend, the                  fellow POW and was always ready to render any
tribute by Col Hamley and the RSL service spoken                    help when requested by fellow POW.
by Ted Hansen are included below:                                     On his return to Australia, Jack gave valuable
                                                                    information and assistance to the Australian
Ted Hansen’s Address:                                               authorities in their enquiries in relation to POW still
 At the outbreak of the Second World War, Jack                      in the hands of the Japanese.
                             nd                                                       nd
Reginald Hocking joined the 2 AIF and became                          When the 2/2 Pioneer Battalion Association was
known as VX17768 Private Hocking. He joined the                     formed, Jack became a member and gave his
famous 2/2 Pioneer Battalion Headquarter                            support, still in his unselfish way, as treasurer and
Company as a range finder.                                          editor, for the last 24 years.
                                                                      Ted’s address was followed by the standard RSL
                                                                    memorial service.

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Col Hamley’s address: A tribute to my old mate.                 Jack returned home in October 1944 and wasted
  I first met Jack in 1940 at Puckapunyal – we had           no time in that within six weeks he and Joy were
joined the same unit, the 2/2 Pioneer Battalion              married.
and soon found we had both worked for the SEC                  By January 1946, Jack was re-established back at
prior to enlistment.                                         work as a storekeeper with the SEC on the Kiewa
  Pucka was also where I first met Joy, Jack’s               Hydro Electric Scheme.
lovely young girlfriend from the bush, where she                It was many years before Jack returned to work
used to visit Jack whenever possible. Jack and I             in Melbourne. He then renewed his ties with his old
spent a lot of time together and on weekend leave            Battalion Association, the 2/2 Pioneers and took
in Melbourne he would often visit my home, or we’d           up a position on the Committee, then later, the job
get together in the city for a few beers and a               of Treasurer, which he held for 24 years. Jack
counter-lunch, usually at the old Phairs hotel in            loved his old unit and endeared himself to
Collins Street.                                              everyone. Nothing was too much trouble. Whatever
  Soon, however, the good times were over and we             he did was done methodically and had to be spot
sailed off to the Middle East on the Queen Mary. It          on – that was our Jack.
was then that I realized what an astute card player            He attracted and held on to friendships; he was
Jack was. Almost every day of that voyage we                 always happy, whistling, loved a game of cards,
would settle down to a very serious game of                  loved a party, loved a joke, and certainly loved a
Pontoon or Poker in a little school of about 5 or 6          beer. Jack, Joy, Val and I had many happy
players, with Jack usually managing to come out              holidays together and we especially enjoyed for
just that little bit in front!                               many years those Christmas get-togethers with
  In 1941 we staged our way through the campaign             their neighbours and friends in Grandview Road.
in Syria, then after a brief respite on garrison duty          In his better days, Jack loved his golf and was
in Lebanon and Syria, we boarded the Orcades for             certainly a better-than-average golfer. While living
what we hoped was a return to Australia.                     at Mount Beauty he played a leading role in the
  But no – some genius in high command had                   setting up of the Mount Beauty golf course. In later
decided that we should try to stop the Japs in Java!         years he played at the Box Hill Golf Club where
Well, I suppose we did slow them down for a few              even when he became too unwell to play, he still
weeks, but then we were completely over run and              loved the regular visits to the Clubhouse to catch
we all finished up as Prisoners of War.                      up with old friends.
   For the first six months or so in Prison Camp,              I remember many great times I had with Jack and
Jack and I and others spent many long nights                 a couple of other mates, playing in the annual RSL
playing cards to pass the time away. Jack also               golf tournaments at Long Island. We loved those
introduced us to his other love – golf – at our first        days – never did any good – but had great fun,
camp in Batavia by helping to set up a miniature             always finishing up the day at the two-up school or
golf course to relieve the day-time boredom.                 the crown and anchor tables.
  In October 1942 we were moved from Java to                    Many years ago Jack recalled some of his
Burma. Jack and I were separated by being drafted            wartime memories to the American author Linda
on to separate working groups, so we never met up            Holmes who wrote a book titled 4,000 Bowls of
again until early 1944. Then, only for a short while,        Rice. Linda was most impressed with Jack and his
before Jack was drafted on to another working                experiences and this week sent an email saying
party that was destined for Japan.                           amongst other things: “I will never forget the awe I
  It was not until the war was over that I came to           felt as I rode alongside Jack while he drove me to a
find out that the ship on which Jack sailed for              barbeque at Jell’s Park in 1991. Here was this
Japan was sunk by an American submarine and a                smiling, rosy-cheeked man, looking so fit and
handful of survivors who had been floating around            relaxed, quietly telling me about being torpedoed
the South China Sea clinging to flotsam from the             and eventually being rescued by that submarine,
wreck of their ship had been picked up after                 the Pampanito”. Linda Holmes finished by saying
spending four days in the water. Jack was one of             “I will always remember Jack as the quiet hero”.
those lucky few.                                               I think that’s a great way to remember Jack – the
                                                             quiet hero – right to the end. So long mate!

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Caulfield Cup Effort                                            Obituaries
 st          nd           rd
1 = $250, 2 = $100, 3 = $50
                                                                The following 2/2nd Pioneers have passed away
All other final acceptors = $5                                  since the April 2003 newsletter:
Tickets 50 cents each, Books of 4 tickets $2                        AJE (Ted) Burkett 27 July 2003
                                                                    LJ (Len) Dyer         6 April 2003
The Caulfield Cup will be run on Saturday 18                        GW (Gill) Gunning 12 December 2002
October 2003. Butts & moneys are returnable in the                  JR (Jack) Hocking 26 May 2003
envelope provided to KEN FRASER in time for the                     R (Roger) Monk        28 May 2003
DRAW by 13 October. The draw will take place on                     A (Alex) McKenzie 7 June 2003
14 October.                                                         W (Bill) Robertson 8 May 2003
As has been the case for the last couple of years,                  Harold Chapman June 2003
the draw will be confined to numbers 1 – 21, with               Bill Robertson, OAM, passed away on the 8 May
18 starters and 3 emergencies. (We are unable to                2003, aged 97 years, after spending 3 weeks in
obtain a list of Final Acceptors by the day of the              hospital. His well attended funeral on 13 May
Draw) These numbers are the saddle cloth                        included 15 Pioneers. Allan Olsen, Russ & Rona
numbers allocated to the horses in order of weight              Harrison flew from Adelaide to attend. Allan
as listed in daily newspapers on Friday 17 and                  McInnes, the Association President, gave the
Saturday 18 October. If you are lucky enough to                 eulogy. (Max Herron 2/1, 2/1 Pioneer Battalion
draw a number you’ll have to look up the                        Association advised us of the above.)
newspapers to see which horse you will have                     Roger Monk, of C-Company passed away on 28

running for you.                                                May 2003, following a stroke he suffered earlier in
If you’d like a book or two of tickets phone Ken                May. The funeral service and burial took place in Pt
                                                                                               st    nd    rd    th
Fraser on (03) 9434 4670. He will be happy to                   Boughton. (Allan Olson of 2/1 , 2/2 , 2/3 , 2/4
oblige. We record who gets which tickets, so if they            Battalions Association advised of the above.)
are to be in your name there is no need to record                    Lest We Forget
your name on the butts.
                                                                Annual General Meeting
Please make cheques and postal orders payable to                A full muster of available Committee members
the 2/2 Pioneer Association.                                    attended the Annual General Meeting held at the
                                                                Artillery Depot, East St Kilda, on Tuesday 1 April
Shields, Badges, etc. (Phone Ted or Col)                        2003, including 2 honorary members.
Shields           $50          Posted $55
                                                                At the election of office bearers Ted Hansen was
Badges*           $8           Posted $10                                                           th
                                                                unopposed as President for his 30 term – a great
History Books     $60          Posted $70
                                                                record! Congratulations Ted!!
Car Stickers      $1           Posted $1
                                                                On a sadder note Jack Hocking advised he would
*Please state which badge you want.                             be unable to carry on as Treasurer or Editor of the
(Badge is available as brooch, pin or tie bar.)                 Newsletter because of ill health. This brought to a
                                                                close 24 years of outstanding service to the
Front Line Medals available from the 2/12 Battalion             Association in these roles. It was moved that a
Association in Queensland.                                      special minute be recorded to this effect and a
Application forms from Ted Hansen or Col Hamley.                letter of appreciation be forwarded to Jack.
                                                                Ken Fraser (son of the late Stan Fraser) was
Donations                                                       elected to replace Jack Hocking as Treasurer and
Acknowledged since our April 2003 newsletter…                   Ken was elected as a full committee member.
$100 Ladies Auxiliary                                           Eleanor Newcombe (daughter of the late Cal
$50 Dianne Blair, Bill Dowrick, Rod McGillien                   Mitchell) was elected Editor of the Newsletter and
     Kay & Wal Packer, L. Pattinson                             elevated to full Committee status. Marita Lock,
$40 George Howlett                                              Frances McKay, and Lorraine Richards were
$30 Nance Linton                                                appointed as Honorary Committee members.
$25 Iris Andrews-Taylor Muriel Colman,
     Rona & Russ Harrison, Bob Sefton, Quita Shelton            It was agreed that the price of tickets and prizes for
$20 Fred Always, Des Halliday, Jean Murray-Falconer             the Caulfield Cup Effort be the same as last year,
     Jack McGregor. Grace O’Hehin, Dub Smith,                   and that we make the normal donations to Legacy,
     Jim Wilson, Nola Vincent, Peter Nicoll                     Carry-On, Ex-POW&RA, Salvation Army & Peter
$10 George Carroll, Clarrie Christie, Mac English,              McCallum Cancer Research.
     Linda Holmes, Don McClelland, Milada Matek
     Peter Nicoll, Dorothy Willis, Snowy Youens                 Website
$5   Jack D’Argaville                                           The editorial staff is considering a 2/2 Pioneer
                                                                website. We’d welcome any suggestions or
                                                                comments. Forward these to the Editor via phone,
                                                                letter or email to:

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Annual Memorial Service 15th June 2003                          “Being in your company, I see that none of you
Despite the cold weather and some rain, a very                think of yourselves as heroes. Only that you served
                                  th                          in a battalion of heroes. I feel proud that
good number attended our 58 Annual Pilgrimage
at the Shrine of Remembrance. Our banner was                  generations before I came along there were men
carried followed by President Ted Hansen and                  who were prepared to go to war; to conjure up the
Shrine Trustee David Kelly.                                   courage to fight, knowing you might not survive,
   Once we were all gathered in the Inner Sanctum,            grow old with children and see grandchildren. To
Ted welcomed everyone attending in memory of                  lose over three years of freedom in a POW camp
those who had passed away over the past 62                    and to suffer the lifelong effects of this.”
years; to remember those who paid the supreme
sacrifice in battle and those who had passed away             Anzac Day - Melbourne
since.                                                          Another crisp Melbourne morning saw us
  “We returned, but they did not. Many times each             mustering outside the Novotel in Collins Street from
of us must have asked the question: Why me?                   8:30am.
Why was I spared? We may never know.                                      nd
                                                                The 2/2 Pioneer Battalion is sadly reducing in
  Each one of us who came back must believe it                numbers as our fathers, uncles and Pa’s meet their
was for a purpose. Let us this day remind ourselves           maker. But out of all this, the number of us
of what we have done with our lives, are doing, can           “juniors” is increasing annually. I believe this to be
do, and will.                                                 a direct result of our generation finally realizing
   So we who returned meet today to pay tribute to            what our fathers forfeited to enable us the freedom
those who have passed on and to comfort those                 we have. It is now our chance to ensure their
they love.                                                    legacy is not forgotten and we are finding strong
   We come to this special place each year because            alliances among ourselves.
we feel that in that common experience we shared,               This year the boys numbered some 30 strong,
so long ago, there are many things we would not               whilst those marching behind numbered 28 – a
want to forget.                                               good sign indeed.
   We choose to come to this special place because               Every year since I started supporting Dad I have
it is set apart as a place of reflection and meditation       had the pleasure of meeting and encouraging new
and of remembrance and it is Holy ground”                     young people to march with us and experience a
   Col Hamley then read out the names of the 2/2              little of the emotion shared by our fathers. I defy
Pioneers who have passed away since our 2002                  anyone to reach those imposing steps and not feel
Pilgrimage. Ted then welcomed the younger                     humbled by our forebear’s sacrifice.
generation to participate in today’s service. Frances           This year was a first time for quite a few and it is
McKay daughter of the late Tom & Nancy                        wonderful to hear why these new marchers had the
O’Loughlin gave a formal address, followed by                 need to show their respects. To many of us, these
Susan Tovey, daughter of the late Mick Field, who             few hours give us an insight into not only our Dads,
read the 23 Psalm.                                            but ourselves, as we are the progeny of a very
   Lisa Waters, grand-daughter of the late Gordon             gutsy troop. We must ensure they know our pride
Knape, lead us in the Lord’s Prayer. Then Gordon              in this.
Knape, son of the late Gordon Knape, placed the                            nds
                                                                 The 2/2 seem to typify the true Aussie larrikin.
Association wreath, followed by floral tributes from          The survivors have many a story to tell, but don’t
the Ladies Auxiliary and the next of kin.                     do it too willingly. However, if after the march you
   Ted Hansen read the Ode, and then called on the            venture to the Waterside Workers pub you may be
bugler to sound the Last Post and Reveille.                   lucky to share a joke and hear the funny stories
   Before adjourning to the tree, Ted thanked all in          emanating from their time in Changi or Syria.
attendance, especially the younger generation, for            These moments are priceless and I encourage all
getting involved in supporting the 2/2 Pioneer                who march to make that little more effort to share
Battalion Association.                                        the moment. Lest we forget.
   At the tree, Lorraine Richards gave an address,            Reported by: Dianne Blair
in which she spoke of her grandfather’s only
brother, George Hooper of D-Company 2/2
Pioneers. who died on the Burma railway, aged 26                   President Ted Hansen wishes to thank the
years and 6 months.
                                                                   younger generation for the tremendous
   Lorraine said she wanted to become involved so
that the Pioneers today will know that in the years                help they are giving to the Association
to come the younger generations will keep the
tradition and memories going.
   “You are our connection with a past that we could
                                            nd                The newsletter is printed at Gilmour Comfort Shoes
never imagine. I have read that the 2/2 Pioneer
                                                              by Joe & Sam Gilmour. Joe is the son-in-law of
Battalion is one of the most active in Australia,
                                                              Eleanor Newcombe, Editor. Extra copies may be
whose members share familiarity due to combat
                                                              downloaded from:
and captivity, which has strengthened into lifelong

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Annual Reunion                                              Rona & Russ Harrison, Stirling, WA, send good
On Thursday 24th April, Pioneers, family and                wishes to all Pioneers. They were looking forward
friends attended the annual reunion at the                  to Anzac Day, the reunion and remembrances of
Maribynong - Maidstone RSL. A lovely afternoon              Army days long ago.
was had by all who attended.                                Vera Gunning, Stawell, Vic, sent thanks for the
Don McClelland of Bundaberg, Qld, made his                  Colour Patch emblem. Her daughter Lynette and
yearly car trip south to be part of the celebrations.       other family members hoped to catch up with the
Les Bence and his son made the journey from                 Pioneers and families on 15 June.
Goolwa, South Australia. Others who came from               Les Bence, Goolwa, SA, had a surprise visit from old
distant parts of Victoria were Jack Foley                   mate Tom Gore in March this year as he was
(Horsham), Bill Dowrich (Geelong), Fred Tubb                visiting his brother in South Australia. Les believes
(Longwood), Jack Sharp (Goorambat), Jack                    a large hole was made in a 16 year old bottle of
D’Argaville (Mornington), and George Howlett                single malt whisky.
(Ballarat).                                                 Bob Sefton, Safety Bay, WA, wrote to advise of the
Apologies were received from Rose & Bill Blackley           death in January of Robert (Bubbles) Matthews in
and Mark Hemmingway.                                        Sydney. He was an ex-WXer who joined the
President Ted Hansen delivered a heart-warming              battalion at Bellevue in WA in 1942. A member of
thankyou to our retiring Treasurer, the late Jack           the Mortar Platoon, he served with Punchy Hanson
Hocking. A certificate of appreciation was handed           on Tarakan. Bob said “to round out the CV” Robert
to Jack to acknowledge 24 years of wonderful                (Bubbles) was his mentor at the swy game when
service. Ken Fraser, son of the late Stan Fraser,           he joined the battalion.
was introduced and welcomed as the new treasurer            Bob has also managed to keep up contact with
of the association.                                         Jack Hore-Lacy (NSW) and Lionel Fullarton (Vic)
                                                            whom he visited with his wife in 1991. Bob sends
Three new honorary committee members were
                                                            best wishes to all surviving Pioneers.
then introduced: Marita Lock, Frances McKay and
Lorraine Richards.                                          Lorraine Richards, Sunbury, Vic, (niece of the late
                                                            George Hooper) marched this year on Anzac Day.
The ladies Auxiliary conducted a very successful            She met up with Harold Ramsay who buried her
raffle, giving away some lovely prizes. The ladies          uncle along the Railway. Lorraine also met two
were then able to donate $100 to the Association’s          others that day who would like to receive this
funds. Thank you ladies.                                    newsletter; Georgina McCarthy, daughter of
Towards the end of the afternoon radio personality,         William Connell, and Tom Prince, grandson of Bill
Jane Holmes of 3MP, attended. Jane is related to            Prince.
“Sailor” Barr who was the last Pioneer to wear his          Nancy Linton, Tuncurry, NSW, says her thoughts on
uniform to an Anzac March which was 10 years                Anzac Day will be with her late husband Don, and
after the war.                                              all other Pioneers past and present.
Reported by: Lorraine Richards                              Laurie Pattinson, Radcliffe, Qld, wished everyone a
Australians at War Film Archives                            pleasant time over Anzac Day and sent thanks for
                                                            the newsletter. He is sorry to read of the passing of
Mullion Creek Productions have been
                                                            so many Pioneers, including Archie Sinclair and the
commissioned by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs to
                                                            Koch brothers who were tent-mates in 12 Platoon.
interview Veterans to develop this archive as a
repository of veteran memories and experiences as           Laurie says his health is not too bad, but his step is
a resource for all Australians both now and in the          not as brisk as it was. Apart from some blood
future.                                                     pressure problems, he is to undergo cataract
                                                            surgery during June.
If you are willing to relate your wartime memories
and experiences for inclusion in this valuable              Jean Murray Falconer, Belmont, Vic, loves reading
record for posterity, the Dept. of Veterans Affairs         the newsletter, especially the Personal Pars. She
urges you to contact Mullion Creek Productions Pty          was saddened to hear of the death of Nance
Ltd on their toll free number 1800 636 111 to               O’Loughlin, such a loyal 2/2 supporter.
arrange an interview.                                       Jean recently obtained via the internet a copy of
                                                            Lance’s war record which she found interesting.
Personal Pars                                               She was interested to read the actual dates of
Margaret Coe, Summerhill, NSW, wrote to tell us that        when posted missing and reported as a POW.
husband Wally Coe was in Concord Hospital where             There was even a photo – not so good! Jean sends
his right leg was amputated after blood blockage            her best wishes to all.
problems. Margaret was concerned that Wally
would not be able to march this year unless some            Grace O’Hehir, Viewbank, Vic, has moved to a
arrangements could be made to accommodate him.              retirement village recently and sends thanks for the
Wally will be 84 next January. He had never                 newsletter.
previously missed the Anzac Day march as it
means everything to him.

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Milada Matek, Geraldton, WA, enjoys receiving the             Extracts from Amanda Blair’s Address
newsletter. She advised she had applied for and                 Let me start by saying how truly honored I am to have
had gratefully received the payment made to                   been asked to give this Anzac Eve address. Anzac Day
widows of POWs                                                has always been a big event on my calendar. It is the
Iris Andrews-Taylor, Pambula, NSW, planned to                 day my grandfather goes missing from 5am in the
attend the Annual Reunion lunch in Melbourne for              morning until late at night. The explanation that we
the first time. Her son Douglas has attended in the           were given as children was that he was with “his mates”
past in memory of his namesake Douglas Wrathall,              and if we wanted to see him we had to sit in front of the
who served in the Middle East in 1941-1942 and                TV and try to spot him in the crowds of marching men.
was later captured in Java where he died on the               Pop had some miniature medals made up for my brother
Burma Railway. Iris was privileged to accompany               and me and we would march around in front of the telly
her son on a visit to Thailand to commemorate the             pretending to be “in the army”. We didn’t really
    th                                                        understand the significance of what he was doing. We
50 anniversary of the Burma Railway. They
attended the Dawn Service at Hellfire Pass. Iris felt         didn’t understand the horrors of war, or what my Pop
very close to her much loved brother whose                    and his mates were marching to uphold the memory of -
                  th                                          it was just something he did once a year. My only
birthday was 25 April.
                                nd                            indication that Pop’s emotions had been stirred up was
Iris’s association with the 2/2 Pioneers also
                                                              the empty look he would have on his face after he
included Vin & Leo (Larry) McCrae who became
                                                              returned. My grandmother told us not to ask Pop about
part of the family and daughter Donna married
                                                              his day because “he didn’t like to talk about it”.
Adrian, son of Dot & Ted Hansen.
                                                                Like many young Australians I strapped on a backpack
Peter Nicoll, Dee Why, NSW, sends congratulations             when I was 18 and headed overseas. I made a
for the wonderful work over the years, keeping                pilgrimage to Anzac Cove because it was something I
everyone in touch with all the special people of the          felt I should do and because it might make me
Pioneers and friends.                                         understand where my grandfather goes inside his head
Jack McGregor, Shortland, NSW, lost his brother in            on 25th April each year. Standing in the Turkish trench,
October 2002. They were together from 1942 in 17              staring down at Anzac Cove you can only imagine the
Platoon at Kapooka – Ray Harris was platoon                   horror that the young men on both sides of the trenches
commander. He feels there is nothing good about               must have been feeling.
being 80 years old. Arthritis has set into his hands            After the fall of Indonesia in March 1942 my Pop fled
so writing is very difficult.                                 with 25 other soldiers from the 2/2nd Pioneer battalion to
Muriel Coleman, Eaglehawk, Vic, widow of Joe                  the jungle just near Bandung in Java. He was captured
(Snowball) Coleman, advises she is moving from                by the Japanese in September of the same year and
Port Albert. She sends best wishes to all.                    transferred to Changi and did some work on the
                                                              notorious Burma railway. His parents and his girlfriend
Quita Shelton, Corowa, NSW, widow of Ted Shelton,
                                                              at the time - my grandmother – were sent a telegram by
has been in hospital with heart and lung problems.
                                                              the Australian Government stating that he was “missing
She is now living with her daughter.
                                                              in action – presumed dead”. My Pop fought to stay
Linda Holmes, New York, loves receiving the                   alive in Changi the prisoner of war camp and was
newsletter and is pleased to see Cal Mitchell’s               returned to Melbourne on a hospital ship on the 25th
daughter helping with its production. In her letter           October 1945. On the 26th October he proposed to his
sent before Jack’s death, she congratulated Jack              girlfriend Dorothy as she had waited for him all that
on his excellent work as “keeper of the purse” and            time knowing in her heart that he was still alive. He
“editor-in-chief of the world’s best-read publication”        weighed just 5 stone.
Allan Olson, President of the Pioneer Battalions                As I look around here today and see all the young faces
Association of South Australia says their reunion             I feel very proud and I say thankyou on behalf of my Pop
after the Anzac Day march was very successful,                and all those who contributed to our wartime efforts that
although their marching numbers are decreasing                the younger generation are showing an interest in
each year. Sixty members, wives, sons &                       upholding the Anzac tradition. Whilst we might not
daughters gathered at the Duke of York Hotel and              necessarily agree that war is the suitable way to solve
those 2/2 members who attended were Russ                      conflict it is important that we acknowledge those who
Harrison, Frank Maher, Joe Robertson, Bruce Scott             have been driven by their passion and conviction and
and Allan Olson himself.                                      sense of moral justice and duty to do so.
Anzac Address – Adelaide                                        My Pop gave up his youth to fight a war. I urge you all
                                                              to make the most of yours and live it to the fullest.
Amanda Blair (granddaughter of Ted Hansen) a
                                                              Please embody the Anzac spirit and be young, strong,
morning radio announcer on SA Triple M, gave the
                                                              brave and free and I pray that you are spared the horror
following moving address at the Adelaide Cenotaph
                                                              of serving your country in a time of war.
on Anzac Eve Memorial Vigil:
                                                                Lest we forget.

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